An unashamedley biased gooner blog, dedicated to the greatest manager of this… and of any other generation.

History will record him as the man who set Arsenal on the path to Super Club status.

It may be difficult for many followers of the club to see right now just what he has established over the past decade or so, but in the years, decades, even centuries to come, supporters will truly understand the imperious legacy of Arsène Wenger.

Far too easy in this day and age, with the likes of Chelski, City and Real Madrid buying players for silly money, for a club to go to the wall in trying to keep up with the Jones’s.

We have a man at the helm who has now created a foundation for us to organically do just that, without any fear of financial failure.

The intelligent, thoughtful gooner/football fan can see this, and has much patience with the current project, the mindless, impatient schoolboy yob cannot.

There will never be another manager who achieves as much, on and off the field, as the legendary Arsène Wenger.

The blogger is a London born gooner who has fervently supported the club as both man and boy.

Immortalised Forever

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