The man is washed up as a footballer of any significance and an appeal submitted before our Saturday lunchtime war would mean he gets to play.

He needs to play, as there is not a hope in hell he will cope with the pace and movement of our midfield and strike-force.

Theo and Geo would have a field day up against the half-wit.

Bring him on.



Chelsea are in huge danger

September 27, 2012

So with the lowly Coventry dispatched with consummate ease earlier this evening, focus now turns to a Saturday lunchtime humdinger of a match against the mob from West of Moscow.

Both sides are firing in the goals at the minute, but there is a difference, one side is solid and leaking the odd goal whilst the other is rather living on the edge and having to outscore opponents. 

Chelski had the perfect team to play us over the past 7 years, solid defence, solid midfield and Drogba.  Now they have a leaky hosed up defence, only fancy dan tricksters in midfield, and Torres.

Robby Di Matteo might impress many, since he won the cup and the UCL last season, but that was not his side, JT, Drogba and Lumpy jointly player managed it, and with the Drog gone for a number 59 it leaves the legless lamps and the nazi to run affairs whilst Robby takes the Match of the Day interviews.  Joke outfit, who get by via the magic of 3 players, namely Mata, Hazard and Oscar.

A lot has been talked about re: Steve Bould making a difference, which he clearly has – but it’s still the genius of the main man making things tick.  The genius of the same very man who has already shown his minerals by taking this club to league titles etc.  He now has the financial power again to balance a side with youth and experience on a proper footing, he had to blag it for the past 5 seasons… not anymore.

A real team needs balance.

Arsenal have balance.

Chelski have a problem.

Arsenal v Coventry Preview

September 25, 2012

The young guns along with the first teamers  who are not getting the requisite playing time take to the pitch in the newly named Capital One Cup tonight, and it should give us a huge insight into the next generation along with the strength in depth the first team have.  The game is not going to be broadcast anywhere live, so no streams will be available, which is fine by me as I’m through to the latter stages of an online poker tournament kicking off at the same time. 

If you are interested in a players rewards card click here  From the photos on the Arsenal site it appears Emi Martinez will keep goal with Yennaris and Santos full backs and Miquel and JD in the middle of defence.  The front 6 will be Coquelin, Ox, Arshavin, Gnabry, Giroud and Theo.  This is a shot in the dark really, but I would imagine that side is at least 75% correct.  Has a cracking balance to it.

Gnabry is the raved up young gun this season, so will be interested to see more of him, but I’m told by a friend who is a real avid and seasoned pro at watching our reserves/youths that the man who is the real next star coming through will be our Argentine between the sticks, Emi Martinez.  Apparently Argentina are ready to fast track him already into the national side.

Coventry will not provide much resistance, they are hopeless, and in dire form having been relegated from the Championship last season they have carried on where they left off last season.

In reality, Giroud will absolutely never get a better chance to score at least one goal… he should really look for a brace at the minimum as the defence he plays against will be pathetic.

All in all, a lowly cup when compared to the UCL, but a far more fascinating set of games than the opening group stages of the latter named European competition.

City will come with a physically strong side, in the hope of bullying our Young Guns out of the Carling Cup tonight.  This does not have to be the case if Wenger deploys his squad correctly.

Bosnian hitman, Dzeko, will be the only player who can win this game for City… and with Adam Johnson a certain starter, it’s pretty easy to see the tactics Mancini will employ.

We need height and strength at the back tonight, and a back four of Miquel, Squillaci, Koscienly, Djourou – effectively four centre-backs to prevent crosses into the box and if they do get through… head them away ahead of the Bosnian.  Fabianski the obvious worry with this strategy.  I rate him the best shot stopper at the club, he is that good… but overall as a keeper he makes way too many cock-ups when under pressure.

With Frimpong and Le Coq sure to be the shielding midfielders tonight, Arsenal could set up with a very counter-attack based side.

Gervinho only played 15 or so minutes on the weekend, with Arshavin playing over an hour – it would seem logical that the Ivorian will be on one flank with The Ox doing his thing down the other.

Up front the general consensus is for Park to get another start in the Carling Cup – this would play well with the counter attacking method as he scored a peach of a goal on the break against Bolton in the last round.

Benayoun must surely get the spot behind the Korean, his attitude the complete antithesis to the pathetic displays from the midget Russian.

3 years we have backed him… 3 whole years… and for what?  5 maybe 6 top level performances?

Waste of space, and totally dead to me.

Whilst discussing the barrage of abuse new German recruit, Per Mertesecker, has received from all quarters Wenger inadvertently confirmed the back four to start the most important game of the season for Arsenal against Dortmund in the Champions League penultimate group game.

“The criticism in the papers has been very harsh, but when you play for a big team, you have to accept that.

“I also think it will take him some time. He came here not completely fit. Now he is getting stronger and stronger.

“I felt on Saturday he had not recovered from the Holland game [in midweek] and looked tired. But he has recovered now and will play against Dortmund”

So it seems clear that Kos will continue at right back with Per and Tommy pairing up again in the middle with Santos at left back.  I’m happy with this as I don’t particularly wish to see Djorou anywhere near the starting line-up.

Whilst Per is a big old wimp at this moment in time, he certainly reminds me a lot of Kos in his first few games for Arsenal.  Superb at reading the game and making exceptionally timed interceptions.  The German really is very good at that.  Remember Kos at Blackburn last season?  He was easily pushed off the ball for a move that led to a goal for the Rovers… it takes time to build up the strength in the EPL.

Massive game, 3 points really are essential as I cannot see things turning out well at all if we are required to travel to Greece in 2 weeks time and get a result to qualify.  In all honesty, we need first place, as otherwise we will have a very high likelihood of facing Real, Barca or Bayern in the next round.  Would prefer the semis at the earliest for those games.  Maybe quarters.

I got a call from a pal late last night and was offered a ticket for the game at the Emirates, which I duly snapped up, so am very much up for this game. Amazed anybody would want to give up a ticket for a game that means so much and will have 2 sides who will both be playing free-flowing attacking football.

It’s going to be a modern-day classic.

Though I honestly have no idea which side will prevail.  This Dortmund side are very, very good.

Apparently both Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp will be in attendance, I rather hope they can bring us some much needed luck.

Lets have it Arsenal!

My team to face Chelski

October 28, 2011

The best goalie in the league will clearly keep his place – Chezney

Full Backs – Keep the Brazilian Santos going at Left Back, and hopefully bring in a proper Right Back in Jenko, who seems to be back fit.  Djourou done ok against Stoke, but eventually a good winger will destroy a Centre Back playing in a makeshift full back role.

Centre Backs – This appears to be the sticking point with the return to fitness of TV5, keep him wrapped in cotton wool I say.  The partnership of Kos and Per has developed well in recent weeks, it would be foolish to break it up now.

Midfield – Centrally I would play Song in the defensive role, with Arteta continuing to deputise for the injured Wilshere in the link role, and  I would stick with Arshavin ahead of Ramsey for the free role behind the striker.  This is his position, and he puts in so much more effort there as shown against Bolton in the Carling Cup. 

Wide – Theo and Gervinho… Speed Kills overlapping full backs.

Striker – Van the Man.

Conclusion: Chelski are there for the taking, they don’t particularly have a strong side these days, an efficient side,  but not of the strength of years gone by.  Defensively they are whack in my opinion.  Lets go their and rumble. 

Forget new signings.

Forget Nasri.

Forget Cesc.

Forget you think Arsenal are not strong enough this season.

Think Ryodinho.

Wenger confirmed in his pre-Liverpool Press conference today that Ryo Miyachi has now got his work permit sorted and is ready to face Liverpool.

He is in the official squad, I doubt anything more than a late cameo to tear apart Enrique is what we will get.

I fear for Udinese…. as they may get him for 90 minutes.

1971 – 2004 – 2011

April 20, 2011

Those of you who have a certain grasp of our history will understand the relevance in the title of this post.

I truly believe tonight will be one of those special games at the Lane…. Newcastle’s performance to cost United 2 points last night should be the catalyst to fire our gunners right up for the Derby scrap tonight.

What a game in prospect… I mean seriously… what a game!

The only time this season I have really been down on the lads was after the Old Trafford cup game… we were appalling that day, against a useless side of full backs.  That game got my back right up.

In the league, the most important cup around, we have clearly been far better than most give us credit for….. otherwise how would we be bang on for the title in mid-april?  Second in the league and potentially 4 points off the lead if we beat the Tinnies tonight.

I thought we looked sharp and tidy against an ultra-defensive Liverpool on Sunday…. the Spuds won’t be defending so deep playing in front of their own crowd.. they may even (hopefully) be buying the gutter press baloney about how poor we were on the weekend and come out looking to damage us… thus leaving us the space to butcher!

I am belligerent enough to believe my own hype, and not be drawn into mush press bull…. I get behind what I see with my own eyes, I don’t need some jumped up anti-goon telling me what I should be thinking.  Far too many just don’t understand football, and don’t understand what Wenger has done and what he has built…. he is getting pelters for producing a title challenging side whilst Liverpool languish in 5th and are now getting praise…… WHAT???

Please, please – engage those brains folks.. and understand very few people actually possess the mental faculties to comprehend and truly fathom the situation Arsenal are in right now.

Quite simply… beat the Spuds tonight and collect the title for my money.

4 points in it with United to come to the Emms and Chavski to go up there fighting them with their own title aspirations…. they could nick a draw at least.  Think about it.

God am I up for this one… buckle up, this is going to be the game of the season.

That is correct, the Champions elect – Arsenal, travel to play West Bromich Albion this afternoon.

United drawing Chelski in the quarters of the CL means they now have 3 battles with each other over the next 6 or so weeks.. in essence, United have an extra 2 EPL fixtures to contend with as the two legs won’t be played out like continental affairs, as we have seen over the past 7 seasons with the all prem battles between the likes of Arsenal-Chels, Pool-Chels, Arsenal-Utd.

Marvellous, they don’t have the squad to battle on 3 fronts…. anybody wish to wager with me that United, not Arsenal, end the season empty-handed?

Anyway, back to us, WBA is no doubt the biggest game for yonks… maybe since that 2nd leg at the Emirates against Utd in the CL back in 2009…. we simply have to win, a draw does not count today, regardless of what job Bolton do for us… which they certainly could against a pony side.

We have to start gaining the upper hand, it’s not on to simply keep getting by just because “oh they dropped points today aswell”

I think we will, I think we may even surprise a few with a tasty performance.

The squad is depleted, but plenty of rest and recuperation has been had since last weekend, and the fire in the belly must surely be present after all the pelters the club has had in recent weeks.

I pray a bent ref decision does not turn the game against us, as that is something we have zero control over, anything I can handle.

Thanks for all the emails via the contact me button at the top of the page… just been very busy with a new business project… you can keep up with my views on Twitter @onearsenewenger which I have on me at all times via my trusted Blackberry.

Goonerdom may have a very different outlook tonight… 3 points for us, and dropped points for them… is so very much on the cards for me.


Oh yes they are… the cup game tonight against a brooding Arsenal is the last game of association football they need or want.. 3 days before a potentially banana skinned CL 2nd leg against Marseilles.

With a week till the next game for us, against West Brom in the league, Wenger will surely go for the strongest available eleven… how will bacon face play it out?

Hernanadez is a dangerous little B@st’ard and will surely start for them, maybe both Rooney and Berbatov will be benched and they pack out the midfield with plodders like gibson, fletcher, carrick, and anderson.

Farcical squad.

Quite simply put, Arsenal have the chance to destroy Fergie for good tonight… the losing team tonight will more than likely lose momentum in the league aswell, whilst the winner will be into a simple last four in the cup and a head of steam for the title/double.

The team I would play is;

Almunia, Sagna, Kos, JD, Clichy, Denilson, Jack, Diaby, Chamakh, NikB, Nasri

I rather hope AW does not play the likes of Eboue instead of Sagna as we don’t have a plethora of games coming up… after West Brom there is a 2 week international break… so go for it today.

Also, Diaby has to be played in the Cesc role, off the striker… he is a skilful touch player and can burst into the box with power inside 2 seconds… his prowess belongs outside their box.. not ours.

Should be a cracking game of football, neither side want a Friday night replay… so in theory both should go for it, and if that is the case, I know who I would prefer fighting for my life in a toe to toe battle.

Looking forward to what may prove to be the catalyst that seals this trophy laden season… the winner today is very likely to do the double….. the third double for Arsenal in the Wenger years, the fourth in our history.