Arsenal Chairman rips into plastic Gooners

September 4, 2012

No need for a long winded intro…. read it and weep plastics!

‘It is not a worry to the board that we haven’t won a trophy since 2005. It would be lovely to win but it’s not that easy.

‘We’re very ambitious and want to win but, if you don’t have billions of petro-dollars to throw around, you’re going to have to do it some other way. That’s what we’re trying to do — with skillful selection of players.’

‘I don’t think Stan Kroenke is going to put the sort of dollars in that Abramovich or Sheikh Mansour are putting into Chelsea or Manchester City. That’s not the way he thinks clubs should be run.’Luckily, Arsene understands that. He got an economics degree from Strasbourg University so he’s certainly no fool. He knows how a club should be run. That annoys a lot of people but clubs have to be sustainable. We’re not going to go bankrupt in the way one or two other well known clubs have.’What those fans shouted did not influence me one little bit. I was disgusted to hear them because Arsene’s been absolutely outstanding. He is still outstanding,’ he concluded.

Take the proverbial out of the old Chairman as much as you like, but his words above are 100% on the mark.

21 Responses to “Arsenal Chairman rips into plastic Gooners”

  1. RockyLives said

    Good one Stringy. How are you?

    I just said something similar in the comments over on AA.

    I actually really like the old duffer.

    Also in the same interview, when asked about making a nice profit from some shares he doesn’t give any kind of bullshit answer about making more shares available or feeling it was better to broaden share ownership of whatever. He just says: “Well, you wouldn’t say no, would you?”

    It’s a shame greedy players aren’t as honest when excusing their own moves to bigger-paying clubs.

  2. Not bad for a senile old man who has personally made millions out of Arsenal Football Club and usually saves his rants for the Daily Star. !

  3. Hey mate, long time no speak.

    I agree at times PHW is senile and says things that are not needed, but this time he has nailed it.

  4. Deaks said

    I apologise but I do not agree

    Selling 10 players, loaning out 9, bringing in 4 and making a transfer profit, is no where near the dangers of what Man City and Chelsea are doing.

  5. Wes said

    Well this is the exact reason we have not won anything since 2005. The board doesn’t care as long as they make profit and there is no threat of Wenger being sacked for poor performances so he has no urgency to win anything. Wenger has lost his ability as a manager and we need a shake up in the board room! Get rid of Fat-Hill-Wood, Kronke and Gazidis and Bring in Usmanov! This is the only way we will ever get back to regular winning ways.
    Usmanov has a very good business plan for the club when he takes it over, I say when because WHEN he hits the 30% share mark he will offer Kronke more money for the shares than he paid for them and as we all know Silent Stan is only in it for the money and will take the money via bank transfer so he still doesn’t have to step foot off the plane in the uk! (Find Usmanovs plan on google if you haven’t seen it)

    If we win anything this season and that’s a very big IF it will be down to the Legend Steve Bould, yes Wenger put him in the position of assistant manager and it was a clever move by the Frenchman as he knows that his early success at Arsenal was due to putting a more formidable attack onto a very solid foundation at the back that Steve himself was hugely involved in creating many years ago.

    Like I have, read Hill-Woods full transcript not just the part that this person decided to post

  6. Stonroy said

    Honestly what does he gain from opening his mouth to the press? Nothing. He’s an old fool who everytime he speaks he weakens Arsenal with his rhetoric. He doesn’t make us sound like winners but a bunch of whiners.

  7. RockyLives said

    “As we all know…”
    I envy you your special inside knowledge of Mr Kroenke’s motives and ambitions.
    Pray, tell us more.
    And how did you come about this information?
    Are you a confidante of Mr Kroenke’s?

  8. RockyLives said

    The people criticising PHW presumably have not read his comments, or not read them properly.

    There is nothing in them with which any sensible Arsenal supporter can disagree (obviously they won’t please the spend-gazillions-now-and-bugger-the-consequences brigade).

    What’s more, they are expressed with a refreshing degree of honesty and lack of spin – a stark contrast with what comes out of the mouths of footballers when they want to change clubs.

  9. gunnafire said

    Sorry fans, bottom line for Plastic-Horny Woodenstick is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$….as if they haven’t earned enough yet.

  10. André said

    I was accused of not being intelligent on Twitter for agreeing to what PHW said. He might mouth off sometimes but he’s been spot on twice in recent times with his comments about happenings at the club, one being this and the other was earlier in the summer when he said if RVP wants the club to match his ambition on the pitch with signings, they will but if he wants his financial ambition met by the club that will be impossible, which was spot on. Fans complain about club not communicating but discard anything coming from the club once it’s not confirming or denying that the club has £60m transfer kitty it’s not spending as that AST man has been peddling for couple of years now. Arsenal is one of the few clubs actively engage fans yet our fans moans the most. The United fans who formed green and gold to force the Glaziers out were completely ignored and intimidated to drop their campaign Arsenal engage even rebel group like Blackscarf etc yet club ain’t communicating/engaging with fans. Some fans are even suggesting PHW should’ve written to the fans like Liverpool owner did forgetting the fact that Liverpool is a club in crisis and we’re not!!!

  11. mike said

    I also don’t think you need to spend 50 million on one player to win trophies. You should spend sensible money like this past summer, and to try and keep you valuable players.

  12. PaulB said

    so charging the highest prices in the country and selling our best players is 100% on the mark, how misguided you are, he is so touch with the real fans, his comments before about Kroneke “We don’t want his sort around here” proves what a fool he is, we are a business that’s why we haven’t won anything since we went into the soulless bowl. we don’t compete with trophies we only make up the numbers, once again the AKB brigade out out licking the dictator’s boots

  13. lawafc said

    so many many things one can say about this obscene old fool

    he has made millions out of the loyal fans and now has the cheek to criticise US

    none of this explained why arsenal have to make a PROFIT on transfers

    he is the reason Arsenal have not won anything

    it is a big deal not to have won anything

    it would not have taken millions and millions – year after year we the fans have cried out for the club to spend just a bit more to keep our best players and get players in vital positions

    there have been years when just a few millions spent well would have won us the league – whats the monetary return in that!

    wining trophies makes money – gets better sponsorship and fills stadiums – if we keep failing to win the best players will not come (we have already seen this) and eventually they wont fill that stadium

    this is due to YOU – for the love of god man – GO!!!!!

  14. Adeniji ademola abdulahi,nigeria said

    Anti-wenger brigandage wil look 4 ways 2 make pple think usmanov is trully sincere,hiding frm d fact he want 2 curnilly takeover,may more £ and push us 2 liverpool/malaga scenario,PHW is damn sensible and afc is closer 2 silverware.Where was usmanov wen afc was abt buildin stadium,glory huntin egocentric cunt.

  15. Jay said

    Bang-on Mr Chairman. Wining a trophy with millions of pounds worth of debt hanging over you is like buying a Ferrari with your credit card. Absolutely suicidal! Only fools will admire you for that! No wonder the world economy has gone mental. Arsenal is the only sensible club out there. The Chairman said if you cant stand it get help.
    Remember, Arsene is the ONLY premier league manager with a degree! That tells you all about the man; he’s got a brain!

  16. RockyLives said

    I love the headlines all over Newsnow “Arsenal have spending limit, admits chairman…” “Arsenal can’t compete financially with Man City and Chelsea…”

    What next?

    “Sun rises in east, sets in west.” “Sky is coloured blue; sea likewise.”

  17. ClockEndRider said

    “Usmanov has a very good business plan for the club when he takes it over…”. Wow, you must ally be “ITK”. Please share this info with us, becaus as far as I can see, all Usmanov has done is make some fairly oblique statements garding his actual intentions and leave those with few if any critical faculties to infer what they will. Hardly a business plan. But, as I say, please feel free to elaborate.
    Cme on now. Don’t be shy…..

  18. roy said

    The pompous chairman states that the board are not worried about winning trophies.Well i’ve got news for him and his board,they bloodywell should do.Do you think we go over the Emerites for a laugh.No,we go to see them win matches and win trophies.Question is,what are you their for,money maybe?

  19. Kevin said

    The thing I recall about Usmanov was his demand that the club start paying dividends to shareholders. Perhaps Wes would be so kind as to provide us with this new all singing, all dancing business plan that will turn Arsenal into the dominant football team in the world?

    lawafc states “there have been years when just a few millions spent well would have won us the league – whats the monetary return in that!”

    And which seasons would those have been?

  20. marcus said

    yeah, that’s right — because, you know, there’s NOTHING in between spending mega-billions like City & Chelsea and spending almost nothing. That’s the ONLY choice we have. Spending big on crap like Liverpool or…spending practically NOTHING.

  21. Dean said

    Erm £40 million three players bought in. Song rvp and Vela three that have gone over £40 million back. Shed load of players gone for small fees or on frees or loan. Wages saved a small fortune. Dont think anyone wants £50 million players on £13 million a year. Just spend your profits you keep boasting about regularly on strengthening the squad to fight for trophies. Injuries do arsenal no favours every year. Podolski and Giroud get injured whos the goal scorer.

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