RVP is in big trouble

May 26, 2012

Before I tell you why let me say this;

I love RVP, and I concur with Wenger in that he is the best captain at the club since Paddy, and like all Gooners I sincerely hope he signs up for another 4 years with us.  If he decides he wants away, that is his prerogative and as disappointed as I will be  I will wish him well  as the situation is nothing like that of Cesc’s or Nasri’s from last Summer.

Ok that bit out of the way, now why is RVP is big trouble?  History says so, that is why!

Enough already of the crypticism – This was the first season since RVP was a teenager in Holland that he has played an entire season without injury, 40 odd games on he is now going to play in a major Summer tournament with the men in Orange?

International tournament football is hardcore, there is no messing about taking it easy, his body will be tested to the extreme, and his injury record whilst playing in minor friendlies for the Dutch tells me he is a nutter for going into the Euros not having signed a contract to sew up his remaining 4 or 5 years in his footballing career.

He does not need a good tournament to show how good he is in order he can bargain up his wages, everybody can see already after the season he has had with us.  So why is he being advised to maybe risk major injury with just one year left on his contract?

If he does indeed get injured, many on Twitter (@onearsenewenger) have told me that would be good news for us as he would be left no alternative but to sign for us… really?  Why would this club risk a £30M contract on a player that may never play again to his max potential?  He is 30 next year, not 23 with years ahead of him.

Injuries at 23, 24 can still have time ahead to correct themselves, as we have seen with RVP himself, but injuries heading into the 30’s is a whole new ball game.

On a side note – Diaby is still only 25/26… he has time, and you people that knock him might just be made to look very silly soon!

Yes I don’t post as much anymore, and I have told you why in the past, Arsenal blogging is a boring world these days, every Tom, Dick and Abdul is a blogger and I prefer the medium of Twitter, real-time views, real-time emotions!!

My tip for the Euros?  France at a juicy 14/1 with Benzema top tournament goalscorer… he will be the star of Euro 2012.



9 Responses to “RVP is in big trouble”

  1. ADEX said

    Well,I cant say if he is gonna sustain another injury or not but if he says he is not signing den let sell him n use d money to get another talented player..

  2. gunnit! said

    well maybe he is going to sign a new contract but is holding of so aw will make some quality signings. hopefully he has thought about all this and it turns out that way.

  3. Prince ade said

    Allow him 2 sign 4 city bt we shd swap him wit 1 reasonable player. Player lyk adam johnson, nigel de jong, or eden dzeko. Wit addition of 15mil pnds.

  4. Goonerjock said

    Makes an interesting read. Agree with comments about Rvp being awsome player THIS season. Believe that had he been able to stay fit for more than one season in his Arsenal career we would have won trophy’s. I don’t sign up to all the doom and gloom if he does go as he has had only ONE great season, like Flamini, Nasri and Adebayour. I want him to stay and build on last season but we have survived without his goals when he was on the payroll, surely we will survive and succeed with someone else growing into his boots and taking his wages – Podolski, Campbell, Afobe, Demsey…..Bendtner (maybe not)

  5. wellingooner said

    I do not think he is desperate to leave, I think he wishes to stay at Arsenal. You can tell that is because of his family, they love life in London and his children are settled very well, his mother and wife Bouchra have said they would love to stay. However I personally believe the reason for the long drawn out contract talks is a mix of many things. Firstly agreeing terms to a new contract does not always happen so quickly, especially with such a shrewd board. Secondly, he wants Arsene to show ambition and to remove weak links and strengthen the team. Thirdly, he’s not stupid, he knows how desperate Wenger is to re-sign him, this is a great opportunity to push for higher wages.

  6. Doc brody said

    You say it’s nothing like Cesc or Nasri, but to me it’s just as bad or worse. In fact, if anyone owes a debt of loyalty to Arsenal, it’s RVP. Wenger has stuck with him for so long, through so many injuries, I would be shocked and very disappointed if he left now after just one good season. It’s not as if Arsenal aren’t offering him decent terms, and let’s not forget that we’ve been paying his wages for the last decade.

  7. Obalolafc said

    I can blame v.p if go cos ur manger alwaz due wit money he like money mor dan trophy dat why will lose fabregas,nasri.also henry.let 4get about (v p) but if e wat colet cup he go market buy experience player.

  8. andy said

    Lets not forget his agent is probably respobsible for advising RvP not to rush and sign a contract. Lets face it, why should he sign right now. He knows he has a contract on the table from Arsenal. He just finished a very successful season with Arsenal and EPL, he as the Euro coming up, so why not wait and see what happens after the Euros.
    Naturally everyone associated with Arseanl would like him to stay. Where were all those clubs when he wasn’t playing and injured. Did they show an interest in him then? AFC has stood by him through think and thin. But he has ONE good season and now everyone is after him. But that football for ya!

  9. fitsum said

    If he leaves,doesn’t mean hi dislikes arsenal but does’nt see his future in futureless club.a special player deserves a special club

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