Why the United game could be a modern day classic

April 28, 2013

The lame talk of United rocking up as newly crowned Champions and strolling this match are left to the dim witted guessers who are new to this sport. Clearly they may rest one or two, but they have the like of Chico to step in and give us the run around. The long held rivalry between the clubs – the classic North South hatred – will ensure no game between these two sides will ever feature one side not bothering to show up.

Since Wengerball MK II (as opposed to MK I Paddy types with power) the United games home and away have had a very clear and distinct pattern. They bulldoze the midfield and disrupt our play whilst waiting to pounce on the counter via Ronaldo, Rooney, Park et al

Those games have usually meant something and United have needed to take points, so Fergie plays percentages, he is smarter than to come to a toe to toe war with Arsenal if he needs to get something. This dynamic is different for Sunday’s match. As new champs they need to come and give it a go without having to resort to roughing us up and sitting back soaking it up. This should mean an epic ebb and flow to the match.

Following the Spuds draw today, the necessity from our part to go for all 3 points is paramount and this new game dynamic should be ideal for the gooner and the neutral. It’s rare to get such a opening to take on United in a duel to the death… a duel for the ages.

I’m the first to hold my hands up and say YES to the shout of Wenger not being enthused by impressing tactics on opposition, but if it comes to an all out gunfight of pure end to end attacking open play… there is no better manager to have in your dressing room / touchline.

Giroud missing and the reality of Podolski getting his chance to shine as a centre forward in the colours of Arsenal is catalyst that could step us up. Whilst the Frenchman has done a splendid job in his inaugural season, he is not a born finisher, the German certainly is.

This could finish any stupid scoreline, if we don’t take our chances and fail at the back a spanking is on the cards, but on the same token if it clicks for us there is no reason we cannot give the champions a right taking down. I’ll have 5 goals or more in the match at 6/1.

Don’t miss this one.


6 Responses to “Why the United game could be a modern day classic”

  1. 6-1? Are you insane?
    Have you noticed the 21 point gap between us and UTD?
    You are aware we haven’t beaten them in the last 11 meetings?
    Why would you think that Fergie would in some way go easy on us?
    He is a winner and will play to win on any day, it is all he knows.
    In addition UTD are playing for a record point score in the PL, again I ask why you think they will take their foot off?

    This will be a hard match and if we play the way we played in the 3 previous scrappy games UTD will rip us a new asshole.

    We have Wiltshire off the boil and frankly unfit but to be honest he is too undisciplined and exposes the team too much against normal teams, you think UTD won’t try to bait him forward to be dispossessed and the defenders exposed?

    If we win I will be over the moon but if that unlikely event happens it will be by the narrowest margin.

  2. Alex said

    Wow Steiner. Just wow. Think before you post.

  3. Just to clarify Fergusons feelings;
    “96 points would be phenomenal. I don’t know if that could ever be beaten but nonetheless it’s a marvellous achievement by us.”

    Still think UTD won’t be focused?

  4. goonerkid said

    to the idiot above, the writer isn’t predicting the score to be 6-1 arsenal, those are the odds he would give for there to be 5 or more goals this game, and to all those negative fans who read this, gtfo now and stop supporting arsenal, if the fans don’t believe how do you expect the players to do so aswell, cheer on the team and believe anything is possible, also I believe we beat united 2 seasons ago so wherever you got 11 games I don’t know, do your research properly before making a comment and making a tit out of yourself @steiner1010 its dickheads like you that give our club a negative vibe

  5. Steiner, 6/1 are the odds he got for the 5 more goals bet.

  6. Are you insane? 6 to 1 is a bookies price for over 5 goals

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