Giles Farmer is a Liar

August 22, 2011

Tell me, how would you react if you spent hundreds of hours writing a book about your hero… only for it to be completely shunned by said hero?

Step into the bitter, deceitful world of Giles.

So you fail as a writer, you make ends meet on a state pension, you have make belief chats with a degenerate gambling grocer on a daily basis, and oh, you make up complete fables to get back at the hero who shunned you.

Farmyard News Review at it’s very best.



4 Responses to “Giles Farmer is a Liar”

  1. Barry Bethel said

    Too right the bloke is a prick…dont understand why he goes to the effort of writing such negative blurb about the club he’s supposed to love. I wrote him a mail yesterday saying as much but guess what no response….I think you’ve hit the nail on the head…he’s like the geeky school kid who got blown out by the popular girl at school and has been stalking her and slagging her off for years… the best bit is I bet Wenger doesn’t even notice.

  2. EZ Macdoom said

    His “Cahill and Jagielka to sign within days, don’t ask questions just believe me because I know headline was classic ANR.

    Claim to not be a fan, claim to know the insiders tip, claim to not care, then slate the guy about whom you wrote a book called “the Professor” Bitter much?

  3. milo said

    i’ve been sending him mailing saying the same thing a while no // wenger shuns him then he goes and writes his crap ever since/////……see the new one .arsene controls ivan in every way says miles …..but ivan went out and bought arshavin (((the player miles wanted))) and now he says wenger wrecked him because ivan bought him ((arsene controls ivan and miles really wanted arshavin))) without wengers permission ..the mans in fantasy land

  4. Pete said

    Slightly off topic but Arsenal could do with a few more fans over at Quite a cool site for tracking the Arsenal Squad members who use Twitter too.

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