VIDEO: Adolf Hitler rages at Spurs blowing 10 point lead on Arsenal

April 12, 2012

This is one to savour Gooners.

Sit back and enjoy.



22 Responses to “VIDEO: Adolf Hitler rages at Spurs blowing 10 point lead on Arsenal”

  1. Andy said

    haha i love it 5*

  2. mg20 said

    No comments other than “pure magic”.

  3. ukpunisher said

    im in hamburg at moment on business
    sick of german tv
    this made it all bearable

  4. Mogooner said

    You are an absolute genius! That deserves an Oscar!!!

  5. Geezer9999 said

    bloody brilliant

  6. Segunonijamowo said

    Tottenham wil finished ahead of ARSENAL as far as Wenger remain the man to lead arsenal also soner than later Emirate stadium wil be celebrating a trophy next season

  7. The Royal Arsenal said

    Tears!!!!! I am in fXXking tears

  8. lale said

    an awkward moment when u realise that spurs are jewish club

  9. mike said

    Simply Awesome

  10. hobo said

    QUALITY … Plain & simple!

  11. s j little said

    Stand up comedians sixth form humour for scumbags

  12. s j little said

    Thank goodness Arsenal fans are above this lowdwon childish “humour” only fit for 6th form nerds.h

  13. The Saint said

    Priceless! Thanks for giving me my first laugh of the day 🙂

  14. deejay said

    a b s o l u t e l y brilliant

  15. Joninho said

    Hahahahahaha love it

  16. adebayo said

    Arsenalfc should sign youssi benayoun,he is a great team player and will fit in the club plans for next season.

  17. adebayo said

    It is normal

  18. adebayo said

    It could happen to any team

  19. gunnergetcha said

    i cant stop crying with laughter.

  20. TrueGooner said

    i laugh with tears rolling dow

  21. Gunner54 said


  22. TheHoust said

    Brilliant, havent seen that one

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