Wenger has his summer transfers done!

April 30, 2013

This is my clear assertion based on a dramatic shift I have noted in Wenger’s body language and his rhetoric during all forms of media communication.  In this blog post I will explain why I stand by this. 

Let me start by giving you all a big tip, thanks to the wonderful world of social media you now need never read the absolute garbage made-up by the gutter press ever again.  They make their headlines and stories up based on the weekly pre-match press conference, the post match interviews with the associated media (SKY, BBC, ESPN et al), and the actual post match conference with the media.  Wenger will also give Arsenal Player interviews but the content is always very similar to that of his conferences.  So the tip is… go on Twitter before every game and in the search type “Wenger press conference” and after maybe 3/4 hours post match do the same.  Then quite simply proceed to watch the video of what he actually says to the media.

Once you do this for a prolonged period your hatred of the media will grow, and the belief you had of them being liars will only intensify. They twist his words totally out of context to suit a headline, that is the bottom line.  What then happens is our low IQ fans follow this carp and buy right into the lies.

Problem?  Football has it’s roots firmly in the working classes, no matter how fashionable and middle class it aspires to be these days, the masses will always come from the former.   They generally read The Sun or associated red top filth to help form their views.  They then think they know it all and spout their nonsense all over blogs, twitter etc.  Seriously if you are one of these types and I have just described you, don’t get angry with me… stand up and move your entire bloodline forward and make it count.

I digress, going back to my original assertion about believing AW has his transfer targets wrapped up…….. considering we are in a right royal battle for a Champs League place he seems remarkably relaxed and jokey in his recent pre/post conferences, and this week he made two very poignant quotes.  Firstly when asked about links to PSG he stated “I always see my contracts out and I am already planning for next season (at Arsenal)”  when asked about Fergie’s transfer intentions this summer he joked “I don’t know who he buys but he certainly does not come here to shop”  To me this shouts in clear 40ft neon letters ARSENAL WILL BE BACK NEXT SEASON.

Add to this his quote of “Arsenal will be a lot closer to United next season” and it’s all making sense… to me anyway.

The naysayers amongst you will now be saying “yes but he says that every summer etc etc” – but the problem is he never has, I absolutely dig out every interview and presser of his on a weekly basis and never have I heard him as direct on the following season.  This for me is based on a number of factors this time around.

1. There is no noise about losing a top player, every summer since the Emirates move there has been Henry, Adebayor, Toure, Nasri, Cesc, and Cutch Dunt.

2. We have now finally moved onto new vastly improved commercial deals during this season which certainly give us a proper transfer pot… and don’t talk to me about 100M in the bank until you have a degree in Accounting like I do and analyse balance sheets in order to make investment decisions as I do for a day job.  I will just eat you up and spit you out. 

3. Gazidis made a massive point some time last year about Summer 2013 being one where we lose a lot of deadwood off our wage bill, Arshavin Squillaci to name two who earn about 5M a year between them.

4. If you need a 4th point after reading the previous 3 you need men in white coats.

Wenger’s brimming confidence and almost bravado about closing on United next season must have a huge amount to do with his knowing perfectly well that he is stocked up for next season.  I would be stunned if Jovetic is not already done and dusted.   He would be an incredible addition, and to those who say he is no Lewandowski…. did you even know who he was before he scored 4 against Real?  Reading The Sun again are we?

That’s the positive stuff, I hate to end on a more negative footing but I shoot from the hip.  Wenger has from the very moment he joined Arsenal been a most awful user of subs, even during our brightest seasons under him I distinctly recall him screwing it up with subs over and over, and this season I have seen him excel at it.  The Spurs game away, what the hell was Jenkinson doing aside from roasting Assou-Ekoto at every opportunity and whipping in delightful crosses for Giroud? to take him off  pffft.. and this blind faith in Sagna, a player who has been a servant of the highest order for this club, but who has clearly been off his game for some time now is dumbfounding… and for those saying that is easy to say today after yesterday… check previous posts and even more, check my twitter timeline from the game.   Yes, his foolishness was called way before he gifted Cutch Dunt a goal.  I’m sorry but he is finished, it’s clear, very clear.  Alas, Wenger just won’t drop him, he is loyal to the end… but whose end?

Bottom line, this is it for the great man, there will be absolutely no mitigation for the impending summer…….

but you already know that I firmly back him to bring it all back. (Cue S Club 7)

46 Responses to “Wenger has his summer transfers done!”

  1. Goonerbias said

    Impressive thesis but hard to believe. First of all, there’s no rumor of a big name leaving because there are no big names to leave. They all left. Those of you that cited
    Theo as one your big names…well, that’s evidence #136 of how far we have fallen.

    Bottom line is this as well meaning as your thesis is: no quality player with full knowledge of his worth will commit to a club whose champions league future is in the balance. So if his business has been done, then he has gone out and got more gervinhos and santos to add to a very average team.

  2. Alex said

    I’m hoping against hope that you’re correct. I don’t think I can go through another season of this same pattern. (hope, disappointment, resignation, re-calibration, hope, fear, relief)

    I think there is a fantastic opportunity to improve the squad this summer but will we go all in? Seems to me we need a right-back, goalkeeper, central midfielder, striker + someone who can go past people consistently and keep the ball afterwards (i.e. not Walcott). I wonder whether we’ll commit to that level of spending.

  3. Samuel Nderitu said

    The post is true,I say so since Theo also made a comment somewhere that Arsenal HAVE develpd a new ‘pattern’.

  4. Tony said

    Keep up the good work is all I have to say theres only a couple of Arsenal web sites I can read due to both the articles and those who comment on them with their negativity.
    Now I can add another decent site to my favourites bar.

  5. ArseneIsYourDaddy said

    Wenger is coach, manager and financial whiz. Arsenal has an absentee owner with no knowledge of football. Wenger has shouldered the blame for the lack of funds while paying off the stadium.
    This is the first season in many years in which we do not have to sell our best players to finance football operations. The first team core will not be disrupted this summer and we will surely get 3 world class players in.
    Unless you read the full diaper babies crying over at Pee Grove, you will have faith in this team. Remember Wenger does not utter a word until a transfer is signed.

    There are deals in the works folks. Now shhhhhh!

  6. Interesting thoughts. I could not agree more. Your comments about the press are spot on. I have, similarly, studied Arsenal blogs and blame these for fan dissatisfaction, we are always buying this player, that player or a young world beater. The worst forecast 36 players we we definately buying last season, all of whom were ‘brilliant’ players but none of whom came. They do it to create readers but rather create unrest. My advice to those of our fans who do read, choose your newspapers and blogs carefully.

  7. Vishal said

    Refreshing to read an intelligent blog. Most Arsenal blogs seem to be written by women in menopause. Keep up the good work. Will be back for sure!

  8. steiner1010 said

    Slating the working classes is a bit strong, are you accountant to the Queen or something equally high brow?
    People can read what they want not what you see fit for them to read. I wouldn’t read the sun but my point is I don’t look down on those who do.
    That is a sure sign of a sociopath.

    Re the subject of your article; I am not convinced Wenger has it all sown up, he has talked as much bull as any other manager and lied to fans on a number of occasions.

  9. gimmeg6 said

    His articles pretty damn good, if you dont like his style then dont read his future articles…whats the point of commenting on something so stupid “dont slate working class” “accountant to the Queen”…what a retard lol what are you some working class rep?

  10. Sri said

    I so hope you’re right. Contrary to most ‘fans’ I have never believed that Arsene has been stubborn. I think his hands have genuinely been tied because of lack of money. Notice that at the first sign of financial stability, we are looking at players in the 20 million range. If he was stubborn, would he not be looking for the next Chamakh bargain? Also, for all those idiots saying he doesn’t want to win, what kind of fool are you? A man who won so many trophies in his first 9 years cannot be happy winning squat. You can see how much it hurts him. And how much he loves this club. And credit to him that even when his plans have not worked, he has not jumped ship and headed to whoever was giving him more money.

  11. kris Yenne said

    I’ll never belief anything untill i see it in fruition.dont get me wrong,i was jst fooled dam 2much by wenger,in expecting much an little is don or non.but all hope is non lost.wenger should knw dat were ar nt in the class of Spurs,everton,liverpool,westbrom etc.bt higher class than even chelshit an man city.bt da same class wit man u.So lets go there wit quality signing.tnx.

  12. Cazorla and jack are big players

  13. You could be correct on the sociopath front

  14. Haseeb said

    I hope you are right.

  15. Good one mate. I totally agree with you. Especially the Sagna part. However, I think we should still retain him and let him see off his contract ( and I think we will ). He might have dropped form and age may finally have caught up with him but let’s not forget how good he was.

    I sincerely believe he can mentor Jenks, Bellerin and Yennaris.

  16. Agreed with all of that

  17. Flavour said

    Championship qualification or no Championship qualification has nothing to do with attracting BIG Names. Man City has never won anything when the assembled the most worthy big names to ride them through. Money Speaks volume. Arsenal will always attract big names not because of their position. This is my believe as long as they are ready to spend. QPR spent more money than Arsenal and are relegated. Man City with all the big names for a second time could not conquer the champions league. I use this opportunity to call on all Arsenal Fans to support the club for what we are. It looks like we don’t know what we have. Big names or babies I want quality and footballers that are ready to give their best, not for money but because winning means so much to them like Lewis Hamilton and Perez

  18. David S said

    lol this post is the same thing we hear year in year out about this is the year that Wenger makes his signings …. Truth of the matter is noone knows if this is the year, dont get me wrong this IS the most likely of years that he will finally spend the money. But Jovetic??? Really??? Italy is not the place to search for players to make a difference in the Premiership, it is slow paced, non physical and TBH he has scored what … 14 goals all season … Hardly prolific. Arsenal need a superstar forward, a prolific striker, a player that has proved himself and anyone that can score 4 against Real Madrid and is the top scorer in the best league in the world does seem to be more the player we need to look at …. Accountancy you may chew me up and spit me out, but football … Think it maybe the otherway round mate … Agree with Sagna, but he is still a better full back than Jenkinson, Agree the driftwood need to go, and I would also add Gervinho, Diaby, and Giroud to that list all 3 are nowhere near good enough for Arsenal, Giroud could possibly be the worse forward we have signed, his touch is awful, no pace, poor finisher, inability to beat players, how can you go from Henry to Van Persie to Giroud … Its insanity !!!

    Arsenal have 2 world class players in Wilshere and Cazorla, and personally speaking Koscielny is slowly getting into that catagory he is a super defender, it is important we build our team around these 3 people, Left back is sorted, another R back agreed, another stop notch C Back, is needed, Wanyama from Celtic for the holding position, a new striker and the position I am mostly concerned about is out left wing, we have superstars there Pires, Overmars … Now we have noone to call it his own … Gotze would have been amazing, but how about Reus, or even Robben??

    We need at least 6 players to turn this Arsenal side into championship contenders again, there maybe money there … But is there enough??

  19. Working class hero said

    I’m working class, but I don’t label people according to their class level.
    So that probably makes me a richer person than you 🙂

    Good read though. Just try not to be so condescending.

  20. shaggy said

    Your arrogance begger’s belief to actually believe you know what Wenger and indeed Arsenal are going to do.
    Next you will tell me that you have a crystal ball and tell when armagedon will come.
    To actually believe what you write is very scary and may be you might need seek medical help next it will be voices of Wenger coming through you.
    Wenger and the Arsenal keep everything hush hush in regards to money’s running of the club deals etc !! this is to stop people wrecking anything we have planned.
    We are in a good situation but we have been every since Dein brought Wenger to the Club.
    We will and have always recruited from the youth it is not a Wenger thing it is an Arsenal thing will people get off this silly band Wagon please… Wenger improved it the youth Facilties that is and the health of players and brought the style of football we play now.
    Yes he is a Messiah of Arsenal no doubting that. He ozzes class and know how..
    But to say it’s Wengers idea about youth at Arsenal is silly and very childish…
    Look back at the players we have brought through the Arsenal True youth brought through the club as a boy… You will see that Arsenal have always produced talented young players. It’s something Wenger was most impressed about when he came to us, he said he would never change this but try and see if he could make it even better. He also went onto say it is part of the club’s tradition and that is something he wanted to keep with Arsenal Football club he also went on to say I will respect Arsenal’s way as it is the right way and i feel strongly about this the right way of running a club..
    Wenger doesn’t spend big because his experience in buying pricie players has ended badly…Rea’s and Arshavin being two to mention. So he prefers to buy at a lower price as his business in this area has been outstanding.. i would even go as far to say amazing..
    What happens next season or in the Summer Transfer Window is anyone’s guess and the only people in the know are the ones that need to know …..
    All i know is having Wenger at the helm is the most important thing we have to worry about as !! who will ever replace this genius !! I have my own opinion to who i would have replace the genius but only when the genius has done what he set out to do and make Arsenal the biggest club in Europe. by that time this man i think will be ready !! but that is my secret like Arsenal i like to keep certain things to myself …as who am i to pretend i know more than the Messiah !!

  21. Incredible comments, shaggy.

    The irony was certainly not lost on me.


    (Dictionary > Opinion > Just mine, not fact, just my view… that is all)

  22. DownUnderGooner said

    Far better to believe everything you read in the ‘torygraph’ than those red tops that only the working class read. Seriously the game will always belong (spiritually) to the working class. No matter how hard the “silver spooner entitled class” and the Russian blood money gangsters and their middle eastern counterparts try, the unwashed working class people that travel the length and breadth of the country to support their team, sacrificing plenty by doing so, will always be the heartbeat of football.
    Perhaps try to hide your contempt for those less fortunate than yourself a little more next time.

  23. GoonerX said

    Clearly your blog is a part of the Arsenal/Wenger propaganda machine! More lies and untruths about so called new signings.

  24. GoonerX said

    1. There is no noise about losing a top player, every summer since the Emirates move there has been Henry, Adebayor, Toure, Nasri, Cesc, and Cutch Dunt.

    More likely that we do not have any players that any other team would want.

  25. Fortunate than me? You epitomise the problem, always an excuse.

    I come from deep working class, hence my understanding of it… but I chose to stand up and be counted and try to compete in the real world with “the silver spooners”.

    I done this by committing myself to education and then going after what I wanted.

    You remind me of plenty I left in my trail, they moan, they groan.. they have no guts to deliver.

    Always easier to point the finger.

    Nice one.

  26. RockyLives said

    Nice one Stringy.

    I hope you’re right about having his targets already sorted. We did it to some extent last year with Podolski, but then had our summer derailed by Brave Sir Robin.

    The biggest factor for optimism (to my mind at least) is that we will have continuity for once. We have the core of a very good team. Our back line is looking solid and organised (apart from the Sagna issue); players like Santi, Ramsey and Wilshere are coming into their own and the contribution of older pros like Arteta and Rosicky should not be overlooked.

    I also expect Giroud to be better next season.

    We are probably only two signings away from making a proper title challenge next year…

  27. Hey Rocky,

    Good to hear from you again, hope life is treating you well.

    I make you right, 2 maybe 3 signings from challenging… but they have to be 2/3 world class level players.

    Also there is always the fear that AW spoke of last week and Fergie just yesterday… how much are City / Chavski going to spend?

    All EPL clubs share in a massive new pot of TV money this summer, so this will be one mad summer of English spending, with Spain been broke essentially, we could see a real raft of Prima Liga players coming over.

    Incredibly interesting summer ahead with a real manager and super striker merry go round due to take and then all this new mega dosh swishing around the pockets of the EPL owners/chairmen.

  28. Wardy said

    it makes me laugh when the intellectually challenged harp on about us needing a half dozen players to really compete. really? The same side that took bayern to the cleaners. in their own back yard! (dont gimmie that crap about “they had nothing to play for”. it was clear through their press conference’ that they were aware what nearly happend to milan and we were a goal worse off with them. Add to that an early goal and their is no way they would have held back. Do you really think a team that has the belief that they WILL be champions terns up to a match and not bother? THE GERMANS!? NO!)
    The teams lack of success in-terms of silverware. can be traced back to a lack of bottle and a fear of failure. It IS NOT a lack of talent! Sure we could do with additions but what team doesn’t??

  29. phil said

    Im working class so i dont understand any of these words like assertion, i’ll just go and read the sun.

  30. Congratulations on at least spelling it correctly.

  31. xstepho said

    we need ceaser 12m , hummels 18m , samba 10m , Bender/wanyama 12m , isco 15m , jovetic 22m total 89m to b champs all tymz in london
    outs vermelean 15m arshavin 5m bentdner 5m denilson 5m chamakh 3m park 2.3m fabianski 5m
    we wd hv spent reltively 49m

  32. xstepho said

    world better lineup as

    sagna/? hummels samba monreal/gibbs

    bender/wanyama wilshire

    isco carzola pod


    subs szy kosy aerta gibbs walcot giroud gervihno ramsey carl per ox coquelin rosicky diaby

  33. Matt said

    Who knows what is going to happen next this? Next season will probably be the first in a long time where we start the season with a team who has gelled and played together for a whole season. We will also add to that. For the past few years, we’ve basically built the core of the team every season which is not good obviously.

    I dont agree with you on Jovetic. I’m not a huge fan of Jovetic. We need a goal scorer, he’s not one. Yes he might be a good addition, but certainly wont be a 20 goal a season striker, not even 15. I can see him being another Podolski, but with a bit more pace and will actually run at defenders, but will also lose the ball quite a bit and frustrate the fans.

    As for Lewondowski. You talk as if people only concentrate on their own team and dont follow football from other countries. I know how good he is, his history, the way he has moved up. He’s played for 5 clubs and has scored lots at every club. He also seems to spend 2-3 years at a club. This is his third year at Dortmund, he’s going to leave for sure. But where? Not Arsenal obviously.

  34. My remark in relation to lewandowski was due to the increased chatter about him following his 4 goal haul.

    Many get riled and absolutely taken for a long ride around the fairground by me… My tongue is firmly in my cheek at times.. Some get it others get taken.

    Horses for courses

  35. Inzaghi said

    Pure hope, no facts. For an educated man (degree in accounting) I’m shocked you rely on hope as the backbone of your argument. As a trainee accountant myself I’m used to thinking of the worst case scenario. Just another example of blind faith coupled with stupidity. Reading this was better than watching half time adverts but I won’t be back.
    On Arsenal I’d say wenger wouldn’t spend the money required to secure world class talent in the absence of CL football and you know it. We have missed out on world class talent with CL football. 2 top quality players is all we need out if this transfer window and let the deadwood go. Not 6/7 like some pricks will have us believe. Can’t see us winning a trophy under Wenger again (my reason for saying so is because I am going by previous 8years not my blind faith or obsessive devout loyalty to Wenger like those who would feel inclined to accusing me of not supporting the team properly) BUT he has laid the foundations perfectly for a new gaffer with new ideas and hopefully a more proactive nature to subs and the transfer market. I’m a die hard gooner not a wenger supporter!!

  36. Was there a section of my post that I suggested fact? Or did I merely start off very clearly suggesting my assertion? Trainee indeed… Long way to go in life son..enjoy the ride!

  37. taylor said

    Ronaldo best player in the world ye against pub teams in spain

  38. sigismund said

    “1. there’s no noise about losing a top player”… there’s no noise because he’s sold them all – none of the top players that have been sold have ever been replaced like for like – they are all pale imitations.. do you really think Giroud is the new RVP? Diaby the new Vieira? Fabianski/Szczesny the new Seaman? (even if they both played in goal at the same time)

  39. goonerman said

    Stating the truth is only a statement of negativity because a number of major mistakes have been made over and over again and the team continue to fail to come close in any competition they enter.
    Every bodies words get twisted by the media not just Wenger’s-Wenger gives an opinion on everything-so why does he not speak through a press officer-shut up if you don’t want to be misquoted.
    Fact is by the end of the season the team has done its talking on the field.
    Why have we got so much deadwood that we haven’t been able to get rid of? Who brought them? Who decided to pay mediocre players so much that we had to wait for their contracts to expire before we can replace them? Who decided that we did not need to replace Alex Song at the beginning of the season, or to rely on the fitness of 3 key midfield players with chronic fitness problems rather than buy cover?
    Who decided to sell RVP to Man U and not to invest in a player of similar stature? One man-Arsene Wenger.
    Laughable AKB comments- denying the evidence that has been in front of your eyes all season.

  40. Get that hate and anger off your chest… Good lad

  41. Steve said

    We don’t have many stars for Utd to steal!!

    I trust Wenger to spend well and excited about next season

  42. You think fergie would not love jack wilshere?

  43. Chrus said

    A very interesting read, and I must say, I agree with the vast majority of your points.

    As we all know, Arsenal have started every season in the recent past with a perceived weaker squad than the previous year. I think it is incredibly positive that our best players will not be leaving. We will start next season a Stronger squad and presumably, first team. People who have responded to state we have no players any big clubs would want are easily confused at best and ******* stupid at worst.

    My best guess is that we have an agreement with a forward already done. It was everywhere in the winter that we tried to get David Villa but Barca wouldn’t do it. He was 31 then; he’s 31 now, so I can’t see for the life of me why we would no longer be interested. To me this seems far more likely than Jovetic.

    What I think is clear this summer is that Wenger can’t afford to speculate with his signings this summer. He surely Has to bring in established, proven footballers and I think he has alluded to that.

    I personally believe we don’t need a goalkeeper. We simply need two strikers, a defensive minded midfielder and a winger that will prevent Gervinho from regularly playing….hopefully Gnabry will get and stay fit.

    I hope Arsene stays for another decade. I love his dignity, intelligence and as you stated: undoubted class. I also love Arsenal. Any fan that doesn’t have the marbles to see what he has achieved or doesn’t have the patience for I couple more trophy less years, might as well go and support Chelsea.

    In 10-20 years time we are going to get everything we are desperate for and that will be All down to Wenger. Keep the faith or **** off, so me and some proper fans can get a season ticket.

  44. 'Wenger has his summer transfers done' my arse! said

    “Wenger has his summer transfers done!” PMSL! No wonder you haven’t posted since April 30th, I hope you’ve seen the error of your ways now. The man has to go.

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