Arsenal should sell van Persie

December 13, 2011

Hold on, calm down, deep breaths…. hear me out, then shout/speak/swear !!

Before I start my reasoning, if you can call it that, I want to say how much I love Robin to bits, he is just the kind of Captain the club needed after being diddled somewhat by the last few.  His goals this year, in particular this season, have potentially saved us from a major crisis.

However, the health and long-term of the club comes before any player.

Robin turns 29 next summer, that would mean he has peaked, we have seen from the great players at Arsenal and other clubs over the years that the prime age, the golden period for a player to perform at miraculous levels should he have the necessary minerals in the first place  is 26-29.

Unfortunately for Arsenal and Robin, when he hit that golden period in season 08/09, he got sustained and lengthy injuries.  This season he has stayed clear of injury and we can all see what this has led to.

So why sell him you ask?  Well, it would seem highly unlikely that a season like this current one is possible again, look back at the stats of great EPL scorers and you will note the likes of Shearer and Henry having that one golden season (Shearer 97, Henry 02) where everything they hit found the onion bag.  Granted they had plenty of other very good seasons, but the magical one is a one-off.

van Persie simply cannot produce what he has already for more than another 12-18 months tops and that is only on the premise he stays fully fit.  Now when you calculate those probabilities, you begin to form other ideas.

So if a mug Spanish club wants to come in and offer in the region of 30-40M for him next summer, we should bite their arms off and re-invest in two strikers in the 22-25 age bracket and let Wenger work his magic on making them the next big thing.

Remy, Pato, Podolski, Benzema et al would certainly fall into the correct bracket.  I am not talking about buying a 18 year old kid that will take 4 seasons to mature (unless we pull another Anelka or OX) but rather a hot prospect who is on the precipice of that golden period and needs the Wenger magic to give him the extra percentage points to make it count.

We don’t have stupid levels of debt anymore, and yes we make a mint, and yes we will make a bigger mint in the years to come when all the debt is paid off and in the very near term when old commercial deals are renewed, but we should still play it smart with our assets.

Maybe that’s the Stockbroker in me coming out.  I advise very wealthy clients and small institutions on where to park their hard-earned, and I tend to follow the Benjamin Graham/Warren Buffett school of value investing.   You buy when undervalued and under-loved, but full of promise and potential earnings, you then reap in the capital gains and yields during the ripe years and maybe just before the stock tops out, you recapitalise  and reinvest at the start of another cycle.  A lot easier said then done let me tell you.

We have the greatest sporting manager in the world in comparative terms to the likes of Buffett, Soros et al – I think it prudent to allow him to take the lead.

I know this will be a sacrilegious view as seen by many a gooner, but what if Wenger agrees?  sign him to a new improved contract now, and then get him out next summer for top dollar without fear of losing him on the cheap as his contract nears expiry?

I’m thinking out aloud here people, don’t shoot me!


46 Responses to “Arsenal should sell van Persie”

  1. Omglol said

    You are mad or drunk or you want hits from this controversial post, sort yourself out.
    I will read your post now.

  2. Dennis said

    Yeah, but what if he has another 5-6 great years in him? Imagine us selling Bergkamp when he was Robin’s age…

  3. Farmdiddy said

    My head can’t argue with the logic of your argument, but I don’t know if my heart can take selling him. He is our 1 world class player (with TV5 and Jack very close to world class). Selling him the year after selling Cesc would be deflating. For once, I want to hold onto someone at their peak rather than letting them go to a “big club” where they can win trophies.

  4. ash said

    You’re drunk or maybe high on something,for your argument sake if we do sell rvp do u realy think wenger will spend all the money on a striker same level as rvp,weneger will never buy proven striker cos they cost over 20 mill.i rather we keep rvp then let them arse wipe board pocket money cos i nw they wont reinvest n wenger wil buy some kid who wil take nather 3 season to peak.

  5. sam said

    imagine if we didn’t sell thierry henri and walcott trained with him for 4 years.
    the team collapsed because of lack of leadership, imagine ryan giggs still playing.
    yeah lets sell van persie and keep chamakh and arshavin. we will surely win the league

  6. jay said

    If arsenal reinvest all the money and then some, maybe but we all know they will just bank it and leave us with the players we already have. At best arsene wil go basement shopping for and probably buy a couple of turkeys. We has some happiness with a wc player let us enjoy it and see were we end up. Fuck it

  7. fabio said

    This is bullocks, Berkamp was with us till he was 35 and doing really good, Robin has had his first full year without a major injury, He is the main man at arsenal now. Selling him means we will need to go back 2 years again. Secondly Robin is a proper 91/2 , he can do a number 10 without issues. What we need is a cover for Robin with the likes of Sow or Pato. In the squad full of followers he and Vermalean are the only leader of men we have got.

  8. Lee said

    There’s some logic in your piece, but not much and a negative option. Your argument remains one based on the ‘sell now to get the most cash’ principle. Not a good principle for any team that is one of the 10 elite clubs in World football. And I don’t believe RVP has had his best days. This is a player who has missed a lot of football in his career with injury. He is a player not reliant on pace or power – the two things that go with age. He is a touch player and an outstanding finisher. And believe he will keep his current level of performance for another 3 years. Drogba at 30 was still a prolific and unplayable striker.

    Arsenal need to buy a £20m+ striker. 100%. But not at the expense of selling RVP. But as a striker to to settle in with RVP still at the club and subsequently take over.

    Arsenal have made enough profit selling players at their peak – Anelka, Vieira, Hleb, Fabregas, Nasri, Diarra, Flamini (albeit free) etc., It’s time to acknowledge we may not make any more sell-on money, but we’ll get 2-3 extra years from a player currently in the top 5 strikers in the world that could bag us another title or the holy grail for the Champions League.

    One thing is certain this season – we will nothing without RVP. So why the hell would we sell a player who is so vital to the club.

    The spine of Szez – Verminator – Jack – RVP is one of the best in the world. Easily the best in the Prem. We cannot lose one of those cogs.

  9. Rvp If he dasent want to sign new contract with clup then sale him good deal then get another good stricker like penzima etc

  10. Don said

    $$$ORRY, $$$$ IS ALL IMPORTANT TO YOU? Dont mean any insult but…this is one of the most stupid logic for the ‘health of the club’.

  11. Doc Brody said

    The club will be better off financially if they keep it’s best players rather than sell them at their peak. How is that you ask? Because with success come’s cash in the form of better sponsorships, increased merchandising, etc. It may tak a little longer than a quick sale for a quick buck, but in the long run, the team will be stronger financially – and on the pitch.

    Of course there are always exceptions and special circumstances, but RVP should not be one of them.

  12. Scott said

    Stupid post…
    Seriously,the guy has missed so much football over the last few years that there is no way you can say he has peaked.
    Why do you guys feel the need to write shit simply to justify your existence???
    Absolute crap.
    Answer this…..what message would selling RVP send to EVERY fan of the club?
    Think before you hit the keys.

  13. I think since d departure of fabregas, every one arsenal ve collapsed, bt we thnk God we gervinho, Atete and RVP.

  14. brian said

    i didnt read your article coz from the title u just wanted attention hich i didnt want to give you. u cant rationalise the sale of RvP. get a life man, and better topics.

  15. D.Bergkamp said

    GO F ur self

  16. addy said

    Your argument is well reasoned, but i must disagree.
    One big difference between rvp and others: RVP relies on movement, not on pace and trickery. He can play for years to come. He provides leadership.
    And finally, in the quest to retain rvp, we might see wenger splash out on few great players!

  17. I'm a fag said

    U r a fooking idiot go suck dick RVP is de baist n u r gay

  18. Bernard said

    Sell RVP? You must be very high on seeing Citeh’s unbeaten run crashed by Chelsea who’s nose we rubbed on the mud! The economics at the Emirates are so healthy we can do without another high profile player sale. Let’s keep RVP till his legs can’t get him to the training ground. He’s just God-sent!

  19. how many players did wenger sold,did he use the money 2buy the replacemet,i don like the idea of selling our captain,lets hop our costorican improve well.

  20. openzine said

    I love your post, actually for me I don’t really like RVP before. Tracking down his history at Arsenal, he had already spent majority of his time with injuries and I am not please with that. Now that he is getting of age he is performing and will not take long before he fades out. Arsenal can sell him to make more money and buy younger strikers to do the job.

  21. talha said

    Dude really this ur comment is crap look at dennis bergkamp he is just like rvp he didn’t depend on pace so does rvp.when bergkamp was in his 30s he was still at his best so will RVP be

  22. ziggy said

    Not even in their dreams captin van tastic should not be sold 4 he is the spine 4 nw,and the team is geling with him as the goal getter, 4 now I said

  23. Zuccaba said

    What are u on?

  24. cin said

    Bloody fucker…………
    U r mad.
    In any situation Arsenal should not sell RVP.
    You writer still believe Arsenal will sign replacement for RVP, if he goes.

    If we goes, Arsenal will get good money and Arsenal will lose one great player.

  25. zaco said

    absolute crap, why not be bold enough to tell us all that you are one od the spuddies

  26. zaco said

    hmmm, our jealous neigbours are at it again, disguising as a gunner when they are spud in and out,, please stop writing trash

  27. Bob Dodds said

    Not a totally bad idea but it’s not all about what we might get for him. After all we didn’t unload Bergkamp and many others, granted not all prolific goalscorers, due to their overall value to the team and younger players. It surely makes more sense to spend the money now and run the replacement striker(s) alongside Robin rather than gamble on them turning out to be the finished article.
    On another note I don’t think reference to your professional stature is at all relevant to the discussion.

  28. Elz said

    i actually agree. have been saying this to a few friends. 30-40million can be used to buy podolski and moussa sow. both great goal scorers. they’d even be money left over!

  29. Gooner4lyf said

    Fucking idiot

  30. ian said

    Stockbrokers eh? All cocaine and Champagne.

    A guy called Bergkamp still looked pretty useful to me at 34.

  31. Si said

    You are a retard.

  32. kiwigooner said

    If he has hit the top of his cycle then maybe yes.
    How do you know he has peaked?
    How many goals will he score on the way down from your ‘peak’?

    You sure aint no Soros!!

  33. Henriano said

    Sounds like the worst idea ever. Would you have preferred to sell Bergkamp and/or Thierry Henry when they were turning 30? The answer is definitely no. So is the answer when it comes to Van Persie. Arsenal legend in the making.

  34. Bloody hell! We’re not even finish half of the season yet and these type of story already start to come out..for god sake have some respect to RvP, he’s our captain, loves the club very much and work his socks off to win us games week in week out! and more over he’s brings confident to his team mates. See how the team are playing right now, their movement and body language shows sign of confident and self belief..He’s leading the team by example and that makes all of them to focus and work much harder on the pitch than before! In my opinion RvP is more important to us compared to Cesc and Na$ri even the two of them are quality and world class player they moved away when things start to turn really bad for us while RvP chose to stay..for me his loyalty, affection and performance to arsenal have greater value and meanings over the amount of money that we may get in selling him..

  35. Andreas B7 said

    Well done Hawke.

    You have an ability to bring all the dregs of society out to comment on your blogs.

    fwiw You make some very articulate and valid points, problem is you have far too many ignorant and foolish lemmings reading the blog.

    Keep up the work, you remain one of the few ballsey bloggers who does not need to tow any party line in order to be popular.

    More please.

  36. Jason K said

    selling rvp would be mad imo

    but i can see your point with his age creeping to 30 and his injury record

    to some of the people who posted about bergkmap above did he have a bad injury record?

  37. gunneral said

    Due to the fact hes had injury time out he has the body of a 25 -26 year old and he is on the way up, not the way down. Would that be logical???? Wenger is renown for prolonging the length of a player. Just a thought, mentally hes mature 28 but with a 26 year old body. I admit the converse of that is also potenially true.

  38. A player who has had numerous injuries is not likely to have a longer career, that is just daft! While there is less attritional damage, the chances of the old injuries recurring wipes that out.

    This is stockbrokers blog and has the intelligence of fiscal management running through it, but football fans are not intelligent in how we invest, financially or emotionally (I can’t possibly afford my season ticket, but I do!) and are disappointed when the football professionals (or at least their agents) don’t follow our lead. When faced with economic pragmatism we scream mercenary.

    However we dream of players who love the club irrationally, the way we do. AW has worked miracles financially, but we want to see trophies to match the stylish play and economic prudence. It is frustrating because we have been so close, but a glaring lack strength in depth has flared up time and time again.

    The choices are to keep going as we are, hoping that we hold everything in together long enough to exploit others weaknesses (looked possible a few times in the last five years) or gamble and risk ending up like another Leeds Utd.

    But IF the gamble paid off…

  39. dew said

    If he lives it is because of arsenal board and wenger. (believe me). If they have money on the hand just recognize his contribution and give him warm contract other wise not only him there are plenty supporters who are tired of your philosophies, and are now only tied to club with thinnest thread (i.e ONLY VANPERSIE). Any ways please don’t manipulate fans mind, these days every body is smart.

  40. Dylgunn said

    My head agrees, my heart says nooooooo!

  41. gunner17 said

    RvP’s physiology and game suggests to me that his best years are ahead of him, not behind.

    He’s not like Owen, he wasn’t playing full seasons of top-level football at the age of 20. His body is not burned out. He only came good at 23 ish and he wasn’t first choice until maybe 25. I don’t think he’s even played a full season yet. And he’s not a sprinter like Henry, his game is based on his intelligence not his speed. And he’s one of the smartest footballers around.

    I think he’ll be world class between 28 and 33. We should do everything we can to keep him for the next 4 or 5 years.

  42. gunner17 said

    Plus RVP loves Arsenal. For me, he is the next part of the Bergkamp-Vieira-Pires-Henry lineage of truly great foreigners to play at Arsenal in recent times. He needs to stay, be true to his heart, and win something so he can sit as an equal next to these guys in our history books. He is good enough and gooner enough.

  43. Are u dreaming or Man C sent u to say this cause Man C has malice with Arsenal,look we had yonger players like Nasr,cesc,Helb,Chlichy,wilshire,sagna n.k all below 25 we failled ti have a single title for sixth year now…..we need matured players like van goals who is now at the peak, see Man U has 37 yrs of age player and doing greater yet,if it is money Arsenal has money,mind u we Arsenal needs happiness,happiness is only when our team is doing fine, Van goals lifted us much this season, still nicests player who is doing fantastic……………we must keep Van persie is an important player……..Van is at 28yrs og age now, see Clarence Seedorf of AC still playing is of above 35 now and stil doing greater……see Didier drogba is 33 still doing fine, see Terry, VAN GOAL lampard, gerad and many others, see Christian Ronaldo is now 27 but yet Reak madrid depend on him, see charles puyol,xavi and many others, what playes is not age, what plays is talent,Van is talented, Arsenal must keep him………if the problem is money then, we Arsenal fun allover the world we can make donation for club so that to fill the gap, and make van goals stays at Arsenal…………….VAN GOALS GOAL SHOILD STAY Is an arsenal emblem

  44. Matt said

    Spot on great article and the sort of foresight the club needs. Two big game strikers could be bought adding pace, strength and goals to a squad lacking. Verm will take on captaincy. Plus vp has to signed a new contract I don’t want to see another captian chose to leave. Let’s sell

  45. hackneygunner said

    buy Lacina Traoré and a defender, then sell rvp in 1.5 years. simple.

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