Why I have always admired Wenger

April 13, 2013

Clearly I was just another bandwagon hopper in the early glory days at Highbury for Wenger, which gooner did not love the man who led us to double doubles and an entire season undefeated…. which he predicted a year earlier.  His greatness shone like the star that led the wise men to Jesus.

We all loved him back then, then came the split and you became an AKB or …. a hater.

So why have I vehemently stood my ground and stayed true and loyal to the man through these lean years?  This blog was started in early 2009, right at the peak of the split, before then it was rumbles here and there, but AKB or otherwise became a staple of gooner chat from around that time… from my recollection anyway.

This blog post is not about defending these lean years and paying off the stadium and blah blah blah, you have heard that from me too many times already… but today at his weekly press conference the boss reminded me again of what I have always really liked about him, this being his ultra genuine decent human level.

When asked about Arshavin who has transpired to be an incredible waste of 15M(ish) in fee and god knows how many more millions in wages, a real splattering of egg on Wenger’s face with him being his and Arsenal’s record signing of all time, to this day I may add, he proceeded to laud the Russian with the kind of praise you would have expected for a soon to depart Dennis Bergkamp.  Instead of kicking a man when he is down, Wenger chose to stand by him and raise him.   This is a glowing example of why you will never find an ex player of his that berates him… he treats his players like his real family.  He helps them progress, at times even progress to better wages and circumstances away from Arsenal.  Always looking out for his players.

Would you ever expect Jose or Alex to do that?  Now if your answer to this is well look at what they have won etc etc… I say no, look at yourself, if you miss the point of what I’m trying to spell out then it’s a greater reflection of the kind of human you are deep inside.

None of us are perfect, nobody that ever lived has been or will be to come.. we all have our indiscretions and at times skip away from the true soul within us to become an actor in an outer body experience, betraying our real self.   However, we all have to come back inside the real us, and live with who you truly are.

I’m just very happy that I understand the resonance with Wenger that I have always maintained comes down to a very simple underlying fact.

Shankly said that famous thing about football being more than life or something of that ilk, he was totally wrong.

If you hate, I’m very sorry for you.

3 Responses to “Why I have always admired Wenger”

  1. Bradley said

    Concentrate on the affairs of Arsenal not Wenger.

  2. Flint McCullough said

    Hear hear!!!

  3. iceman said

    Wenger is the best manager because of his personal qualities. He is a kind, humble and respectful person who looks out for other people. These qualities are the ones that make us humans different from other species.

    Fergie and Jose may win more trophies (because of other factors) but they will never win the hearts of the nuetrals. Would Wenger call a one-time World’s best player ‘fat Ronaldo’…. or call Newcastle a ‘wee club’ just because of some grudge from years back???

    Wenger will have a legend’s legacy not just at The Arsenal but all over Europe, Asia and Africa. Go around these places……… they all love Wenger because of his personality and moral values. That is priceless in todays ‘dog eat dog’ ……. or ‘jose eat fergie’ World !!!!!!!!

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