No need for a long winded intro…. read it and weep plastics!

‘It is not a worry to the board that we haven’t won a trophy since 2005. It would be lovely to win but it’s not that easy.

‘We’re very ambitious and want to win but, if you don’t have billions of petro-dollars to throw around, you’re going to have to do it some other way. That’s what we’re trying to do — with skillful selection of players.’

‘I don’t think Stan Kroenke is going to put the sort of dollars in that Abramovich or Sheikh Mansour are putting into Chelsea or Manchester City. That’s not the way he thinks clubs should be run.’Luckily, Arsene understands that. He got an economics degree from Strasbourg University so he’s certainly no fool. He knows how a club should be run. That annoys a lot of people but clubs have to be sustainable. We’re not going to go bankrupt in the way one or two other well known clubs have.’What those fans shouted did not influence me one little bit. I was disgusted to hear them because Arsene’s been absolutely outstanding. He is still outstanding,’ he concluded.

Take the proverbial out of the old Chairman as much as you like, but his words above are 100% on the mark.

Well they probably won’t win the title this season, as City will romp it by at least 5 points this time around… but backing 14s on Betfair will definitely give you the chance to lay off at much lower prices for a freebie or a all green book.

Paddy Power offer 33/1 for Cazorla to be PFA Player of the Season.

Today I am mostly on the 2 goals or more scored in every EPL game at odds of 7.2 on Betfair… astonishing price as opening days of the season are always full of open play and plenty of goals.

First trip of the season to the Home of Football for me today (obviously being the first game duhh) and more excited than a 5 year old on Xmas Eve…  whether you are also going, watching on a stream somewhere on planet earth or a dodgy pub with some kind of Turkish Satellite system…

You have never had any intention of signing a new contract with the club that supported you through numerous injury ravaged seasons.

You in fact agreed a deal with City around the time you missed a sitter against Milan from 2 yards out, a goal that would have taken us into the Quarter finals of the Champions League.

You and your family have mugged us off for months with your lies.

You will be a City player by 1st September.

You have conned Arsenal out of a decent transfer fee by outing your decision so publicly.

You are aware that Arsenal wanted to hold out for circa 30M, now we will be lucky to get 50% of that.

You know full well we have no intention of losing a player on a free.

You Sir are Scum.

So the wait and anticipation is over and Day 1 of the best international football tournament going is here. 

From the get go we have gloriously competitive football with Russia v Czech Republic – Arshavin v Rosicky for Gooners.

I’m going to punt this tournament and I’m going to show you how I will make a profit by 1st July by detailing my bets.  Sports Betting is a massive market across the planet now with football fans in particular accounting for a very large share of the ever increasing market and for good reason.

Using sensible judgement aligned with knowledge of European football can be a serious weapon in your betting arsenal…. but leave the emotion out of it.

The opening game does not really do it for me as spectacle, Poland and Greece will both be looking to keep it tight with an enormous viewing audience looking in.

Bet 1 Back HT 0-0 Poland v Greece @ 6/4 (4 points stake)

The evening game will see Russia tackle the Czechs and I think their open expansive game will be way too much for Rosicky’s team, and in particular I see Kerzhakov as a very in form striker to take advantage not just in this match but also throughout the tournament.

Bet 2 Kerzhakov Top Euro 2012 goalscorer e/w @ 40/1 (4 points stake)

Bet 3 Over 2.5 goals Russia v Czech R @ 15/8 (2 points stake)

Check out ESPN for some cracking stat attacks on games and players.

I will blog throughout the tournament and be true to my opening words.





RVP is in big trouble

May 26, 2012

Before I tell you why let me say this;

I love RVP, and I concur with Wenger in that he is the best captain at the club since Paddy, and like all Gooners I sincerely hope he signs up for another 4 years with us.  If he decides he wants away, that is his prerogative and as disappointed as I will be  I will wish him well  as the situation is nothing like that of Cesc’s or Nasri’s from last Summer.

Ok that bit out of the way, now why is RVP is big trouble?  History says so, that is why!

Enough already of the crypticism – This was the first season since RVP was a teenager in Holland that he has played an entire season without injury, 40 odd games on he is now going to play in a major Summer tournament with the men in Orange?

International tournament football is hardcore, there is no messing about taking it easy, his body will be tested to the extreme, and his injury record whilst playing in minor friendlies for the Dutch tells me he is a nutter for going into the Euros not having signed a contract to sew up his remaining 4 or 5 years in his footballing career.

He does not need a good tournament to show how good he is in order he can bargain up his wages, everybody can see already after the season he has had with us.  So why is he being advised to maybe risk major injury with just one year left on his contract?

If he does indeed get injured, many on Twitter (@onearsenewenger) have told me that would be good news for us as he would be left no alternative but to sign for us… really?  Why would this club risk a £30M contract on a player that may never play again to his max potential?  He is 30 next year, not 23 with years ahead of him.

Injuries at 23, 24 can still have time ahead to correct themselves, as we have seen with RVP himself, but injuries heading into the 30’s is a whole new ball game.

On a side note – Diaby is still only 25/26… he has time, and you people that knock him might just be made to look very silly soon!

Yes I don’t post as much anymore, and I have told you why in the past, Arsenal blogging is a boring world these days, every Tom, Dick and Abdul is a blogger and I prefer the medium of Twitter, real-time views, real-time emotions!!

My tip for the Euros?  France at a juicy 14/1 with Benzema top tournament goalscorer… he will be the star of Euro 2012.


This is one to savour Gooners.

Sit back and enjoy.


There was a cracking read to be had in the Sports section of Easter Sunday’s Times…. Jonathon Northcroft got an exclusive interview with our midfield maestro, Mikel Arteta, and I thought I would give you people some of the more juicy quotes from said interview… as it would be behind a paywall online.

Aged 15-18, Mikel served as an understudy to Guardiola who was the main man in the Barca side at the time.  Our boy stated that Pep “was limited physically, could not defend, could not score goals, could not cover ground… but he played the “pivote” role like nobody ever has or ever will, including Xavi”

He went on to speak about what Guardiola told him about playing in the “pivote” role…. ” Mikel, you have to be happy when other people in the team are playing well around you, it means you have made them better, don’t try and find happiness in your own moments”

Arteta goes on to speak about learning to play that role he learned as a kid at La Masia but had subsequently forgotten when at PSG, Rangers and Everton… only at Arsenal has he been asked to serve his proper role.

He was deployed in a more offensive central position elsewhere.

Speaking of Alex Song he says ” Alex has the talent to play further forward, and with me helping out defensively, he has the license and I am happy to cover for him”

How can you not love this guy?

Here is my thinking:

1. Harry is battered and bruised after the court case, just look at the interview this morning outside his home in Dorset.  Think all the media pressure and the cushy job at Spuds, no doubt a massive pay rise and more money for players to come from Levy will mean… thanks but no thanks.

2. That only leaves one other contender.

3. Jose has openly stated in the past that he would love to manage England.

4. He loves this country more than Portugal – the passion for the game we have took him by surprise during the Chav years.

5. He could walk into the job this summer…. and win the Euros, evening making the semis and become not only a chelski living legend, but a national hero – his ego deserves this!

6. He is leaving Real and wants United job next – but Fergie just won’t kick the bucket… 2 more years.

7. How would Jose’s ego cope with being the main man in English football?

8. Would he love going around every English stadium as the special one? not just a manager of a specific club? err YES

9. Coming to my way of thinking yet?

10. 10/1 Ladbrokes

You know it makes sense, Rodney.

I was not happy after Villa – Why?  Cos minus 2 penalties and a fluke goal, we played average at best.  We rarely created any real goalscoring opportunities from open play.  I am never over enthused with Arsenal when we don’t actually play Wengerball.

When we get those slick passing triangles going, opening up a host of chances… I am at least assured that we can rip apart a team, any team,  if RVP is on a going day and Theo has his confidence up.

Last night was not a going day for Robin, he created a wonderful chance for himself, early in the game, on the edge of the Bolton D, on his treasured left peg… but ballooned it well over.

Theo got a great one on one via a lovely incisive pass from The OX – he hit the target, he played to nutmeg the goalie.. goalie done very well.

OX is everything, and more, that we had hoped of him, he has that fearless quality that can kill a side on its own.  When you have a player like that, you have to be positive.  He could achieve all manner of things this month.  A winner at the San Siro?  A double at Anfield?  Why not?  Tell me… why not?

You can’t!

Anyway, my little blog is 3 years old today and it has achieved everything I had hoped it would…..a completely cataloged take on my honest views of the club during these turbulent years.

I had not envisaged no trophies in these years, but c’est la vie.  What can you do?

I still totally Trust in Wenger (and give it till May and you will too)

Toodle pip.

Yup – he has suffered another stress fracture… to the same BLEEPING ankle!!

This news has only just broken in the last few minutes, and I’m sure there will be plenty more to follow throughout the day.

Don’t blame me…. just the messenger.

I can see where this is going to go now, if we suffer a poor result tonight at the Reebok it’s going to be Wenger’s fault for not buying a player to cover for Jack.

My ears are blocked in advance – of course we could go up there and batter Bolton.

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