John Terry MUST appeal the FA Ban

September 27, 2012


The man is washed up as a footballer of any significance and an appeal submitted before our Saturday lunchtime war would mean he gets to play.

He needs to play, as there is not a hope in hell he will cope with the pace and movement of our midfield and strike-force.

Theo and Geo would have a field day up against the half-wit.

Bring him on.



3 Responses to “John Terry MUST appeal the FA Ban”

  1. frank wilcox said

    LMAOAO,i gotta tell ya,i couldn’t agree more!!!!!! we need john terry on the pitch saturday!!!!!lmaoao

  2. Wayne said

    I don’t think JT is a racist but he made a mistake saying what he did on camera and anyone can quite clearly see what he said. It’s a shame as he’s a top player but he has done some stupid things in the past ie sleeping with his best mates wife and then kneeing someone in the back live on tv then saying he never done anything, now this. It’s not good for youngsters to see this sort of thing in football. But I do agree with the ban and fine and also resign from England. Maybe he can come back strong but I dought it.

  3. fundi Mangungu said

    yeah,terry and lampard should play! we gonna screw them hard and dry!

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