Juan Mata is expected to be a guest of Arsenal at this weekend’s Emirates Cup and will complete his transfer to the club subject to a medical – so says Mr Phillipe Auclair.

Now that is a man to pay attention to when he speaks transfers and Arsenal.

The fee is in the region of 15M Euros up front with add ons taking it to a new Arsenal Transfer record in excess of 20M Euros.

Not much more to say apart from GTFI.

I was not present at the weekly Wenger press conference yesterday morning in the media room at the Emirates –  but with so many websites posting up the video of it, I did not need to be.

The noise from the pond life scum, otherwise known as the British Press, this weekend will no doubt be a negative one towards our transfer policy, based purely on the fact Wenger stated he believes in his current crop of players.

Of course it would have been far more sensible of the manager to simply state he wanted to buy 5 players and was ready to move heaven and earth for them….. right?

Well, he did say the following…

“The club are in a very healthy financial position and if needed we can make a big transfer”

I find that one line of dialect fascinating, for two reasons; firstly why are none of the press reporting it?  and secondly why did Wenger emphasise “big”?

For me this summer will be the natural progression to what has been the rhetoric over the past few summer’s… namely Wenger stating he will only buy “top, top, top class”

We clearly have the money now, and this is the first time Wenger has firmly committed to stating as such.  Usually he will skirmish around the subject like a well seasoned CEO of a FTSE 100 company at the AGM.

The kind of player we are short of is not a defender or a goalkeeper… but a magician in the final third.  Searing pace, skill, electric play that cuts open a defence at will or at breakneck speed on the counter attack 3 seconds after the opposition were in on our goal.

Eden Hazard is that man for me – and I am totally convinced he will become an Arsenal player this summer if he is on the market.

He would fetch in the region of £25-30M… this IS affordable for Arsenal in the summer of 2011.

I do not agree it would have the been the case in previous summers.

Bolton away this weekend, hopefully Everton can hold out for a bore draw at Old Trafford…  and we roll on to the biggie at the Emirates on May 1st.

Who know’s what may happen.

Enjoy the sunshine and chocolate.

This according to Matt Law from the Express, who seems to have an inside line on the transfer of the young winger.  The player has chosen Arsenal ahead of Liverpool, but the sticking point remains as to whether he joins up at London Colney this month or stays on the south coast until the summer.

Either way, this appears to be a decent deal for the club.  He will maybe cost 5M upfront rising to around 10M dependant upon appearances, England caps, etc.

Very similar to the Theo deal…. FIVE WHOLE YEARS AGO!

Talking about Theo, he got a decent rest this week, and should be nice and sharp for Wigan this afternoon… expecting a magical display from him.  Wigan’s defence are not the quickest, and this should represent an afternoon of fun and frolicks for our man.


The player has been reported, by various sources including a few emails I have recieved from readers, to have been at London Colney last week.

The deal is inevitable, as many gooners have already worked out.

The stumbling block is as reported by the wider press, the transfer valuation of the keeper, a week remains to meet in the middle before the window closes.

Fulham are not stupid, to get anything close to £3M for a player nearing 40 is stupendous money for a club of their size, they are resigned to losing him, and know he won’t be their player much longer.

It’s a game of cat and mouse, but just relax gooners, let Gazidis do his job!

On to the game yesterday, wow, what a day at the Emms, possibily the best afternoon I have ever spent there.

Not because we were simply awesome, but because the atmosphere and general good feeling around the place was so vivid and real.

The Emirates really is home now, this will be the 5th Season we start life at The Home of Football, and the long awaited return of the correct stand names is the best bit of Arsenalisation that could have possibily be put in place.

What a feeling being able to say “I was in the North Bank” again.

Not going to write much about the game, it’s all already been spoken and written… the real tests will come against the big boys.

Easily the most one-sided game of live football I have seen in my entire life. 100% no doubt about that.

Chamakh is a joy to behold.. he works like crazy, is far too unselfish, totally plays for his fellow players and has that special knack of being in the right place at the right time.. the best skill a striker can have.

He will score at least 20 goals for us in all comps this season.

Jack is doing exactly what Cesc was doing at the same age.. can I award a greater compliment?

Song and TV5 were solid, Sagna wonderful, Clichy good.

Diaby hit and miss, sloppy and slow one minute… a monster that rivals paddy the next.  A real enigma.

Arshavin had a very good game, but tired, taken off at the right time… get his fitness right and he can be lethal.

Theo?  The best game of football he has played, for club or country, shades of a young thierry, bursting away from defenders, dropping in with pace from the flanks, causing and then leaving chaos in his wake.

He needs to keep this confidence up, if he does, he will be Arsenal Player of the Season and the first name on Capello’s teamsheet for the rest of his reign of terror.

All in all a great day, a fitting game for the return of the Clock.

Blackburn up next weekend, they should take a good pasting aswell.
EDIT: and yes people, I did notice those reports about the England footballer with one child in a long term relationship who has been granted an extension to his superinjunction to keep a nasty story out of the papers… for now!

A prominent Arsenal Group have an insider amongst their ranks, and an email this afternoon suggests Mark Schwarzer is due at Arsenal this Thursday for his medical, prior to completing his protracted, and long overdue, transfer to the the Reds of Norf London.

No news on the transfer fee, but it will be between the 2.5-3M region going on previous reports and interviews surrounding the move, especially the Hill-Wood one with the Daily Star last month.

Bloody good news I’d say.

Btw troops, this is from the same source that gave out the email on the Liverpool fixture, not the Hangeland move.

All being well, our new keeper should be in line to face Blackpool this weekend.

Just a quickie.. but Joe Hart will not be displaced as the City number 1, especially after his barnstorming display at Spuds today.

Given will be not be a Number 2 for anybody.

City will not sell Shay Given to any team that directly competes with them in the league, therefore… Arsenal, Manure, Liverpool, Chavs, Villa, Spuds and Everton.

City doesn’t need cash, so they ideally want to loan Given out, and have him back should Hart suffer a major injury.

There is talk of Celtic being in for the Irishman, but why would he play in an inferior league after all these years playing Premiership football?

He is more than good enough to be any team’s Number 1.

So… as the title suggests!!

Mark Hughes is clearly a fan of his, and Fulham are competitive enough to offer Given EPL footy, as the Number 1… thus releasing the Aussie to us.

Everyones a winner, Rodney?

“Apres le Moi, la deluge”

The good news for Gooners is a deal has been ratified by all parties concerned, as predicted by yours truly earlier this Summer, for Cesc to join his beloved Barcelona in June 2011.

Fabregras will complete his last season as a player and captain of Arsenal Football Club this forthcoming term.

As predicted, this deal is a carbon copy of the deal that was struck between Manchester United and Real Madrid in the Summer of 2008.

Lets hope Cesc has a trophy laden last season as captain.

More to follow…

NOTE: For all those who ask of my source, wait a day or two before the press report as much.

Eduardo passes medical

July 20, 2010

Eduardo is hours from being named a Shakhtar Donestk player, a transfer fee of £6.2 million was agreed over the weekend, all that was remaining to be completed was the all important medical.

Shakhtar sent over a team of 4 medics to run the rule over the Crozillian, he passed!

To be fair this is a good move for him and for Arsenal, since we changed shape to 4-3-3, he has not been able to reproduce the form from 07/08.

The fella needs a team that will play him in a more favoured 4-4-2 alongside a hold up striker that feeds him.

Good luck, Eduardo…you were and remain so, a truly classy player.

So, all the gooners from the blog world who became overnight “insiders” on the supposed Joe Cole to Arsenal deal being signed before the World Cup, have gone into hiding?

All I can say is Thank Fuck we have not signed the crock, the crock who will be 30 next year.

The crock who is as paceless as a 76 year old granny, carrying the shopping home from ASDA.

We have never had a need for him, we are adequately covered in that tricky little half striker role, and what kind of message to young Jack would it have been?

In  the end it was all about money, not football for Joe Cole, otherwise he would have signed for the Spuds.

We dodged a bullet there, a mercenary is never any good on a football pitch!

All in all a good day… I laugh in the face of the “insiders” who knew it was a done deal.

Sorry, but fair is fair !!

Get in Arsene!!

Speaking on TF1, the national French Television Station, Wenger told viewers he has spoken to the Barcelona President, Sandro Rosell, and told him in no uncertain terms that Cesc is not for sale.

Wenger was speaking as a match summariser following the World Cup Final, won by an Iniesta goal set up to perfection by the Arsenal Captain.

This news follows the report in this morning’s Sunday Times, which detailed news of a 2 Million pound property that has just been purchased by Cesc in the leafy Hertfordshire town of St Albans.

About time the Arsenal knockers came out and apologised, they were pretty quick to come forward ( as per the norm ) when the rumours of the Barca bid were flying around, canning all and sundry at the club for not putting up a defence.

My feelings before the World Cup were that we would see Cesc in an Arsenal shirt for another season, my feelings after the World Cup are exactly the same… but with a lot more conviction.

Congratulations, Cesc Fabregras… Arsenal Captain, European Champion… now World Champion.