Chelsea are in huge danger

September 27, 2012

So with the lowly Coventry dispatched with consummate ease earlier this evening, focus now turns to a Saturday lunchtime humdinger of a match against the mob from West of Moscow.

Both sides are firing in the goals at the minute, but there is a difference, one side is solid and leaking the odd goal whilst the other is rather living on the edge and having to outscore opponents. 

Chelski had the perfect team to play us over the past 7 years, solid defence, solid midfield and Drogba.  Now they have a leaky hosed up defence, only fancy dan tricksters in midfield, and Torres.

Robby Di Matteo might impress many, since he won the cup and the UCL last season, but that was not his side, JT, Drogba and Lumpy jointly player managed it, and with the Drog gone for a number 59 it leaves the legless lamps and the nazi to run affairs whilst Robby takes the Match of the Day interviews.  Joke outfit, who get by via the magic of 3 players, namely Mata, Hazard and Oscar.

A lot has been talked about re: Steve Bould making a difference, which he clearly has – but it’s still the genius of the main man making things tick.  The genius of the same very man who has already shown his minerals by taking this club to league titles etc.  He now has the financial power again to balance a side with youth and experience on a proper footing, he had to blag it for the past 5 seasons… not anymore.

A real team needs balance.

Arsenal have balance.

Chelski have a problem.

Arsenal v Coventry Preview

September 25, 2012

The young guns along with the first teamers  who are not getting the requisite playing time take to the pitch in the newly named Capital One Cup tonight, and it should give us a huge insight into the next generation along with the strength in depth the first team have.  The game is not going to be broadcast anywhere live, so no streams will be available, which is fine by me as I’m through to the latter stages of an online poker tournament kicking off at the same time. 

If you are interested in a players rewards card click here  From the photos on the Arsenal site it appears Emi Martinez will keep goal with Yennaris and Santos full backs and Miquel and JD in the middle of defence.  The front 6 will be Coquelin, Ox, Arshavin, Gnabry, Giroud and Theo.  This is a shot in the dark really, but I would imagine that side is at least 75% correct.  Has a cracking balance to it.

Gnabry is the raved up young gun this season, so will be interested to see more of him, but I’m told by a friend who is a real avid and seasoned pro at watching our reserves/youths that the man who is the real next star coming through will be our Argentine between the sticks, Emi Martinez.  Apparently Argentina are ready to fast track him already into the national side.

Coventry will not provide much resistance, they are hopeless, and in dire form having been relegated from the Championship last season they have carried on where they left off last season.

In reality, Giroud will absolutely never get a better chance to score at least one goal… he should really look for a brace at the minimum as the defence he plays against will be pathetic.

All in all, a lowly cup when compared to the UCL, but a far more fascinating set of games than the opening group stages of the latter named European competition.

A pearler missed from Wenger’s presser yesterday afternoon.

“Arshavin will come back after a breather for a few games and be sharper”

Having played both cup games in the last 7 days, and played very much below-par, our little Russian wide man appears to be getting the bench for a week or so.

Excellent news.

Not because I don’t rate him, but it’s clear he needs time off the pitch to sort his head out….  why not give Vela a run in his position?  It’s high time the mexican superstar was shown some backing and allowed more than 15 minutes off the bench to do his stuff.

I doubt it, the team today is very straightforward with Fabianski out injured and Sagna completing his 3 game ban.


Eboue JD Kos6 Clichy

Song Jack

Theo Cesc Nasri


Sagna aside, that is quite possibly the best first eleven we could play right now, and against the worst side in the league, according to the league table, we should be hitting the Hammers hard.

As usual, if we struggle to score the first goal, we will struggle on for the rest of the game.

Score first and early, and we could walk with a 4-1…. or struggle it out for a 1-1 hard-fought slog.


Wenger has it all planned!

November 1, 2010

In that he decided that he would build a team, whilst up against the Russian, Spanish and Arab billions, on a shoestring, that was capable of dominating the greatest club tournament on the planet.

I am of course talking Champions League football.

Having written about my beliefs for this team in said competition in previous posts, I am forging ahead with my view of this squad being built with a large focus on winning the only major trophy to have eluded Wenger.

Quotes emanating from the boss today again back this view up, as he suggests the technical level of our squad is superior to teams on the continent.

The hustle and bustle of the EPL can upset the rhythm of our game, but the more sedate nature of the CL allows the skill level in our players to come to the fore and allow us to dominate teams with ease.

Shaktar Donestk are a very good team, but we just swatted them like flies.

I believe 2007/8 was the season this type of team first came together.

We challenged for the league until you know when.. and were undone by shocking decisions in the CL, going out to Liverpool in the Quarters.

2008/9 saw us reach the Semis and get taken out by Manure, on their way to winning in Russia… with a team including Rooney, Tevez and Ronaldo.

Last season, the best team in the world beat us.

So it takes a very good side, or very bent decision to knock us out of the CL.

Our slight weak point in both the EPL and CL in recent seasons has been a lack of a top-notch keeper and big strong, able defending… I think we have that licked this time round with the introduction of Fab1/Chezney and the additions of Koscienly and Squillaci.

The countdown to a glorious Saturday Night at Wembley next spring is well and truly on fellow Gooners.

The much derided gooner, Piers Morgan, makes his final post for the Mail on Sunday today… and he goes out in a blaze of glory!

The article makes as much appeal to AKB’s, as it does to the Anti-Arsene Mob, who Morgan owns up to being a part of, before his foolishness abound.

So….. have a read, and think about it.

Piers Morgan – Final Mail on Sunday piece

Cesc will start tonight!

October 27, 2010

He is no benchwarmer.

Wenger has very clearly stated he believes this squad, not team, but squad is capable of winning the Quad!

So we go for the lot, and can play first teamers in the Carling Cup, why?, because we have a squad of around 25 first teamers now!

His policy has not changed, you see over the past few seasons, some of those 25 were so called youth team/2nd team players, they have made the step up, matured, and progressed to first team status.

I have said this before, and will say it again… who has a better “squad” than Arsenal? In Europe, not just England, who?

Barcelona don’t, they certainly have an exceptional best eleven, Chavski have a very strong eleven, but then they go and spoil it by bringing Sturridge off the bench!

I would suggest that Real Madrid have the best squad in Europe right now, with possibly City (when they spend again in Jan window) being up there alongside us.

So, Newcastle, Carling Cup, what gives?

Newcastle haven’t beaten Arsenal in any cup competition since the 1952 FA Cup fnal, losing 6 & drawing 1 of 7 cup games since & scoring just the once.

I hate stats like that, as at some juncture they will have to change, but not tonight.

The geordies first priority is Premiership survival, they are on a decent run and need to keep the momentum going, and with the lure of the North East Derby with Sunderland this coming weekend, Houghton will be resting first teamers tonight.

I believe we should wrap this game up with consummate ease, 3 maybe 4 nil.

Yes I am being extremely arrogant and cocky about this, but I won’t lie in order to act another way.

We will have the likes of Kos, Gibbs, Eboue, Squillaci, Rosicky, Theo, Cesc, Vela, Bendtner and co out tonight… I would back that lot against Manure away at Old Trafford…

so why would I not back them against a 2nd Newcastle eleven?

Stop apologising gooners, we have a flipping amazing squad and if we do not bulldozer Newcastle away tonight I will bare my naked backside down at…. anywhere I won’t get arrested for indecent exposure.

Go on, laud it up, you are supporting a club that is going places bigtime, don’t be ashamed to admit it!

Having watched the whole 90 minutes again, on ATVO, one thing struck me about this match that nobody anywhere has mentioned.

How many reading this right now thought we were stick on’s to get a red card in the 2nd half?

Denilson? Song? Fabregras? Djourou?

I went for Denilson, as I thought he was the reckless type to lunge into a half cocked tackle….but guess what?

We came out for that game pumped, ready to rumble and not be pushed around by the thuggery of De Bully and Co, and by the end of the first 45, we had ended up 1-0 up, missed a penalty, and had a proper scrap with them…which we won!

Roll on the 2nd 45, and we stroll out, calm, measured, and sprayed the ball around with ease.

Watch the first 45, we were hunting in packs, the pitch was small, we were pressing them with 2 or 3 men, therefore when we got the ball back, we were all tightly bunched, and did not let our extra man count.

Come the 2nd half, you immediately noticed what Wenger had instructed, stretch them, let them press you, but use the space, make the extra man count and pass, pass, pass around them.

Which we did, and scored 2 more goals from it.

So basically, the boss is correct, again, this team HAS matured, as that 2nd half clearly proved.

We had the mental fortitude to stick to the game plan and not get further embroiled in any wars that could have led to another booking and a sending off.

We are so on our way to something special, I could not care less what the press hacks have to say about “it was only against 10 men”, as that is utter tripe, their flipping 10 men still cost 10 times what our 11 man team cost to build and you can add our bench to that if you like.

The team as a whole were brilliant, some dodgy Johan defending first half aside, they all did well… special praise obviously going to Fab1 and Nasri.

Can you feel it yet? Or are you feeling it yet? It’s going to happen gooners far and wide… it bloody well is!

Massive result, huge ramifications for the rest of this season…. I’m sure the gutter press will catch on eventually, they usually do.

Yup, you read it correctly, I am bored of reading all the monotonous crap knocking us, so I am going to focus on the glowing positives from the 90 minutes played out at ramshackle of a ground.

Jack is ready, more than ready, to give world-class performances on a weekly basis, he is no longer a work in progress, the boy is a man nowadays.

There is no better player of his age, in his position anywhere in the Premier League… maybe Europe.

Pair him with Cesc in the middle of the park and we have ourselves the best of the best at what they do…. I’d have them in my team over Xavi and Iniesta all day long.

Chavski did NOT bully us, we stood our ground, and with Vermalen fit, we would have been even stronger at the back.

Clichy has been exposed, and when Gibbs is back fully fit, we have ourselves a new and vastly better left-back.

Diaby once again proved what a total beast he is when sharp, fit and hungry for it…. let him off the West Brom game as he was just not right, mentally or physically that afternoon.

Bottom line, we did not take our bloody clear chances, tough titty… that’s life, we move on, we fight on… we continue to support.

We have a team ladies and gentlemen… trust me we do, but just don’t expect them to win every game they play.

Especially away to the champions and one of the strongest team in world football right now.

We can and will only improve as the season progresses, but to go away and smash them off the park without our spine in TV5, Cesc, and RvP, tells me we have a pretty decent squad this term.

Just wait till we have our first eleven on the pitch.

Szczesny played a blinder!

September 27, 2010

Well done young Mr Szczesny, you may have just fast-tracked you’re way into the Arsenal first team with that little outburst last week.

I am firmly in the camp that rates our 20 year-old Polish keeper as a future legend at the club.

Having seen him play live for Brentford, I have witnessed just what an awesome keeper he already is and what an incredible talent he is blessed with.

A talent that will ultimately bless The Arsenal with the best keeper on the planet… in my humble opinion!

I don’t for one moment belive Almunia is injured enough to be left out of the squad, it’s game over for him, he was given one more chance to prove himself and blew it.

We went for Schwarzer in the summer, and had Fulham found another keeper to replace him, he would have been our number 1 for the next 2 seasons…. but that did not happen, and as we now know, Manuel faltered, again.

So it now leaves us with a wonderful opportunity to view a straight pistols duel between our pair of talented young poles.

Controversially enough, as much as I rate Szczesny, I also rate Fabianski very highly… his reflexes are incredible, his confidence is shockingly low.. net result right now = piss poor keeper.

Though I do not give up on Fabianski, and I believe a wonder show is definately in his locker sometime soon, maybe at the Bridge next weekend, maybe over in Serbia tommorow night…. but it’s there, believe me, when this guy gets back up to his right level, not much will land in his net.

Both Poles come form the famous goalkeeping school run by former Polish keeper, Krzysztof Dowhan, who was once offered the goalkeepers coaching job at Arsenal by Wenger… but turned it down to stay in Poland.

The likes of Artur Boruc, Jerzy Dudek and Thomas Kuszczcak have all graduated from his notorious goalkeeping academy.

The country is famed for it’s goalies, ever since Brian Clough famously called one a “Clown” following the famous Polish victory in a deciding World Cup qualifier at Wembley in 1973.

Poland finished 3rd at the 1974 World Cup and were unlucky not to make the final… England failed to qualify after the “Clown” made some inspired saves all night to keep the English attack at bay and take his country to the finals in Germany.

Dowham was very disappointed on losing “his great find” Szczesny at only 16… there is history with the Szczesny’s, as he coached the father Maciej when he was a player at Legia.

Of Fabianski, there seems to be a deeper rooted feeling, maybe as he worked with him longer.

Apparently Fabianksi is the best decision making goalie he has coached, and the one with the best reflexes he has ever seen!

Whoever wins the battle of the Big Poles, Arsenal will crown a new number one soon enough, I don’t see a January signing on the horizon, no matter how much speculation you read about Reina et al between now and February.

Believe me, Wenger rates this pair, and will have them as 1 & 2, fighting it out.

I’m excited about this, and I am sure both will bring the best out of each other… get behind them both gooners, lift them, don’t knock them lower.

Come in Manuel Almunia…. your time is up!

Right gooners, making my preparations to head off to the Emms for the WBA game… got a feeling we may draw the same team in the Carling Cup at lunchtime today aswell(?)

3-0 should do it today and there is a real possibility of JET getting a game today, which is not the worst idea ahead of Belgrade and West London.

Before I leave, I just had to post up a link from last nights fabulous Radio 5 Live weekly World Football phone-in.

The show hosts regular pundits Tim Vickery and Andy Brassel taking calls from the worldwide public, live on air, in the wee small hours of every Saturday morning, and last night’s show was basically taken over by one hilarious, and I mean hilarious caller!

Apparently that man in London is not for England, he is for France…. lol… click the link below, and fast forward to around the 2:11.30 ish mark and sit back and enjoy!

It is simply pure radio gold!

Radio 5 Live World Football Phone-in – Wenger Rant