Chelsea are in huge danger

September 27, 2012

So with the lowly Coventry dispatched with consummate ease earlier this evening, focus now turns to a Saturday lunchtime humdinger of a match against the mob from West of Moscow.

Both sides are firing in the goals at the minute, but there is a difference, one side is solid and leaking the odd goal whilst the other is rather living on the edge and having to outscore opponents. 

Chelski had the perfect team to play us over the past 7 years, solid defence, solid midfield and Drogba.  Now they have a leaky hosed up defence, only fancy dan tricksters in midfield, and Torres.

Robby Di Matteo might impress many, since he won the cup and the UCL last season, but that was not his side, JT, Drogba and Lumpy jointly player managed it, and with the Drog gone for a number 59 it leaves the legless lamps and the nazi to run affairs whilst Robby takes the Match of the Day interviews.  Joke outfit, who get by via the magic of 3 players, namely Mata, Hazard and Oscar.

A lot has been talked about re: Steve Bould making a difference, which he clearly has – but it’s still the genius of the main man making things tick.  The genius of the same very man who has already shown his minerals by taking this club to league titles etc.  He now has the financial power again to balance a side with youth and experience on a proper footing, he had to blag it for the past 5 seasons… not anymore.

A real team needs balance.

Arsenal have balance.

Chelski have a problem.

This is my deep felt hope of the scenario that is played out on Sunday if we beat Birmingham.

Cesc left his world for a brave new world as a mere puppy.. this took guts, determination, a will to win… he succeeded in his quest to play first team football for Arsenal, and took over from a right old plonker as captain of our club in November 2008.

El Capitano was born.

I love the guy for what he has given us, and never underestimate what he has given Arsenal… it all looks easy now, but think back to when you were barely 16 years old and how tough it would have been to move to another country, a new language, culture… etc

To miss out on leading us out at Wembley this weekend is gutting for all concerned… which is why he should be given the honour of being the man who raises the trophy…. although I feel it will be a joint affair similar to Paddy and TA6 in 2002.

My seat is booked for Wembley… I shall be in block 111 row 41… prudent to keep the seat number withheld!

My team would shape up as thus:

Chezney – Quite simply, The Polekeeper.

Bac, JD, Kos6, Clichy – They pick themselves and TV5 will have to be right back at his game to force his way in this season.

Song, Jack, Diaby – Diaby is not every gooner’s cup of tea… but he is mine.. he has the engine to play the Cesc role or swap “cesc” duties with Jack the lad.

Nasri, RvP, Arshavin – With Theo out, this lot again pick themselves in my book, and maybe even if Theo was fit… on current form its hard to leave the Russian out.  A Wembley final is made for him.

Like many of you reading this… I feel like a little boy again off to Wembley for the first time… well in theory this is my first time at Wembley.. the New Wembley that is… the old one.. I have a 100% Arsenal win record, so I’m hoping my presence will give the good omens needed etc

Win, or Lose.. I’m going to have a hell of a day…. you should too!


Wenger has it all planned!

November 1, 2010

In that he decided that he would build a team, whilst up against the Russian, Spanish and Arab billions, on a shoestring, that was capable of dominating the greatest club tournament on the planet.

I am of course talking Champions League football.

Having written about my beliefs for this team in said competition in previous posts, I am forging ahead with my view of this squad being built with a large focus on winning the only major trophy to have eluded Wenger.

Quotes emanating from the boss today again back this view up, as he suggests the technical level of our squad is superior to teams on the continent.

The hustle and bustle of the EPL can upset the rhythm of our game, but the more sedate nature of the CL allows the skill level in our players to come to the fore and allow us to dominate teams with ease.

Shaktar Donestk are a very good team, but we just swatted them like flies.

I believe 2007/8 was the season this type of team first came together.

We challenged for the league until you know when.. and were undone by shocking decisions in the CL, going out to Liverpool in the Quarters.

2008/9 saw us reach the Semis and get taken out by Manure, on their way to winning in Russia… with a team including Rooney, Tevez and Ronaldo.

Last season, the best team in the world beat us.

So it takes a very good side, or very bent decision to knock us out of the CL.

Our slight weak point in both the EPL and CL in recent seasons has been a lack of a top-notch keeper and big strong, able defending… I think we have that licked this time round with the introduction of Fab1/Chezney and the additions of Koscienly and Squillaci.

The countdown to a glorious Saturday Night at Wembley next spring is well and truly on fellow Gooners.

Yup, you read it correctly, I am bored of reading all the monotonous crap knocking us, so I am going to focus on the glowing positives from the 90 minutes played out at ramshackle of a ground.

Jack is ready, more than ready, to give world-class performances on a weekly basis, he is no longer a work in progress, the boy is a man nowadays.

There is no better player of his age, in his position anywhere in the Premier League… maybe Europe.

Pair him with Cesc in the middle of the park and we have ourselves the best of the best at what they do…. I’d have them in my team over Xavi and Iniesta all day long.

Chavski did NOT bully us, we stood our ground, and with Vermalen fit, we would have been even stronger at the back.

Clichy has been exposed, and when Gibbs is back fully fit, we have ourselves a new and vastly better left-back.

Diaby once again proved what a total beast he is when sharp, fit and hungry for it…. let him off the West Brom game as he was just not right, mentally or physically that afternoon.

Bottom line, we did not take our bloody clear chances, tough titty… that’s life, we move on, we fight on… we continue to support.

We have a team ladies and gentlemen… trust me we do, but just don’t expect them to win every game they play.

Especially away to the champions and one of the strongest team in world football right now.

We can and will only improve as the season progresses, but to go away and smash them off the park without our spine in TV5, Cesc, and RvP, tells me we have a pretty decent squad this term.

Just wait till we have our first eleven on the pitch.

I am very surprised we have not heard more on how his scans/x-rays etc have gone.

As I am sure most of you have seen already via all the pics and vids up on other gooner blogs, surrounding the diabolical challenge by the northern monkey from Bolton, it aint pretty.

If the news from AW during the champs league press conference tommorw afternoon is out for 4-6 weeks, it won’t surprise me.

The challenge was very bad, and Abou certainly has previous with his ankles.

Can we hope for good injury news?

We can in my honest opinion, as I feel the negative results would have been released sooner, possibily some time today, so as the headline reads, no news = good news.

I hope.

We need him fit, at or near his peak, there is not another midfielder like him in World football today, he is the complete link man between DM and AM (song and cesc)

Denilson would be more a DM than a AM link man, Jack is not box-to-box, all action, but has certainly got more vision in the final third.

Ramsey is the only real player at the club who could do what Diaby does in midfield.

On a real gooner high at the moment, all is rosey in the garden, bring on Braga.

Keep those fingers crossed on the Diaby injury news!

Time to shut Fat Sam up

August 28, 2010

Have not got much time to say a lot this morning, which will please most, off on a weekend trip to the beautiful Fistral Beach… for those who have never been… GO!

Along with 2 friends, we purchased a holiday property overlooking the beach about a decade ago, and it has easily proved to be the best investment we have ever made, not just financially speaking, but being able to jump in the car and spend less than 4 hours driving to a place that you would never guess was on this island, is bliss… it’s a little piece of paradise!

Anyway, the doom and gloomers can shut their cakeholes now, many naysayers predicted we would be short defensively this season, well we now have 5 centre backs, and of the highest quality, with 2 extremely promising youngsters coming through the ranks in Nordtveit and Ignasi.

Blackburn Bruisers are up next in the Super League… err sorry, Premier League, and am I concerned about them and their great home record?

NO, they are simply not in our league.

Believe it, or don’t believe it doomers, but AW has built a marvellous squad, a proper squad, a proper mix of youth and experience with plenty of young guns being blooded.

This is going to be some season, and the way we despactch fatty arbuckles lot this afternoon will go some way to proving just that.

We have one hell of a class squad, we could field two entirely different teams today, that would both butcher those nothern monkeys of Blackburn.

Bring em on, deal with them, pillage, rape… bring home the loot.

End of story.

Almunia, Sagna, Kos, Verm, Clichy, Song, Diaby, Rosicky, Walcott, Chamakh, Arshavin is the eleven I would go with, let Robin and Cesc build up, we have that good a squad, that we can cope well enough without them, only bring them on if needed.

Enjoy Gooners.

That’s the basis to some of the vitriol being spouted by Goons in Blog world tonight.

A gut wrenching defeat to St Helens has been pushed onto young Fabianski by a lot of our fans.


Forget his blunder in Oporto, or his hiccup at Wigan… go on try… and if you can manage to shift that hatred out of your mind’s eye, tell me how the {swear word alert} he was not obstructed by Jason Roberts for the first goal and had Big Sol knock him off balance after being fouled himself by Fatty Dunn?

If it’s not disgraceful enough that these blatant, blatant fouls were not punished by the frankly appalling Atkinson, salt is being rubbed into the wounds by our very own fans who choose instead to blame the Pole

Overall, Fabianski had a solid game, with a proper referee in charge, he would have certainly of kept a clean sheet.  Those northern winkers employed one tactic, and it was not a football tactic.

Fouling is outlawed in this game… right?  Tell me, I am right am I not?

There were other players in the team tonight that failed us far more than the keeper.

Theo was totally ineffective, as was Nasri, and Diaby is just not cut out to be a Defensive Midfielder, he has to be deployed in a more attacking central midfield role in order that best is seen from him.

Take a deep breath gooners, the boss is not a fool, and he finally has the money to adjust our shortcomings in certain areas of the team.

I have said it before, and I will say it again, the players have let him down… not the other way around.

What is a man supposed to do if a player shows talent in training and then suddenly hides on the field of competitive play?

Stop the hate, begin the collective coming together in backing the changes Wenger will certainly make this summer.

The most intriguing summer of transfer activity in the history of the club.

Saturday’s game at the Emirates marks the first competitive visit to our new home by Arsenal great, Patrick Vieria.

I say competitive, as he obviously played in the first ever game at the new ground in Bergkamp’s testimonial.

He remains the last captain of this club to lift a trophy, the 2005 FA Cup, and his famous last ever kick of a ball for the club was the winning penalty that saw us beat the Mancs to the cup.

His duels with Roy Keane throughout the late 90’s and early noughties are the true stuff of legend, and will no doubt be heralded for decades to come.

Maybe Paddy kicking a ball, albeit in an opposition shirt, on the Emirates turf could kill this darn curse we have hanging over us.

Yes, I certainly am clutching at straws.

Looking back at the season, you cannot help wonder why we get such unreal bad luck with injuries and refereeing decisions going against us.

They do NOT average out over the season where Arsenal are concerned.

The other amazing occurence is players having the game of the careers against us, and then reverting back to shite when they play every other team.

Have we not always been cursed with outrageous shots from all over the gaff just flying in over our goalies heads?

Maybe as a gooner, I am only seeing what I want to see, and should be a little more open-minded about these things.

Rubbish, I know we are cursed, and I know that curse will be lifted soon enough.

So hang on in there fellow gooners, keep those spirits lifted.

“For a while we were not investing maybe because we had built the stadium but I think our financial situation is now becoming much stronger and we will be capable to buy the players we need to buy”

So we were right all along, the cost of the Emirates did hold back Wenger’s spending… did he complain?

No, he cracked on and did the best he could, and let so called gooners castigate him for not spending.

Some gutter goon blogs (GGBs), you know the types, run by numpties who think they are proper fans because they spend X amount on season tickets, even tried their best to convince you the accounts suggested we had tens of millions to spend.

When they clearly showed a big debt to be repaid by Spring 2010.

How remarkable, we pay off the big debt (approx 130M) and we now have both Chairman and Manager of the Arsenal telling us how we now have more money than we have had for a long time and we are now capable of buying the players we need.

What does that tell you goons?

What it should tell you morons is that you were utterly wrong, and the manager should be lauded for keeping us in the hunt for 2 titles in the last 3 seasons… whilst his hands were firmly tied on spending.

Who else could have done such a fabulous job?

Liverpool have spent over 200M over the last 6 seasons… and achieved what exactly?

The Spuds have spent similar amounts and have now got to within 10 points of us in the league… and that’s progress?

Was the plan not clear enough when the stadium was built?

We were told it would ultimately help us spend more on player acquisitions, in the long-term… but not until the debt was fully under control.

We certainly won’t be paying silly money for average players, but if a Rooney type comes along, we can now whack out 30 large on him.

The beauty of what we shall spend being the funds are organic and not loaned or gifted to us by a bent oligarch.

Living within our means 3 or 4 seasons ago, meant we may have only had 10M in our transfer kitty, and we spent 10M or less.

Living within our means now and for the forseeable future will mean the manager has a great deal more to utilise.

He is not a miser, as many suggest, just go back to see his spending before the stadium for proof of that, but he is not a fool like Benitez to go and spend 20M on a shit player like Aquiliani simply because fans are moaning for signings.

Get backtracking and changing those stories GGBs.

You were wrong, and you know it!

The great man does everything in his power to give these young lads all the encouragement to go out and perform on the greatest stages in world football.

He backs them to the hilt when they are going through periods of inconsistency, as young players will do during the formative years of turning professional and playing for one of the biggest clubs in football.

The inevitable media backlash is fronted by the boss, he takes the flak, he carries all the woes on his shoulders.

Enough is enough, the time has got to come when the players go out and play like they truly want to win, and not just weave pretty patterns.

Last night left me very badly gutted, not because we lost (well ok that aswell) but because certain players lacked hunger and fight.

I have backed Abou Diaby constantly throughout the season for being a player who has come on in leaps and bounds, I don’t care if his touch is letting him down, I don’t care if he is not getting the rub of the green, I don’t care if he keeps Row Z’ing shots…

but I do f’ing care when a 4ft 11 croatian midget is beating 6ft 3 Diaby in crunching 50-50 tackles.

Abou, you are going to be a great Arsenal player, but you embarrassed yourself last night, sunshine.

How the hell does a 6ft plus lump actually go about losing a 50-50 against a 6 stone ballet dancing wimp?

Beyond disgraceful.

He loses it when he does not have any real guts and desire.

There were others who also went missing when the fight was on.

Sol was obviously the leading light last night… tremendous, words cannot describe his commitment to the cause.

He needs to be let loose on some of these younger guns, if they aint got the bollocks to fight for the club on the pitch, do one.

We cannot keep going around in circles, Messi is not only the best player in the world because of his talent and skill, but also owing to his massive drive and ambition to be a winner on the pitch.

He was harassing our players when his team lost the ball last week… why don’t some of ours do that?

You cannot win a fight without fighters, and the Premiership is a fight to the death.

We had natural born fighters in the past, Paddy was a supremely skilled warrior, Thierry would use his pace to go chasing defenders like a crazed axe murder when we lost the ball, as did Red Fred.

Talent, skill, future great, etc etc is all well and good, but it is nothing unless you got it in you to knuckle down when the going gets tough.

Wenger’s tone is changing by the game, I think certain players who think they are first team may find themselves benched next season until they grow some testicles.

Money is not the big issue it was 3 or 4 seasons ago, players with Sol type hunger and motivation need to be drafted in.

A summer of attitude change is needed, there is no doubting the ability is there, if the league was won on ability alone, they would hand us the title on the opening weekend of every season.

The season has come to an end, and a bad season, considering the injuries,  it has certainly not been.

But we have to remember we are a proper big club, not an aspiring big club, the fifth season in the new stadium will commence this summer and we really are in desperate need of silverware.

The youth project has 100% worked, as the plan was to keep us competitive whilst we got the Emirates debt under control… that was well and truly dealt with this Spring with a nigh on 135M payment towards it.

The next stage is to add one or two genuine world-class players to the mix, and spend whatever it takes to get them… well, not silly money but 20-25M on a player should certainly not be beyond our grasp now.

For me, more importantly, make sure these players have determination, a real attitude to get stuck in when things are not looking rosey and the scoreboard shows us down by 2 goals.

The perfect blueprint for this mindset being Sol Campbell.

Final point, what kind of football team prance around with a chicken on their club badge?

Give me a Cannon any day!