I am happy with Arsenal after Bolton

February 2, 2012

I was not happy after Villa – Why?  Cos minus 2 penalties and a fluke goal, we played average at best.  We rarely created any real goalscoring opportunities from open play.  I am never over enthused with Arsenal when we don’t actually play Wengerball.

When we get those slick passing triangles going, opening up a host of chances… I am at least assured that we can rip apart a team, any team,  if RVP is on a going day and Theo has his confidence up.

Last night was not a going day for Robin, he created a wonderful chance for himself, early in the game, on the edge of the Bolton D, on his treasured left peg… but ballooned it well over.

Theo got a great one on one via a lovely incisive pass from The OX – he hit the target, he played to nutmeg the goalie.. goalie done very well.

OX is everything, and more, that we had hoped of him, he has that fearless quality that can kill a side on its own.  When you have a player like that, you have to be positive.  He could achieve all manner of things this month.  A winner at the San Siro?  A double at Anfield?  Why not?  Tell me… why not?

You can’t!

Anyway, my little blog is 3 years old today and it has achieved everything I had hoped it would…..a completely cataloged take on my honest views of the club during these turbulent years.

I had not envisaged no trophies in these years, but c’est la vie.  What can you do?

I still totally Trust in Wenger (and give it till May and you will too)

Toodle pip.


10 Responses to “I am happy with Arsenal after Bolton”

  1. Kevin said

    Great blog!
    It’s refreshing to see that there are still some people that know that the sky isn’t actually falling!
    Bravo sir!

  2. Nick said

    do the majority of fans trust in arsene? i do but i’m starting to doubt myself. i really want to …

  3. emk said

    Congratulations! I like the positivity and still anything can happen with this team, they together with Wenger are due some succes so let’s hope for the best.

  4. arsene wenger2 said

    thanks 4 believin in me n my team..together,we shall get there

  5. GoonerEris said

    Difficult to say it but we just have to trust the manager, especially in this difficult times. The team will need his experience to pull the club out of the mire it is gradually sinking into. Beyond that, some of the players have to take another look at themselves and up their games; Ramsey, Theo and Song come to mind. Sczcessny was also shaky last night. Hope the lad is okay.

  6. Goonerpower said

    My trust in Wenger has totally gone. I will never call him names or be disrespectful, he is a true living legend for Arsenal and that will never change! But I feel he will never change back to the old Wenger, and that’s disappointing. Great job on the blog, I’ve followed for a while, I will continue to. Happy Birthday 🙂

  7. manuel said

    i respect Arsene a lot, love his phillosophy and the way he protects his players, the way he approaches football and the way he runs the club responsively but i think his stuborness and pride is at times a virtue and sometimes a very costly defect. Too often he doesnt gets the substitutions right anymore, and he doesnt seem to read which players are at their best, which are 2 simple things that are crucial to making a good manager.

  8. ne said

    I also never giving up on arsenal challenging for the top 4 post. But well, looking at the big picture at the moment, we might struggle to reach the top 4 spot at the end of the season if we are playing like these.
    Our defensive problem had been solve for these season, its not completely solve but its better compare to last term. I have more confidence with the current back 4 couple with our keeper.
    One part that had been weakening is the mid and attacker. There is no creativity at all at the midfield. The attacker looks dull without the touch of van persie. We need a creative midfield and a clinical attacker to play with rvp, but seems the old wenger will not solve the problem yet again.

  9. slimshady said

    Ditto what Gooner Eris said.

    COME ON ARSENAL, we can do this!!

  10. Chinmay said

    Gr8 post.

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