Our new Brazilian wonderkid made an impressive start to life in the Fluminense first-team by scoring on his debut and then majestically setting up the winning goal with some tricky wing play.

The YouTube video below encapsulates the game in which he made said debut.

However, he has struggled a little since, inconsistency being a big problem, although with a kid aged 17, you have to expect such up and down performances.

Life will get tougher for the young winger come striker, as the new season of the Brazilian Serie A is now under way.

Fluminense are now managed by Muricy Ramalho, the former Palmeiras head coach.

Ramalho could be the man to help steer our young gun towards a good 6 months of first team football, prior to his much-anticipated arrival in London in early January 2011.

He was the man accredited with discovering Denilson, not our Denilson, but the lively winger of the 1990’s, who was once the most expensive signing in the world.

16 odd million, if I remember correctly, was the price Real Betis paid for him back then.

Under current FIFA rules, we are not allowed to officially sign Silva him until he turns 18, which he will do on the 6th of January 2011.

Fluminense lost their first game of the new season, 1-0, last weekend, Silva was a late sub during the game after his team lost a defender via a red card after 35 minutes of the first half, the ensuing penalty was duly converted.

Below are highlights, thanks to Johnny, which shows Silva making a jinky run that drew a red card for the opposition player.

I shall endeavour to keep readers updated on Silva’s progress as the Brazilian season unfolds.

The Second Coming

January 20, 2010

Amidst reports of many alleged transfer targets during this window, the actual signing of one Wellington Silva has gone a little unnoticed.

I like most of you know very little about this young man, again, like most of you, I too have seen his goal at Old Trafford in some youth competition.

The U15’s tournament was held at the Theatre of Dreams back in 2007 and hosted teams from all over the planet.

Our new Young Gun was voted both the player of the tournament and the most valuable player (yank for top notch)

However, a new YouTube video has hit our widescreen laptops.

The video below was taken from a youth team game involving Silva’s current team Fluminense.

It depicts a wonderful comeback that was orchestrated by in large by our new Brazilian wonderkid.

I bring to your attention the pathetically wonderful, urine extracting piece of skill and pure impudence at 2.20 on the clock.

He looks to be a frightening mix of Henry, Anelka and Wrighty… with maybe a bit of Limpar wing play added to the mix.

Silva has blistering pace, perfect technique for Wengerball, and plenty of tricks and skills to excite the Emirates faithful for years to come.

He displays a massive hunger and desire to be on the ball as much as possible and then make things happen.

Very reminiscent of a player oop norf.   A Brazillian Rooney?

Ladies and Gentlemen… January 2011 will hail the introduction of the Second Coming.