Wilshere out for the Season – Another fracture!!

February 1, 2012

Yup – he has suffered another stress fracture… to the same BLEEPING ankle!!

This news has only just broken in the last few minutes, and I’m sure there will be plenty more to follow throughout the day.

Don’t blame me…. just the messenger.

I can see where this is going to go now, if we suffer a poor result tonight at the Reebok it’s going to be Wenger’s fault for not buying a player to cover for Jack.

My ears are blocked in advance – of course we could go up there and batter Bolton.

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20 Responses to “Wilshere out for the Season – Another fracture!!”

  1. MrElhorno said

    First! How sad also 😦

  2. Sam Smith said

    Not surprising…its like the vermaelen situation last season. This is all down to having a weak squad and carrying players that are either not good enough or injury prone. Players like bendtner, diaby, denilson etc. are taking up squad places for real quality players that we should have and can rely on. Signing Park upfront and not playing him is BS especially when we know we can’t rely on Chamakh.
    Having a weak squad means we have to play the same starting eleven with minimal squad rotation so by march our players are burnt out and playing in the red (like wilshire last season)…these players then get injured and are out for a while. Vermaelen, Kos, and Mertersaker have played most games recently without rotation and are at risk come the end of the season and song, ramsay and RvP are in the same boat.
    This is a cycle people! Until wenger gets a better squad we will always have injury issues every year.
    Please don’t accept injuries as an excuse from wenger or anyone at the club because its their fault. If we fail to get 4th spot this year I can see wenger coming out and saying its because of our injuries and poor start to the season both of which is his fault.
    We need the arsenal board to tell wenger what to so rather than the other way round….how is dropping out of the champions league when our large commercial deals are up for negotiation a good thing for the club. Look at how weak chelsea are this year – we should be where spurs are right now.

  3. stonroy said

    Ahhh no reaction from anyone. You know why? Everyone is over Wenger and the board, we’re just waiting till he/they quit because we can’t do anything and his decisions defy belief. So until then… Silence.

  4. Muga from Tanzania said

    Its true that we cant secure even tha fourth position b’se arsenal board they aren’t learnt any lesson about our team perfosmance 4 several yrs its terrible!

  5. Roger b said

    If this is a fact then Wenger has mis managed yet again by over playing a player of his age last season whilst his body is still growing. With the injuries to Ramsey and fabrigas’s dodgy hamstring cover should have been brought in rather than relying on someone so young. This could be a career over situation. Hope your Proud arsene.

  6. Chinedu said

    What is the meaning of this?No striker,midfielder,defender.chamakh eeh.You won’t even finish 7th.

  7. adebayo ai said

    wenger is ur major prob, d injury of jack require quality midfieder to replace him but we go for tinager at d end we gooners end up gaining nothing bcos lack of good quality player is our prob.

  8. reborn said

    reborn dolls..So until……

  9. bala Ahmed said

    This is just the begining, untii the end of the season,where we wil remain at the botom

  10. Gerry Lennon said

    My message is to Jack … Don’t rush it!
    Last season you wanted to play for England?
    You pushed to play every game you could because Arsenal needed you?
    And you probably been pushing too hard to get back now, for the same reason?

    Time to do the right thing for your self. This setback, and then the summer break will give you a much better chance to heal properly. I know you’ll be gutted to miss the Euro 2012, but seriously, your long term career is at stake here!
    Just think ahead. Next August you can begin afresh in an Arsenal team that will be awash with young talent. Get through that season with a trophy or two, and before you know it … the 2014 World up will be looming up …?
    Take a deep breath … Okay, if it is to be that way, then so be it. I am Jack Wllshere!

  11. :) said

    Brilliant news! Hope he breaks both his legs next and is out for 7 years…..

    Same amount of years since you won something lol!

    Crap south London club you are 🙂

  12. dumbfounded said

    If this is the case, and we don’t get top 4 it’ll be VERY hard for Wenger to explain that one.

  13. Dutchman said

    What a fucking bastards at our club. Whole our board and staff are cunts! They are joking with us. Do no-one see that all the people in Arsenal just want to make money and put in in their own pocket. It’s not about the result by them, it’s all about making money for themselves! For them arsenal is a moneymaking project. Not a soccer club. It’s the truth!
    Wilshere is out for the season and wenger knew this of course!!! And he buys no-one!!!!
    NO- ONE!!!! And we are without our best player for whole the season! It’s fucking unbelievable!! That French cunt is such a fucking bastard. He does his best to ruin our club! And nothing else! Why would you not buy a star when our star is injured and you have the money??!! Because he is a stubborn prick! Protest is the key guys. This can’t go on like this any longer. We need changes, and with our help we can get Usmanov or something on board. Or to begin, we can let wenger fuck off! What a lyer! I’m sick of him. I hope that he gets Alzheimer or something. That he can’t be a manager anymore! Fucking prick! Why are we doing nothing?!!! With wenger we will be midtable for years to come! With an other manager we can be easily in top 2 with the money we have.

  14. bob jones said

    These comments are ridiculous. People saying Wenger overplayed Wilshere would be the same idiots who moan for not seeing him often enough if he was rested periodically.

    Injuries happen. These guys are like finely tuned machines, sometimes they get injured sometimes they don’t. In Arsenal’s case they HAVE been unlucky with the sheer number, you can not deny that. It’ nobody’s fault. But Mr. Wenger can’t (and more importantly, shouldn’t) just go out and buy a new player every time there is space in the squad, it’s a vulgar philosophy and just not feasible in the long run. For all of City’s money and strength in depth, they look like they’re due a massive wobble and could end up with nothing. Money and huge squads do not ensure anything, apart from disgruntled players warming the bench.

    Wenger is still the man for the job. Who else is there available that has the experience and could do better? Nobody.

  15. bob jones said

    @ Dutchman You want to take a deep breath and have a long, hard look at yourself son.

    No doubt you were cheering away when Arsene was producing the Invincibles and winning trophies left, right and centre? You had so much admiration for him you would’ve even let him roll on your Mrs, I’ll bet.

    A few years down the road and now you wish him Alzheimer’s? You’re a classy fella, there’s no denying…

    Support your side through thick and thin mate, don’t pick and choose when the going gets tough. You should be ashamed of yourself

  16. :) said

    It’s important for the sanity of all goonies to accept their new place in english football cos it ain’t gona change any time soon.

    In the summer we are moving into our new ultra training ground that cost £50m and in the summer we will also begin building our ultra new stadium.

    So very soon we will have a better training ground than you, a better stadium than you, we already have a better team and a better manager and obviously better fans (not hard that as your support is absolute crap).

    To top it all of your an illegal club from south London and know one outside your gay club likes you.

    Your just a horrible football club getting what you deserve. I know you will bounce back somewhat in time but Spurs are laying the foundations to be truly dominant over you, possibly even for forever!

    You are now in our shadow 😀

  17. Jonas said

    Its about time the board and coaches ask themself why do we always have more injurys then other teams. Here are the main reason. Our Physical trainer is not doing a good job in prepairing our guys. We need a new one. The doctors we use are not up to there task we need to change those. Wenger also needs to get guys with toughness and will to play through some pain at times. Do you really think Gibbs is tough or Walcott or Djourou. Well if you do then think harder. IF we dont fix those matter fast. Then we will have the same problem over and over again. Spend money on a top strenght coach and use proven doctors not some old freinds of Hill Wood. Its not normal for a top levell team to try to save money on those matters or what ????

  18. NL14 said

    Bitter spud fan!!! if my dads memory serves me right ….its 51 years since you lot won the title!!! And no new stadium until you finishing writing your begging letter to the govt to help you finance the copy of the Emirates ! ALWAYS IN OUR SHADOW!

  19. sean said

    Em 3rd. 3rd lads. 3rd

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