Beautiful Arsenal

February 17, 2011

Does a match of such magnitude end any better?

I will admit at around the 75 minute mark, I had given up on any chance of a win… a draw was a maybe… however it seemed we had blown our early chances, including a cracking chance for Robin in the opening minutes, after a delightful chipped through pass from Cesc.

Barcelona then began to turn it on – they failed, as they only scored the once in this period.

They nonchalantly strolled out for the 2nd half and played keep ball with silly 5 yard square and back passes.  Pep took off dangerman Villa and shored up the midfield with Seydou Keita.

At the same time Wenger took off DM Song and introduced Arshavin… the man who was to score the most euphoric goal in the embryonic history of the Emirates.

I really am lost for words, there is not much more that can added to the thousands of words/superlatives already out there by the way of papers/blogs etc

What I will say is that win will be replayed and talked about when our grandchildren are alive and kicking… it was that important for the future of Arsenal.

If this team can now not go on to lift the big one.. the Premiership, after this boost of pure confidence… then they never will.

Fergie must have ruined his incontinence pants after the ref blew the final whistle.. he knew.. he knew exactly what kind of lift a result like that can give a team.

2011 is shaping up to be a classic.

Arcelona the Sequel

February 16, 2011

Tonight’s game has never been too far away in every gooner’s minds eye since the draw was made last December in Nyon, Switzerland.

There is no point in making far reaching rally calls….. my take is to sit back and hopefully enjoy a festival of Total Football, played out by the two purest footballing sides on earth.

Thankfully each side have their best players fit and raring to go – minus a top-notch centre-half from both sides, namely Carlos Puyol and Thomas Vermalen.

We got butchered, as we all know, in the opening 25 minutes of last year’s tie, and the hope is we turn the tables and give the Catalans a taste of their own medicine… lets impose our game on them is shout from Le Gaffer.  Quite right too.  On our day, we could feasibly rip Barcelona a new one…. they don’t have a decent back line, and rely on the rest of the team to defend from the front and keep the pressure off the defenders.

Good luck with that one Spaniards.

I like the way we enter this game, as last year we came into the match following a disastrous 1-1 at Birmingham which more or less killed our title hopes… having led 1 nil thanks to a late strike from Nasri… Almunia made a gaff and allowed Kevin Phillips to equalise deep in injury time.  Rollocks to that… as this time we come storming into the match after “slapping” Wolves in the words of their own manager.

Nasri may even return to the starting line-up, although I would prefer a start on the bench, the cup final is only a dozen or so days away and his presence there will be essential in order we finally lift silverware again.  The return to form of Arshavin should be enough to sway Wenger into doing just that.

All in all, a fabulous day of anticipation is in order, days like today are what being a gooner is all about… I love it, the whole build up.. waiting to get the team news around an hour before kick-off… the day spent wasted on Twitter chatting endless rubbish, just to kill the time… just love it.

I’m loathed to make a prediction, but if I was pushed I would favour a repeat of last year or even a step further with 3-3.


Roman Abramovich may have done the biggest favour to all connected with Arsenal Football Club this January transfer window.

By spending £50M on Fernando Torres, a player who was woeful at the World Cup and unwanted by Barca or Real, the Russian oligarch has priced Cesc out of the reach of Barcelona for at least a couple of seasons.

Current Barca Captain, Xavi Hernandez admits as much….

“the thing with Cesc is that there is a problem — he is now worth a lot of money!”

Aged 3 years younger than his chavski Spanish compatriot, Cesc must now surely be worth in the region of £60-70M in the open market.  Barca are skint enough as it is, skint enough to take former supremo Laporte to court over bent accounting allegations.

What a ramshackle of a club.

There is no secret that Cesc desires to one day return home to his beloved Catalonia, but it will cost them… unless this Qatari money which has been promised turns up at the Camp Nou this summer, our boy aint going nowhere.

I’m certain that Arsenal done a deal last summer to convince Cesc to stay until this coming summer, and promise his release IF Barca can conjure up the correct money for him.  The peasants tried to bid less than what Liverpool paid for Andy Carroll!

The future for El Capitan at the Emirates is looking stronger by the day…. bloody good show say me.

Ahead of the crunch Champions League game against the aforementioned Spanish pikeys next Wednesday night, which I will sadly be watching from the comfort of my living room having been cruelly denied a seat in a City Brokerage’s corporate box… we have the small matter of Wolves at home in the league.

A game that should see us close the 4 point gap on the Mancs… both of them… if City really go for it they can win, but they won’t and therefore I envisage a 1-1 draw.

Wolves are a flipping hardcore team on set pieces, thankfully Johan should be back, unless he is rested for Barca… we should not take this game lightly.. it’s going to be a long afternoon… just hope that by hook or by crook we scrape through and start to look forward to the Barca games.

Don’t expect an easy ride against the wanderers people… it may become our hardest game of the season to date…. but all that will matter is the 3 points.

For crying out loud.. surely we are due a dodgy penalty in our direction?


Having watched the whole 90 minutes again, on ATVO, one thing struck me about this match that nobody anywhere has mentioned.

How many reading this right now thought we were stick on’s to get a red card in the 2nd half?

Denilson? Song? Fabregras? Djourou?

I went for Denilson, as I thought he was the reckless type to lunge into a half cocked tackle….but guess what?

We came out for that game pumped, ready to rumble and not be pushed around by the thuggery of De Bully and Co, and by the end of the first 45, we had ended up 1-0 up, missed a penalty, and had a proper scrap with them…which we won!

Roll on the 2nd 45, and we stroll out, calm, measured, and sprayed the ball around with ease.

Watch the first 45, we were hunting in packs, the pitch was small, we were pressing them with 2 or 3 men, therefore when we got the ball back, we were all tightly bunched, and did not let our extra man count.

Come the 2nd half, you immediately noticed what Wenger had instructed, stretch them, let them press you, but use the space, make the extra man count and pass, pass, pass around them.

Which we did, and scored 2 more goals from it.

So basically, the boss is correct, again, this team HAS matured, as that 2nd half clearly proved.

We had the mental fortitude to stick to the game plan and not get further embroiled in any wars that could have led to another booking and a sending off.

We are so on our way to something special, I could not care less what the press hacks have to say about “it was only against 10 men”, as that is utter tripe, their flipping 10 men still cost 10 times what our 11 man team cost to build and you can add our bench to that if you like.

The team as a whole were brilliant, some dodgy Johan defending first half aside, they all did well… special praise obviously going to Fab1 and Nasri.

Can you feel it yet? Or are you feeling it yet? It’s going to happen gooners far and wide… it bloody well is!

Massive result, huge ramifications for the rest of this season…. I’m sure the gutter press will catch on eventually, they usually do.

I love the live draw for the Champions League, more so the knockout rounds, yet the group stage still heralds an air of magic about it.

There is no doubting the glamour and mysticism of this great competition, the annual world cup for club teams.

London get 3 representatives this season, and with the final at Wembley next May…. hmmm !!

Ok this is how it works, Arsenal are at the big boys table, all has to do with coefficients etc, bottom line, we are rated due to our constant appearance in the tournie every year, and reaching finals and semis on a consistent basis helps too.

Along with us, Manure, Chavski, Barcstards, Inter, Bayern, Milan and Lyon will sit in Pot 1.

So basically, eight groups of 4 teams will be headed by each of the above listed teams.

Then we go to Pot 2, which includes decent teams with some pedigree… Real Madrid and Jose find themselves in this pot, and that means, they can be drawn against Arsenal.

Pot 2: Bremen, Real M, Roma, Shaktar, Benfica, Valencia, Marseille, Panathanikos.

Teams from the same country are not allowed to be drawn against each other in either the group stages or the first knockout stage, therefore, Barcstards could not draw Real in the groups, nor Valencia.  Inter or AC could not draw Roma in the groups etc.

Next we move down to the shite teams, the wastrels of the Champions League, the vermin, the cheeky gits who scrap in by the skin of their teeth, the teams that are not much cop, will probably never find themselves in the tournie again, kind of like those pony teams that make the 3rd round of the FA Cup from non-league footy… they aint gonna win jack, it’s all about a day out for them.

Spuds are in said pot, enough said.

Pot 3: Spuds, Rangers, Ajax, Schalke, Basel, Braga, Copenhagen, Spartak.

Pot 4: Hapoel, Twente, Rubin K, Auxerre, Cluj, P Belgrade, Zilina, Buraspor.

Basically pot 3&4 give you cannon fodder to play, home and away… but you would not really want to be travelling to Turkey to play Buraspor, before a weekend game against Chavski… even, Mourinho back at Inter.

So what’s the best case scenario for Arsenal?

I would say, you want a glamour tie, you want to pull the best team from Pot 2, to set up 2 mouth-watering ties… as the top 2 go through, it matters not what the results are as the other 2 teams from the shit pots should be smashed up anyway.

Also, you don’t want the long distance travelling.

Putting all those variants into the play, gives us 2 types of prospective groups for Arsenal, Best case and Worst case.

Best Case:

Arsenal, Real Madrid, Basel, Twente

Worst Case:

Arsenal, Panathanikos, Spartak, Buraspor

Then you always get the stories, the headlines, the reunions of the Champs League, Mourinho back at Chavski? or Ronaldo back at Old Trafford?

Pretty obvious, that the main attraction of this first group stage draw is who Real/Jose will get paired up with from Pot 1, and because of the way the whole system works with teams from same countries not playing each other, and there being plenty of Italian & Spanish teams in both top pots, the mathematicians amongst you will have worked out the very high probability of The Special One coming to a ground near you this Autumn.

Draw is live, on plenty of TV stations in Europe, widely available to you guys worldwide with free streams and will kick-off at 5pm London time today.


You absolute fucking wankstain of a cunt.

How fucking dare you, who the fuck do you think you are?

I 100% hope you get seriously injured, injured so you cannot kick a ball again!

Why am I angry?

Puyol the fuckwit has today said…

“He is having to stay at a club where he no longer wants to be for another year.

“I wonder how intelligent it is keeping a player who doesn’t want to be there.

“After seven years of great service, I thought Arsenal could have granted him his dream move.”

“He is professional enough still to have a great season and also because he has a lot of respect for the Arsenal fans.

“But anybody who tries to convince themselves he wanted to stay at Arsenal is wrong.”

“We all thought a deal would be done this summer.

“But Arsenal have refused to talk and we are going to have to wait another year to get Cesc home.

“He is far too classy a guy to say it but the truth is he doesn’t want to be at Arsenal this season.

His heart is already in Barcelona, even though we must wait another year for his body to be here.

“We know he is arriving next season. Barcelona have a whole year to sort the deal out.

Go fuck yourself, Mophead.

Excuse the french, but those quotes totally take the biscuit… that was the straw that broke the camels back in my book!

Karma is a wonderful, wonderful thing… unlucky moppy!

Gooners far and wide, wish this total cunt the worst of fates, nobody deserves it more… he will rue the day he fucked with The Arsenal

The good news for Gooners is a deal has been ratified by all parties concerned, as predicted by yours truly earlier this Summer, for Cesc to join his beloved Barcelona in June 2011.

Fabregras will complete his last season as a player and captain of Arsenal Football Club this forthcoming term.

As predicted, this deal is a carbon copy of the deal that was struck between Manchester United and Real Madrid in the Summer of 2008.

Lets hope Cesc has a trophy laden last season as captain.

More to follow…

NOTE: For all those who ask of my source, wait a day or two before the press report as much.

The man behind the media drive (couldn’t resist) to get our Captain shipped over to Catalonia, has finally retreated this afternoon.

He has actually had a mini breakdown RE:Twitter and the abuse he has taken off Gooners since his Cesc to Barca quotes last month.

“Courtesy of Twitter, I`ve been getting more abuse from the Twitter twats and toddlers because I`ve been reporting on Barcelona’s strategy for recruiting Cesc Fabregas.

Apparently, because I`m Spanish, I`m doing my bit for the Catalan club of which I must surely be a fan: because I`m from Barcelona. You couldn`t be more wrong. Is every Londoner and Arsenal fan?”

His rant did not finish there…..

But when I report that candidates for the Barcelona presidency have a strategy for signing Cesc Fabregas, apparently I`m single handedly masterminding the downfall of Arsene Wenger.

I shall Tweet no more, other than to link to an article in full. The internet has become a mine of mis-information and unless you read it here, or in an article with my name on the by-line, then the next time you read in a forum or a blog that ‘
Balague says….’ – you can take it with a pinch of salt.

All the best, Guillem… bet we don’t see you at the Emirates next season.

Take a deep breath,  especially the doom and gloom merchants amongst you, but Barcelona don’t have the deep, rigged, pockets of Real Madrid.

We hear this afternoon they have agreed a fee in the region of £35M, for the purchase of Valencia and Spain forward, David Villa, so where now do they propose to find another £40M .. at least?

Do they intend to use Yaya and Ibrahimovich as make weights in any proposed deal?

This smells a lot like the the supposed transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid in the Summer of 2008… you know the one, that actually ended up taking place in the Summer of 2009.

Gab Marcotti makes some wonderful points regarding the supposed move for Cesc, and why it may not be quite what it’s cracked up to be.

We all need to calm this down a notch and understand that Guillieme Blagger and the other baldie off La Liga Revista are not totally in the know and are tabloid hacks at heart.

Hunter for example was telling us last summer how Villa was close to becoming a Real Madrid player, and then close to being a Barca player, in the end, he remained a Valencia player.

Relax, let’s just wait and see how this develops, but going overboard based on nothing but hackism is playing right into the hands of the anti-arsenal movement who love to see our grand club in turmoil.

If you are a gooner… why would you help such a movement?

The overall standing of the club is of far greater importance than any player or manager, so knocking the club won’t help our cause.

The actual quotes coming out of Barcelona today, linked here,  offer a different, calmer view on the situation.

Cesc has never said anything other than he would love to go back home and play for his beloved Barca again, but he is still under contract for another 4 years.  We do not need to sell, and we certainly do not need to accept any derisory offers.

So bearing that in mind, lets go back to the original question… where do Barca now find the funds to buy Cesc?

You know who you are.

You are the one’s who moan and groan when a talentless side like Blackburn or Stoke come to the Emirates and park the bus, even City done it last weekend.

Check what you were posting on various blogs Saturday night!!

Yet, just a few days later, when a team full of both Attacking and Defensive superstars park the bus at Camp Nou… you all want to fall over yourselves in congratulating them and their repulsive manager.

Way before they had a man sent off they had decided to employ all their players in outright defensive positions, with only Diego Milito as an outlet to chance what he could do by himself on the break.

Possibly Eto’o was going to muster up some drive to help the Argentine, but the rest were happy with the bus driver at the other end.

Yes you can counter with “at least they won”… well the next time a pony side come and nick a bore draw against us after parking the bus for 90 minutes, you must applaud them for “not losing”


The portugeezer is the worst hypocrite of the lot… remember this little pearler from September 2004?

“As we say in Portugal, they brought the bus and they left the bus in front of the goal. I would have been frustrated if I had been a supporter who paid £50 to watch this game because Spurs came to defend. There was only one team looking to win, they only came not to concede – it’s not fair for the football we played.”

The true hypocrite is the one who ceases to perceive his or her deception … and continues to lie with sincerity!