Wenger “After 2 or 3 days the whole dynamic changed”

November 15, 2011

I find these words from our esteemed manager very interesting in the context of the Youth V Experience argument that has raged like a wildfire throughout goonerland over the past 5 years.

Wenger gave us this quote today, speaking to Arsenal Player, when asked about the difference the 5 new players signed in the dying days of the last transfer window had made to the team.

He speaks about the “ambition” and “experience” all of them bring to the table.

I have Tweeted my feelings about how I feel the new players, in particular Arteta,  have brought about a change in attitude which has clearly resulted in a more determined approach to our game on the field of play.  Ambition is the key word for me.  Players like Arteta and Benayoun have never won anything at the highest level – they now have serious Champions League football to enjoy and participate in.  This must give them much motivation, motivation which must also be rubbing off around the club on players who are more established at The Arsenal.

Going back to the Youth v Experience argument, I cannot agree that the so-called Project Youth failed as key elements of the project are no longer at the club due to fiscal reasons.  Nobody can argue that the teams from circa 2006-2011 have not been competitive, ok we won nothing, but that absolutely cannot be the only barometer on which to judge it.

For me, participating at the highest level in a vastly “stacked deck” environment with the odious money from Russia and Qatar in play elsewhere, has been nothing short of remarkable.  I salute the job done in the first half decade of the newly created Wengerdome.  At times we came astonishingly close to completing the final step and landing the silverware but it was not meant to be.  Life goes on.

It is way too early in the life of the current Wengerball iteration to truly commit to being confident about lifting trophies, but the signs are good.  Give Wenger 20 very average players and I’m sure he would have them playing above average, attractive, mostly winning football.  Give him a squad with the likes of RvP, Chezza, Tommy V, Kos, Jack, Arteta, Rambo, Theo, Ox, Ryo, Gervinho and I think we could have a pleasant 2-3 years ahead of us.

Thank god those who were never born smart enough to understand the underlying genius of the great man remained in the minority.

7 Responses to “Wenger “After 2 or 3 days the whole dynamic changed””

  1. Elkieno said

    My sentiments exactly.

  2. erick odhiambo said

    the guy is a genius

  3. midou said

    i still have hope on 1 player to catch up with the high hope he came with bet never happened to him at the grove,TR7 the guy is a passing genious a football brain some times he does some stuff im just amased,i hope he still got enough in the tonk 4 another few years

  4. Red_Quadrant said

    Great stuff.

  5. Potter said

    And the trip to the experience camp a few years ago might just have landed the silverware we wanted. Wenger or the man that signed the cheques?

  6. Scott said

    Great article.
    What a shame the halfwit,low “suporters” of Arsenal who write for Le Grove and Bleacher report to this day choose to spend their waking hours whinging about Wenger and the club in general.
    It’s lovely to read comments from.am actual Arsenal fan.
    The club had a hell of a lot to look forward to,a massive future,and we fans can enjoy the ride……unless of course you have your head up your backside,and choose to ignore the facts.

  7. MistaKen said

    At the risk of getting shot down, the point is we are so close to being a PL winning team with just 2 or 3 more real quality players but Arsenal wont buy them.

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