Why Wenger will shut you up… again !!

December 6, 2012

I think the time has come to post a measured response to the Wenger bashers, who are out in force at present…. let me start by saying that I don’t blame a lot of you for losing the faith, this is easily the worst period in the Wenger era.

However, there is hope.

7 years ago, there was a similar split up north with the Manchester United fans, Chelsea had won two titles in a row and previous to that Arsenal had won the title by going a season unbeaten – the weak wanted Fergie out, the strong of mind kept the faith and have been duly rewarded ever since.

Wenger today, is the roughly the same age as Fergie was when the Manc fans lost the faith – too old, lost the plot, not got it anymore… you know the rhetoric.

Greatness never dies, it may tone itself down here or there, but true greatness is always there lurking in the background.

You know where I am going with this so I won’t labour the point I am trying to make.  Moving on, what is so clearly evident for the first time in years is we have a very weak squad, some of you may scream this has been the case for years but I would disagree, we had the players in the past but injuries and rotten luck robbed us.  This time it’s different as we are being comprehensively beaten by smaller clubs and hanging on in there with bigger clubs, just.

Our game has no fluidity whatsoever – the very epicenter of Wengerball.

Bottom line?  We need 3 big time players.

A centre back who is rough tough and does not care about breaking bones.  The lad from Montpellier Yanga Mwbia?  Has to be the man.

A central midfield bodyguard for Cazorla and Co.  A beast who takes no prisoners, gets a terrible disciplinary record, but can do the job of hurting players who think they can stop our attack minded players from doing their thing.  At the moment it’s just way too easy to take control of our midfield by flooding it with nasty winkers.  We need our own, and the bigger the better.  I have a name… maybe you have heard it before… M’Vila?

Finally we need an electric super charged pace filled centre forward to compete with Giroud, a player who will be utterly useless for 88 minuted but will score a thunderbolt curler from the edge of the box in the last minute to win the game and get the fans pumped!  I know this guy does not fill many of you with joy but I think the man is Demba Ba.

There it is, quite simply we need a new dynamic, as the current set-up is not up to it, we started well early in the season but we can now see that it was just papering over the cracks as we needed at least 5 top class players in the summer.

Why am I confident Wenger will shut you up and actually spend this January?

Simple, you may think he is stupid…. but it’s hard to get the big picture when you have such a small screen.

He is no fool, he is nothing of the kind, very stubborn, but no fool.


22 Responses to “Why Wenger will shut you up… again !!”

  1. rellends said

    we’ve needed all those players for 5-6 years now and yet 5-6 years down the line you’re saying we need those players.

  2. gunner said

    three years without premier league granted, fergie still provided a trophy,fa cup in 2004 and league cup in 2006 so in actual fact it was only one year in which united failed to deliver a cup. 1 year is not the same as 7!

  3. Silenstan said


  4. Archimedes said

    Despite the 3rd highest wage bill in the league, AW’s social wage structure has loaded the club with journeymen and the stars have left in disgust. The social wage structure must be ditched. The second problem is Kroenke’s mediocracy and lack of ambition as can be seen in his US clubs, none have won anything in the past decade. As a true Walmart clan member he wants value for money which means good entertainment but no glory and in the process he is gutting the soul and passion of the club. Three new players won’t save Arsenal, the problem is the skipper and helmsman. And don’t expect Financial Fair Play to work because the rules are vague, loopholes will be exploited because the regulator is corrupt.

  5. knowitall@simpleanswers.com said

    Wenger has not shut anyone up before during this barren spell of trophyless land. if we need 3 big players, then why were they not delivered before? he has the cash…he just spent it on fools and losers. Why is he not accountable for that? Did you see the fruits of his policy against Olympiakos? everyone else did. The mis-kick by Ramsey when he hit his standing leg instead of the ball when going for goal is a true reflection of wenger’s eye for talent.

  6. pearl j said

    good to see someone posting a positive article = thank you

  7. adiiii83 said

    Wow, all you saying in this article is that we need Tony Pulis as a manager. Plus a big ape who can do a 70 yard long throw. Every solution for the English for winning is, buy big f…ers and make every game a boxing match. I don’t know where you’ve been the last 8 years, but you should check out highlights of Barcelona and Spain. This is a formula for winning and class. They don’t have a beast in the middle of the park kicking and punching people. They don’t have a big brute up forward wrestling with defenders or a big tough central defender. This category you’re asking for is for Rugby. What Venger needs to do is start injecting some speed into the tea, as well as finesse. Players with a great touch while running at speed. We have Walcott who is very quick, but trips over the ball every 10 metres. We need forwards and midfielders who will press high up and put oppossition defenders under pressure as soon as they have the ball. These days we let teams dictate games. Fulham came to Emirates and dominated possession because we let them pass it around in defence as well as Swansea. What Wenger needs to do is bring back Miyachi from loan, bring Gnabry and Eisfeld into the first team and give them a run of 10-15 games. Yeah they will struggle at first, but at the moment we’re fu..ed anyway so we have nothing to lose. But these are young talents who have potential to be great and the quicker we get them on board the better. Wenger has the tools available, but at the moment is stuck keeping faith in the product that he bought and thought was gonna be great, but it failed. So naturally when an experiment fails (Ramsey, Gervinho,Giroud and a load of others), you start fresh. Not Wenger, he stubbornly wants to prove everyone wrong and plays these players for an extra 2 seasons an then eventually sells them. But by then we’ve lost another 2 seasons competing with Tottenham and Newcastle.

  8. davi said

    This legend that surround Yann M’vila is getting ridiculous. He’s just not that type of player. He’s basically Arteta with a bit more pace and strength, and he’s extremely bright wrt playing forward passes – great! But he’s not Patrik Vieira! I think Capoue is the type of midfielder you’re referring to, and there are surely a number of others; Diame for example.

  9. davi said

    adiiii83 – Barcelona do have a big beast in midfield in Busquets, and they signed Song from us as backup, lest we forget. They don’t have a big guy up front because they have Messi. I don’t think anyone doubts that Cazorla is good enough to play for Barcelona, but I don’t think he’d look so knackered playing for them after a third of the season. It sounds great to have a team of technically brilliant players but there’s a hell of a lot more to Barcelona than that! They have powerful players in the most important areas, which is something that Wenger does realise but unfortunately he decided to put all his eggs in Diaby’s basket this season and it backfired. I love the guy, but it’s one thing to keep faith with an injured player and another to not have a contingency plan!
    I don’t think people are being so stupid here. It’s clear that we’ve been lacking something in midfield since Diaby’s injury, and last year we looked pretty solid in that area when Song was around. Arteta’s a great DM imo, but he needs someone next to him to take some of the slack. He looks knackered – as does the rest of the bloody team!

    And Demba Ba should be signed because he’s a proven goalscorer in the PL who can lead the line and is just different enough from Giroud to make it worthwhile from a tactical perspective.

  10. Nizam said

    Ok let Wenger prove it by winning against Albion and start a winning run and soon. No ifs and but.Robbie Savage os one of the voices asking the fm to go but let’s see what happens from no.w until the windowopens.If the gunners still struggle and he doesn’t get the experienced players and continues to buy kids for the future,he deserves to get the boot

  11. adiiii83 said

    @Davi: Yeah Busquets is a big boy, but he’s far from a beast. Where Barcelona benefits mostly is from the forward pressure. Just watch how much pressure the likes of Messi, Pedro, Villa, Sanchez or anyone they choose as their front line places on the defense. This usually means the defence is rushing their passes to the midfield where the clever readers of the game (Xavi, Fabba,Iniesta and Busquets) intercept and immediately flood an attack. All that slow possession they do is a deception to their real weapon and ability to score goals, which is usually a tackle high up the pitch followed by a flood of players sorrounding the box and quick ball movement. This is why Zlatan Ibrahimovic struggled in their team, because they play ridiculously high tempo football. Spain doesn’t have a Messi in their team, but they employ the same brand of football. Quick players (not fast athletes). Quick footed and slippery short players, that are amazing technicians. Now I agree with Ba though, cos he’s very quick for his size and works really hard from the front. But I still think we need very quick and skillfull players on the wings and Podolski, Ramsey, OX are not it. I would even consider playing the OX at right full back as he would give us a Dani Alves type of athlete down that side.

  12. Malkmus said

    Yeah, we definitely Capoue. He looks strong and a good passer too. Arteta and Wilshere to fight a place in a two man midfield. Forget about 4-3-3, get back to 4-4-2.

  13. Philip said

    You write like you are sure wenger will buy all three players this january. You know wenger or the board(dont know who dictate the purchase of players) have been fucking us up for a long time, that is not stopping now. Lets pray the players we have improve , but dont put your hope in the purchase of players, rather our players will be sold out. That is the out look.

  14. henry the 3rd said

    fellani in dm he has proven his class in premier league already so no risk. i think arsenal need a striker that can run at players and beat them and can finish too. i think baa is a good finisher hes stats are on par with rvp but im not sure if he’ll run past many defenders though especially as opponents seem to up their game when playing afc.

  15. Steve guya said

    Very true, dis iz da weakest squard of all time in gunnerz history, wid 3 big playaz uv listed, we can be da best

  16. Seun adeleye said

    Nice that you have suggested three Africans ,wish we could buy them all in January. Com’on arsenal,gunner for life.

  17. Abugu chibundu said

    For ur info,barca haz many bullies evn now nd before.take a close luk at pique nd puyol u wil juz undastand wot i mean.yaya toure iz a bully wen he waz a player in barca.not nly barca,oda teamz av playaz woz wok iz 2 break up d opponentz attack.chelsea has mikel,ramires.newcastle has many tiote, cabaye to mention a few.so,arsenal have non but we av song before.i think wenger av got 2 leave dat club.aldough it iz nt possible nw as he iz a top stakehokda in arsenal

  18. richard morgan said

    The only real bone of contention for me is your assumption that we need 3 extra players. My evaluation of the current squad is that we have a good first 11 but need 8 quality signings i would say 1 striker 3 wingers 2 defensive midfielders a defender and a keeper to challenge sczesney for number 1. for january i would say a strike a winger and a keeper are a must the rest could wait until next season. By getting rid of Chamakh, Bedntner, Park, Arshavin, Djourou and fabianski we would generate some cash and also free up spaces in the squad for those extra signings. For all those of you that say Wenger needs to win a trophy yes that would be desirerable but let us remember that for the last 7 seasons in the transfer spending list we are placed 18th in the table yet have continually finished in the top four. Also remember chelsea and city are rarity of clubs where billionaires splash cash. Think after the stadium is payed off we will be stronger financially and will be more able to compete with the bigger spenders.

  19. Gary said

    Henry the 3rd has it spot on, Fellani is the answer . I often wonder how on earth we lost Dembele and Vertoghen to spurs. Definitely would have helped with the problems we see now and give us much needed cover at key spots

  20. Gooner24 said

    I hope this is true!! Wenger had a strong squad few years ago, yes!!! Yes he needed one defender and one goalkeeper not to compete but take the Premier League but instead of that he took the choice not to buy… so when players like fabregas and nasri start to understand what’s going on they left. Wenger plan was destroy because he would not give 20m for taking the league. UNITED AND ARSENAL HAVE THE SAME BUCKET IN WAGES FOR PLAYERS EVERY YEAR, and they pay 200k for rooney. When jeckinson take 40k per week and rafael take 15k then wenger is idiot. If he dont change the policy and that american dont leave Arsenal then your post is just a dream!!!

  21. Enough! said

    Well, now that we’ve lost Ba to Chavsea and Mbia to the Geordies both for peanuts, was wondering if you still think Wenger knows?

    PS He’s come out and said we’ve never been in for Zaha – but is after a 17 year old from the busted flush that is the French league. A 2nd division player.

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