Wenger confirms Ryo to face Liverpool

August 19, 2011

Forget new signings.

Forget Nasri.

Forget Cesc.

Forget you think Arsenal are not strong enough this season.

Think Ryodinho.

Wenger confirmed in his pre-Liverpool Press conference today that Ryo Miyachi has now got his work permit sorted and is ready to face Liverpool.

He is in the official squad, I doubt anything more than a late cameo to tear apart Enrique is what we will get.

I fear for Udinese…. as they may get him for 90 minutes.


33 Responses to “Wenger confirms Ryo to face Liverpool”

  1. Kay said

    The guy will lite up Europe

  2. dorence said

    lets see what he holds for the gooners as he make the first appearance against Liverpool

  3. Emmanuel, Nigeria said

    Great optimism! It has actually (and surprisingly) lifted my spirits! Thats what the team needs now. But if Wenger doesnt bring in some quality replacements, I fear for Arsenal this season!! Gunners for Life!!!!

  4. iceman786 said

    this kid is gonna be a revelation this season…….. japanese revolution incoming !!!!!!!!!!!

  5. mugendi munyita said

    lets see what the lad has in store for us

  6. iceman786 said

    he’s from japan…….. he’s from japan

    we’ve got ryodiniho

    fuck the catalan !!!!!!!

  7. Abdi Haji said

    new ronaldo we have

  8. Ik said

    I wld love to watch him play against liverpool. We should rally round the team and give them our support our criticisms doesnt help much.

  9. kimani said

    I hope he raises to the level of our expectations.

  10. Karl Karma Marx. said

    I ‘ve got a journey to embark upon tomorow, but seems I will cancel it inorder to watch Ryo Miyachi. I have heard lots of him.

  11. Oyatoye Saheed Adeniyi said

    Is a welcome development for miyachi as every arsenal fans will want to see him playing in his best form 4 his said best club

  12. sam said

    first day of the season, man utd got lucky with own goal, man city got it easy with a newly promoted team. everyone needs to build match sharpness and enough with the scaremongering. do you really believe this liverpool will walk over us and take 3 points?

  13. Jesse said

    Ryo just go and teach walcot how to play d wings

  14. nasfir said

    this is great….

    Gunners gonna bleed them tommorow

  15. osaro said

    Ryo wud suprise many… Just watch out. Up ARSENAL.

  16. Williams peter said

    Well, don’t ve much to say about ryodinho till i watch him play

  17. femi said

    i fear 4 arsenal 2moro, 4 mi am jst going to watch my entertaining game expecially my new boyz ryo nd chamberlin

  18. Franksam said

    I will be there exactly at the kick off. RYO I hope 2morow you give us what we desperately need. See you @ ’emirata’

  19. steven said

    Let us wait for the japanese. But the team needs super play maker.

  20. femi said

    i fear 4 arsenal 2moro, 4 mi am jst going to watch my entertaining game expecially my new boyz ryo nd chamberlin. Dose ar d bois i wanna watch 2moro. Up gunner. Bt we ar winning 2moro, my boiz wil surprise u all.

  21. Dabwitso mwanza said

    Ryo please go in the pitch and do it 4 us as fans. Gudluck Ryo!

  22. lawal jimmy said

    lets see what there miracle team is going 2 play 2morrow.i wich them gud luck.

  23. Nomaan said

    Got big expectation from dis Japanese lad..
    Gunners for Life..

  24. hapinem said

    they say we are no match for them but little did they know we will give more than they can chew up arsenal ryo show them wat u r made of

  25. Akinnehin philips said

    Can he hold our AK47 ?let see

  26. adeniyi ayokunle said

    rio will become word best before 2015.

  27. Obyno arsene nwankwo said

    Will campbell b included ahead of chamack n B52 pls!!!

  28. Osborne said

    Wenger is toying with premier league giants. He refuse to buy an experienced player instead he is buying 1million cost player.Let’s see what will happen tomorrow but if we lose I’ll like to have him sacked.

  29. dante said

    ryo is gonna show liverpool who is d boss in the emirate stadium

  30. Ryo!!!,we will like to see him play.

  31. uche said

    I can’t wait to watch dis kid! He’s fast!

  32. Reece said

    To be honest I’ve never seen him play but by the comments I have read I’m guessing that his a real talent! 🙂

  33. fabregas iniesta n xavi they tink there the best trio but there gonna go home cryin after they see ryo haha tell me if u lyk it i made it up on the spot

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