The Mata-dor lands at Arsenal this weekend

July 29, 2011

Juan Mata is expected to be a guest of Arsenal at this weekend’s Emirates Cup and will complete his transfer to the club subject to a medical – so says Mr Phillipe Auclair.

Now that is a man to pay attention to when he speaks transfers and Arsenal.

The fee is in the region of 15M Euros up front with add ons taking it to a new Arsenal Transfer record in excess of 20M Euros.

Not much more to say apart from GTFI.


42 Responses to “The Mata-dor lands at Arsenal this weekend”

  1. bbb said

    what’s the source? not doubting it but just wondering where/when auclair said it

  2. LOVE IT! Great signing by Arsenal!

  3. Pat said

    Where did you hear Auclair say this? Radio I’m guessing? Can’t find anything. Great news if true.

  4. John said

    I hope this info is true an we need a quality right footed stricker

  5. orian jackson said

    Love this move if it true

  6. gimmeg6 said

    Where did u get this?would love to see mata in our shirt but with all the transfer let downs not too optimistic

  7. kc said

    Sure hope your right!! Mata would fit in brilliantly at Arsenal. If this does happen we should sign or sell Nasri.

  8. Steve said

    believe when it actually happens… if we were to believe everything we read we would have 38 new players now … I hope this signing happens but this summer has been full of false information ..

  9. Sam said

    Please dont play with my emotions.

  10. Pronen said

    Wenger should be fast about this,I pray its true.only God knows.

  11. dat wil b 2 nice 4 arsenal

  12. sam said

    whats wrong with keeping nasri to have a big competitive squad? well if he extends his contract. i have a feeling we will take money from galatasaray for the russian.

  13. Obyno arsene nwankwo said

    My Fingers and even legs still crossed!!!

  14. Eazyway said

    Hope this is true,bcos all arsenal fans are waiting for this big signing bcos cesc is going to his boyhood club.

  15. Emuos said

    Mata is a great replacement 4 cesc and we need 2 more big names

  16. […] coming from Legendaire (who has his news from another source so check his article out) is that Mata will be a special […]


    Although,all i know is that arsene should sign a good & reliable players in time not an injury woe players.

  18. Ehisman said

    i just hope all this are not scam

  19. Pat said

    If we can keep Nasri and Cesc, add Mata and Cahill and maybe a LB, we’ll go till the end next year. Will we win it? That depends on the form of our players cause they’re good enough.

  20. I am very tired of dis rumours

  21. chimex said

    can’t we be real 4 once,wenger shud sign if he wants 2,sell if he wants,is it a crime 2 be an arsenal fan?

  22. ruemu said

    Well done gunners!

  23. Barr. Eneb. said

    If d remous of mata signin is correct, den we d fans ar bit happy. Wenger should sign more players, and should not consida d sale duo nasir and cesc.

  24. Tope said

    Dis mata thing is still unbelievable…giv us confirmatns not hearsays or conjectures. Latest news 4rm skysport, espn, twitter refuted d reports

  25. romario said

    wow,if this is true then arsenal are top contendant for all title this season

  26. Gunnahuntyall from 606 said

    If it’s not Arsenal website, I’m not buying…

  27. wamimbi robert said

    he is a good player and surely fab should go and let mata play along side nasiri good job done asene

  28. San said

    This news makes me happy 🙂

  29. rauph said

    i think it’ll be a good development if truely we signed mata

  30. Josphat said

    As much as we love arsenal ,we r worried about our defence

  31. VANDITHA said

    If it ‘s true we could see more interesting news next week ,cos tomorrow is saturday.everybody have no work.

  32. kace said

    Mata will be a great addition,no doubt but am not seeing wenger paying that much for just one player. So,until officially annouced its remains doubtful.

  33. mechniro said

    Only God knows the truth!!!

  34. sign mata,cahill and Benzema.

  35. henry fayol said

    It will be great if he comes. Still another LB, CB and a striker for 2 trophies

  36. I am only waiting to hear the confirmation of this signing. Hence is crazy in transfers . i want this to happen by 2pm today

  37. frddy said

    mata is the best! If you put/him with the rest, he comes out the best.

  38. Gooner_66 said

    Is this true? I can’t find the Auclair quote anywhere.

  39. Katumba moses said

    Its brilliant if it so happens.We’re tired of being worried every day.Am tired of the whole thing.
    Big up Arsenal.

  40. Dial Square said

    So why is he playing for valencia at this moment

  41. Phil said

    A lot of tumbleweeds have gone past since July 29 and still no sign of Mata . . .

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