Arsenal bid 30M for Pato – Wenger stubborn?

December 6, 2011

So the January transfer madness is almost upon us and tonight we are told by a Spanish paper that Arsenal have contacted AC Milan and offered 30M Euros for the incredibly decent Alexandre Pato – if this happened, it would easily be the greatest transfer in the Wenger era.

The duck, as Pato is affectionately known as in Brazil, is one hell of a talented striker and just the kind of speedy, clinical type we have needed at the club since Henry left.  Check out Pato’s goal at Camp Nou in the Champions League from earlier this season if you want to see what kind of striker he is.

Pato is added to the dream list alongside Gourcuff and Podolski.

A lot has been made of the stubbornness of our legendary manager, but tell me this… if you were asked to compile a list of players from last season that you did not think had it in them to make it at Arsenal, who would have been on your list?

Almunia?  Eboue? Denilson? Bendtner?

I would be surprised if every single one you reading this did not include at least 3 from the above list in your personal lists….. now tell me, how many times has the utterly stubborn Wenger played them this season?

I grew up and stopped being conned by the media when I was a teenager….. and you?


15 Responses to “Arsenal bid 30M for Pato – Wenger stubborn?”

  1. cupsui said

    nice…blunt!! too many fools just buy anything the tabloids say!
    pato would be nice, but i’m not holding my breath…i would prefer Goetze…but again a tough ask. Dimao?
    I do feel we need another striker…but i can’t see one coming in for 30million over jan…we’ll wait and see

  2. Chris said

    If diz hapen,i wl personaly go 2 church 4 tanx gvin woooooow!!!!!!! Cm on pato! Up gunaz

  3. Gman said

    Pato is a gun.. But still finding his way.. Damiao seems a more natural goal scorer but questions can be asked if he has what it takes to play in Europe.. Padolski has no real character when it’s goin good he runs with it but when it isn’t he disappears.. Di natale for me wud be a perfect signing for us..!! Always scores, link up play is good, finishing is excellent and has real character which is shown when udinese were basically carried by him on more than one occasion..

  4. Gman said

    Just realized his age.. My bad…!! Carlos tevez anyone..??

  5. Pls Mr. Wenger try and get him bcos he will suit 2 our style of play. Up gooners.

  6. DKD said

    Ok, let me clarify something to you. This seriously cannot be your test to see if Wenger is stubborn or not. Almunia was bound to go after his performances last season, Eboue too had lost his place and wanted to leave. Denilson has been loaned and Bendtner too. If yo really have to see if Wenger has lost his stubbornness see what the man does in January, where he SHOULD sign some one because of injuries that may occur.

  7. neil said

    it’s only taken wenger what, 3 years to realise that those quoted players were absolute crap, most arsenal supporters wanted them out long ago along with the inept diaby who is on an incredible 60000 quid a week, and what played 1 game this year what a mug manager

  8. Flavour said

    We have lots of players in the Reserve Team unknown until Wenger unpackage the package so give him a break, he is not stubborn, he is decent and does business in the Arsenal fashion. If Wenger leaves today since the vision of not spending is Arsenal the next manager won’t spend either. Arsenal are only lucky because Arsene is a true believer of the Arsenal method. I hate to say this, so far we have proved that it is not spending that wins the league. We have no world class players yet the other three BIG clubs with huge spending are still struggling tonight and tomorrow to qualify for round of 16 in the CL.

    Please it is time we respect and value his system and style and give him the much desired credit. All these years Liverpool has being spending more than we did and yet they’ve been finishing below Arsenal. Why this British credit card spending mentality??? Enough of all these. We have a greatr squad and a great manager. Keep quiet for once and watch the games with your eyes and not with your mouth!

  9. Willy young said

    We have a huge squad of players many of which need moving on

    East mind

    Surely it makes sense to sell these ( think of wage savings alone ) and buy 2 great Pato and Goetze would be fine

    Net cost on that much?

    Otherwise squad has great blend of youth and experience finally can’t wait to see Jack and Aaron control a midfield together

  10. addy said

    Pato and goetze in one window seems a pipe dream at best. I’m pretty sure gooners world over would go crazy if something like that happened.
    Personally, i think both rumours could infact be true, but i can see only one deal going through, if any at all. Spending close to 50 million in one window is not our style.
    Personally speaking, i’d love to see damiao/giroud and reus in january.

  11. Panic said

    So you use a load of shit Wenger signings to prove what a great manager he is and that he isn’t stubborn???? The fact these players survived at the club for so long surely indicates the opposite.

    When he finally gets shot of Rosicky and Diaby does this prove your point further????

    I’m a great fan of Wenger but be honest, this argument makes no sense.

  12. gooner geezer said

    Willy Young, i agree with you , these players should be moved on but its easier said than done. Most of these players are rubbish. Who in their right mind would buy them!

  13. Twig said

    Arshavin is NOT rubbish. We’re just using him the wrong way that’s all.

  14. This ref needs to start dishing out cards.. Olympiakos are becoming more aggressive and ready to slaughter all Arsenal players.

  15. gooner geezer said

    Twig, I said most of the above are rubbish.
    There would be buyer’s for Arshavin and Rosicky, but not sure about the rest.

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