Why I Still Back Wenger

January 26, 2012

Before I go on, let me state for the record that I swore just as much you when Wenger took off The OX last weekend, he messed it up, no doubting that – but please don’t tell me he done it by purpose or that he just cannot cut it anymore.  He made a judgement call and got it hopelessly wrong, that’s life.

Equally, I won’t go over old ground boring you all with what the great man has done for this club over the past 15 years, yes that’s FIFTEEN years, not reducing that figure by some silly schoolboy minus 7 due to no trophies blah blah blah.  Get off this blog right now if you cannot buy that.  Go… now.

Ok, you are reading on, which tells me you wish to learn more, and hopefully absorb my reasoning with an open mind.

If you truly understand what Wenger has achieved since the move to the Emirates, and are willing to concede we have challenged for trophies, clearly coming up short, but nevertheless we have challenged, then you will find it simple to comprehend what greatness the man possesses.

You cannot lose such skill just like that.

I agree that over the past 18 months in particular he has made some strange choices on and off the pitch with transfer (in)activity – I also totally agree that he can be very stubborn, I think that is born out of having to battles lesser mortals on a regular basis, it is a bit of an ego thing but the fact remains he is a better man and a better manager than the vast majority of men he comes up against.   When he ends up on the losing end of the bargain against these bitter morons, thanks usually to a poor referee decision, it makes him even more determined to carry on regardless.

That is where he makes a mistake, maybe he needs to adapt more, maybe he needs more backroom help… even boardroom help!

Who truly knows?  Nobody but him – So lets cut the crap you read in the gutter press, they guess just as much us, and those that still pay good money to read a red top hack help to form your opinion need euthanizing and quickly.

So having cleared the decks you are now left with two choices – Give up on the man?  consigning him to the scrap heap?  Or realise that even the greatest in the history of mankind went through awful phases in their respective fields – I am not sugar-coating our current phase under Wenger… it is awful.  However I refuse to give up on the man and continue to support him to the hilt.

Yes you could call it a cult, a religion or whatever you want, I call it common sense.

Greatness never dies… it may become more elusive than in the past on occasion, but with persistence and honesty it can return. 

There is one more great team left in the great man, and with Pat Rice leaving this Summer and a new man stepping in as number 2, along with a proper Summer in the transfer market…. would you back against him?

Only a fool who reads Red Top chip shop paper would.


20 Responses to “Why I Still Back Wenger”

  1. Jack Straw said

    Well said!

  2. Derek Wilcox said

    Dumb. Wenger must go.

  3. Hartwick89 said


    Where do I start and where do I begin? Let’s be honest… Most gooners want to get past all this mess! We want Arsene & we want trophies… The question is can we have both? And, I believe this is the million dollar question? At this point I have waited and I have waited… I have been up and down… And, up and down… And, I have watched other clubs like Chelsea take their course of once brilliance under Jose to now an outdated and mostly out of form club progress downward… MU progress downward… My expectation was over the past three years would be Arsenal already be progressing upward and be an elite team by now… But, that weren’t to be… In the beginning of these past three years I would sulk for days because we would just lose a game.. Now I am just numb! Now if I miss a game and we lose I am just?????? I am just numb… Really I am a passionless gooner because I feel like I have no direction of where we are going… And, the expectations went from winning four trophies.. to 3.. to 2.. to one.. to top 4 finish… to today 5th position and no clear understanding of where we will be next year. As with every Gooner I hate to imagine Arsenal w/o Wenger.. But, at least w/o him I would not be contemplating these things because of his great reputation of past silverware… Please help me get back on track as a true Gooner… I am currently lost!

  4. Afeezgunners said

    We shall see!

  5. yobra-Kenya said

    Wenger has lost it and there is nothing special he will bring to this club…….i can bet on that just drop me a mail if one day you find this to be true. Have watched arsenal since i was a kind and now i,m of age and what i realize is negativity, i mean a drop in quality of the game,the squad, tactics, passion (both from fun and player plus the manager himself) everything has just changed to the worst…………CHANGE IS NEEDED!

  6. Sunn said

    Heres hoping that what you write will come true. However, though Greatness never dies, it can fade into oblivion leaving only memories of past glory. Look no further than at the once iconic Kodak.
    Times change. We seem to be on the same path as Liverpool -pale shadow of their past great sides. Look at the composition of our team now and 10 years ago. There seems no doubt we are on the down path. Pessimistically ( and hoping I am wrong) it looks like we are an above mid table team. We used to be battling for top place with ManU, then top 3 with Chlski in the mix. Look where we are now. Struggling to be in top 4.
    There is no shortcut to having good players for success. Not spending (wisely and not recklessly of course) is being pound foolish. Lack of success (with success being measured by our ability to continue to play attractively and challenging for titles and
    trophies) will spin us into a downward spiral – drop in attendences, ability to attact or keep on to good players,ability to obtain advertising revenues and damage to the Arsenal brand.
    Looks like we are or will be the new Liverpool.
    Here is hoping I am wrong.

  7. Keme said

    I dnt care wat Wenger has achieved in Arsenal. All i knw is dat d man has passed his prime in Arsenal. Wenger should be replace with another good coach who can turn around our fortune. Its obvious Wenger cannot giv us anymore Trophy with all his silly decisions and bloch head. Wenger was once a great coach, but i dnt see dat greatness in him anymore. Do u knw d insults we receive frm rival fans rite here in Nigeria? Simply cos of our trophy drought. Wat Wenger did against Man-u is enough for everyone to knw dat d man has luz it all. He has to go.

  8. Wenger 4 The Arsenal 4ever.

  9. Cescsational said

    I’ve read 2 blogs,one from john cross and now you.it’s great to know i’m not the only gooner who would support Arsene and Arsenal till my very last breath,he’s a great manager and wouldn’t have lost his greatness overnight cos he took a gamble that backfired.We need to trust him and if there is anytime the team and Arsene needs our support,it’s now.In Arsene we trust,he would take us to that summit where we want our darling team to be

  10. elkieno said

    I cannot tell you how much of a lift that gives me! We are a team and a team goes through good and bad times, our bad times are the last 6 years (this year NOT over) and if that is as bad as it gets then we are doing quite well. You know what scares me more about losing a game? I fear all the immediate shit that gets thrown hoping that dome of it will stick. When we were sunk so low in beginning of season they screamed for his head, then we got better and everyone was ok. Now we lost a few games and they are back again crying and whinging about everyone/thing. They embarrass our club til no end. Millions of fans around the world don’t talk this crap about our team and manager. I wonder if those fans started supporting us after a certain record breaking season or similar. This summer he will right the ship with better buys we will see, just like he did last summer with Arteta and Per he will buy even better, just remember to take stock and see the bigger picture that real long term success comes after sustaining oneself to not be reliant on it to survive!
    I still have faith even if I don’t browse those Arsenal blogs depressing myself with their selfish and uninformed opinions!!!

  11. goonerjon said

    At last some sense as with the football writer Patrick Barclay who was excellent in the Evening Standard last Monday on Wenger http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/standard-sport/football/article-24030106-rude-arsenal-fans-should-be-ashamed.do
    In the midst of all this hysteria over last Sunday there are two questions 1) Who would replace him? Someone sitting behind me said Brendan Rodgers,yes, well and 2) you use the word that the current situation is awful, is it? We are fifth in the league and still in the Champions league which neither City or United are, we lost the heart of our midfield in two transfers that were unavoidable – for emotional reasons in the case of Cesc – and money that was ridiculous in the case of Nasri’s wages. We have suffered a list of injuries to defenders that even by our standards has been critical. Yes, Arshavin has been a disaster for the most part but has Walcott really done enough to suggest he is worth the time and money invested? Looking back to last weekend , no one is having a go at van Persie who missed a sitter that could have given us at least a draw. Quite right, he has been superb and without him we would be struggling to make the top ten so let us give credit to Wenger for our stadium, our incredible run in the Champions league and the trophies. I am old enough to remember the Arsenal of the sixties and believe me what we have seen over the past 15 years is the greatest run in the history of our club. Let’s not forget what the word supporter means…it does not as someone said last week mean the right to howl abuse simply because you pay for a season ticket. In my 58 years watching Arsenal I have spent a fortune at home and abroad …I do it because I love the club and am only investing in my passion not and know there is no return except the joy of seeing us win and the pain of our defeats.

  12. Flavour said

    Those that make it in life are very consistent and stay focus no matter what. Yesterday Manchester City did lost to Liverpool despite their spending. Yesterday’s report published on the Arsenal site shows we have used more players than any other club. This indicates we have been very unlucky with injuries. You can’t blame Arsène Wenger for this. Also we have been robbed by the referees than any other club. Do you still want to blame Arsène Wenger for this?

    The press won’t say it. They are scared of the future position we will be having. New stadium, less spending, more marketing, more promotion and youth academy. We sow this seven years to reap for the future. We all need to understand this. Arsenal has never been a spending club. They don’t buy world class players, they create them.

    If spending wins then Man City would still be in FA, Carling and Champions league. Funny enough they are only in the Premier and yet we blame our great coach who is the first English coach to quality for the next round of 16 in the CL. Maybe we are not grateful at all and is the reason we have won nothing. We ask too much.
    One final point, Arsène Wenger is not the one not spending. It is a club policy. If he leaves today they will employ someone that will stick to the policy and that brings us back to square one. It is important we understand the club we support and follow them from start to finish. Right now fans are not showing they truly understand the club.

  13. bennie said


  14. Doublegooner said

    Hey Blogger.

    You call it common sense. 000’s would call you ‘hanging on to the past.

    Perhaps even deluded.

  15. marc mezino, lagos naija said

    Wel arsene might just have al d blame, arsene knows wat he needs 2 do 2 bring back d glory days 2 AFC. We need trophies and we need arsene, so there any better way of getting them both? I dont think so!

  16. Ghall said

    You are so deluded its unreal! Wenger has lost it! in what other business can you conitually underperform and still keep your job and even get a pay rise to 7 mil a year!
    Look at what is happening to the club its been drained of ambition and passion, after every single loss we get the same blurb from the club and players, “we will bounce back…” “this can only make us stronger”

    Look at the players we have missed out on , mata, jones, parker etc

    We pay average players too much for no real achievement – look at walcott demanding 85 grand a week and for what? becoming a worse player than he was before?

    Wake up and stop living in the past even the scum are better than us now!

    Maybe you should go to a few games instead of watching replays of 15 years ago you might actualy see whats going on.

  17. emmanuel said

    Lets support Wenger and d team,Arsenal would never get a coach better than him.support Arshavin and Chamakh dont pressure and boo them as they are suffering d worst time n their career.it not good if d media condem you and your own peopple dat are 2 support u also condems you.they wuld pick if u support and luv them.who wuld have thought RVP wuld stay dis season injury free if u did not support him.lets support our players and they wuld perform for the fans i bet you

  18. Kenneth said

    I sincerely feel he has made one mistake too many. He sometimes acknowledges them but does very little to address them. The same planning has given him same results for about five years . . . yet no willingness to change.

    I heard his post Match comments after the home loss to Man U. He claimed the Man U team was mature in almost all departments. True. The question is . . . . what is doing to stop this decline

  19. Acer said

    I know this has nothing to do with your post – but I just heard from a very reliable source that Arsenal have had a fee accepted for Eden Hazard, that he will sign 100%, but will not join until the summer. The deal was made last night and has been ongoing since last week. Don’t know price or terms, but Hazard has agreed on the dotted line….

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