Arsenal v Coventry Preview

September 25, 2012

The young guns along with the first teamers  who are not getting the requisite playing time take to the pitch in the newly named Capital One Cup tonight, and it should give us a huge insight into the next generation along with the strength in depth the first team have.  The game is not going to be broadcast anywhere live, so no streams will be available, which is fine by me as I’m through to the latter stages of an online poker tournament kicking off at the same time. 

If you are interested in a players rewards card click here  From the photos on the Arsenal site it appears Emi Martinez will keep goal with Yennaris and Santos full backs and Miquel and JD in the middle of defence.  The front 6 will be Coquelin, Ox, Arshavin, Gnabry, Giroud and Theo.  This is a shot in the dark really, but I would imagine that side is at least 75% correct.  Has a cracking balance to it.

Gnabry is the raved up young gun this season, so will be interested to see more of him, but I’m told by a friend who is a real avid and seasoned pro at watching our reserves/youths that the man who is the real next star coming through will be our Argentine between the sticks, Emi Martinez.  Apparently Argentina are ready to fast track him already into the national side.

Coventry will not provide much resistance, they are hopeless, and in dire form having been relegated from the Championship last season they have carried on where they left off last season.

In reality, Giroud will absolutely never get a better chance to score at least one goal… he should really look for a brace at the minimum as the defence he plays against will be pathetic.

All in all, a lowly cup when compared to the UCL, but a far more fascinating set of games than the opening group stages of the latter named European competition.

Piles Farmer you Clown

August 16, 2010

It was the feeble and not fit Arshavin that misused The Arsenal, not the other way around you fucking chavski cunt.

He played in midweek for the Russians and was appalling, appalling enough for the national press to ask for his Captaincy to be stripped off him.

Bet you didn’t know that did you? Wanker.

In Arshavin’s own words, prior to the Liverpool game, and following his dismal showing last Wednesday for Russia, he said the following…

“I am so worried about an injury I picked before the beginning of the season.

They haven’t even started to kick me yet – but my leg is already in pain. Working with the ball is painful.

I would not like a repetition of last season when one injury after another did not allow me to play to my full ability

As to what form I am in, let’s see against Liverpool. But judging by the match against Bulgaria, it is very bad.”

Now then, you fucking waste of space, how much of a dipstick do you feel?

My guess is that you being the degenerate gambler that you are ( the grocer is a fine deflection ), that you in fact placed a wager on the Reds of Liverpool, to take 3 points off the Reds from North London, and that fine upstanding gentleman Pepe Reina cost you money and gave you a right kick in the testicles.

You then decided to peddle out your usual racist, bigoted filth this morning.

What a total wanker you are.

I long for Chavski News Review.

Perfect Mashed Spuds

April 13, 2010

Making perfect mashed Spuds is not difficult, but it does require a few tricks of the trade.

Mash up

Choosing the right Spud:

Ledley King Edward – A nice variety, but awful when out of season.  Very easily mashable when not quite right… careful the Great Dane does not get at them in the garden.

Prepping and cooking the Spud:

Two hours on the Wembley marshes should have them primed to be put through a masher.

Mashing and Seasoning:

The best way to ensure smooth mashed spuds is to press them till they wilt and give in.


3 Points, thank you and goodnight.

Arsène Wenger has today confirmed Robin Van Persie is “doing very, very well”

Since having his ankle attacked by Italian thug, Giorgio Chiellini, Robin has spent much time in rehabilitation on his home soil.

Cesc was even quoted in recent weeks suggesting nobody at Arsenal has seen him since last year.

Fitness coach, Tony Colbert, has been in Holland this week to conduct fitness tests on RVP, the prognosis backed up by Wenger’s positive quotes.

“When he is ready to kick the ball again he will come back from his rehabilitation and it will still take three weeks.

If you add him coming back plus three weeks we will still be in May.”

Do the maths.

A flying Dutchman at Arsenal?

A fit, sharp and hungry Robin Van Persie could be just the impetus this team needs as they head towards the finishing line in both the Premiership and the Champions League.

Just to have him on the bench to give us 20, maybe 30 minutes, if needed, could make all the difference.

World-class players are not two a penny, as some pundits would have you believe.

RVP was in world-class form for us, scoring 8 goals in just 15 appearances this season, before being assaulted on a football field in Pescara, Italy.

The horse placenta magical cure bollocks that followed…was indeed just that.

Total bollocks.

It seems we finally have a settled core to our starting eleven.

The central, so-called spine, positions of the current team display all the requisite strengths one would assume necessary for a title-winning team.

In Thomas Vermalen we have found our warrior, our fighter, our defensive leader.

The previously much derided Alex Song has developed into a fine midfield enforcer, he has plenty of scope to develop his overall game yet further.

The elegant, skillful,  power packed play Abou Diaby brings to the table is essential to the way the team opens up defences.

Diaby will run the Arsenal midfield for years to come.

Nicklas Bendtner is still a very raw young footballer, all we ever seem to read or hear about is his ego, or his supreme confidence in his own abilities.

Those personal issues aside, the boy can  certainly become a world-class centre forward, under the careful tutelage of Le Boss.

Arsène Knows, So pay attention!

Wenger speaking after the Burnley home game, in which Bendtner missed many glaring chances, gave a very candid insight into the inner workings of the young Dane’s mind.

“He looks at why he missed the chances and gets it right in the next game. Nicklas is really improving at the moment. That was just an isolated game.

“In every competition you always have something to prove and show how good you are. He has a good mental strength and, even if he was disappointed with the chances he missed, it will not diminish his desire and confidence to going to the next game.”

High praise indeed, I rarely recall a player who has received such constant backing from Wenger.

The Frenchman clearly rates him incredibly highly.

Bendtner only turned 22 recently, he has now come out of the “much potential” age group, and is poised to step into the arena of consistent high-class performances, backed up with regular goals.

His overall link play impresses me the most, he is blessed with a fabulous first touch, has the vision to spread play intelligently, and can obviously stick the ball into the back of the onion bag.

His aerial presence has done wonders for the team since his return from injury, the losses against the Manure and Chavski were much to do with giving up easy possession in the final third, as the ball just bounced back off 4ft 11 Arshavin.

I would dearly love to play Manure again this season, I’m keen to have us paired in the Champions League draw this coming Friday morning.

The defeat at Old Trafford was bad luck, we played a wonderful game for large parts that day, had that early 2nd half effort by Van Persie crept in, we could have gone on to spank the mancs something rotten.

Yes, I know, coulda, woulda, shoulda… but, we woulda!

The previously mentioned defeats to Manure and Chavski, at the Emirates, were spineless, not literally.

Our backbone is now nicely intact.

So, Platini, Blatter, UEFA, Far Eastern underground gambling gangsters, the KGB, Paul Daniels, Zippy from Rainbow, Orville the duck … whoever fixes the bleeding draw…

deliver us the Mancs if you please.

All stoked up now?

February 27, 2010

I begin writing this blog following a pulsating game of football that has just taken place at the Bridge.

Stamford Bridge that is, there was certainly no pun intended there.

Scumbag Sinners 2 Minted FC 4 was the full time scoreline.

With mates like this...

How much more encouragement does our team and our fans now require ahead of the crucial fixture later today at the Brittania Stadium.

Life has a funny way of knocking you off a lofty perch just when you least expect it.

The bad karma that now encircles the venomous club that is Chelski, has well and truly kicked in.  They are finished!

Every team has a life span, and the number of 30+ stars playing for the devils in blue first team is in the majortiy.

Enough of them, if we are to truly take advantage, we need ALL 3 points today, a draw will not do in my view.

We need to put pressure on the other two sides chasing for the title, today is the day to stoke it right up.

Today is the day we reveal our maturity as a team.

Cometh the hour Cometh the man

We are blessed with a manager who has successfully led the light brigade to victory at the business end of the Premiership race… 3 times!

A victory, displaying our usual swagger and panache, over Stoke today will be the spark that ignites our charge.

Our Young Guns have to go for it from the get go today, no more excuses, grasp the opportunity… they have more than an adequate amount of experience now.

Let’s not sit back and wait for Delap to get a throw-in… let’s try and butcher this mob with our unique brand of intelligent, attacking football.

The world and their dog will be talking about our title charge tommorow.

I believe… do you?

Chelski won’t beat us!

February 6, 2010

Having watched the Manure game again, in a calmer state of mind than on Sunday, what is patently clear is the fact more than half our team were not fully fit… physically or mentally!

Almunia – The man is broken, he looks gaunt and displays weak concentration.

Sagna – Not living up to his debut season.

Clichy – 2nd best left back at the club, understandably not 100% match fit after some time out.

Gallas – Solid as a rock, having his best Arsenal season by some stretch.  Was the only player who performed against the mancs.

Vermaelen – From breaking a leg on Wednesday night, to playing against Manure on Sunday afternoon… the man really is the Verminator.  In all seriousness, the fella was not 100% fit… watch the game again, he lacked energy and his positioning was very off.

Song – Having just played a very demanding African Nations tournament, including going 120 minutes days before the game, a full 7 days rest prior to the Chelski game will do him the world of good.  He is the key man this weekend.

Cesc – Tried, cannot fault the man’s effort, but football is about eleven men pulling together.

Denilson – No way can he be fit, his stamina laden midfield displays following Cesc’s injury last season are feeling like a long, long time ago. He needs resting.

Nasri – Lazy performance, not a winger for me.  Far more effective for the team coming from deep as opposed to playing right up the pitch with his back to goal. Again, only back from an injury so maybe not 100% fit (recurring theme?)

Arshavin – Played well, was selfish.. but that is what a good striker is? right? if he was asked to play CF.. his game is to score goals.  Shooting boots were not on, but he made good runs and opened space for himself a few times.  Crying shame one of the earlier efforts did not clip the inside of the far post and rustle in the onion bag.

Rosicky – Gets stuck in a lot more these days, flung himself around, huffed and puffed to no avail sadly.

So on to the game on Sunday afternoon, can’t be bothered writing about the Terry et al scandal, suffice to say, I think it will affect the morale in the Chelski team… more revelations are due in the Sunday papers.

Bottom line, lets move on from the match last weekend, a fully rested, fully match fit starting eleven will not lose to this Chelski side tommorow afternoon.

Essien is a huge miss for them, especially against us with our movement and creativity from the middle of the park.

They will suffer without him, we shall make hay in his absence.

Btw – Thank you all the Gooners… good, bad and ugly… who have sent me emails voicing their personal opinions about my blog content.  I fully appreciate some of you won’t have a similar line of thought about the club and manager, all opinions are welcome nonetheless.

Impact Players

February 3, 2009

Interesting quotes assigned to Le Boss following the completion of the long drawn out Andrei Arshavin saga, according to Sky Sports, Wenger states Arshavin is an impact player who can change the direction of a game.

“Andrei Arshavin is a player I have admired for a long time” said the Arsenal manager.

“He is a versatile player with great experience, who will add real quality to our squad.”

Arsenals new No 23

Arsenal's new No 23

The player himself openly suggests his fitness is not quite in line with the levels required to play any form of professional football, let alone the rigours of the Premiership.  He said: “I must be ready by Friday or Saturday, but I am not fit now. It will be decided by Arsene (Wenger) if I can play or not.”

Considering Wenger has very rarely started any new signing off the bat, it would seem most likely Arshavin is given a role benchwarming down the Lane on Sunday, with the hope he will not be needed at any juncture.

I also hope we don’t see him get any minutes, for that could only suggest a match going in exactly the right direction for the Arsenal.

Although a cameo off the bench, in the mould of Reyes against Chelski in the FA Cup back in Feb 2004, would certainly be a massive confidence booster for the player and his new teammates.

Has been almost 6 years to the day since Jose Antonio Reyes came off the bench in the aforementioned game and gave Gooners around the globe that crazy feeling that can be best described as YEEEEESSSSSSSSSS, what a player we’ve got on our hands !!

Here’s hoping that feeling is reverberating around Gooners again very soon.  Sunday lunchtime would not be the worst time to get that funky feeling again.

If I’m not mistaken, our young Spaniard scored his superb double, off the bench,  against a certain Mr Cudicini in the Chelski goal that beautiful Sunday afternoon.  I’m all for good omens.