15 Glorious Wenger Years

September 30, 2011

September 1996 marked the arrival of the man who changed English football forever, all the science and technology that surrounds every club these days is 100% down to Wenger’s original ideas and methods.

Fergie may have more silverware…. but he has not implemented and introduced methods which the entire league have picked up and copied.  He is a man of simple methods…. namely, buy the most expensive players and see how it goes.  Championship Manager style, boys in their bedrooms playing on their computer style.  Don’t get me wrong, he has done well with it.  But those who think he is pound for pound the better manager need to educate themselves with more than just “who won what”.

I return to blogging as I just had to mark this very special anniversary.

I have moved over to Twitter as my foremost means of expression on all things Arsenal these days, blogging is just so boring… totally proliferated with junk.  Here and there I will post, but just don’t see the point anymore.. as you can get my views and thoughts in real time on Twitter.

The team right now is not our best over the Wenger years, I will of course admit that, but we have to allow all the new players to gel… and they will, how far they can go? No idea…. which is half the fun.  Just keep following, singing, cheering, screaming, swearing, crying and most of all enjoying.  Football is just a sport at the end of the day, enjoy it as much as you can.

Back to the main man, I am very clearly a big fan of the man ( as is bloody evident with this blog ), a man who was a total unknown to me when he landed the job as our new manager.  He had of course done wonders with a Monaco side fighting a corrupt team in Marseilles ( and the boos Wenger will get from the Marseilles fans when we visit there in a few weeks time will tell you all quite a bit!! ) but he was a relative unknown anywhere else in World Football, Japan aside, with the infamous Evening Standard headline of “Arsene Who” summing up the feelings very aptly.

Roll on a just a few months and it was oh so clear we had a magician on our hands, roll on 18 odd months and the man led us to a league and cup double….. A LEAGUE AND CUP DOUBLE IN HIS FIRST FULL FUNKING SEASON!

What the hell?

The glory years then, the greatest years in the 125 year history of our great club followed over the next 8 seasons.

Titles, Double doubles, invincible seasons… Champions League final, Cup finals, UEFA cup final…. we had the lot… ok we did not win em all but is half the fun the competing till the very end?  For me it is anyway.

Not going to bore you all eulogizing evermore about the man, but I will leave you with two final points.

Firstly, you have to give the man more respect, some of you are obviously very new to the game and never truly went through the range of highs, that just got higher and higher with the wonderous teams he gave us in the late 90s early noughties…. when a man has proven he can produce greatness, why knock him when he is simply trying, against mass adversity, to give us the same again?

Finally, I lied… not going to give you another point but instead going to leave you with my favourite Wenger quote.

“He made the impossible, possible”

Wenger said that, but it’s what legions of followers and true observers of the game will pin on him for the decades to come.


7 Responses to “15 Glorious Wenger Years”

  1. You should not leave blogging to the lunatics.
    (blackburn george)

    Wonderful piece.

    One one Andrei next week perhaps? 🙂

  2. kwasi kad said

    That is bull, you deluded AKB.

  3. slimshady said

    A bit more patience, Arsene is our man. Top posting!

  4. Andreas B7 said

    Wonderful piece Stringy. Leave blogging?

  5. the fontc said

    well said the the greatest under funded manager of all time karsi kad well his name says it all

  6. Artytetter said

    Brilliant piece. Please don’t stop blogging. One of the few decent ones left.
    Kwasi, how is that bull? Wasnt 90% of the piece pure fact? Fuck off to le grove mate

  7. Lee said

    Did you see what McClintock said this week on TalkSport?
    I HATE these ex-players tearing into the club. They should have some class!
    What did you do as a manager Frankie????
    You know what, guys like McClintock, Merse, Wrighty etc., can just fuck off. They’re history has been erased when spout venomous shit against us.

    Piece of cake!
    Love that no-one gives us a prayer. We will pick them off.
    A fucking easy three goal win!
    I’ll be there.
    COME ON YOU REDS!!!!!!

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