Call yourself a Gooner?

August 15, 2011

I call you a plankton who only sings when we are winning, and cries like a 3 year old girl when things go against us.

One thing has always set apart proper genuine football fans, from all teams around the world, that I have personally come across in all the many years I have been a fan of the game is a spirit, a belief… a sense of togetherness to fight for a shared cause.

On Saturday, as is now the norm, Arsenal were mugged off by another incompetent referee (Peter Walton you are a disgrace and should be demoted to League 2), as has now been admitted by the lead protagonist from the Newcastle side, namely Barton, Gervinho was actually fouled in the box, which should have resulted in a penalty kick which no doubt would have resulted in RvP busting the net and giving us all 3 points.

However, our man got a red, Barton’s behaviour (100% similar to the red Diaby got at St James last season) resulted in a yellow…. oh and of course no penalty.

You can moan and groan all you want about lack of signings….. but do you honestly think the manager and his people at the club have not been trying to sign the right players all Summer?  Do you?  Honestly… seriously?  Cos if you do…. go take a real long lie down.

There has been no uproar at our mugging…. why not?

Oh I see, if Wenger spent 60M this summer and the same events transpired on Saturday evening it would have been OK only then to have a go at the ref and Barton?

Seriously WTF is wrong with you people…. please… please…. find another team to follow !!

At The Arsenal… only supporters who support need apply… not childish morons who spend all day, every day whining about signings.

Get a grip you simpletons.

45 Responses to “Call yourself a Gooner?”

  1. rustagun said

    Spot on, I would support the team if fucking fat Sam was in charge and the way things are going wenger will walk and we will get in a manager who will spunk all the cash to get the fans onside and we still won’t win fuck all than what happens……?

  2. RedandDread said


  3. Bill said

    Well said

  4. Andreas B7 said

    Thank christ there is a arsenal blogger with some sense and experience of the game to understand what is going on.

    We have been hijacked by a new wave of fans who just don’t get it.

    They are newbie fans who have been following the club for no more than 6 or 7 years and think they know it all.

    Maybe if they stopped reading the useless english press they may stand a chance.

  5. arsene-al said

    Standing ovation mate

  6. RmanGoon said


    The stupid media in this country have turned fans against the team. Okay, we have not won anything but we moved into a new 60K home and we still challenged at the top. Its when the team is struggling, that the fans need to stick together and support the club they supposedly support!

  7. jsy said

    You lot havent a clue, the match going fans are turning on Wenger as we have seen since the start of 2011. The man has embarrassed the club with his lies and antics. Its easy to sit behind a computer and criticise matchgoing fans, ironically some of the most loyal.

    The man has lost his touch and has to go. Andreas the only thing you lot know is Wenger, there will be an Arsenal after Wenger.

    If you dont like that give up on Arsene FC and follow PSG or Barcelona, where youll go when he leaves.

  8. RockyLives said

    Well said String.
    It does seem a shame that even the away supporters have taken to chanting against the manager. He was booed off the team bus apparently – shocking.

  9. jsy said

    Theres always an excuse for the Wenger knows brigade, always the referee or the pitch or the weather or some other crap.

    Get a grip, if you cant see how rubbish we were on Saturday against a terrible Newcastle you havent got a clue.

    The referee didnt have two shots on target with 70 percent possession. Too much overpaid dross in the side managed by a man fixated on proving the world wrong with a failing project. Time to go Wenger and hopefully your fans will leave the club and follow you to your next one leaving the Arsenal support here.

  10. AlwayslovetheArsenal said

    Finally someone with some sense. I have lost my voice defending my beloved club from our very own “supporters”. I has been embarrassing. Finally an article which states facts which seem so obvious to me. Let Arsene do his job. Let us do ou job and SUPPORT OUR ARSENAL

  11. jo said

    well said! These so called fans are ruining our club

  12. rawad said

    well said and Wenger should be supported THE only one that we should be mad of is Kroenk he has taken away the freedom for Wenger to manage the club. DO these so called arsenal fans have a view in case WENGER is sacked ??? we will finish 8th or 12th or even in the Championship !!! HOW DARE YOU BOOO ON THE ONE TIME INVINCIBLE MAKER !!!

  13. Westy247 said

    Well said ‘Johnny come lately supporters ‘ fuck them.

  14. I definately will be signing up to this web site this is the sort of article I want to read like I responded on another site booers need not attend. I was begining to think I was on me own

  15. Gooner0609 said

    Gary Neville of all people has written an essential column in the Daily Mail for all genuine Arsenal fans and the shower of wank that passes for all other Blogs claiming to be genuine supporters. This excellent Blog being the exception.

    Now if a Manc with an IQ equivalent to that of a dried dog turd can fucking get it, why can’t the Home support.

    Get behind this team or fuck off.

  16. Jake Vans said

    I wish I was as articulate as you. I have been wanting to lash out at these no nothing faux supporters all summer.
    I met a Tottenham fan in Hogn Kong a few years back. When I told him I was an Arsenal supporter, suprised as I am an American, he asked but one question. Did I support the club through winning and loosing? When I said, “yes”. He said I was a “proper supporter.”
    Although he was a “Riot Fan”, I respect what he had to say. Well, that and he bought me drinks all night and I got right and proper pissed.
    If you don’t like the team…find another.
    The one thing I have not seen written all summer is that we seem to have a problem with loyalty, save for RVP and a few others. Does anyone DARE question WENGERS loyalty to The ARSENAL. Hasn’t Real Madrid and a few others come calling. Did he rush off for more money or instant glory? NO, He stayed! Not for money but because he is first and formost a GUNNER! He bleeds Arsenal! So, show some fucking respect and let the professor do his magic!

  17. US_Gunner said

    F*cking finally someone says it right. I’m sick of all the pessimism against the team and bandwagon fans. We are still going to kill it this year, we always do, Arsenal just needs to finish when the season goes to the championship rounds at the end of the season.

  18. SUSIE said

    totally agree with Gooner o6o9…….

  19. Jack Straw said

    Fuck yeah!

  20. Tony G N15 said

    Got to say i’m sad that its heading in a bad way for AW, this is my 26th year as a season ticket holder and 35th as a supporter, and the feeling in the stands smells of Terry Neil’s dying ember. The goodwill many still held for the manager has been exasperated with the spin and inactivity over the summer, ground hog day where in plenty of promises and statement are made pre ST renewal, then little activity afterwards.

    After last seasons collapse many assumed there would be minor changes to our approach but for a new season to have started with out them spells trouble.The atmosphere has become poisonous last season ending witnessed grown men in my block having fisticuffs something i had not seen in decades of supporting the club, and it looks like the spill over is well and truly on, sadly!!

    The away support is as loyal as it gets for AW and for them to be turning is worrying, those guys spend tons travelling and supporting the club so yes they call themselves Gooners, hardcore gooners in the real sense of the word and not “gooners” name that the club hijacked then commercialised to exploit the new in crowd to football. In my block ST cost £1400-1700 and many of us double that in away trips, so i think name calling is irrelevant! disagree with their views as your entitled but those so called Planktons give their money and compared to that soulless bowl vociferously support the team away from home.

    The sad part is i don’t know any sensible fan who’s asking the club to buy £30-50M players but to address problems of the past 3-4 years. AW’s great brand of attacking football is loved and appreciated, but the one thing many Arsenal fans pre Wenger are familiar with is a solid back line and not the joke we are witnessing at present (the worst defensive record in 8yrs), i think conceding leads in friendlies has reminded many of our failings and opened up the wounds that started to heal over the summer break.

    Fans of 10-20 yrs have not witnessed when The arsenal fans really turn against a manager, as we’re amongst the most loyal fans going, but like i said this has Terry Neill written all over it, and Hill Wood adds smoke to the fire every time he opens his mouth to the Daily Star hotline. Lets all hope AW has a second wind and comes out fighting, as if its the same old same old he’ll be gone by next summer the latest, and his new boss is a Yank who knows the value of fan satisfaction, and right now many ain’t getting any!!

  21. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…I want silverware or I’m throwing all my toys out of my pram….wahhhhh! I want Wenger out…wahhhh….I don’t give a fuck if we can’t replace him…wahhh! I hate every Arsenal player….wahhh…they are ALL useless twats…..wahhh…just like me!
    I go to the emirates to boooooo allmy team and I want AFc to buy 250 billion dollars worth of superstars or I’ll never go again….wahhhhh! I can’t read and even if I could I’d never be in the English press and other media…wahhhh!
    Mommy…I think I shit myself again…wahhhh….I want Gazidis tochange my diapers or I’ll moan,groan,whine, whimper and rage all day….wahhhhhh!

  22. you shall miss him when he’s gone.

  23. slimshady said

    Well said!

  24. Spectrum said

    You A.K.B.’s just don’t get it, do you ? In a nutshell, staying silent means accepting what is being served up to us, season after season after season. I won’t list all the things that are wrong, as any truly perceptive and objective observer can clearly see them. And not just last season but the ones BEFORE that, too. The boo-ing e.t.c. is more directed at the manager, than the team. It’s HIS TEAM, is it not ?
    Are you A.K.B.’s supporters or docile masochists ? Do you not have any anger and indignation over the way our team is being incompetently run ? You accuse us realists of not being true supporters ? You need to take a good look at yourselves, you self righteous hypocrites. You mindless sheep make me sick. If you really loved the club, you wouldn’t meekly accept mediocrity and lack of ambition as the new norm. You’d make

    yourselves heard. If you’re not prepared to do that, then take your own advice, and go support another club.

    and the fact he does nothing about it, year after year. To blindly “support”, and say and do nothing, sends the message that we’re o.k. with the situation. And that’s the wrong message to give out. It

  25. Razor said

    I started supporting Arsenal ^ years back and I’m not like that.I think these so called “supporters” are retards who are spoon fed crap by the papers.

  26. Gooner4Life said

    Finally a good article which actually makes sense. People HAVE to stop thinking that spending big money doesn’t makes you a BIG CLUB!
    P.S If you are a true ARSENAL fan the first thing you should know is:
    He is undoubtly there for the sake of club and if you think he dont have the same hunger as Alex Ferguson or Roberto Mancini to win trophies you’re clearly on the wrong side of the road and i hope that a car comes and hit you fucking badly

  27. Gooner4Life said

    people have to stop thinking that spending big money makes you a big club*

  28. Scott said

    You put it a little more eloquently than I have recently,but the sentiments ate the same. If you ate s supporter,you support. If bit,you ate just a whinger.

  29. Orion said

    are you still at school?

  30. Steve said

    good to hear positive stuff for a change … I think we played well, our defense looked solid scnezney looked comanding which is what most people have been moaning about all summer so well done defense .. attacking as usual we were great … just a few more shots on goal and the red card wouldn’t have mattered … and wildness to come back … come on you gunners

  31. Gwin said

    Well said. The mourning fans think the coach enjoys getting bad results. Anyone who thinks that way is a fucking moron and can’t think on his own, but will only make inference based on what the press feeds him.

  32. Bravo, we positive gooners need to stick together and oust the miserable bastards who are infecting our club with their negativity. Join the Positive Gooners Facebook page!! Click my name for link!

  33. Gooner In Exile said

    Well said sir…,

    At this moment in time I am unfollowing all knee jerk reactionary fans on Twitter and steering clear of the mindless blogs, I tend to do most of mine on ArsenalArsenal with RockyLives up there.

    Good luck to the True Gooners going to the Udinese game hope you can drown out the boo boys, I’ll be there to lend my voice to the effort against Liverpool next weekend.

  34. non-Sheep said

    Fans are disgruntled and fed up. Why is it that anyone who criticizes Wenger is told to “go support someone else”. Wenger has surrounded himself with a bunch of yes-men and now you expect the fans to be the same. Rubbish. We pay the highest prices in history for a team that is WEAKER than last season!!! But hey, nobody say anything, because then you aren’t a real fan. Open your eyes and grow up.

  35. nobert said

    The biggest problem is xenophobia in english press. Wenger is undermined because he is not english and can’t sign english players. On saturday king kenny drew at home and we are told “his team has a lot of promise”. Then Arsene draws away from home and its a sign of bad things to come. They ratchet up pressure in their newsrooms and studios and the result is this wenger must go mantra. If wenger goes I hope we get king kenny or Arry so they will spend every penny in the coffer and still win nothing. Arry will even leave you in administration. They will still be better managers in the eyes of the british press.

  36. afrogoon said

    Tell ’em like it is champ!!

  37. Kenyan gooner said

    I read the article by gary neville and i must admit this guy is more clever than i thought!!it is a must read 4all gooners especially those quick to criticize!every club undergoes a bad dry spell just the way great playerz can be out of u,liverpool,real madrid and even the mighty barca had such spells too..enough with that and back to the newcastle game!!i must admit our back five were rock solid!!we dealt with high balls very well.kozzer and verminator had good understanding and are well on their way 2forming a formidable 5year partership!compare our defence to man u’s who struggled all evening!not to mention their clown of a keeper.their defence suddenly looks shaky because they dont trust him..pundits and press have been making a meal of us of how our keepers are poor..chesny was commanding..i would relish a de gea vs stokes,blackburns,newcastles of this rio,no vidic,rafael,fletcher..its not all gloom.i think we missed wilshere on saturday..i would we rather sign a bench defender better than squilacci!have i mentioned how we dealt with corners and aerial balls into the area?i am worried by our team B though.we got no choice but 2get behind thd team now.with or without signings.

  38. James said

    Well said these so called supporters ,not even good enough to be called fans . Can’t believe they booed wenger on Saturday.

  39. Well said. I’m getting tired of listening whining arsenal fans. They are a disgrace.

  40. Jack said

    Maybe the club should spend a bit more than 10 million for Jagilka then you fucking mug then we might get the players we need and want. If we haven’t got the money than why the hell did we sell out to some Yank.

  41. A true Fan said

    Great post. Arsenal Fan should take an example from the Liverpool fans.

  42. lordgunner said

    we have the worst home support in europe big league .my small shit local team 100 fan make more noise than 60 000 ish fan we get at the emirate.
    when we start play bad or our team is1 goal down you could get more noise at a cemetary.and what about udinese match ,when the team need support to keep the score our fan have nothing better to do that go home.
    the spending the money thing have nothing to do with the way you support your team.dang some player who actually want to play for us are still here and all they get is ….silence.


  43. SUGA3 said

    boy, oh boy, some people need to go to fucking Specsavers…

  44. diabys mum said

    things arent “going against us”. Our board and manager are systematically ripping the team apart and selling it to make profits. fuck arsene, fuck gazidis, fuck kroenke, fuck all of them . Love arsenal

  45. lewi said

    what happend at st james’ park was a desgress, poor reffering and yet nobody talks about it and the biased english media is quiet, shame on you!!!!!!!!!!!

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