RVP – You are a Liar

July 5, 2012

You have never had any intention of signing a new contract with the club that supported you through numerous injury ravaged seasons.

You in fact agreed a deal with City around the time you missed a sitter against Milan from 2 yards out, a goal that would have taken us into the Quarter finals of the Champions League.

You and your family have mugged us off for months with your lies.

You will be a City player by 1st September.

You have conned Arsenal out of a decent transfer fee by outing your decision so publicly.

You are aware that Arsenal wanted to hold out for circa 30M, now we will be lucky to get 50% of that.

You know full well we have no intention of losing a player on a free.

You Sir are Scum.


80 Responses to “RVP – You are a Liar”

  1. Nicholas said

    he leaaaves when he wants he leeeaaaves when he waaantss
    Robin Van Persie

  2. ArsenalisYourDaddy said

    That was rough, but I agree, his agent already knows where he is going.

    He did screw is on the transfer fee, it did drop the value by more than 50% I bet.
    He should be sold QUICKLY, he should be ashamed to walk in the Emirates ever again.
    Scum, maybe no, well 20% better than scum.

  3. gunner17 said

    we also supported him through that RAPE case…

  4. gunner17 said

    I don’t like his statement, but i won’t complain if he goes to Barca or Real. He’s earned a move.

    If he goes to City, i will be disgusted with him. That would be so disappointing.

    Go somewhere with some heart Robin, not City.

    His agent is scum.

  5. Ridiculous said

    This is a very silly and outrageous article that should be rescinded immediately. It’s upsetting that he wants to leave but this is the arsenal boards fault for letting our standards fall so badly. We have sold copious players to man city and Barcelona and as a result are about to lose our last true super talent.

    But this article is a personal attack by you that is probably not felt by many arsenal fans. You can’t accuse him of being a liar and scum as you have no proof of this and I think that this a libelous article of which RVP would have every right to sue over.

    Have you in your life ever changed your job, and if so were you labelled a liar and scum for doing so. That all he is doing. If he goes to real Madrid then credit him with a good choice. If he goes to barca then it because of fabregas. If he goes to city its for the money.

    Sure be upset but don’t lower your own standards with childish accusations.

    Arsenal will survive and find a new talisman, as they always do.

  6. redordead said

    Do you blame? him leaving a club with no ambition?
    I dont one bit good luck Robin i wish you all the best go win a trophy!

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  8. Gooner 1970 said

    I agree the way he`s done this will halve what we will get, But come on Arsenal show some gutts and get rid ASAP thx Robin but now GO- And i agree you and your scummy agent knew a long while ago where you are going? I was there at WBA last game when you came over to the fans,
    I said he`s saying good bye,

  9. Docbrody said

    Good point about the rape case. Its important to note that he was EXONERATED. Even so, he did come out of it admitting he’d cheated on his wife while she was pregnant with their second child.

    That kind of behavior (the cheating, NOT rape) is pretty standard for footballers. The only conclusion that can really be drawn from it is that he’s no different than the average footballer in terms of loyalty and ethics.

    We were all deluding ourselves to expect more.

  10. DON VINCENT said


  11. byebye said

    So he wants to go on an open top bus ride around manchester next may, with a bunch of strangers throwing cash from the roof. i hope that makes up for the splinters in his ar$e.

    Im just annoyed he didnt announce this before the season tickets were renewed, another lie by the club to fans…..

  12. Byo said

    This is how Arsenal is repaid after many injury-ravaged seasons, when his salary was paid.
    what move did he earn? I hope Wenger holds him to his contract for the year.

  13. daniel chibueze said

    Rvp a disappointment

  14. Lloyd nyagah kinyua said

    Rvp is a true lie let mr wenger sell him en buy a central defender and a striker to replace we fans are disappointed.

  15. akurasamurai said

    Van Persie is the biggest slimeball ever 1 season without injury and this is what we get hope you have an injury plagured exit cause that sir is what you deserve

  16. ruelando said

    No need to hold him let him go, we dont have time to waste, this has been his best ever season and i wish him all the best with is future

  17. Ibrahim Abdulmumin said

    This day player are after the dollar and pound and not making name for they self.

  18. dave said

    the only liar here is that french retard of a manager we have

  19. Tribal goon said

    Get a grip on reality. RVP owes Arsenal nothing. He gave his all last season and he does not believe that 4th is success He is right. He would be a fool to stay at this stage of his career for a) less wages b) 4th place trophy. It simply means he is smart and does not buy into wengers spin. Dont be bitter, we still have the “best ball winner in the league” with us, Denilson.

  20. koli said

    lets face it if it wasn’t for robin we’d be playing in the europa league, I trust him enough to take him at his word; and to be fair he is nearly thirty and hasn’t won a single trophy in his whole career at arsenal, unless you count the community shield. I think instead of getting pissed of at players who leave for more money and to actually win trophies, which most of them do, we should be pissed of at the club for not signing class proven players; even though at last count we’ve got 115 MILLION in the bank and one of the richest men in the world aching to lavish us with money. I would probably do the same thing if i were in rvps shoes. I think we all would.

  21. Timothy Cheng said

    Money will always be the motivating factor. There is no such thing as loyalty….he is already coming 30 and have a few years left??

  22. goddy said

    i wish RVP all d best but this isnt d way to repay gunners 4 all those years we stood by you when u were injured.

  23. Charles said

    Now a lesson 4 Arsene..dis guyz re ingrates.look @dis guy chielini(spellin) broke his glass leg nd they carried his carcass 2 arsenal 4 us 2 treat him.Now i knw dis guyz awaits a season wonder nd den dey seek 4 anoda “beta” club.Now Diaby comes 2 mind again..dnt trust anybodi again even wilshere!I will neva sing their names again..jst watch their commitments on d pitch.our Batman now leaves wen he wants..i wish ur glass legs well scum @Robin.Dnt even dream of comin 2 Nigeria or else…..

  24. Jerry okoi said

    If he leaves. I will have the pains but he will definately regret it.

  25. Wudillawa said

    Hmmmmm! He served us well and we still need him. While if he want leave just let Him go and focus to our businesses……Up Gunners 4 lyf!

  26. Tris said

    Arsenal fans. Let’s rise up and revolt against the management. Let’s demonstrate outside the management’s offices, Let’s have a ticket embargo- lets not buy any tickets until the management wakes up. Without fans & spectators the club is nothing; they play for no one, and no sponsors will carry on their business relationship with Arsenal. If they keep thinking so ‘economically’, let’s ‘economically cripple’ the Arsenal until the management wakes up to the reality of retaining RVP, and building back our glory days.

  27. Jerry okoi said

    V.p stay to avoid a long injury future

  28. John Van Zant said

    too many times are the players in charge. I say keep him until the winter transfer window but don’t play him at all. Let’s see how fit he is with no games under his belt.

  29. Joe Noble said

    VP u hv try wit ur decision, but wia excellence is possible very gud is nt gud enough, y didnt u leave Arsenal during ur injury moments? A club dt stand by u tru out? So dt is how to say thanks, any way go wit ur selfish decision n God will fix u right….

  30. ABAY MASRESHA said

    U KNOW WHAT “u r ,lier <<we supported when u are a serious enjury but u forget that at all.
    lets go just like ur fraind nasri and clechy for your money.

  31. humble said

    Let him go if he wants, hes nt 1st or the 2nd but all i knw is that evry body mst rip wts ever seed he sow. Cos upon evrytin we did 4 him

  32. he should just leave. he’s no better than henry or fabre. life goes on at emirates. we.ll be very strong coming season. wenger should ship out all the underperformers otherwise they wil do a nasri/clichy/rvp bullshit when suitors come calling- they’re all heartless.

  33. VPS has been in Arsenal for 8 yrs. He only played one full year out of 8. One season, he scored 30 goals or more, he stated that, he wanted to go because the club DOES NOT. MEET HIS AMBITIONS. That is called hypocrisy. Good luck VPS.

  34. Trennon said

    Ridiculous. I can’t believe how freely he used the fans in that statement to just kick us in the teeth. After years and years of constant injuries he wants out after one good season. Where were you Robin when we were top of the league in February? Where were you when we were challenging for trophies. Injured thats where. Unable to help the team win those trophies but still we stuck by you! RIP RVP your legend died the moment that statement went up live on your site.

  35. Yah,RVP is a blatant lier.he has alredy made up his mind 4rm onset to liv arsenalfc.let him go.but,he shudnt 4get dat arsenal made him whom he is 2day.farewel!farewel.we cn do witout him.Gunners til enternity.

  36. kalu said

    let him leave as he might cost us next season coz of his non-commitment.ope has seen how those who left b4 under same situation ave flopped.

  37. Ben said

    Don’t blame the player. 8 years is a long time at one club that has hardly won anything. Blame the stupid management and Wenger’s stupid youth program that refuses to sign or extend older players except on one year deals. Wenger has bought poorly with little support for our best players and supporting and over paying under performing players for too long while under paying our best. Arsenal care more about making money than winning trophies. RvP is doing the right thing for himself and his family. Arsenal have a paper thin squad with no good backup to win anything over a long season. How many truly world class players can you name in Arsenal’s first eleven, let alone among the reserves? We are about to lose one of the few now.

  38. SAMILUV said


  39. I wuld advice wenger to sell him now coz whatever arsenal av done for him is greater dan what he has done 4 de club n de club is also greater than him after all we can replace him bt remember de moment u r out of arsenal ur football future is over xcept fabrigas who av manage it at barca.

  40. daniel odiba said

    am not surprise at all. I saw this coming….. I was fuckin sure he would reject us. Its pretty clear now, dat we should get rid of diaby as well. Cos i 4c a similar situation. RVP, is dis wt u cald luv? Betrayin a man who has stood by u tru ur rape case? Tru ur injury nitemare?? I bet u man, u’l regret dis!! Oh! Let me remind u, i gues d holland national team are ambitious! Wit al ur so cld ‘world class players’, wht did u achieve at d EURO’S?? Nt even a single match did u win. Trophies are destined. If its nt 4 u, u’l neva get anywhere. Mind u, jst watch our season at arsenal as it roars dis summer. We’ve got Poldi nd Girou..ld!

  41. Kezzy said

    I think players need to be treated with caution. Iam surprised all Robin’s family members kept lying to us the fans and the club that they would like for him to stay and end his career at Arsenal. If they were serious about their statements maybe they did not do enough to convince him to stay. However, there are also sturbon children who Some players think they know more than their parents but I think Ro$in has miscalculated and he will soon regret the decision. Ro$in, you will receive the pay in the same portion you are giving AFC now.

  42. Awe jay said

    I dislikes nd hates pple who did nt show gratitude.even if he wants 2 move 2 city 4 money or trophy let him go,as far as they meet our demand tag. And use d morni to invest on the team, dix is how d likes of Hleb,Flamini,Adebayor,Nasri all pay bk arsenal wt d other side of d coin,now robin is next.

  43. musa eye-b the gunner said

    i agree with you he knew that he wont sign for a new contract with the club that transformed him from that maggot he was to the big shining starhe is before the eyes of the world and after all pay back with stupid lies, just pretend to be fakingly nice to robbin’ the hearts of gunners in a selfish way.”shame on you robin vampire,you suck,nkt!”

  44. Anthony said

    That was no good of him RVP i will like to see you rot on the bench! You bluffed us i hope you dont score like you did last season because soon Mr injury will come knocking on the door of your legs…i bet you that you will regret it.

  45. Idiongo EYOSKY said

    We should end n kill his career by keeping him on d bench.

  46. Uby Essien, Nigeria said

    This is the more reason mr. wenger should stop going for younger talents…they’ll always want to feel they were better than club that made them who the are. Without Arsenal will Fab be amongs the all conlquering spanish team today? How many passes did Van covert at the last euros. Pls sell he to Juv for any amount & not City for mega box. We are tired of dis-loyal players…clichy, Fab, Cole, Ade mumu, Nasri and now Van. Let him go now

  47. Oyewole Olusanya said

    If u Robin leave arsenal.u wil 4eva live 2 regret ur action

  48. NICHOLAS said


  49. udehsam said

    I saw it coming..well I wish him the very best Fuck you from the bottom of my balls!!

  50. Lawal Ebrohgunnerz Ebraheem said

    It’s really painful what RVP deed to us, but no1 is bigger dan d club we can’t jst let our key players go away evrytime like this, we need trophy 4 goodness sake

  51. Gsome said

    Am gutted his tym to pay back n he is talking of trophys, well who know what the future has in store! It might b d best tym to let go as we coaxed a good season from him.

  52. charming said

    well, I guess clichy, nasri and fabregas have suffered enormously after their departures. players compete to win – long past wengers time to go – hasn’t a clue about defence

  53. Soldier go,Soldier come.whether RVP leave or not. we must win trophies this coming season.GUNNER FOR REAL,FOR LIFE AND FOREVER. ARSENAL ALL THE WAY.WOW!!!

  54. test said

    but does other players support him on the pitch for winning trophies !?

  55. GoonerMAC said

    Unless we get £20-30m for him I say keep him to his contract. If he doesn’t want to play then let him rot in the reserves or put him on gardening leave for a year and see if Man City still want to pay him £200K+ per week.

    The real shame of it all is that with that statement he put out yesterday he’s burnt his bridges with the fans and we all seem to be turning on him. Not the sort of legacy I thought he would end up with but all of his own making.

    Whatever happens I can’t see him playing for us anymore. Wenger should come out today to say his stripped RVP of the captaincy and say he’s appointed Vermaelen or Sagna in his place.


  56. Tommy said

    Agreed he is nothing more than a greedy fucker that probably will get injured again soon so get the money and ditch him asap, he’s not better then nasri. tbh i dont want him to stay now and above all he was our captain disgusted with players sulking after money and have no moral what so ever! his statement yesterday didn’t kick us in the nuts he is just saying what alot of fans been moaning about on websites for the last 4 years, though it’s very damaging for the club that he say a thing like that that the club hasn’t any ambition etc, will make it harder to make stars move to the club i can imagine and that is just so disrespectfull!

  57. Kenren E. Marvellous said

    If he want to go let him go, I think this is the ever first season he tried for the club, A.W is the reason to RVP form, but now look at the reward of it, I wish you good luck Robin, go and win trophies elsewhere, We will try and see how it will go 2012/2013 season, But I will remind you not to join City, If you can go to Barca or Real that is good. Best of luck.

  58. JC said

    7 injury hit seasons, 1 injury-free season, he played less than 200 games in 8 years and only broke the 20 goal barrier once. He is not worth the anger he is receiving.

    The statement he put out says all you need to know about him, he released it to burn his bridges and force through a transfer this summer. I say sell him and move on, we have lost far more important players than him and it hasn’t led to us finishing mid-table. His ‘I love the fans/club/boss’ bullshit is just a further insult.

    If we do force him to see out the remaining year of his contract he should be stripped of the captaincy and made to sit on the bench while the players that actually do want to be at Arsenal can get a chance to show what commitment looks like. Let’s see what kind of deal he gets when has only played a handful of games.

    Enjoy life at Man City if you can stay fit, and good luck dislodging Balotelli and Aguero, although I am sure the £250k per week (which you’re not really interested in, it’s trophies right?) will make sitting on the bench there a bit more bearable.

  59. AJ said

    RvP aka one season wonder. Lets all think will he stay injury free? he is getting older I for one can’t shake injuries like I could 10 years ago. If you knew what Arsenal and the team had to do to prevent him from getting injured no other team will treat him the same. The sooner he has gone and we have a fee we need to just re invest

  60. Cris said

    Rvp big shame on u we all stood by u tru yrs of injuries,nw u spit on our face,u c no ambitn in arsenal side yet the lads gave u d best season of ur career so far,compare wit ur national side u were no where in d euros ar we nt better than holland RIP ROBIN

  61. ben said

    He’s entitled to leave. When have arsenal shown they can win the prem and the champions league? Its about time the board decide whether they want to be a top 4 club settleing for 4th spot or actually want trophys. I back wenger all the way too recover this! But the board need to sort it out. Good luck rvp.

  62. When will we stop ever seeing this nonsense, am tired of this.Can’t there be any Ryan Giggs or Paul Scholes at Arsenal. Now that the ingrate is injury free he wants to leave. Why didn’t he leave along time ago when he was still injured, that’s just a lame excuse “challenging for trophies” we now can challenge for tophies with Giroud and Podolski. I CURSE YOU ROBIN

  63. john said

    he had great season , but did he shit earn a move , out of 8 seasons he had one fully fit and exceptional one , 7 seasons for one good one , hes a great palyer and if he wants to ove he wants to move , but i hate the way palyers say they want to move for trophys , if nasri and him stayd next season we would have a trophy winning team

  64. B Johnson said

    And you are a complete and utter prat. RVP is absolutely right – Why should a player of that quality be playing with the likes of Walcott and Ramsey? He plays his heart out everytime he plays for the Arsenal, especially last season when he did it with no quality support. RVP has Not letdown Arsenal, he has been letdown! You are clearly shortsighted, should RVP stay this season and Arenal win a major trophy I believe he will stay. If Arsenal win nothing RVP is vindicated

  65. Rich Smith said

    His agent is scum, his agent is scum, Robin Van Persie, his agent is scum.

    His family are liars, his family are liars, Robin Van Persie, his family are liars.

  66. Bashir Olayinka said

    Robin van persie you are traitor like cesc Fabregas,Samir Nasir. And you want to go and Nasri at City.without Cesc,Nasri you are the highest goal scorer. Quit if you want to quit. GUNNER FOR LIFE.

  67. knowitall@simpleanswers.com said

    how about actually winning trophies to keep players and stop buying players with an eye to reselling them

  68. ARSENAL FAN said

    I never actually thought that van persie could be so selfish, his family don’t want him to leave, they want him to stay at arsenal.
    Everyone knows he would regret it, his agent thinks he knows best by getting more money.
    Arsenal have been so loyal to him and paid him so much respect and believed in him in the early years, when he could nearly kick a ball propably, they stuck by him and this is how he repays us!
    It is his own loss, when he is at man city and arsenal win the epl next year, he will be sorry, Not only will he go to many city the boo’s he gets will be unreal.

  69. Tayo bello said

    Van P€r$i€ just showed that he is worse than na$ri, at least na$ri kicked us when he was out Van P€r$i€ is doing it while still our captain….’out of respect for Mr wenger and the fans….’ what respect? As bad as Wenger is, he sure doesn’t deserve this……. I’d say keep him till his contract expires,keep him on the bench,play him in the reserves or against stoke,maybe he will get injured and lets see if Man C would still fancy him……. But seriously,selling him would only prove that other clubs can come and pick our players as they like…..its time we make a statement…if other clubs want him they should wait a year.

  70. Miros said

    IF im right, one of his agents is that Dein dud… So,this could be expected…THAT MAN IS ON A MISSION to destroy AFC to revenge his father!!! I think he was involved in all departures of our star players…

  71. RK said

    For this display of “loyalty” hope Arsenal send him to Anzimakachkala or Shanghai for a good sum…and RVP can win as many trophies in those leagues as he wants

  72. Kanone said

    We’ve had the best of him last season.
    He’ll get loadsamoney.but as far as his football is concerned, it’s all downhill now.

  73. Nate said

    Boy O Boy, a lot of fans are fuming. Never seen anything like it. All I can say is – let him leave…he’s been a ‘one seasoner.’ yes, his goals mattered, but who knows if he matters again. I am sure that he’s not even sure his feet will hold come next season. May be he’ll only be a one season legend, who knows? For money or for trophies time will tell. He’s been at the club 8 years, served it for 1 and he has the audacity to say the club does not meet his ambition. His career kicked off just a year ago. At the most, he seems to be an opportunist.

  74. Alf said

    Fuck him we supported Arsenal before he arrived and will after he has gone.

  75. ChudAFC71 said

    Top post mate , Van Persie you have mugged this club off & you still have the cheek to come out with the usual bollocks ” I will always love this club & the fans” oh fuck right off you prick !!!

  76. may7heaven said

    This isn’t an article, it’s a brainless rant. I, for one, believe that RvP wants to win things with Arsenal but has finally come to the conclusion that they care more about the business model than about the football. Wakey wakey, old Stan Krankie doesn’t have any real attachment to the club, so why has he invested in it????? Oh ummmmm that’s a tough one. Maybe he just likes red & white shirts!

  77. Rvp is am ingrate by said he wanted 2 quit d club dt care 4 him when he was nobody very stupid ideot i think we should let him go

  78. The Cabbie said

    Time for supporters to say enough is enough and refuse to go to a selected match

  79. micheal said

    i feel what van persie did to arsenal is unfair nd very rude throughout the 8 years he spent in arsenal they stood by his side throughout series of injuries dat time he didnt want to leave arsenal but when he completed a season and perfomed well he now wants to leave it is just stupidity nd i’m sure all arsenal players will never forgive him if he like’s he should join the stupid gang of clichy fabregas nasri

  80. micheal said

    i think what rvp diid is memely wickedness but lets leave him alone.

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