Call yourself a Gooner?

August 15, 2011

I call you a plankton who only sings when we are winning, and cries like a 3 year old girl when things go against us.

One thing has always set apart proper genuine football fans, from all teams around the world, that I have personally come across in all the many years I have been a fan of the game is a spirit, a belief… a sense of togetherness to fight for a shared cause.

On Saturday, as is now the norm, Arsenal were mugged off by another incompetent referee (Peter Walton you are a disgrace and should be demoted to League 2), as has now been admitted by the lead protagonist from the Newcastle side, namely Barton, Gervinho was actually fouled in the box, which should have resulted in a penalty kick which no doubt would have resulted in RvP busting the net and giving us all 3 points.

However, our man got a red, Barton’s behaviour (100% similar to the red Diaby got at St James last season) resulted in a yellow…. oh and of course no penalty.

You can moan and groan all you want about lack of signings….. but do you honestly think the manager and his people at the club have not been trying to sign the right players all Summer?  Do you?  Honestly… seriously?  Cos if you do…. go take a real long lie down.

There has been no uproar at our mugging…. why not?

Oh I see, if Wenger spent 60M this summer and the same events transpired on Saturday evening it would have been OK only then to have a go at the ref and Barton?

Seriously WTF is wrong with you people…. please… please…. find another team to follow !!

At The Arsenal… only supporters who support need apply… not childish morons who spend all day, every day whining about signings.

Get a grip you simpletons.

I had a woeful day at Wembley yesterday, got drenched right through walking up to the stadium from where we parked up… and then the rest you already know.

Ok, herein begins my blast at some of you clowns and the wider media…

We lost the match to a freak incident in the last minute of a game in which the opposition keeper was named man of the match… now does that indicate we were as useless throughout as many are now suggesting we were?

Check the stats… number of shots, saves etc

Next… less than two weeks ago the media had made Laurent Koscienly the new Tony Adams… and what…. so now due to a milliseconds mistake, he is useless again?  For crying out loud… wake up and stop being conned by the media who wish to derive revenue from silly phone ins and tacky red top gutter trash.

Nothing has changed with our new keeper, and the defence were fine yesterday… there is not much you can do to stop an 8ft freak show getting to the ball before a normal human being… and the winning goal was pot luck.

They did not batter us four nil, we did not chase shadows all afternoon… and if you think we did, go take a long lie down in a darkened room, maybe take some Valium with you… and for gawds sakes don’t take a radio tuned into talkPONY.

What we did learn yesterday was how important Cesc, Robin and Theo are to this team.

Nobody can live up to the sheer brilliance Cesc has when it comes to vision and making the decisive, incisive killer pass in the final third.

Theo can lead the charge of the light brigade from our box to their box inside 4 seconds, speed kills.

Robin again highlighted  his prowess as on the best centre forwards on the planet, the dutchman is blinking lethal in the box… did he make it 44 goals in the last 10 games or something? Ok I exaggerate but I think his stats in recent weeks are breathtaking.

Forget the doomers trying to mug you off with fears about losing to Leyton Orient this week, we won’t.

Forget the doomers suggesting United will muller us at Old Gafford next weekend, they won’t.

Losing a cup final in that manner, can only happen to us, and don’t give me that baloney about lack of leaders costing us again…when we lost the cup final to pool in 2001 in the last few minutes, we had Adams, Keown and Seaman all in our back five… were they lacking in leadership or experience?

Excrement happens!  We move on, like the human race has always moved on from catastrophes…..

hopefully towards a bigger, better, braver new world.

The title is still well within reach, take United out in the cup or force the replay.. and that is another trip back to Wembley in April for a semi-final.

Bottom line here gooners… don’t keep getting conned by the people who do not know our club like we do, open your eyes and make your own minds up.

Btw – There was a fella in front of me in Block 111, Row 41….  who ripped his trousers celebrating the RvP goal… they were so badly ripped that he had to watch the rest of the match in just his boxers… now forget how you feel.. imagine what that poor fella went through on his way home!!

This is my deep felt hope of the scenario that is played out on Sunday if we beat Birmingham.

Cesc left his world for a brave new world as a mere puppy.. this took guts, determination, a will to win… he succeeded in his quest to play first team football for Arsenal, and took over from a right old plonker as captain of our club in November 2008.

El Capitano was born.

I love the guy for what he has given us, and never underestimate what he has given Arsenal… it all looks easy now, but think back to when you were barely 16 years old and how tough it would have been to move to another country, a new language, culture… etc

To miss out on leading us out at Wembley this weekend is gutting for all concerned… which is why he should be given the honour of being the man who raises the trophy…. although I feel it will be a joint affair similar to Paddy and TA6 in 2002.

My seat is booked for Wembley… I shall be in block 111 row 41… prudent to keep the seat number withheld!

My team would shape up as thus:

Chezney – Quite simply, The Polekeeper.

Bac, JD, Kos6, Clichy – They pick themselves and TV5 will have to be right back at his game to force his way in this season.

Song, Jack, Diaby – Diaby is not every gooner’s cup of tea… but he is mine.. he has the engine to play the Cesc role or swap “cesc” duties with Jack the lad.

Nasri, RvP, Arshavin – With Theo out, this lot again pick themselves in my book, and maybe even if Theo was fit… on current form its hard to leave the Russian out.  A Wembley final is made for him.

Like many of you reading this… I feel like a little boy again off to Wembley for the first time… well in theory this is my first time at Wembley.. the New Wembley that is… the old one.. I have a 100% Arsenal win record, so I’m hoping my presence will give the good omens needed etc

Win, or Lose.. I’m going to have a hell of a day…. you should too!


Beautiful Arsenal

February 17, 2011

Does a match of such magnitude end any better?

I will admit at around the 75 minute mark, I had given up on any chance of a win… a draw was a maybe… however it seemed we had blown our early chances, including a cracking chance for Robin in the opening minutes, after a delightful chipped through pass from Cesc.

Barcelona then began to turn it on – they failed, as they only scored the once in this period.

They nonchalantly strolled out for the 2nd half and played keep ball with silly 5 yard square and back passes.  Pep took off dangerman Villa and shored up the midfield with Seydou Keita.

At the same time Wenger took off DM Song and introduced Arshavin… the man who was to score the most euphoric goal in the embryonic history of the Emirates.

I really am lost for words, there is not much more that can added to the thousands of words/superlatives already out there by the way of papers/blogs etc

What I will say is that win will be replayed and talked about when our grandchildren are alive and kicking… it was that important for the future of Arsenal.

If this team can now not go on to lift the big one.. the Premiership, after this boost of pure confidence… then they never will.

Fergie must have ruined his incontinence pants after the ref blew the final whistle.. he knew.. he knew exactly what kind of lift a result like that can give a team.

2011 is shaping up to be a classic.

Arcelona the Sequel

February 16, 2011

Tonight’s game has never been too far away in every gooner’s minds eye since the draw was made last December in Nyon, Switzerland.

There is no point in making far reaching rally calls….. my take is to sit back and hopefully enjoy a festival of Total Football, played out by the two purest footballing sides on earth.

Thankfully each side have their best players fit and raring to go – minus a top-notch centre-half from both sides, namely Carlos Puyol and Thomas Vermalen.

We got butchered, as we all know, in the opening 25 minutes of last year’s tie, and the hope is we turn the tables and give the Catalans a taste of their own medicine… lets impose our game on them is shout from Le Gaffer.  Quite right too.  On our day, we could feasibly rip Barcelona a new one…. they don’t have a decent back line, and rely on the rest of the team to defend from the front and keep the pressure off the defenders.

Good luck with that one Spaniards.

I like the way we enter this game, as last year we came into the match following a disastrous 1-1 at Birmingham which more or less killed our title hopes… having led 1 nil thanks to a late strike from Nasri… Almunia made a gaff and allowed Kevin Phillips to equalise deep in injury time.  Rollocks to that… as this time we come storming into the match after “slapping” Wolves in the words of their own manager.

Nasri may even return to the starting line-up, although I would prefer a start on the bench, the cup final is only a dozen or so days away and his presence there will be essential in order we finally lift silverware again.  The return to form of Arshavin should be enough to sway Wenger into doing just that.

All in all, a fabulous day of anticipation is in order, days like today are what being a gooner is all about… I love it, the whole build up.. waiting to get the team news around an hour before kick-off… the day spent wasted on Twitter chatting endless rubbish, just to kill the time… just love it.

I’m loathed to make a prediction, but if I was pushed I would favour a repeat of last year or even a step further with 3-3.


Forget that he played in the World Cup, he was rushed back to lead the line for the Dutch but never actually looked quite right.

Moreover, the lone striker role is just not playing to the strengths of the spikey former Feyenoord man.

I am hugely excited about the new deep lying forward and or roaming number 10, tip of midfield trio, free role thingey he has going on for him now.

With the massively unselfish Chamakh ahead of him to lay off smart ball to the on rushing Nasri, Arshavin, Theo, Rosicky, RVP et al.. I can now see how this team can both accommodate and flourish with both Robin and Marouanne in the starting line-up.

I think many of us did maybe question the validity of such an injury prone player at the club, whilst he has been off injured since November 2009!

The genius of his little flicks and tricks and deft control of a football have been there, in glimpses mind, for all to see in the past fortnight since he returned.

I love him, he is 100% pure World-Class, and there are not many players in the Premiership, let alone Arsenal who you can say that about without need to worry about retraction at a later date.  Van Persie certainly has the skills to pay the bills, and then some.

I want to see him get at least another 70 mins under his belt tonight, like he did last week against Wigan in the Carling Cup.  I also wish to see the partnership with MC29 develop more, hone it ahead of the crucial trip to Old Trafford Monday week.

Not happy to hear Cesc may be in contention for Monday.

Let him rest this darned hamstring injury properly this time… we are doing just fine in his absence and it’s also important to show the squad, should he leave next summer, that we are just fine without him in the side.

Will be looking for a confidence boosting performance tonight.

Practice game tonight.

Good enough to have it known as the Nasri role.

So we are on a low ebb at the moment, if Spuds was not bad enough, we get humbled by a poxy pub team from Portugal who caved in a mountain to build their stadium.

Fair play to the lad who got both their goals, nicely done son… credit where it’s due.

Cesc done his good hammy, whilst the bad hammy looked to be getting better, this injury jinx does not seem to be subsiding, but how good has Cesc been since he got back from his first injury bout of the season?

Not at his overall best for my money, great here and there, pretty poor at other times, give him the rest of the year off and let him rest up for the final, important push in the New Year.

Nasri will surely be asked to step back into the middle and dictate matters in the “Platini Role” as I like to call it… with Rosicky as back-up.

The Platini Role – for those who are too young, and only know that name as a hated Football politician, wrong, he was also the best player on the planet in a former life, and much like Cesc, played the central free role, he had no pace, but he had supernatural vision and the killer eye for running into space to poke home goals from deep.

He was utter class as a player, the term “elegant midfielder” was almost coined just for him!

I touched upon Nasri in a post a week or so ago, for me he has far more explosive pace and trickery than Cesc and Platini put together, his vision is maybe not up there, but he has the ability to open more space for players around him by committing defenders to tackle him as he trys to dribble past them.

I swear the lad is going to score a Maradona goal sooner rather than later, every time he seems to try and beat a man one-on-one he glides past them with consumate ease, he just cannot be taken.

He certainly has the skills to pay the bills.

Rock on Villa Park.

They will give us a torrid time on Saturday, but they will leave space, they get forward in numbers, so the likes of Theo and Nasri should be well positioned to capitalise on any sharp counters.

Monsterous two games coming up… really is make or break almost, the Wigan League Cup game being the more important for me, not going to get too cocky anymore, I have faith in this team, and that has not faded whatsoever, but maybe we all need to be a little more chillax about this season.

Take it as it comes.

There will be thrills and spills a plenty, tears of joy and madness…. through it all, we will close the season as winners or losers as a team, but the love for the club from us will never die.

We know that, so ride the wave without fear… the season will, somehow, work it’s way out from this slump.. maybe not immediately, but it will.

Keep the emotions, but also keep the faith!

This is how I feel on this crisp, sunny, yet cold Sunday morning in London Town.

Not.. Can Arsenal beat City.

Our midfield today will be comprised of a Steely Cameroonian hitman, accompanied by the elegant rangey skills and power of a Parisian box-to-box man and the trio are completed with a touch of Spanish genius to bring it all together.

In Song, Diaby and Cesc, we have a perfectly balanced midfield trio.

City won’t be deploying a midfield that is anywhere near as balanced, of that I am very sure.

Yaya Toure, De Bully, and Barry are certainly not balanced, mentally…anyway!

We won’t miss Jack in this one, I love him more than you do… but this game away to City is not the game for Cesc and Jack to play that midfield.

Diaby and Song HAVE to be both on form today, no lapses in concentration, 100% determined, intelligent work rate at a clinical level is required to beat City.

Cesc can be at 60% and will still roam around as the best player on the park.

The Holy Trinity for Arsenal today is the aforementioned midfield duo along with Chamakh, his role in bringing Cesc and the wide men into the box for pops at the City goalie, Hart, will be the key to winning this game.

We are going up to that war zone for 3 points, not 1.

Will a draw do you ask?

I will tell you at 7pm

You see, one cannot say “we would have taken a draw this morning”…. that is crap, we don’t know this morning how the game will play out.

If we get butchered for 90 minutes and escape with a 0-0… yup i’ll take it.. with glee… however, if we do what we usually do, and are more than capable of doing, and butcher them for 90 mins, then a draw will not do.

They are serious contenders for sure, and will certainly provide us with the toughest games in Manchester this season and for a few seasons to come… don’t listen to the nonsense coming from the Red end of mancland… they are skintus maximus!

My prediction?

A proper rumble in the manc jungle, this game will be high, high intensity, fought by 22 men for 90 hardcore minutes.

Buckle up, and settle in for a barnstormer that we may just nick 3-2.

Cesc was fit for the Brum game, yet not even on the bench.

Theo was definitely fit, but rested for Tuesday night’s massive Champions League match against the very, very decent Shaktar Donestk.

I don’t think Chavski are untouchable, but there is a growing problem in the Premiership right now, United have faced it, and we faced it for a few seasons…. smaller teams terrified of giving 100% against the seemingly unbeatable champions.

Chavski don’t face the battles we face week in week out.

It’s going to be almost impossible to win the league this season.. I said almost, nothing is ever assured, Chavski aside, I can really only see us and maybe City challenge.

United are 100% finished for a few years.

Trust me, it’s all over up there.

The near 20 year Golden Era for the mancs has died. RIP.

Tuesday may see Cesc, Theo, Jack, AA23 and Nasri all take the field… our Moroccan hitman should bag another goal or two, how good his he?

I love his attitude, dives aside, the fella is impressing on a grand scale, as you can never knock a man who runs his heart out for the team, and you especially cannot knock a man who scores, creates and wins penalties as often as he does.

Key man for against Shaktar, as Nik B is clearly miles away from match fitness, at least 2 weeks, and RvP… well, you know!

So he is the only striker we have.

He is more than that, when he plays and leads our line.. we suddenly have 5 strikers on the pitch as he opens up the path for the onslaught from our attacking minded midfielders to have a go at goal.

I would like to see Diaby play the holding role with Jack and Cesc in front of him, Chamakh lead the line flanked by Rosciky and Nasri with the option of Theo or Arshavin off the bench for penetration if required.

Love big games against top quality opposition, and this lot are class.

2-1 is my prediction with Cesc and Chamakh on the scoresheet.

Yup, you read it correctly, I am bored of reading all the monotonous crap knocking us, so I am going to focus on the glowing positives from the 90 minutes played out at ramshackle of a ground.

Jack is ready, more than ready, to give world-class performances on a weekly basis, he is no longer a work in progress, the boy is a man nowadays.

There is no better player of his age, in his position anywhere in the Premier League… maybe Europe.

Pair him with Cesc in the middle of the park and we have ourselves the best of the best at what they do…. I’d have them in my team over Xavi and Iniesta all day long.

Chavski did NOT bully us, we stood our ground, and with Vermalen fit, we would have been even stronger at the back.

Clichy has been exposed, and when Gibbs is back fully fit, we have ourselves a new and vastly better left-back.

Diaby once again proved what a total beast he is when sharp, fit and hungry for it…. let him off the West Brom game as he was just not right, mentally or physically that afternoon.

Bottom line, we did not take our bloody clear chances, tough titty… that’s life, we move on, we fight on… we continue to support.

We have a team ladies and gentlemen… trust me we do, but just don’t expect them to win every game they play.

Especially away to the champions and one of the strongest team in world football right now.

We can and will only improve as the season progresses, but to go away and smash them off the park without our spine in TV5, Cesc, and RvP, tells me we have a pretty decent squad this term.

Just wait till we have our first eleven on the pitch.