New Arsenal Signing marks the Future of Transfers at the Emirates

January 31, 2012

When Wenger first came to England, the other title contenders had more or less sewn up the scouting network on the British Isles, the next George Best or Denis Law was going to be snapped up by United or Liverpool.

He had his connections in France and other parts of the continent… he stole a massive march on Fergie and Co by signing the likes of Anelka and Fabregras whilst the rest were scouting on a cold evening at Turf Moor.

Times are different now, and the signing of the Dortmund youngster today signals the future of Wenger’s transfer business.  It does not make great reading for us to be fair.

You see, if we skipped the clock back to 1999, before the others caught on… the likes of Mario Goetze or Eden Hazard would already have been snapped up by Arsenal.  Not any more – the Chelski’s of this world have scouting networks as extensive and deep as ours so the clubs with the shit hot young guns now hold out for the mega money.

Wenger used to be able to go to a club on the continent and nick their equivalent of Jack Wilshere – now he has to gamble more, meaning more hit and miss young signings by buying their version of Chuks Aneke.  Unlike Wilshere who everyone can see has a 90% chance of making it at the very top world-class level… the next rung down is of course supremely talented but comes with far more risk of achievement.

Not a lot we can do really – I am told by a very reliable source that Eden Hazard will sign for Chelski this summer…. after being offered a ludicrous signing on fee.  Mata choose them ahead of us after picking up a 7M Euro signing on fee. 

Le gaffer is now under attack not only in the prime transfer market as we can never offer City type wages or Chav type mega money signing on fees, but he is also under heavy attack in attracting the cream of the young gun crop as they too now get offered silly money by the minted clubs.

Very tough times out there in transfer land – bloody glad we have a boss like Wenger on board, imagine if you had a nerd like Dalglish spunking your season ticket money on duffs like Carroll?

Back the boss – he is our only saviour in the mad bad world of fakester money.


31 Responses to “New Arsenal Signing marks the Future of Transfers at the Emirates”

  1. Dev said

    better Dalglish who is spending it on the club, rather than Wenger, Gazidis and co who are pocketing it all for themselves

  2. nicholas said

    This is a dumb article!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wenger spend di damn cash, we are going down in the ground. Its fans like u, who write these things are the reason y arsene and the board get away with there 6 years of madness. If we had some players that were feared other players will be open on the field. Only feared gunner out there is captain van. Carol maybe not worth 35 mill but wen he is on the field with suarez that is 4 defenders keeping an eye on both players. That’s wat spending does, it drives fear b4 the ball is even kick. We have only 1 player that’s feared by other teams, the same player is the only player that is going to score, the ARSENAL that we know has usually 4 or 5 dangerous goal scorers, title contenders. The likes of liverpOol, man city, man u, and even totteham have ATLEAST 3 prolific goal scorers!!!! I promise U that no one will come to this club and this club will be demised to a top 10 club. Arsene wenger and the board are fcukin hopless and have no ambition wat so ever……… Wenger I hate U along with the board!!!! Wat I have had to endure for so long is horrible and I just can’t take anymore!!! No joy in arsenal football anymore!

  3. stonroy said

    Dev that has to be the stupidest comment I have ever seen on any Arsenal blog. Seriously don’t be a di*khead son. On a different note, if this is to be the way of football what use is Kroenke to us? I don’t care what people say about Usminov I’d rather have him and day, otherwise we’re deluding ourselves that we will win trophies again.

  4. ETaner92 said

    Yeh that’s it. Dalglish who spends £100m on Carroll, Downing and Henderson. I wish we had him over Wenger who buys players like the Ox, Fabregas and Henry.

  5. ETaner92 said

    P.s. You’re a fucking moron.

  6. Dagsofoz said

    What a total crap waste of space article

  7. Scott said

    Dev,you’re as dumb as Dalglish.
    How anyone with half a brain could suggest spending 36 million on a player like Carroll is a good thing defies logic.

  8. khenedhy said

    i’ve not accept dat wenger have sign any player until i saw his jensey no,we need esperience player in arsenal team 2 avoid not going champions league next season.

  9. Is better 4 wenger to splash out the cash

  10. Talent said

    Arsena wenger should sign a creative miedfielder some one like edin hazard

  11. Lets hope Arsenal will make us happy by s4ning players b4 the end of tranfare window today.Gunner 4 life.

  12. Arsene W please dnt let RVP go at the end of ths season bcoz we need and want cups,please man swallow yr pride and make us happy people again.Gunner 4 life.

  13. LeePitt said

    Great article, I’ve been saying this for last 4 yrs, we should thank AW for keeping us in top 4 when everyone around spends millions and millions on poor players with no return but it’s ok cos owners are billionaires and this is a playground for the rich.

    I’m so happy Arsenal keep it real and we are still in FA, CL etc yes we might be off the leaders but we didn’t spend 500m so I’m sure they should be above us.

    If you spend 1million on a Buggatti and Lewis Hamilton drives a fiesta you will beat him even if his more talented driver yes???

    keep The faith and remember why you supported the club in the 1st place!

  14. Misterfriday said

    I think you will find Damian comilla sanctioned the transfer. Dalglish is a footballing great an widely regarded as liverpools greatest player. As for wenger, he signed arteta, mertesacker, chamberlain, benayoun. 2 proven prem players, 1 international player capped for one d the best footballing teams in the world and chamberlain who I think is the most exciting English talent at the minute. Arsenal have been unlucky with injuries but we still have one of the greatest managers and teams in the world. Gooooners

  15. John said

    @dev, yes spending £75mio on Carroll, Downing, Adams and Henderson was money well spent. Please explain how Gazidis and Wenger are pocketing the money themselves.

  16. Home Brew said

    Good sobering words.And with our stated policy of buying young (and hopefully not drilling their natural game out of them) how much effort is being put in to developing quality goal scoring strikers I wonder. Haven’t seen one come up through the ranks and establish himself since……Stapleton, Campbell….any others?

  17. Flavour said

    This is an amazing write up and the fact remains that when you look at all the match statistics so far of games we have lost apart from the Manchester 8-2, you will discover from the match statistics there is no reason we shouldn’t have won. Despite we have more wrong calls against us (courtesy from the Untold Referee review from the untold Arsenal blog).
    Let me address some facts here:
    1. For the past fifteen years Arsenal has never signed or paid a huge sum for any player. They bring potentials and make them world player.

    2. For the past fifteen years without spending and breaking the bank they have qualified consistently for Champions league even more than Man United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Spurs who spend more than Arsenal all these years including this year and last year.

    3. Manchester City is the biggest spender but right now they are out of Champions League, out of the Carlings cup and out of the FA cup. Their hope is to win the league and I doubt.

    4. The most successful team at this stage of the league could be argued to be Manchester City but they are not. They could not prove beyond doubt that they deserve to win the league with the fact that they have thrown away all the other competition. So if they end up to win the league the fact still remains that they did it without absolute pressure. They played less matches than the rest in the top seven positions at the moment. The same applies to Man United and Spurs.

    5. I reckon that the most improved team in the league this time is Arsenal. They started from bottom, finished 2011 at 4th and started 5th in 2012 and could still finish 1st. This will not be a miracle, they have worked hard to come this far and we need to give them credit.

    6. Arsenal has the highest record of injured left back and right back and more first team injured players and yet they have been able to survive all that has been thrown to them.

    7. Last season we played more games than any of the current seven teams on the top of the table. We started this season with the Championship play-off which is also more than the normal and we are still in the competition meaning we have more games more than Manchester City, Manchester United and the only other English team still in the Championship, which is Chelsea.

    8. Cesc Fàbregas was a lad not a world class player when he was bought; he was unknown and not good enough for Barcelona. Arsenal moulded him and made him a world class. The same goes with all the young players we see today.

    9. Arsène Wenger was questioned when he bought the lad Alex O Chamberlain and it is amazing to hear he was boo when he took him out in the Manchester United game because the fans believe AOC is quality. So how come they did not see that quality and questioned the decision of Arsène Wenger when he bought the lad? No one fan is qualified to be the manager of Arsenal that is why we have a manager. If any fan thinks they know the job better than the manager then they should apply for the job. Time and time he has proven to us that he knows quality players more than we do.

    10. I believe that no matter what the situation is at the moment, that day will come when Arsenal will be the only Premiership club standing to be envied. I think they press envy us already, they want to kill us quick before that day that will come arrives. It will come and when it does, trophy or no trophy you will be glad you are a supporter because that will be the trophy you can’t place a price tag on.
    I wish every Arsenal fan luck. I am not a fan from the negativity I have been seeing from the fans but I am a massive believer and a supporter of Arsenal FC and my support is not flexible. It is

  18. Andrew Motema said

    You echoed what i have been telling my friends eloquently. To some the vision might not be clear but i can see what they are doing in the club. One of the greatest qualities lost in this world is Patients…People fail coz they are not patient to see there dreams/plans through.. Keep the faith

  19. Arsegewe am very sorry 4 u bcs u’re very dispoint u have 2 do some thing put money in d market buy hendizen 4 me be d eneving.bye 4 now

  20. Wenger u hv to be try to win the trpy this year if u losen.

  21. meeh said

    when has the club signed players that cost as much and wanted by major clubs like a Goetze and Hazard?

    I feel like this is a past that you have just created but was not actually true.

  22. BigL said

    While I will give you some leeway as super rich clubs have somewhat ruined the transfer market, you can’t pin the entire blame with them.

    The whole purpose of moving to the Emirates was to compete and we are not doing that.
    As an Arsene supporter you have fallen into the old argument of assuming that we are demanding the club spends hundreds of millions on huge name signings. I don’t believe I have ever heard a single fan call for that.

    what we would like however is the team to strengthen with some quality players who are ready NOW, we have enough prospects for the future. For 6 years we have been 2-3 players short of a decent team. Instead of addressing those needs we buy more kids and shop in the charity shops of Europe.

    Enough is enough already

  23. I have every faith in Wenger to
    make the right singings for the
    club, buying your way out is not the

  24. Waoooo today is the last day for transfer market,what we need now is that to add more to our squad like strikers and back side before transfer finish arrand 11pm to make purchace that is my own desided.

  25. This adulation of AW is odd. He followef Rioch`s lead in signing Henry andVierra from too impatient Italians(sound familiar?} Wanted by every manager who hqad seen them play, Nothing brilliant about that. With the bulk of Geaham` winners and Bergkamp and Overmars already in place we just carried on winning. He is unquestionably a fine coach but it started to go wrong as he believed his own publicity. None of the ageing stare with men of their own calibre, though Campbell fell in our lap. McLintock called this the worst Arsenal team – ever! If RvP takes a hnock beore June , some accep that AW despite his vast scouting system has left us vulnerable to half the EPL. He bought the 3rd. AMF in Europe and played him as a LW. We lost games to frees and corners, with monotonous regularity and he used midgets or statues to stand and watch. Cole remains the sole star to emerge from our juniors. Hopefully the present intake are more successful. AW appears to lhave listened to the fans of Walcott, Ex-cel. and \Rambo. We must hope their development differs from that of Jeffers, Bentley and Pennent. As for now, I`m sure he knowswe are totally dependant on RvP. He wouldn`t buy a teenage, reserve MF instead of a top class striker, even if he can`t appreciate the varied advantages of Vertoghen…..would he?

  26. gunner17 said

    if wenger doesn’t get one of hazard or gotze, having already turned down mata, i will be sorely disappointed.

  27. Lalaland said

    we signed eisfeld and loaned out miyaichi
    why not just play miyaichi instead of signing a player dortmund sacked due to injury prone-ness

  28. MistaKen said

    What, What! Have we won a PL game – its been so long

  29. goonerjay said

    I think you are right-Chelsea and Man City will buy all the best players-but anyone that thinks that Arsenal are investing sufficient in their players to remain competitive in the EPL are deluding themselves. Buying green 19 year olds at this juncture will not make the club more competitive. Eisfeld may become a good player-in the future-but at Arsenal the future does not come-because the club cannot afford to keep the so called stars they make.

    There is no such thing as being sustainable in any business if you are not competitive-you either compete or lose-and these specious arguments put up by Wenger and directors of the club are tiresome-no we can’t spend as much as Chelsea or City- and whats more we don’t need to to be better than them- we don’t need to bankrupt the club in order to become competitive again-but we are spending nothing when we sold our best 2 attacking players last season and did not replace them, are 10 points behind Spurs, have conceded more goals away from home than any other EPL team this season and have only one goalscoring forward-there is simply no defence in not strengthening the attacking options- as a result the club have given away our champions league status and income and after selling RVP in the summer we will be lucky to stay in the EPL next season. This owner and this perverse manager are taking this club into total obscurity. We have gone from being the best run club in the EPL to being the worst in the space of 5 years.

  30. Wenger buys players for tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes.

  31. i think arsenal should get another midfielder

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