Mourinho next England Manager

February 9, 2012

Here is my thinking:

1. Harry is battered and bruised after the court case, just look at the interview this morning outside his home in Dorset.  Think all the media pressure and the cushy job at Spuds, no doubt a massive pay rise and more money for players to come from Levy will mean… thanks but no thanks.

2. That only leaves one other contender.

3. Jose has openly stated in the past that he would love to manage England.

4. He loves this country more than Portugal – the passion for the game we have took him by surprise during the Chav years.

5. He could walk into the job this summer…. and win the Euros, evening making the semis and become not only a chelski living legend, but a national hero – his ego deserves this!

6. He is leaving Real and wants United job next – but Fergie just won’t kick the bucket… 2 more years.

7. How would Jose’s ego cope with being the main man in English football?

8. Would he love going around every English stadium as the special one? not just a manager of a specific club? err YES

9. Coming to my way of thinking yet?

10. 10/1 Ladbrokes

You know it makes sense, Rodney.


3 Responses to “Mourinho next England Manager”

  1. yeah,.
    that makes sense

  2. Adam said

    Doubt it very much.

  3. Northbanksy said

    Harry will get the England job & the “Special One” will go to Spurs.

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