Wenger “Everyone is playing for a spot next year”

April 5, 2013

Arsene Wenger has recently issued a very strong warning to every player on his squad, telling them that their future with the club will depend on their play for the rest of this season.

Wenger recently told reporters that individual performances will help him make up his mind who to keep and who to pursue during the summer transfer period.  He said that, “We have to analyse. What will decide our attitude, my attitude, is how we do now until the end of the season.”

The club is current in fifth place overall in the Premier League, just four point behind Tottenham. While a fifth place spot guarantees a Europa League spot for next year, the club is shooting for one of the top four spots so that they can return to the Champions League next year.

Should the club make the Champions League, Wenger is authorized to use a large portion of funds acquired in a deal with official gaming partner Betsson in an attempt to strengthen the club. However, should they fall short of the Champions League the club will spend a lot less.

For now, Arsene will continue to take notes on where the club needs to improve at the end of the season. While everyone’s job is on the line, he has praised the club for their resiliency in the face of adversity. After going through some tough times, including losses at home against Blackburn in the FA Cup and Bayern in the Champions League, the team played strong against Bayern in the away game and then against Swansea.


2 Responses to “Wenger “Everyone is playing for a spot next year””

  1. steiner1010 said

    Wenger will probably keep that idiot Gervinho, if he does he should be shot in the face!

  2. Arsenal is killing us we want good players not players. Like rammes thts bad try to luk for other gud like rvp. From zambia.

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