All football fans, across the planet, love a player in their team who does nothing but terrorise the opposition, literally bully the life out them.

Harass the opponent, chase him down, force a mistake… and if all else fails, smash him to the ground.

In  18-year-old Frimpong, we have a cast iron certainty of a future fans favourite, the kid is 100% assured to be the dominant midfielder in our team for years to come.

Unless Wenger reverts to the now fashionable 4-2-3-1 formation, which deploys two defensive midfielders, I can only see a future for Alex Song at centre back, as this kid is 100% shit hot and will be certain for the first eleven before the new season is out.

If you could computer generate an ideal defensive midfielder, you would want him to be a complete human pit bull, squat, fast, hard as nails, fearless, tough  tackling, endless stamina, never say die attitude, get the ball back for your team or worst case rip the opponents ankle to shreds… well you would in fact be creating Emmanuel Frimpong.

He has been on Arsenal’s books since 2003, joining up at the tender age of 11, born and raised in Ghana, where he spent the first 9 years of his life, then subsequently placed behind enemy lines in North London… Tottenham.

Frimpong went on to captain the England u18s, having played at most youth levels for this country, unfortunately for his adopted country, he decided in early 2010 that he would now not accept any more call ups for England, instead focusing on an international career with his motherland, Ghana.

Fair play, and as the lad says “I respect what this country has done for me and my family, but I am Ghanaian”

Respect to the roots!

The lad also appears to have his head firmly screwed on, work ethic is certainly in those roots..

“Obviously in the last couple of years Alex has showed everyone what he can do. He went on loan to Charlton and came back stronger. Everyone wondered if he would be a good player for Arsenal, whether he would establish himself in the first team, and I think he has proved that. He is playing really well at the moment. That’s what I want to be doing in a few years”

Alex now needs to step it up, otherwise his young African buddy will surpass him.

Maybe the unit of Song and Frimpong bulldozing in front of the back four, with super attacking full-backs overlapping down either flank, might be the way forward?

An impressive pre-season to date, should be capped this coming weekend with some eye-catching displays during the Emirates Cup.

Aside from the defensive side to his impressive game, EP has the innate ability to pick the pass, at the right time, coupled with a raking right foot, that has produced some stunning free kicks and goals for the youths over the past 3 seasons.  A quick tube search will reveal plenty.

He quite simply is the ideal break up and simple pass it away man this team needs, I have nothing against Song, who performs an admirable role in the team, more of a shield to the defence rather than a Sword against the opposition, as Frimpong could be.

I rather hope he gets a real run this weekend, against better opposition than he has been seen against in recent weeks, as I fully expect him to forge on with his good form, and provide Wenger with a real poser for the coming season.

At 18, he is ready, physically for sure, mentally he seems to have all the right attributes which have been built up following a tough time out in Ghana.

I struggle to find any real negatives with him, aside from the obvious lack of experience, but forget that, it really is true, in that… if you are good enough you are certainly old enough.

Off the field he seems to enjoy a strong relationship with  Song and Eboue, both good influences.

A midfield of  Frimpong and Wilshere is surely just around the corner?

The man behind the media drive (couldn’t resist) to get our Captain shipped over to Catalonia, has finally retreated this afternoon.

He has actually had a mini breakdown RE:Twitter and the abuse he has taken off Gooners since his Cesc to Barca quotes last month.

“Courtesy of Twitter, I`ve been getting more abuse from the Twitter twats and toddlers because I`ve been reporting on Barcelona’s strategy for recruiting Cesc Fabregas.

Apparently, because I`m Spanish, I`m doing my bit for the Catalan club of which I must surely be a fan: because I`m from Barcelona. You couldn`t be more wrong. Is every Londoner and Arsenal fan?”

His rant did not finish there…..

But when I report that candidates for the Barcelona presidency have a strategy for signing Cesc Fabregas, apparently I`m single handedly masterminding the downfall of Arsene Wenger.

I shall Tweet no more, other than to link to an article in full. The internet has become a mine of mis-information and unless you read it here, or in an article with my name on the by-line, then the next time you read in a forum or a blog that ‘
Balague says….’ – you can take it with a pinch of salt.

All the best, Guillem… bet we don’t see you at the Emirates next season.

That’s the basis to some of the vitriol being spouted by Goons in Blog world tonight.

A gut wrenching defeat to St Helens has been pushed onto young Fabianski by a lot of our fans.


Forget his blunder in Oporto, or his hiccup at Wigan… go on try… and if you can manage to shift that hatred out of your mind’s eye, tell me how the {swear word alert} he was not obstructed by Jason Roberts for the first goal and had Big Sol knock him off balance after being fouled himself by Fatty Dunn?

If it’s not disgraceful enough that these blatant, blatant fouls were not punished by the frankly appalling Atkinson, salt is being rubbed into the wounds by our very own fans who choose instead to blame the Pole

Overall, Fabianski had a solid game, with a proper referee in charge, he would have certainly of kept a clean sheet.  Those northern winkers employed one tactic, and it was not a football tactic.

Fouling is outlawed in this game… right?  Tell me, I am right am I not?

There were other players in the team tonight that failed us far more than the keeper.

Theo was totally ineffective, as was Nasri, and Diaby is just not cut out to be a Defensive Midfielder, he has to be deployed in a more attacking central midfield role in order that best is seen from him.

Take a deep breath gooners, the boss is not a fool, and he finally has the money to adjust our shortcomings in certain areas of the team.

I have said it before, and I will say it again, the players have let him down… not the other way around.

What is a man supposed to do if a player shows talent in training and then suddenly hides on the field of competitive play?

Stop the hate, begin the collective coming together in backing the changes Wenger will certainly make this summer.

The most intriguing summer of transfer activity in the history of the club.

You know who you are.

You are the one’s who moan and groan when a talentless side like Blackburn or Stoke come to the Emirates and park the bus, even City done it last weekend.

Check what you were posting on various blogs Saturday night!!

Yet, just a few days later, when a team full of both Attacking and Defensive superstars park the bus at Camp Nou… you all want to fall over yourselves in congratulating them and their repulsive manager.

Way before they had a man sent off they had decided to employ all their players in outright defensive positions, with only Diego Milito as an outlet to chance what he could do by himself on the break.

Possibly Eto’o was going to muster up some drive to help the Argentine, but the rest were happy with the bus driver at the other end.

Yes you can counter with “at least they won”… well the next time a pony side come and nick a bore draw against us after parking the bus for 90 minutes, you must applaud them for “not losing”


The portugeezer is the worst hypocrite of the lot… remember this little pearler from September 2004?

“As we say in Portugal, they brought the bus and they left the bus in front of the goal. I would have been frustrated if I had been a supporter who paid £50 to watch this game because Spurs came to defend. There was only one team looking to win, they only came not to concede – it’s not fair for the football we played.”

The true hypocrite is the one who ceases to perceive his or her deception … and continues to lie with sincerity!

Mourinho lying again

April 28, 2010

I can’t wait for the game tonight, nothing beats two top teams playing a game of high stakes football to the death.

Playing for a place in the Champions League final is about as high a level of competitive club football as you could get, final aside of course.

Inter will take a 3-1 first leg lead to the home of the Catalans… beautifully poised.

Mourinho has confirmed to the press Ductchman Wesley Sneijder will overcome injury fears “and definitely play” he went on to state “we will see after 90 minutes if he was fit enough to play”

Bollocks, I think he is telling porkies, again,  and trying to alter the tactics Guardiola deploys this evening, Sneijder will be a sub at best.

The position Sneijder takes up in the Inter formation causes opposition teams much danger, he has to be catered for…

Is Guardiola clever enough to not fall for Jose’s bullshit?

Inter will defend for there lives, if they brought a 2-1 lead, they would still need another goal, the elusive away goal, but with a 2 goal advantage, and the defensive monsters they possess, they will play 3 defensive midfielders and squeeze the life out of Barca’s game.

They are planning to allow one goal against them at best over 90 minutes, which will seem them scrape over the line.

Naturally, with the pace of Eto’o and Milito on the break, they will have the chance to bury the game with an away goal, but you will not see a cavalry charge from Inter when they do attack.

You play any kind of open game with Barcelona at the Camp Nou, and you get busted, good and proper.

I can only think of one team with the gonads to do that… maybe our balls were bigger than our brains?

Inter will get a chance for the away goal, Barca will charge at them relentlessly, and a 3-1 reverse which leads to extra time is not out of the question.

Impossible to pick a winner, just sit back and enjoy the fun with a cold beverage or three!

The annual Q&A Wenger has with the supporters at the end of the season has been postponed till August this year.

Although Ivan Gazidis will be fronting a Q&A with the Arsenal Supporters Trust, to be held at the Emirates next month.

Last year, the now infamous session hosted by Bob Wilson descended into a little chaos with certain sections of the crowd displaying their frustrations a little too over zealously.

First to face the inferior goons

So what does this shift from May till August tell us about Arsène’s intentions this coming summer?

Well it tells me he has a firm idea that he will have bought in some big money players before his Q&A.

The following quotes from Wenger, given in last weekends programme notes ahead of the City game may also tell us his spending will come to an end by June 11th.

“What I can say is that the World Cup will not affect our recruitment, unless there is an exception that nobody could foretell.

“In my view it is dangerous to buy on the back of a World Cup – for one thing the prices afterwards are always artificial, and for another you have to bear in mind that anyone can have three weeks of glory on a football field.

“All told, I believe that the earlier you settle your teams for the next season, the better it is and the less anxiety you have.”

Let’s be honest, most fans are not smart enough to judge true growth of a club, all they really want to see is some money splashed out on a plethora of new signings.

I feel Wenger has no tolerance for these type of inferior fans, as I also don’t, and would prefer to answer a few more intelligently presented questions this year.

With 30-40M spent before he faces the fans in August… he will certainly find a different slant to the questions posed!

Ninety-minutes on that disgusting pitch should have sapped plenty of energy out of the Chavs from West London.

The Russian gangster’s club side face Jack Wilshere’s Wanderers of Bolton on Tuesday evening at the Bridge, I don’t really expect much from Bolton, although they did beat West Ham on their last trip to the Capital.

Bolton have a poor away record on the whole,  if Chavski are feeling leggy after the Cup Semi, we may see a chance of dropped points.

Very slim chance, but the hope is most certainly there.

Tottering Trotspurs take on Pompey this afternoon in the 2nd Semi, pray for a draw, extra time, injuries, and plenty of broken hearts.

Hopefully the pitch has cut up a lot more since the first Semi, the size and nature of the pitch certainly leaves a mark on any players who have played a full game in the past.

One hundred and twenty minutes will finish off any players for a good week.

Recovery for our game on Wednesday evening would be pushing it, and make no mistake about it, the spuds game is our only proper remaining game of the season.

We win in midweek… we win the title.

United are done, and only a point in front of us, they won’t beat City at Eastlands, not a chance.

Chavs could easily win all 3 remaining homes games, but the two away days at Spuds and Liverpool should give us much hope.

Only five wins out of five will land us the title, a draw will just not cut it on Wednesday night.

The spuds have a pretty good home record this season, a full week of rest for our lads, coupled with a taxing game on Wembley marshes for them, and we get the edge we need to ram raid 3 hugely valuable points.

This will be the most important North London derby for quite a while, history is on our side.

Back in May 1971, Arsenal went to the Lane knowing a score draw would not be good enough for our title chances, Ray Kennedy and co made sure 3 points were the order of the day.

Arsenal, as we all know, went on to lift the league and cup double.

In April 2010, Nicklas Bendtner and co need to make sure the same outcome is forthcoming.

The secret squirrels on the Wembley marshes should get the momentum moving in our favour today.

A day of Messi caking the written and spoken media is bad enough, we have had an entire fortnight of it.

For crying out loud, yes he is bloody brilliant, yes he is certainly the best player on the planet, and yes I hope they beat Real tonight in the eagerly awaited El Gran Clasico at the Bernabeu.

But enough is enough.

Akin to the import Barcelona made from Argentina, circa 2000, Arsenal are due shipment of their very own special consignment from South America in under 9 months time.

For those of you who are still to see the incredible skills being displayed by Wellington Silva, check the Vodpod down the right hand side of the page.

He is ours, we acquired his rights earlier this year for a very cheap price as he had yet to break into the Fluminense first team.

Since then, the 17 year old has broken through to the first team and is literally tearing it up.

Under FIFA rules, no South American player can come over to the Premiership until he turns 18.

Arsenal paid an installment of the reported 3.5M transfer fee in January of this year, and will pay the balance on his arrival early next year.

AC Milan paid over 20M for a young Alexandre Pato two years ago, as he was already first team for his then Brazilian club side, Internacional.

Wenger has pulled out another frugal transfer masterstroke, as anybody looking to prise the young Brazilian away this summer would have been looking at a bill in excess of 20M.

Silva is a tricky winger-come striker, who loves to show off his dribbling skills, he is blessed with blistering acceleration, and has a very aggressive, confident slant to his play.

I for one cannot wait for his arrival, we cannot be sure he will be a success over here, but we can be sure he is super talented.

Quite possibly the most talented youngster Wenger has ever signed.

We shall be keeping a close eye on his progress in the Brazilian league over the coming months.

Between 1999 and 2005, they won zip, sod all, not a sausage, not a tin pot in sight.

They had a wonderful youth set-up, the fabled La Masia, producing some potentially great young kids.

Real Madrid, during those lean years for the club from Catalonia, were well under way with the Galacticos project.

Florentino Perez, the President of Real at the time, planned on spending whatever it took to prise away the best players on the planet, with one new Galactico landing in Madrid every summer.

The master plan was to buy titles at any cost.

Luis Figo, Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldo the Original, and David Beckam were duly signed between 2000 and 2003.

The policy worked to some extent, they won a couple of league titles and even scraped a Champions League.

Barcelona, in contrast, and in the background, were planning for the longer term.

I’m sure during those years without any trophies many of their fans lost faith in the project… ring any bells?

The Arsenal world has seen to full effect the culmination in the Barca youth project in recent weeks.

Youngsters such as Xavi Hernandez, Andreas Iniesta, and Lionel Messi were coming through the ranks and beginning to make first team appearances, but some of the Barca faithful did not believe in them.

They wanted the Directors of the club to spend big money like Real were.

I think you all know where I am going with this one.

Chill out, stop reading the trash goon blogs that brainwash you into believing we need 2 goalies, 4 centre backs, 3 wingers and a budgie.

Patience is an extreme virtue when supporting The Arsenal, we knew that building the stadium would limit our spending for a few years, this is something that many now pretend was somehow hidden from them.

Yes the long-term ideology was that extra revenue from bigger gates would help finance big money transfers, but it’s not even been 4 years since we moved into our new home.

We are getting there though.

Huge reductions in the debt, constant Champions League participation, challenges for the League title, semi-finals galore… ok no silverware, yet, but we have not fallen by the wayside.

Just stop and think about what the club has achieved in such a small space of time.

We are now a genuine Super Club, with Super Club resources.

Wenger will never be a manager to go and spend 100M on 3 players in one summer… but I think the time is now here for him to go whack 25 large on one player if he knows he is right for the team.

Following the crushing 2nd leg defeat in Spain to Barcelona, Wenger made the following comments..

“We are at a stage where we develop the players. Today in midfield we had Walcott who is 21, Bendtner up front who is 22, Nasri, Diaby and Denilson are 23, 22.” he said.

“I think they have shown some great qualities and will be stronger every year. We have to add something that is for sure but we have some time to think about that.”

He may surprise many this coming summer.

Keep the faith.