The man is washed up as a footballer of any significance and an appeal submitted before our Saturday lunchtime war would mean he gets to play.

He needs to play, as there is not a hope in hell he will cope with the pace and movement of our midfield and strike-force.

Theo and Geo would have a field day up against the half-wit.

Bring him on.



Chelsea are in huge danger

September 27, 2012

So with the lowly Coventry dispatched with consummate ease earlier this evening, focus now turns to a Saturday lunchtime humdinger of a match against the mob from West of Moscow.

Both sides are firing in the goals at the minute, but there is a difference, one side is solid and leaking the odd goal whilst the other is rather living on the edge and having to outscore opponents. 

Chelski had the perfect team to play us over the past 7 years, solid defence, solid midfield and Drogba.  Now they have a leaky hosed up defence, only fancy dan tricksters in midfield, and Torres.

Robby Di Matteo might impress many, since he won the cup and the UCL last season, but that was not his side, JT, Drogba and Lumpy jointly player managed it, and with the Drog gone for a number 59 it leaves the legless lamps and the nazi to run affairs whilst Robby takes the Match of the Day interviews.  Joke outfit, who get by via the magic of 3 players, namely Mata, Hazard and Oscar.

A lot has been talked about re: Steve Bould making a difference, which he clearly has – but it’s still the genius of the main man making things tick.  The genius of the same very man who has already shown his minerals by taking this club to league titles etc.  He now has the financial power again to balance a side with youth and experience on a proper footing, he had to blag it for the past 5 seasons… not anymore.

A real team needs balance.

Arsenal have balance.

Chelski have a problem.

Exaggerate them, make them seem worse than they are, really stretch out the time it will take for the player to come back.


Is it not obvious?

This new Walcott injury and the manager’s comments on the official website seem not quite fitting to me, on one hand the injury is not as bad as expected as the scan is clear, but then he says it will be up to 6 weeks till we see him again in an Arsenal shirt.

Hmmm, come on gaffer, nudge nudge, wink wink!

I think he is trying to build up morale in the squad when the player miraculously turns back in full training well ahead of schedule.

Rvp and Theo are the litmus tests to this theory of mine.

Both were first diagnosed as being out for a couple of weeks, then suddenly the prognosis changed and extended timelines for their returns have been handed out on the official site.

I do believe we have some kind of injury hex over us, but we are not alone, the pikeys down the road will be missing Defoe for almost 2 months aswell following a knock on international duty.

Let’s just think positive and not make this injury thing a big thing, life has a way of giving you exactly what you think of, not necessarily what you actually want.

Gooners in every corner of the planet are moaning about injuries right now, and probably thinking… “who is next”?

well forget it, don’t worry about it, all part and parcel of the wonderful game we love…right?

To Hull and Back

March 12, 2010

Let’s not delude ourselves into buying the media hype behind our next Premiership encounter up norf!

Hull City are a thoroughly woeful football team, managed by a thoroughly deplorable orange chap.

They were demolished by a good Everton side last weekend, and prior to that they got taken apart by a very average West Ham.

Granted, they are unbeaten at home this year, but they are yet to face a team as talented and as buoyant as the Arsenal XI which will take the field of play tomorrow evening.

When the Premiership’s highest goalscorers take on the Premiership’s second worst defence… one-way traffic will ensue.

Won't be much to sing about soon

Much has been made, and will continue to be made, vis-a-vis the fallout at the Emirates last season between orange man and Cesc.

Who cares?

It’s all about stirring up nonsense in the hope Arsenal get rattled on their journey to another impoverished northern hole.

The Premiership is well within our grasp, let’s hit them for a quick and easy four and add another valuable three points to our Premiership tally for the season… then roll home back to London cock-a-hoop.

Cesc and Song will be missing from our midfield trio, this won’t be an issue.

Diaby will be the key man for us, his powerful style of running with the ball should open up space for the likes of Arshavin to exploit.

Could the Happy Hammers nick a point at the Bridge?

They have picked up only 2 points away from home over their last 6 games, however, a mighty task awaits Chelski on Tuesday night… Jose is back on town.

Return of the mouth

Minds could be elsewhere, the WHU players will certainly be focused on the job in hand.

The impending return of Mourinho to the Bridge, could be just the catalyst to take the prize of the Premiership firmly off the agenda for a few days.

Another fascinating weekend of association football awaits us!

The outlandish, spooky, surreal, bizarre, unbelievable similarities of Birmingham 2008 and Stoke 2010!

The day before the 2008 Carling Cup final, a future great Arsenal team died in Birmingham following one of the worst injuries to a player to have been witnessed on a football pitch.

The game ended in a 2-2 draw after a terrible refereeing decision to award a 90th minute penalty to Birmingham, which they duly converted.

We led the league by 5 points before the game… the rest is history, as they say.

The team that day included Senderos, Flamini, Hleb and Adebayor… who all have subsequently taken backward steps in their careers.

Weak leadership

The day before the 2010 Carling Cup final, a future great Arsenal team were truly born in Stoke following a very serious injury to our young star, Aaron Ramsey.

The game ended 3-1 to the Arsenal, following a 90th minute penalty, correctly awarded to the us… which was then converted with aplomb by our wonderous young Spanish captain, Cesc Fabregras.

Captain Fantastic

I asked yesterday whether or not this team had reached a level of maturity in order to seriously push for the title… we got our answer in no uncertain terms.

Plenty has been written viz-a-vis our decline following the Eduardo injury in 2008, let sleeping dogs lie.

I want to talk about the here and the now.

The next great Arsenal team was born amidst a harrowing double leg break suffered by Ramsey, the team then sought to pull together, fight like warriors, and finally win the game in the closing minutes of the match.

On a day when Chelski were soundly beaten by Manchester City, the 3 fabulous points gained in Stoke were a god send to our title aspirations.

Those last 20 minutes of football, after Ramsey was stretchered off, will go down in the annals of history as the minutes that saw the launch of Arsenal the Super Club.

The financials that were published by the club on Friday clearly highlight the incredibly stable and prosperous nature of our club today and going forward for decades to come.

We needed an event, we needed some sort of comeback, some kind of spirited team effort, some kind of rip-roaring victory in the face of yet more adversity to really show the footballing world, and some of our very own Nuevo goons, that we were the real deal.

The celebrations following the winning goals displayed more than 100,000 words could ever describe the feeling the players felt… they knew, they now truly believe.

Stand up and hold your head up high… the future is no longer something to await.

We are there.

This team will now be Champions.  This team has finally made that final step towards greatness.

Aaron Ramsey will recover, Aaron Ramsey will captain Arsenal, Aaron Ramsey will go down as a legendary Arsenal player.

I have no doubts about those statements becoming fact.

Away and Sailing

February 17, 2010

These Champions League away legs, at the knockout stage, are not about defence.

Porto will keep this game tight, 0-0 aint the worst result for a home side in the 1st leg.  Not conceding the away goal can take a team a long way in this compettion.

The 2nd leg’s are always far more open, goals tend to proliferate them… and both sides usually get on the scoresheet.

Tonight, Gallas is not a huge miss… we want an open game, we want them to think they can get at our defence, thus allowing us to counter strike.

Walcott will play tonight, he must play.

His pace on the break will get us that elusive away goal, the away goal that will help us through to meet Manure in the quarters.

Help from the big guy!

Theo is so due a good game, he has not become the bad player many now believe him to be overnight.

He must be close to full fitness and sharpness following another prolonged injury break… the time is now!

The lad is a serious weapon in our Arsenal.

Le End?

February 28, 2009

Quite simply, NON !!

Le Beginning.

In the aftermath of yet another disappointing home draw today, against Fulham, many a Gooner is asking for the head of Arsène Wenger.  They have no perspective.

This team is certainly not good enough, that much is patently obvious.

The sooner you fair-weather fans understand we are moving through a period of transition, not as a team, as a football club, the sooner you will understand why things are maybe not as bright as they should be.

The whole point of the move to a bigger stadium was to secure the “long-term” future of the club, and for all you Nuevo Goon numb nuts out there, long-term does not constitute 5 years.

The reason United, Real Madrid and Barca can constantly, season after season, spend multi millions on tapping up the best talent on the planet, at the best prices, is down to the revenue they generate as a club.  We needed to move to a bigger stadium in order to generate that kind of revenue to compete.

We succeeded, we now generate the highest matchday revenue on planet Earth, but the stadium was not donated to us!

A joy to behold

A joy to behold

The next step is to obviously meet all out debt repayments, and get into a position that will allow the manager a decent amount of money to spend on new players.

The current economic climate is not going to help expedite this as swiftly as EVERYBODY connected to the club, fans, players, manager, the board etc,  would like.  This is through no fault of anybody, certainly not the manager himself.  It’s the world in 2009.

Due to the exemplary stewardship of the club’s finances by both manager and the board, we can weather the storm, but it will mean more patience.  It may mean giving the youngsters more time to develop.

Future great?

Future great?

Assisting, as fans of the club we love, this development does certainly not mean booing them at every given opportunity.  It means understanding our plight, understanding we will get to where we all want to be at now, but realising this will not happen overnight.

If we can keep players like Fabregras, Walcott, Eduardo, Van Persie, Gallas, Diaby, Arshavin, Rosicky, Nasri, and Clichy fit, and maybe add another more senior player to the ranks over the summer, we can compete.

What we cannot do, yet, is go out and splash £40M on Karim Benzema, which pains me greatly as he will become a legendary striker.  When he ends up at Real Madrid or Barcelona ( this summer is likely ) he will begin to show he is the most lethal striker of his generation.  I forsee him breaking all Champions League scoring records within a decade.

Anyway, off on a tangent there….. back to we cannot yet be a Man Utd or a Real, but we will be, oh we will be.  Of that there is simply no doubt.  I can hear all you Neuvo Goons shouting “but we wanna win now” or ” it’s been 4 years since we won something” and “we are going backwards” even “we need a new direction, Wenger is not up to it anymore”

I love the club, I want them to win something every year, but sometimes in life you have to make sacrifices in order to protect the long-term.  In this instance, long-term means the next 50, 100 years of this great club.  A club of superior standing, with great tradition and past history, a club striving to be the best in the world through organic growth.

If we wanted to be another Chelski, it would be pretty easy, is there any other club out there a multi-billionaire would rather buy into?

We sustain ourselves, we make a healthy profit every year, and yes we have debt, but it is being managed superbly well.  Even in this backdrop.

We are unique, there is not another club who have undertaken such a massive transition programme anywhere in the world.

We are The Arsenal, and we will be a Super Club, show the respect and patience the “club” deserves.

On a Wing and Prayer

February 24, 2009

Life is not great at the minute for Gooners, the league table tells us Manchester United are 17pts better than us with around 10 games left to play in the Premiership.  The league is a foregone conclusion, although Wenger disagrees.

“It’s not yet over because none of the teams are really convincing with the way they play,” said the Frenchman.

“Mathematically it is not over and I feel Man United could have dropped points easily against Blackburn on Saturday.

“For me no-one is dominating this championship in the way they play.”

Manchester United are a much better squad than Arsenal at present.  A fully fit first 11 would yield another winner.

Wing Wonder?

Wing Wonder?

So, tonight brings an opportunity for some relief from our stuttering league campaign in the shape of a 2nd Round tie, in the Champions League against the Italian side, Roma.

Team selection is vital, we do not currently have a best 11 to play week in week, due to injuries.  Fabregras has clearly been missed, but I also think the biggest miss has been pace on the break.

Walcott has been a huge miss!

In Carlos Vela, our young Mexican wonderkid, we have a player very similar to Walcott in that they can both play as out and out wingers and also as centre forwards.  Vela is also deceptively pacey and has a better touch than Walcott.

He is a player of immense talent, and has to be played from the off tonight at the Emirates.  He showed last week, against Cardiff City, his pace and trickery is a big advantage to the way this Arsenal team can break from defence to attack in 2 passes.

Eduardo’s first goal was majestically set up for him by some clever wing play from the Mexcian.  He could do the same tonight with a booming home crowd roaring on the players, Bendter being the main striker to take advantage of delieveries into the box.

I expect a win tonight, with Bendter scoring the match winner.