The annual Q&A Wenger has with the supporters at the end of the season has been postponed till August this year.

Although Ivan Gazidis will be fronting a Q&A with the Arsenal Supporters Trust, to be held at the Emirates next month.

Last year, the now infamous session hosted by Bob Wilson descended into a little chaos with certain sections of the crowd displaying their frustrations a little too over zealously.

First to face the inferior goons

So what does this shift from May till August tell us about Arsène’s intentions this coming summer?

Well it tells me he has a firm idea that he will have bought in some big money players before his Q&A.

The following quotes from Wenger, given in last weekends programme notes ahead of the City game may also tell us his spending will come to an end by June 11th.

“What I can say is that the World Cup will not affect our recruitment, unless there is an exception that nobody could foretell.

“In my view it is dangerous to buy on the back of a World Cup – for one thing the prices afterwards are always artificial, and for another you have to bear in mind that anyone can have three weeks of glory on a football field.

“All told, I believe that the earlier you settle your teams for the next season, the better it is and the less anxiety you have.”

Let’s be honest, most fans are not smart enough to judge true growth of a club, all they really want to see is some money splashed out on a plethora of new signings.

I feel Wenger has no tolerance for these type of inferior fans, as I also don’t, and would prefer to answer a few more intelligently presented questions this year.

With 30-40M spent before he faces the fans in August… he will certainly find a different slant to the questions posed!

That’s the jist of most of the chat in blog world.

We are down to our bare bones, player wise, missing possibly the four best players in our squad in Cesc, Robin, AA23 and Billy G.

So a right good spanking will be the order of the day tonight, right?


These nuevo goons only started to support the club this Millenium, so don’t forget they have no recollections of famous past glories, completely against the odds, on European adventures.

A beauty from Smudger

The club had a wonderful reputation in years gone by of coming out on top when all was against us, a backs against the wall type job.

Mission Impossible to Catalonia is on, and if any team can turn the impossible into the possible, it’s this wonderous young side that wear the red and white of Arsenal.

Big Sol will partner Verminator in the heart of defence, with Denilson providing the midfield cover to the back four.

Diaby will need the complete polar opposite game from last Wednesday night, it was not his night back then… he can put that right tonight, he has to be a monster.

Abou needs to play the role of 2 men in midfield, he needs to do some of Song’s dirty work and Cesc’s attacking work.

I have complete faith in him tonight, he was rested on Saturday, so fitness cannot be an excuse… he is the man for us tonight.

Carlos Vela has his place taken by Armand “Nun-Chucks” Traore in the squad, there is no apparent reason why the Mexican has been left out, as he trained yesterday morning.

I hate to see Rosicky or Nasri out wide, and would dearly love to see Theo wide right, and Armand wide left.

Having those pair right on the tails of the Barca full-backs will prevent the feckers from marauding forward at will and providing Barca with width from the middle of the park.

If they are stupid enough, or even arrogant enough to play that game, then more fool them, as there are not many in football who are quicker than our pair of wing whippets.

I’m not sure what type of game Wenger has planned for us, I could not care less if we played a right ugly game and just went to spoil them and hit them on the counter with pace hoping to Nik(Ki B) the elusive away goals.

We don’t need to be heroes tonight, no matter what anybody says in trying to prove they are the greatest gooner in the world etc, Barca are bloody brilliant, they are a fabulous team, and we may need to adopt different tactics to overcome them.

Granted, if we had a team with all our missing players available, we could go a bit more gung-ho, I just don’t feel tonight is the night for that.

I’m sure this team have tactical discipline in them, we can win dirty if we need to, and tonight calls for it in my view.

Whatever the outcome, however the game pans out, I just hope we put up a spirited display.

My prediction is 2-2 all over again, and this time it may be us who take the lead on the break and they come back at us to force extra time and nail chopping for gooners all over the planet.

When the draw was made, plenty of pundits came out with the suggestions of this ending four or five goals a piece.

I would love that, you cannot beat the drama and sheer excitement of extra time and penalties.

Of course, a 1-0 win in normal time will do nicely enough.


This whole Vela dropping has got me thinking, Wenger can be a sly old dog, he must surely know how Atletico Madrid beat Barca recently.

Traore and Clichy down the left and maybe Sagna and Eboue down the right, with all four killing themselves to slave up and down their respective flanks.

Theo as the weapon off the bench maybe.

Rosicky is now rated 50-50 to make the game, with Nasri in the Cesc role, this opens up the possibility of Traore starting down the left even more.

It’s not often the great man keeps us guessing.

Last week I had the pleasure of watching the game at the Emirates, my ears were ringing for days afterwards, the atmosphere at the end was crazy loud, tonight I’m going to watch this at home on the 40 inch Samsung, on my own.

This game is going to cause huge emotion, no matter how it plays out, emotion is going to be at extreme levels.

I am watching this on my jack jones as a measure of national security.

Where you watching it?

On a Wing and Prayer

February 24, 2009

Life is not great at the minute for Gooners, the league table tells us Manchester United are 17pts better than us with around 10 games left to play in the Premiership.  The league is a foregone conclusion, although Wenger disagrees.

“It’s not yet over because none of the teams are really convincing with the way they play,” said the Frenchman.

“Mathematically it is not over and I feel Man United could have dropped points easily against Blackburn on Saturday.

“For me no-one is dominating this championship in the way they play.”

Manchester United are a much better squad than Arsenal at present.  A fully fit first 11 would yield another winner.

Wing Wonder?

Wing Wonder?

So, tonight brings an opportunity for some relief from our stuttering league campaign in the shape of a 2nd Round tie, in the Champions League against the Italian side, Roma.

Team selection is vital, we do not currently have a best 11 to play week in week, due to injuries.  Fabregras has clearly been missed, but I also think the biggest miss has been pace on the break.

Walcott has been a huge miss!

In Carlos Vela, our young Mexican wonderkid, we have a player very similar to Walcott in that they can both play as out and out wingers and also as centre forwards.  Vela is also deceptively pacey and has a better touch than Walcott.

He is a player of immense talent, and has to be played from the off tonight at the Emirates.  He showed last week, against Cardiff City, his pace and trickery is a big advantage to the way this Arsenal team can break from defence to attack in 2 passes.

Eduardo’s first goal was majestically set up for him by some clever wing play from the Mexcian.  He could do the same tonight with a booming home crowd roaring on the players, Bendter being the main striker to take advantage of delieveries into the box.

I expect a win tonight, with Bendter scoring the match winner.