The advice Pep Guardiola gave a young Mikel Arteta

April 9, 2012

There was a cracking read to be had in the Sports section of Easter Sunday’s Times…. Jonathon Northcroft got an exclusive interview with our midfield maestro, Mikel Arteta, and I thought I would give you people some of the more juicy quotes from said interview… as it would be behind a paywall online.

Aged 15-18, Mikel served as an understudy to Guardiola who was the main man in the Barca side at the time.  Our boy stated that Pep “was limited physically, could not defend, could not score goals, could not cover ground… but he played the “pivote” role like nobody ever has or ever will, including Xavi”

He went on to speak about what Guardiola told him about playing in the “pivote” role…. ” Mikel, you have to be happy when other people in the team are playing well around you, it means you have made them better, don’t try and find happiness in your own moments”

Arteta goes on to speak about learning to play that role he learned as a kid at La Masia but had subsequently forgotten when at PSG, Rangers and Everton… only at Arsenal has he been asked to serve his proper role.

He was deployed in a more offensive central position elsewhere.

Speaking of Alex Song he says ” Alex has the talent to play further forward, and with me helping out defensively, he has the license and I am happy to cover for him”

How can you not love this guy?


11 Responses to “The advice Pep Guardiola gave a young Mikel Arteta”

  1. Faseyiku lekan said

    How can u not love song truely? He is a dynamit.
    I think Arteta deserve an honour from spain, even if not more than the europe 2012. I love that guy.

  2. […] Oh yeah lastly, before I go, let me give you a little piece to read about our Spanish Prince. Try this piece, trust me, its unique. […]

  3. Julius said

    The mere fact that he took a pay-cut 2 play 4 Arsenal makes him loveable.
    He has the ability 2 bring out the best in the players around him, and the luck from Everton of finishing the season at a high… Gr8 player!!

  4. Ambrose said

    Truly the most good looking spaniard! Just wish had you joined AFC years ago.good job mikel.

  5. promise said

    Arteta is the best buy gunners made this season he’s such a sensation n a wonder boy. Keep it up cos u’ve found a home at emerate

  6. Segunonijamowo said

    Alex and Mikel have formed a good partnership in the midfield

  7. samchixp said

    yh! He’s a gud guy wif gud sense of humour. I love d way he doz his tinz! Up! Gunners!

  8. zamile said

    Arteta covers up for Song and is very cunning at seeing openings and reading the game. He has the brain that is why he is so humble.

  9. mike said

    Years ago I use to wonder why we can’t have Arteta at Arsenal, needless to say that last August when we acquired him I was very happy.

  10. Naboulsi said

    There is nobody better than Mikel Arteta, He’s the best little Spaniard we know

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