Arsenal will play United

October 6, 2011

Ok, this is a weird one, and I’m still not entirely sure why I am bothering to post this up, but I have, and you are now reading it, so let’s crack on.

I had what can only be described as the most vivid, lucid dream / premonition with regards to Arsenal drawing Manchester United in the Carling Cup quarters.

I cannot tell you how chilling it was to land back on Earth after this slumber and realise it was merely just a dream, but I had this urge to make sure I made a lasting note of events.

So here it is.

A thoroughly  pointless posting…. but what happens if they draw each other after respectively beating Bolton and Aldershot at the end of this month?

In other news – Twitter folk tell me that BOTH Tommy V and Diaby will be back after the Interlull.


5 Responses to “Arsenal will play United”

  1. slimshady said

    That will be something…

  2. I cent said

    Lets get past bolton 1st we might end up playing aldershot or they bolton,jst maybe.

  3. Thorough said

    I’ll like the idea of Aldershot n Bolton. At least we would be able to concentrate on winning our biggest prize ever as a club…..4th place in the league.

  4. Bilyaminu Tambuwal said

    Am sure arsenal will finish in d top four.

  5. Gooner King said

    Lets forget about top four and focus on next game.

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