“For a while we were not investing maybe because we had built the stadium but I think our financial situation is now becoming much stronger and we will be capable to buy the players we need to buy”

So we were right all along, the cost of the Emirates did hold back Wenger’s spending… did he complain?

No, he cracked on and did the best he could, and let so called gooners castigate him for not spending.

Some gutter goon blogs (GGBs), you know the types, run by numpties who think they are proper fans because they spend X amount on season tickets, even tried their best to convince you the accounts suggested we had tens of millions to spend.

When they clearly showed a big debt to be repaid by Spring 2010.

How remarkable, we pay off the big debt (approx 130M) and we now have both Chairman and Manager of the Arsenal telling us how we now have more money than we have had for a long time and we are now capable of buying the players we need.

What does that tell you goons?

What it should tell you morons is that you were utterly wrong, and the manager should be lauded for keeping us in the hunt for 2 titles in the last 3 seasons… whilst his hands were firmly tied on spending.

Who else could have done such a fabulous job?

Liverpool have spent over 200M over the last 6 seasons… and achieved what exactly?

The Spuds have spent similar amounts and have now got to within 10 points of us in the league… and that’s progress?

Was the plan not clear enough when the stadium was built?

We were told it would ultimately help us spend more on player acquisitions, in the long-term… but not until the debt was fully under control.

We certainly won’t be paying silly money for average players, but if a Rooney type comes along, we can now whack out 30 large on him.

The beauty of what we shall spend being the funds are organic and not loaned or gifted to us by a bent oligarch.

Living within our means 3 or 4 seasons ago, meant we may have only had 10M in our transfer kitty, and we spent 10M or less.

Living within our means now and for the forseeable future will mean the manager has a great deal more to utilise.

He is not a miser, as many suggest, just go back to see his spending before the stadium for proof of that, but he is not a fool like Benitez to go and spend 20M on a shit player like Aquiliani simply because fans are moaning for signings.

Get backtracking and changing those stories GGBs.

You were wrong, and you know it!

“Arsenal were the very last team we wished to draw”

Why did Barcelona coach, Pep Guardiola, state this to Spanish media over the weekend?

Barca cannot defend.

They prefer to play teams who are tactical and spend time and energy trying to stop them play, as opposed to what The Arsenal will do to them.

Namely, attack them at will, with rapier like passing and movement.

Let the games begin

The age old cliché of “this will probably end 4-4” is too widely used when certain teams come up against one another, but in this instance, it more than likely will end up being a similar scoreline.


Because in most examples, one team will bottle it, and employ tactics to counter the other team’s build up play, at the expense of a proper rumble.

This will not be the case when Barcelona come to London, and when Arsenal go to Catalonia.

Both managers have supreme confidence in their own players and style of football, and will send their respective team’s out to have a street fight to the death.

The countdown begins, there is not a hope in hell this game won’t live up to all expectations.

Thankfully, the meeting of the two best footballing sides on Earth will give us 180 minutes (minimum) of pure entertainment.

A final showdown is always classed as the dream meeting, but too much rests on one single 90 minute game to allow us complete viewing pleasure.

A two-legged Quarter or Semi final was always going to produce the kind of glorious sporting magic that so many are awaiting.

The ages have given us many great sporting head to heads including Borg V McEnroe, Prost v Senna, Coe v Ovett, Hagler v Hearns…

Arsenal V Barcelona 2010, will provide us with yet another legendary moment in sporting history.

An afternoon that will leave many a Gooner spitting fire with regards to the antics of our least favourite Ivorian, namely Emmanuel Eboue.

Strangely enough, up until his daft sending off, the young African was having a decent game for his standards and even had a perfectly legitimate goal ruled out for an alleged foul on Woodgate.

He aint pretty and he will not be starting many games down the Arsenal right hand side of midfield again, thankfully Arshavin will be deployed there.

He will serve a one match ban, hopefully there will be some kind of F.A action and they increase the ban to 5 matches.

Say hello to my little friend

"Say hello to my little friend"

Emmanuel Badebayor now faces the real prospect of playing second fiddle to either Nik Bendter or the quite brilliant sharp-shooter, Eduardo da Silva.

Prior to going off injured, he was woeful beyond belief.  He won zilch in the air, and continued to display his pathetic attempts to trap a football.   One of the basic, most essential skills required when leading the line for a top European football club.

Wenger certainly made a mistake in believing this chap would ever have another season like the freak one that occurred during 2007/2008.  Coincidentally, a season in which he scored 25% of his season’s tally of league goals against the worst top flight defence in many a year, take a bow Derby County Football Club.

A right pair

A right pair

OK, lets step away from the Bad and the Ugly and focus more intently on the Good, because there was plenty of good to be taken away from the lane this afternoon.  To play as we did, with 10 men for the majority of the game, away to the old enemy was most inspiring.

Anybody else get the feeling that Captain Kolo and Billy G are getting back into the same groove that helped take us top of the table last season?

The defense was immense, apart from a lapse from Kolo late on to allow the walking disaster, Roman Pavlyuchenko, a strike at goal.  I believe he hit a Spuddie in Row Z with the ahem “shot on goal”.

Almunia was very solid, and capped his display with an awesome save in the dying seconds of the match.  The Spaniard has definately got a lot more solid as the season has progressed, I particulalry like the manner in which he will marshall the defense in front of him.

Alex Song is never going to be Patrick Viera or Reno Gattuso, but he can do a job protecting our defence and giving simple balls to the more creative midfielders in the side.  He was poor at times today, giving the ball away too easily, but on the same hand he showed glimpses of what he could do.

He battled well and can only get better following a decent run of games, there is no doubting his height and ability to defend the high ball from set pieces is a major plus if Djourou is not in the side.

Give him a chance fellow Gooners.   He has only recently turned 21, and has plenty of scope for developing his game, there is every chance he can become our midfield enforcer. Like any player he needs to build up his confidence, being booed by his own fans certainly won’t have the desired effect.

We have slipped further behind the Villa, but have closed the gap on the faltering Chelski following our valiant draw today.  There is a long way to go, Villa have a UEFA cup campaign on the boil and have yet to really get any prolonged, consistent injuries or ANY poor refereeing decisions go against them…. but they will.  It’s the law.

Mark my words.