Does this photo show the future at Arsenal?

January 5, 2012

We need more potency in the final third, that much was clearly on show on Monday against Fulham.

We dominated and played some of the best football this season, but we could not finish…. second half we took off pace and just got straight out pummeled for 30 minutes.

Say what you want about the ref, red cards, penalties etc…. if you could not see what was coming in that game you are mad, a liar… probably both.  We had no outlet, no pace on the break to cause them problems once Theo and Geo were taken off.  Wenger again demonstrated how poor he can be with his subs.  I can recall going back to the early 2000’s when we were peaking under Wenger and even then he used to make bizarre subs that caused us more problems than existed before them.

Anyway Happy 2012 Gooners – Lets get a nice run in the FA CUP and get past Milan in the Champions League… then anything is totally possible.  4th is nailed in the league, forget any better than that this year… we blew that chance in early Season. 

On a final note I just want to say that football is a passionate game, so don’t flaming well knock others for being passionate in their own unique way.

You enjoy supporting Arsenal your way and let the next person enjoy it his or her way!

Rock n Roll.


15 Responses to “Does this photo show the future at Arsenal?”

  1. Wht i do find hard to believe is the lack of demonstration by Mr.Wenger and the Arsenal bouard to acquire proven top talent. No doubt RVPis world class but we nid 2 to 3 more such players. Gamechangers! Exceptional talent however, lé professór seems stuck 10 years ago when is so painfully obious that the football enviroment has shifted its posts. It takes exceptional talent, determination, self belief, ingenious shceming and plenty of good luck for the Arsenal top regain its place as the most feared team in England. Surely its time lé Professór saw that…Dench!!!

  2. Emmanuel said

    i will say it amazed me that wenger doesn,t seem to see our defect when is so glaring that the ordinary fan can see.The fact is that we lack tenacity in the midfield,and the lack of potency upfront is costing.generally i can remember when won a game when playing one man short.we tend to colapse when playing with one man down.I have seen teams won game with 10 men,but that is not the case with arsenal.please wenger change your approach.

  3. abamatt said

    chamahk was with no injuries throughout this festive’s tight fixtures yet did not play 20 munits in all. The question is why is arsene keeping player who has little or nothing to offer the club. Even when it is clear that rvp was tiered in d second have against fulham he stil cant be replaced.

  4. Tom said

    Where is the photo?

  5. Davi said

    “Say what you want about the ref, red cards, penalties etc…. if you could not see what was coming in that game you are mad, a liar… probably both”
    I am not mad or a liar, and I could see that the defence was doing a great job under pressure, and showed magnificent determination. It reminded me of the game Utd won 1-0 following their defeat to City earlier in the season, where they could have conceded right at the end, but nonetheless earned a victory with some determined defending, particularly from vidic. Of course when the opposition is attacking with such consistency there is the chance of conceding, but I couldn’t see us losing, and having ridden the storm, there was always the possibility that we could have regained a level of control had djourou not been sent off.
    Incidentally, Donovan went down under EXACTLY the same challenge in the box against Bolton yesterday, and in commentary they dismissed it as not being a foul. Not sure I agree, but it’s amazing, the double standards we have to endure.

    @Dench – Wilshere and Gervinho could easily become additional “gamechangers”.
    We aren’t willing to pay the wages of proven players; we prefer to buy potential, and increase their wages according to performance. Sometimes we seem to get this wrong and increase the wages of young players too quickly, before they’ve really achieved anything (denilson, bendtner, theo), but nonetheless, this is the approach the club is taking, and it does make sense.
    I still hope we could sign someone like Podolski or Remy or even Pato, but it won’t happen unless they’re willing to accept a reasonable wage, with the possibility of future rewards.

  6. Davi said

    “On a final note I just want to say that football is a passionate game, so don’t flaming well knock others for being passionate in their own unique way.”
    Calling people who disagree mad or liars, pre-emptively or not, isn’t really in line with this comment – you can’t have it both ways!

  7. MistaKen said

    We need Podolski and Musa Sow if we are going to make the top 4 because its not fair to expect RVP to carry the team for the whole season. We wont buy anyone in January and wont qualify for CL.

  8. Boris Godunov said

    I was gonna make a good point, but then I smoked some shit and I forgot what it was. Godspeed you, Gooners.

  9. ktm said

    as man boris laughed my ass off at your comment legend hahahahah still pissin myself

  10. We need to buy a new striker that can score goals and take the burden off RVP. Chamkah can’t score goal. In fact, he is not willingly to shoot when given the opportunity. Theo and Gervinho have missed tons of chances that they should have scored, most evident in the last 2 matches.

  11. Lee said

    The only thing I want to say on this Sunny London Friday is – what the fuck is Henry doing back at the club? Seriously, WTF?!?!? This is the worst signing this club has made since Eddie McGoldrick from Palace! The expectation that this once great player is going to have any positive contribution is embarrassing.

    So I’ll say it here first.
    Henry will NOT score a single goal.
    Henry will NOT provide a single assist.
    Henry will NOT be Man of any match.
    Henry WILL strutt around like a peacock and attempt little flicks and back-heels the majority of which will fail but the odd one will work and the crowd will orgasmically cheer.
    Henry WILL do embarrassing look-at-me camera moments, like hugging Walcott to whisper his Godly knowledge in his ear before kick-off.
    Henry WILL give post-match interviews to gush how amazing it is blah blah blah
    Henry WILL wind some of his teamates up with his Diva bullshit.

    Henry was one of our greatest ever players.
    He was rubbish in his final 18 months.
    He was poor for Barcelona.

    In the History of The Arsenal – he’s NOT in the Top 5. No Way!
    His statue is a JOKE!!!!

    The real legends of Modern Arsenal are :
    Dennis Bergkamp
    Tony Adams
    Liam Brady

    And in 10 years, this will include :
    Jack Wilshere
    Laurent Koscielny

    Anyone who buys a new ‘Henry’ shirt is either 10 years old, or about to learn a very painful lesson about fallen heroes.

  12. Tom said

    what sport have u been watching lee?
    henry season after season carried arsenal to the top 4 and you say he isn’t even in the top 5 he is number 1. He is the GREATEST premier league player ever!!!!!

  13. Scott said

    Lee,should we believe you,and if so,based on what?
    I know ONE SINGLE person who thought Koscielny would end up a world class defender………you are claiming him as a future legend,but be honest and tell us what you were thinking 12 months ago.
    Just trying to gauge whether you are a master of hindsight or truly can see into the future.
    That single,long time Kozzer admirer also said Szczesney was the best young keeper he’d ever seen straight after his debut against Utd…….both these opinions were publicly announced,then publicly denounced by 99% of Gooners.
    Should I be asking him his opinion on Henry,because he puts all the emotion aside and has a real perspective on things,not merely adopting the opinion if others.
    I asked myself….yes,it was me,little pat on the back there…..and you know what?
    Who cares if he scores goals or is a MOTM.
    The chance for the kids to learn from him is gold.
    The chance for my son to see a Gunners legend don the shirt again is gold.
    If its a public relations excercise then fine,but stop whining and just enjoy it.
    There will be plenty with egg on their faces if he succeeds…..they wont admit it though,they’ll just casually mention,in HINDSIGHT,how good it was to see.
    Kind of like loathing Koscielny,but now claiming he’s a future club legend.

  14. Scott said

    Lee,don’t take that personally,because it wasn’t meant that way.
    It’s just that your attitude reflects a majority of fans out there.
    I welcome your opinion,but hope your wrong.
    Again,i don’t know how it will go,but I will enjoy it anyway.

  15. Jiff said

    Gone quiet about your beloved Wenger recently have you? Funny that. Find another hero to worship, this one’s had his day.

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