History tells us Wenger never gives up on his man.

Rosicky was monitored for a number of years, we missed signing him when he left Sparta Prague, in the Summer of 2001, for Germany.

AW finally cashed in on the Czech international during the Summer of 2006.

Felipe Melo is a player I personally rate very highly, he is obviously a player the manager also rates as he had a bid rejected by Fiorentina last Summer, before he moved to Juventus for close to £25M.

I doubt he rejected us, more likely the cash offer we made was nowhere the amount the Old Lady of Italian football could muster.

Following a poor season for both Melo and Juventus, a parting is very much on the cards.

According to well respected Italian journalist and Transfer insider Fabio Santini, of the Tuttosport daily newspaper, Wenger will indeed have his man this coming Summer, and at a fraction of the price Juventus paid for him last year.

The bone crunching, aggressive midfielder is exactly the type of player needed at the club.

Readers should be aware of a common misconception when understanding what role the Brazilian will take up at the heart of the Arsenal side.

He can certainly play as the out and out defensive midfield enforcer, protecting the back four and spraying passes to the clever footballers in front of him.

I see his natural role as being more box-to-box, he can help out in defence and he can also join the attack, he certainly has the Brazilian touch and vision to be deployed in a more attacking role if the need be.

Essentially, he would be competition for Diaby, as opposed to Song, who he could do a splendid job in covering for if injuries/suspensions arise.

Diaby has been a huge let down over the past 6 weeks, after starting the season so well, he has fizzled out, badly.

I’m sure he will come back stronger next season, following a pre-season without a World Cup, but he needs hard competition for his place to push him to the next level.

Melo is the ultimate midifielder for us, he can play all three roles, DM (Song), CM (Diaby), and even AM (Cesc), such a truly World-class player, who is no longer just a young prospect, as will be highlighted during the World Cup, is exactly the kind of headline grabbing transfer the boss needs to make to put a little ease back into the supporters minds.

Chamakh is sealed, Melo looks highly likely given the transfer track record of the Italian journalist… who next?

AKB Red Alert: Level 10

March 14, 2010

The anti-Arsène brigade were in full flow last night… up until just before half past seven.

Piers Morgan depicts the morons nicely…

“Two months ago, I’d have told you like many disgruntled Gooners that Emmanuel Eboue was utterly useless, Nicklas Bendtner couldn’t hit the proverbial barn door and Abou Diaby and Alex Song were a pathetically weak imitation of Vieira and Petit.

Now Eboue’s playing out of his skin, Bendtner is scoring more than John Terry and Diaby and Song have developed into a top-class midfield powerhouse.

Add to the mix Sol Campbell, who I thought would be a disaster but who has turned out to be an inspired signing, and I realise it’s just as well Wenger manages Arsenal and not over-hysterical, knee-jerk supporters like me.”

At least he has the testicles to come right out and admit his failings as a supporter of the Club, and more importantly of the Great man himself.

A very quick glean of some of the comments passed on Goon Blogs last night, before the winning goal, highlights these simpletons perfectly.

Of course, this morning, Wenger is the toast of the Goon blogosphere.

The beauty of blogging, and a fundamental reasoning behind my blogging, is to time stamp true feelings… a search of archived postings and comments can reveal much!

I think the, now legendary, dipstick who called Alan Green on 606 last night, typifies these halfwits.

Le Hatred, Le Motto, Le Mugs

For me, this season has already been a huge success… no matter how the rest of the fixture calendar pans out.

To still be in contention of winning the premiership, with a team decimated for large parts of the season through key injuries, is a magnificent achievement in itself.

We are here by default, I hear the dunderheads shout, Manure and Chelski have let us back in they scream…

Well if that’s the case, why and how are we the only other team challenging them?

Where are the mighty Liverpool? the up and coming Villa? money bags City?

How comes we are the lucky ones to be granted such a grandiose gesture of goodwill from all the other teams in the league, elevating us to joint leaders of the race?

The relevance of intelligence, has never been so high in the world of supporting The Arsenal.

Winning the title or the Champions League over the coming weeks would be a bloody marvellous moment in our lives, but it is certainly not the be all and end all.

A belly full of it!

The true joy of supporting such a historically great club is lost on many Gooners, the beauty in the wonderfully pleasing football we play is irrelevant to many.

Yes the game is all about winning… but in the end there really only can be one winner, nobody has any exclusivity on winning anything.

Get that right!

It is immaterial if we pay the highest prices to attend our home games, if this grates with you, don’t go, simple.

Win or lose, supporting a club is for life… not just for Christmas.

A funny feeling

March 10, 2010

Tremendous result tonight, Porto were soundly dealt with 5-0.

The Viking Warrior made amends for his misses on Saturday by sticking away a nifty little hat-trick.

He rounded it off with the last kick of the game, to secure the match ball, via the penalty spot.

We move into the draw for the Quarter-Finals of this year’s Champions League, to be held Friday week in Nyon, Switzerland.

Following the game, the manager gave a very suggestive interview to Sky Sports.

Check out the link below to view the interview and gather your own views.

Wenger Interview on Sky Sports 2

The French love a prediction

It has long been suggested that draws are fixed.

Two years ago, a poster on a Liverpool fans forum confidently and correctly predicted the 4 matches in that season’s Champions League Quarter-Finals… a full two hours before the draw.

Funnily enough we drew Liverpool that Friday morning in early Spring 2008.

The poster made a clear inference that he was not merely guessing the match-ups, and that a fixed draw was on the cards.

Wenger has a “funny feeling” we will meet an English side.

So do I.

(At the time of posting, neither Manure or Chelski have yet qualified from the 2nd Round of games)

Chelski won’t beat us!

February 6, 2010

Having watched the Manure game again, in a calmer state of mind than on Sunday, what is patently clear is the fact more than half our team were not fully fit… physically or mentally!

Almunia – The man is broken, he looks gaunt and displays weak concentration.

Sagna – Not living up to his debut season.

Clichy – 2nd best left back at the club, understandably not 100% match fit after some time out.

Gallas – Solid as a rock, having his best Arsenal season by some stretch.  Was the only player who performed against the mancs.

Vermaelen – From breaking a leg on Wednesday night, to playing against Manure on Sunday afternoon… the man really is the Verminator.  In all seriousness, the fella was not 100% fit… watch the game again, he lacked energy and his positioning was very off.

Song – Having just played a very demanding African Nations tournament, including going 120 minutes days before the game, a full 7 days rest prior to the Chelski game will do him the world of good.  He is the key man this weekend.

Cesc – Tried, cannot fault the man’s effort, but football is about eleven men pulling together.

Denilson – No way can he be fit, his stamina laden midfield displays following Cesc’s injury last season are feeling like a long, long time ago. He needs resting.

Nasri – Lazy performance, not a winger for me.  Far more effective for the team coming from deep as opposed to playing right up the pitch with his back to goal. Again, only back from an injury so maybe not 100% fit (recurring theme?)

Arshavin – Played well, was selfish.. but that is what a good striker is? right? if he was asked to play CF.. his game is to score goals.  Shooting boots were not on, but he made good runs and opened space for himself a few times.  Crying shame one of the earlier efforts did not clip the inside of the far post and rustle in the onion bag.

Rosicky – Gets stuck in a lot more these days, flung himself around, huffed and puffed to no avail sadly.

So on to the game on Sunday afternoon, can’t be bothered writing about the Terry et al scandal, suffice to say, I think it will affect the morale in the Chelski team… more revelations are due in the Sunday papers.

Bottom line, lets move on from the match last weekend, a fully rested, fully match fit starting eleven will not lose to this Chelski side tommorow afternoon.

Essien is a huge miss for them, especially against us with our movement and creativity from the middle of the park.

They will suffer without him, we shall make hay in his absence.

Btw – Thank you all the Gooners… good, bad and ugly… who have sent me emails voicing their personal opinions about my blog content.  I fully appreciate some of you won’t have a similar line of thought about the club and manager, all opinions are welcome nonetheless.