Apparently Koscienly was not going to be any good, who was this 3rd rate defender, plucked from relative obscurity to ply his trade in the Premiership?

That bloody Wenger, buying duds all the time, hey..huhh!

Chamakh can’t score goals… came the cry from the moaning morons… a few goals and a month down the line and not a peep, as per the norm.

You see, I could go on and on with this line of thought, all the way back to the days of Alex Song as a 17 year-old at Fulham etc, but I think those moaning, negative gooners, and there were plenty of them in the summer, and even more when all we bought was a striker on a free, a defender who played 2nd division french football 12 months ago and some geriatric french centre back, need the urine extracted out of them.

So that is what I am doing today.

Extract the urine from the fair-weather  “goon fans”, as opposed to the staunch “supporters” of the The Arsenal.

Unfortunately the gooner world has been split, and will remain split, as some fans are just not smart enough to the get the bigger picture, the bigger picture is not….i repeat NOT “we have not won any trophies for 5 years”

The annual accounts were released this morning, and as expected, they clearly show we are growing into the biggest football club on the planet.

When the new financial fair-play rules kick in… we will most certainly be the biggest football club on earth, the natural choice for any world-class football to come and play the game he loves, at a club who know how to play.

The legacy Wenger will leave will never be matched by another, at any club, anywhere, in our lifetimes.

It’s a shame that the small-minded goons have to tongue lash him and his signings all summer… and then have the 2 faced cheek to call him a genius after a month.

Laughable, and I do laugh in the faces of those types,  the blog world has plenty of these type of ignorant fair weather fans.

One minute we are getting relegated and we have the worst manager and the worst players… next minute we have the best of the best.

Problem for these goons is fatal, you see ignorance can be cured through education… the bad news?  Stupid is forever!

So all is well in Goonerdom, still unbeaten, gave the pikeys a good smashing the other night, whilst displaying more of Wenger’s good work in “those 5 years” with the emergence of the world-class wilshere and gibbs.

Aneke and Afobe next year.

Everybody is the greatest gooner alive today, but where were you when we were “apparently” useless?

Arsenal fans enter Utopia

August 13, 2010

Wenger has never been right.. has he? (note to the simpletons: tongue is firmly in my cheek here)

When he helped guide our beloved club to doubles, season’s unbeaten, cups galore… the issue was “too many foreigners” or “Wenger is killing England”… etc (you know the guff, some of you so-called goons even participated in such guff talk)

We now see every successful team in Europe, full to the brim with overseas players, Inter Milan won the treble last year with maybe a pair of Italians in the starting eleven at most, the large majority of the time, they played eleven “foreigners”

Was Mourinho labelled a killer?

The Chavski and Manure sides are full of foreigners now, they are even buying kids from overseas at an exponential rate… was Wenger not the pioneer in this field?  Was he not labelled a wrong un for pinching other clubs academy kids?

So why are Fergie and Co not getting the same treatment?  At least they caught up with the ways of the genius…. they usually do!

This week saw a turning point in the fortunes of Arsenal.. and England, mark these words, they will ring true within the next couple of years.

Domestic success for the young England players with Arsenal, and possibly the first success for the International team for almost half a century.. owing to a nucleus of Gunners.

Gunners produced by the Arsenal, not bought in by the Arsenal.

You see, Wenger knew the likes of Bentley, Pennant, et al, simply did not have the minerals, there aint no flies on the guv’nor you know.

So over the past decade or so, we have seen what the likes of Manure, Pool, Chavski.. and all those other great institutions of football, have produced on the England talent front, and we have seen just how successful and positive the work of the respecitve managers of the aforementioned sides has been for the National side….errr… sorry?  Who killed England???

Maybe the talk in the coming years will centre on Who made England after 50 years of shit!

So Season 2010/2011 is upon us, and this Gooner is feeling very smug and excited.

Excited by the wonderful mix of youth, peak age, and experienced players we have in the composition of this squad.

Oh.. and not to mention those Arsenal built English players… JET, Frimpong, Lansbury, Gibbs, Wilshere, Eastmond.

With Aneke, Afobe, Yennaris et al coming through over the next 18 months.

Then Ansah the starlet at the level down.

Hmmm… seems Arsenal have a conveyor belt of technically gifted young English players coming through… who is to blame I ask?

Surely Wenger has made another cock-up somewhere? (note to the simpletons: tongue firmly in cheek…again!)

Liverpool up first on Sunday afternoon.

Sunday morning sauna and steam down at David Lloyd’s, read of the sunday papers,  nice Roast for Lunch, settle down with a sumptuous Chilean Merlot, SKY HD on the go….

the greatest football team in the world back in my life for another 9 months.

Life is sweet, life is GOONERTASTIC.

The weekend starts again tonight, ATVO is back… Lofty, Shovell and the gang are on from 7pm, and yours truly may even be on !!

Gooner or Gunner?

June 4, 2010

This has been one of my internet, blog world, pet hates for a while.

So now, with all this “Joe Cole is a Gooner” or “Joey the Gooner” baloney over the blog world, it’s time to set something straight.

I totally respect all the newcomers to the World of Arsenal FC, the internet has done wonders for our following across the globe.

There is however a fundamental screw-up that many make.

Here goes…

A “Gooner” is a fan of Arsenal Football Club.

A “Gunner” is a footballer who plays for Arsenal Football Club.

Far too often I read the two terms mixed up and used incorrectly.

Of course, a Gooner can be a Gunner, Ian Wright is a good example, TH14 glowingly calls himself a Gooner, to this day.

Apologies for what may be seen as slightly pedantic tendencies, but this educational post just had to be written.

There is a difference in the two terms, and they need to be used correctly.

Even our Queen has admitted to being a “Gooner”, but certainly not a “Gunner”.

Take a deep breath,  especially the doom and gloom merchants amongst you, but Barcelona don’t have the deep, rigged, pockets of Real Madrid.

We hear this afternoon they have agreed a fee in the region of £35M, for the purchase of Valencia and Spain forward, David Villa, so where now do they propose to find another £40M .. at least?

Do they intend to use Yaya and Ibrahimovich as make weights in any proposed deal?

This smells a lot like the the supposed transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid in the Summer of 2008… you know the one, that actually ended up taking place in the Summer of 2009.

Gab Marcotti makes some wonderful points regarding the supposed move for Cesc, and why it may not be quite what it’s cracked up to be.

We all need to calm this down a notch and understand that Guillieme Blagger and the other baldie off La Liga Revista are not totally in the know and are tabloid hacks at heart.

Hunter for example was telling us last summer how Villa was close to becoming a Real Madrid player, and then close to being a Barca player, in the end, he remained a Valencia player.

Relax, let’s just wait and see how this develops, but going overboard based on nothing but hackism is playing right into the hands of the anti-arsenal movement who love to see our grand club in turmoil.

If you are a gooner… why would you help such a movement?

The overall standing of the club is of far greater importance than any player or manager, so knocking the club won’t help our cause.

The actual quotes coming out of Barcelona today, linked here,  offer a different, calmer view on the situation.

Cesc has never said anything other than he would love to go back home and play for his beloved Barca again, but he is still under contract for another 4 years.  We do not need to sell, and we certainly do not need to accept any derisory offers.

So bearing that in mind, lets go back to the original question… where do Barca now find the funds to buy Cesc?

That’s the basis to some of the vitriol being spouted by Goons in Blog world tonight.

A gut wrenching defeat to St Helens has been pushed onto young Fabianski by a lot of our fans.


Forget his blunder in Oporto, or his hiccup at Wigan… go on try… and if you can manage to shift that hatred out of your mind’s eye, tell me how the {swear word alert} he was not obstructed by Jason Roberts for the first goal and had Big Sol knock him off balance after being fouled himself by Fatty Dunn?

If it’s not disgraceful enough that these blatant, blatant fouls were not punished by the frankly appalling Atkinson, salt is being rubbed into the wounds by our very own fans who choose instead to blame the Pole

Overall, Fabianski had a solid game, with a proper referee in charge, he would have certainly of kept a clean sheet.  Those northern winkers employed one tactic, and it was not a football tactic.

Fouling is outlawed in this game… right?  Tell me, I am right am I not?

There were other players in the team tonight that failed us far more than the keeper.

Theo was totally ineffective, as was Nasri, and Diaby is just not cut out to be a Defensive Midfielder, he has to be deployed in a more attacking central midfield role in order that best is seen from him.

Take a deep breath gooners, the boss is not a fool, and he finally has the money to adjust our shortcomings in certain areas of the team.

I have said it before, and I will say it again, the players have let him down… not the other way around.

What is a man supposed to do if a player shows talent in training and then suddenly hides on the field of competitive play?

Stop the hate, begin the collective coming together in backing the changes Wenger will certainly make this summer.

The most intriguing summer of transfer activity in the history of the club.

You know who you are.

You are the one’s who moan and groan when a talentless side like Blackburn or Stoke come to the Emirates and park the bus, even City done it last weekend.

Check what you were posting on various blogs Saturday night!!

Yet, just a few days later, when a team full of both Attacking and Defensive superstars park the bus at Camp Nou… you all want to fall over yourselves in congratulating them and their repulsive manager.

Way before they had a man sent off they had decided to employ all their players in outright defensive positions, with only Diego Milito as an outlet to chance what he could do by himself on the break.

Possibly Eto’o was going to muster up some drive to help the Argentine, but the rest were happy with the bus driver at the other end.

Yes you can counter with “at least they won”… well the next time a pony side come and nick a bore draw against us after parking the bus for 90 minutes, you must applaud them for “not losing”


The portugeezer is the worst hypocrite of the lot… remember this little pearler from September 2004?

“As we say in Portugal, they brought the bus and they left the bus in front of the goal. I would have been frustrated if I had been a supporter who paid £50 to watch this game because Spurs came to defend. There was only one team looking to win, they only came not to concede – it’s not fair for the football we played.”

The true hypocrite is the one who ceases to perceive his or her deception … and continues to lie with sincerity!

Saturday’s game at the Emirates marks the first competitive visit to our new home by Arsenal great, Patrick Vieria.

I say competitive, as he obviously played in the first ever game at the new ground in Bergkamp’s testimonial.

He remains the last captain of this club to lift a trophy, the 2005 FA Cup, and his famous last ever kick of a ball for the club was the winning penalty that saw us beat the Mancs to the cup.

His duels with Roy Keane throughout the late 90’s and early noughties are the true stuff of legend, and will no doubt be heralded for decades to come.

Maybe Paddy kicking a ball, albeit in an opposition shirt, on the Emirates turf could kill this darn curse we have hanging over us.

Yes, I certainly am clutching at straws.

Looking back at the season, you cannot help wonder why we get such unreal bad luck with injuries and refereeing decisions going against us.

They do NOT average out over the season where Arsenal are concerned.

The other amazing occurence is players having the game of the careers against us, and then reverting back to shite when they play every other team.

Have we not always been cursed with outrageous shots from all over the gaff just flying in over our goalies heads?

Maybe as a gooner, I am only seeing what I want to see, and should be a little more open-minded about these things.

Rubbish, I know we are cursed, and I know that curse will be lifted soon enough.

So hang on in there fellow gooners, keep those spirits lifted.

Cheer up Gooners

April 19, 2010

It was just not meant to be, blame injuries, goalies, defenders, strikers, lack of signings.. the list is endless.

Bottom line, we will finish a respectable 3rd placed in the EPL this season.

A Summer of World Cup football, and big money signings for Arsenal is sure to follow.

Come on, the season was not a complete failure, silverware aside, we acquitted ourselves much better than most gooners and outsiders expected us to.

GGBs were confidently predicting we would finish outside the Top 4 and miss out on the Champions League… in stark contrast, we challenged for the title right up until the end of the season, well almost.

Start making those wish lists for new signings, we can now finally afford the big names, within reason, and begin the transfer banter, without a need for calling it silly season.

Next Arsenal No 1?

Right here is my wish list:

Goalie: Frey

Defenders: Sakho, Subotic

Midfielders: Melo, Hazard

Strikers: Business already done according to the boss (Chamakh)

If we can sign 3 of those 5… we will have the title done and dusted by Christmas.

“For a while we were not investing maybe because we had built the stadium but I think our financial situation is now becoming much stronger and we will be capable to buy the players we need to buy”

So we were right all along, the cost of the Emirates did hold back Wenger’s spending… did he complain?

No, he cracked on and did the best he could, and let so called gooners castigate him for not spending.

Some gutter goon blogs (GGBs), you know the types, run by numpties who think they are proper fans because they spend X amount on season tickets, even tried their best to convince you the accounts suggested we had tens of millions to spend.

When they clearly showed a big debt to be repaid by Spring 2010.

How remarkable, we pay off the big debt (approx 130M) and we now have both Chairman and Manager of the Arsenal telling us how we now have more money than we have had for a long time and we are now capable of buying the players we need.

What does that tell you goons?

What it should tell you morons is that you were utterly wrong, and the manager should be lauded for keeping us in the hunt for 2 titles in the last 3 seasons… whilst his hands were firmly tied on spending.

Who else could have done such a fabulous job?

Liverpool have spent over 200M over the last 6 seasons… and achieved what exactly?

The Spuds have spent similar amounts and have now got to within 10 points of us in the league… and that’s progress?

Was the plan not clear enough when the stadium was built?

We were told it would ultimately help us spend more on player acquisitions, in the long-term… but not until the debt was fully under control.

We certainly won’t be paying silly money for average players, but if a Rooney type comes along, we can now whack out 30 large on him.

The beauty of what we shall spend being the funds are organic and not loaned or gifted to us by a bent oligarch.

Living within our means 3 or 4 seasons ago, meant we may have only had 10M in our transfer kitty, and we spent 10M or less.

Living within our means now and for the forseeable future will mean the manager has a great deal more to utilise.

He is not a miser, as many suggest, just go back to see his spending before the stadium for proof of that, but he is not a fool like Benitez to go and spend 20M on a shit player like Aquiliani simply because fans are moaning for signings.

Get backtracking and changing those stories GGBs.

You were wrong, and you know it!

Face it, the Chavs need to drop 7 points from 4 games… they can lose away to Spuds and Liverpool and still win the title owing to their vastly  superior goal difference.

Not going to happen.

Most bookies have today paid out on Chavski winning the title, and those bastards rarely get it wrong.

So I want them to smack up those peasants from down the Seven Sisters, following on from City beating Manure in the lunchtime kick-off.

We finish 2nd, United 3rd, City 4th… and the aforementioned peasants finish outside of the Champions League.

Then we will see who is laughing… again.

P.S – Had a ton of emails asking me where you gooners can get hold of the t-shirt above, go see our lovely NYC gooners shop front at ArsenalNYC