This is how I feel on this crisp, sunny, yet cold Sunday morning in London Town.

Not.. Can Arsenal beat City.

Our midfield today will be comprised of a Steely Cameroonian hitman, accompanied by the elegant rangey skills and power of a Parisian box-to-box man and the trio are completed with a touch of Spanish genius to bring it all together.

In Song, Diaby and Cesc, we have a perfectly balanced midfield trio.

City won’t be deploying a midfield that is anywhere near as balanced, of that I am very sure.

Yaya Toure, De Bully, and Barry are certainly not balanced, mentally…anyway!

We won’t miss Jack in this one, I love him more than you do… but this game away to City is not the game for Cesc and Jack to play that midfield.

Diaby and Song HAVE to be both on form today, no lapses in concentration, 100% determined, intelligent work rate at a clinical level is required to beat City.

Cesc can be at 60% and will still roam around as the best player on the park.

The Holy Trinity for Arsenal today is the aforementioned midfield duo along with Chamakh, his role in bringing Cesc and the wide men into the box for pops at the City goalie, Hart, will be the key to winning this game.

We are going up to that war zone for 3 points, not 1.

Will a draw do you ask?

I will tell you at 7pm

You see, one cannot say “we would have taken a draw this morning”…. that is crap, we don’t know this morning how the game will play out.

If we get butchered for 90 minutes and escape with a 0-0… yup i’ll take it.. with glee… however, if we do what we usually do, and are more than capable of doing, and butcher them for 90 mins, then a draw will not do.

They are serious contenders for sure, and will certainly provide us with the toughest games in Manchester this season and for a few seasons to come… don’t listen to the nonsense coming from the Red end of mancland… they are skintus maximus!

My prediction?

A proper rumble in the manc jungle, this game will be high, high intensity, fought by 22 men for 90 hardcore minutes.

Buckle up, and settle in for a barnstormer that we may just nick 3-2.

Mourinho lying again

April 28, 2010

I can’t wait for the game tonight, nothing beats two top teams playing a game of high stakes football to the death.

Playing for a place in the Champions League final is about as high a level of competitive club football as you could get, final aside of course.

Inter will take a 3-1 first leg lead to the home of the Catalans… beautifully poised.

Mourinho has confirmed to the press Ductchman Wesley Sneijder will overcome injury fears “and definitely play” he went on to state “we will see after 90 minutes if he was fit enough to play”

Bollocks, I think he is telling porkies, again,  and trying to alter the tactics Guardiola deploys this evening, Sneijder will be a sub at best.

The position Sneijder takes up in the Inter formation causes opposition teams much danger, he has to be catered for…

Is Guardiola clever enough to not fall for Jose’s bullshit?

Inter will defend for there lives, if they brought a 2-1 lead, they would still need another goal, the elusive away goal, but with a 2 goal advantage, and the defensive monsters they possess, they will play 3 defensive midfielders and squeeze the life out of Barca’s game.

They are planning to allow one goal against them at best over 90 minutes, which will seem them scrape over the line.

Naturally, with the pace of Eto’o and Milito on the break, they will have the chance to bury the game with an away goal, but you will not see a cavalry charge from Inter when they do attack.

You play any kind of open game with Barcelona at the Camp Nou, and you get busted, good and proper.

I can only think of one team with the gonads to do that… maybe our balls were bigger than our brains?

Inter will get a chance for the away goal, Barca will charge at them relentlessly, and a 3-1 reverse which leads to extra time is not out of the question.

Impossible to pick a winner, just sit back and enjoy the fun with a cold beverage or three!

An afternoon that will leave many a Gooner spitting fire with regards to the antics of our least favourite Ivorian, namely Emmanuel Eboue.

Strangely enough, up until his daft sending off, the young African was having a decent game for his standards and even had a perfectly legitimate goal ruled out for an alleged foul on Woodgate.

He aint pretty and he will not be starting many games down the Arsenal right hand side of midfield again, thankfully Arshavin will be deployed there.

He will serve a one match ban, hopefully there will be some kind of F.A action and they increase the ban to 5 matches.

Say hello to my little friend

"Say hello to my little friend"

Emmanuel Badebayor now faces the real prospect of playing second fiddle to either Nik Bendter or the quite brilliant sharp-shooter, Eduardo da Silva.

Prior to going off injured, he was woeful beyond belief.  He won zilch in the air, and continued to display his pathetic attempts to trap a football.   One of the basic, most essential skills required when leading the line for a top European football club.

Wenger certainly made a mistake in believing this chap would ever have another season like the freak one that occurred during 2007/2008.  Coincidentally, a season in which he scored 25% of his season’s tally of league goals against the worst top flight defence in many a year, take a bow Derby County Football Club.

A right pair

A right pair

OK, lets step away from the Bad and the Ugly and focus more intently on the Good, because there was plenty of good to be taken away from the lane this afternoon.  To play as we did, with 10 men for the majority of the game, away to the old enemy was most inspiring.

Anybody else get the feeling that Captain Kolo and Billy G are getting back into the same groove that helped take us top of the table last season?

The defense was immense, apart from a lapse from Kolo late on to allow the walking disaster, Roman Pavlyuchenko, a strike at goal.  I believe he hit a Spuddie in Row Z with the ahem “shot on goal”.

Almunia was very solid, and capped his display with an awesome save in the dying seconds of the match.  The Spaniard has definately got a lot more solid as the season has progressed, I particulalry like the manner in which he will marshall the defense in front of him.

Alex Song is never going to be Patrick Viera or Reno Gattuso, but he can do a job protecting our defence and giving simple balls to the more creative midfielders in the side.  He was poor at times today, giving the ball away too easily, but on the same hand he showed glimpses of what he could do.

He battled well and can only get better following a decent run of games, there is no doubting his height and ability to defend the high ball from set pieces is a major plus if Djourou is not in the side.

Give him a chance fellow Gooners.   He has only recently turned 21, and has plenty of scope for developing his game, there is every chance he can become our midfield enforcer. Like any player he needs to build up his confidence, being booed by his own fans certainly won’t have the desired effect.

We have slipped further behind the Villa, but have closed the gap on the faltering Chelski following our valiant draw today.  There is a long way to go, Villa have a UEFA cup campaign on the boil and have yet to really get any prolonged, consistent injuries or ANY poor refereeing decisions go against them…. but they will.  It’s the law.

Mark my words.