Call yourself a Gooner?

January 15, 2010

I am talking to you, and you know exactly who you are!

You are the type of two-faced oink who loved to shout from the rooftops about Wenger’s lack of spending, how Manchester United were miles clear of us, how Liverpool were spending more than us, even though they generated less revenue than us since we moved to the Emirates.

You were told to shut up and go sit in the dunces corner, financial management and risk control were way over your nut.

Oh no, you wanted to pipe up and tell us how we needed a manager like Benitez who spent all his dosh and won loads of Premier Leagues.

You told us in no uncertain terms that Wenger was finished and a change of manager was needed.

You told us Wenger could never produce another title challenging team without spending 100’s of millions, the youth project was folly,  our great manager needed outing.

You called for a manager who spent “our money” as we pay the highest prices for tickets.

You denied the fact we needed to get our house in order for a few years  after taking on a larger mortgage, and that we should in fact be keeping us with the jones’.

You were warned that you would one day soon be made to look very foolish with your short sightedness, and that the Manures of this world were literally wankered with unsustainable debt and their time in the doldrums was only around the corner.

You with your low levels of intellect struggled to grasp basic maths… even when it was broken down into GCSE maths.

You argued, you swore, you made yourself look a right pilchard… and then you ran off down the gym to lose some of that blubber.

Pedro... you been letting the air out of my tyres again?

The wonderful thing is you decided to keep public records of your outspoken and outlandish insults towards our great club and our legendary manager.

You were warned this would come back to haunt you one day, but you knew best, apparently.

The very same legendary manager, who told us all over the past few years that he was not willing to gamble with the future of our great club by becoming a selfish spend easy manager who paid well over the odds for well below par players.

He decided to embark upon a very different journey, a journey that has set Arsenal Football Club upon the most glorious journey of a lifetime.  An adventure that will now allow us to become a truly dominant, self sustained super club for the absolute long-term.

He made this very clear, his plan was long-term stability for our club and not short term glory for him as a manager.

Every manager that comes after Wenger will come to thank the magnificent stewardship of our clubs finances by him, he led the calls for a new stadium, he got it built, he got his transfer budget slashed… but he still kept us near the summit of the Premier League and ever present in the Champions League.

There are pokey little clubs out there who have strived long and hard, gone through many managers, spent tens of millions (even hundreds in some pathetic cases) … far, far more millions than our man has.. and yet their fans still only get to see their team play Champions League football on the Playstation.

Champions League your having a larf

We have no requirement for a billionaire who wishes to plunge us into ravaging debt, whilst he lives off the fat of our land for nothing.

It has always been said, let’s get through the first few years of pain after the building of our very expensive, but very beautiful new stadium, and lets allow our manager to follow his youth project whilst paying back large chunks of the debt incurred through building said stadium.

We hoped that we would stay competitive and challenge for titles/trophies… but then, when the other debt ravaged clubs started to fall by the wayside… which super club would be ready to step in and run things through their very own organic funding?

That’s right… the club you thought you supported through thick and thin.

Now is the time to start editing those very public… and very humiliating posts, as the backtracking and cap in hand style of future posts will only add to the strength of the very open outrage against you and your moronic disciples.

A proper Gooner?  Yeah right, you wished !!