Arsenal have already signed the player to replace Cesc

July 27, 2011

They signed him in the Winter transfer window………….  back in 2009.

Yup him, the little, frustrating, Russian winger who would prefer to play the central free role behind the main striker.  With Ryo and Gervinho set to slug it out with Theo to claim the Wingman spots, and with Cesc and Nasri both doing one before the transfer window closes, Arshavin may finally get his chance to claim the role he covets so much.

Although from pre-season, it would appear Wenger has decided on Ramsey being the man to fill said position.

Interesting one, as out wide Arshavin is totally wasted, he can’t be bothered out there, he wants the limelight in the middle of the park, and he may just become the player we have craved so much over the past couple of seasons.

That cameo up at Anfield aside, he has done jack didley since becoming a Gunner… ok I’ll give him that peach to beat Barcelona last season.

Time to repay some of those wages me thinks or join the other morons and walk out the exit door and let some young guns give some blood for side.


21 Responses to “Arsenal have already signed the player to replace Cesc”

  1. sallay said

    you mean the guy being sold to galatasaray for 14m?

  2. sam said

    arshavin? last time i saw arsene he was wielding his axe and guess who’s next?
    diaby’s better off staying injured till the transfer windows closed.
    actually the captain was the first on the hit list long before the season ended, that back pass against barca sealed his fate and barca knows thats why they dropped his valuation.

  3. smith said

    perhaps a few seasons ago…. lets face it… everyone knows his lost his legs and aint the same player he was

  4. S'dayo Myke said

    Pls, let Ramsey fill up cesc position while flanking assassin from left…or should be send away cos of his laziness

  5. Ainsworth Sharpe said

    I think Arsene should try this giving the little Russian a run in the middle may be a blessing in disguise

  6. Lee said

    Top player for me and has been outstanding in many games. His assist record is second only to Cesc.

    Whisper I have heard is that Wenger has relentlessly pushed to get Benzema this summer and would consider an RVP swap deal, but it is VanP who has refused categorically.

  7. job5679 said

    no arsenal player should leave us now,we need to strength the team to make it firm.ok?

  8. saphan said

    ARSHAVIN cannot replace fab that is total rubbish………………………..

  9. Ian said

    For me he is a great player and I hope he stays at Arsenal. We need mature players who can give us different options on the pitch. However I think he is a little to slow to play in Cesc’s role.
    As for a swat deal Lee (RVP for Benzema) I think you must have been on the booze. RVP is as an Arsenal great and we will never get rid of him. For me he is far more of an Arsenal legend than Cesc.

  10. omony ocan said

    His wieght, passing, age may cause more uncertenity than good

  11. kc said

    WTF are you talking about? Arshavin was one of our top 3 players last season and his numbers prove it. Id love to see him in that role as he has the vision Nasri lacks in the middle of the pitch. Arsh isn’t one of the disloyal pricks who wants to bail like Nasri and Cesc so why the shit talk?

  12. Arshivam for fabergas is useless. If it is so,arsenal must be relegated when next season. Even aaron cannot fill the gap. Over trust has killed arsen wenger. No arsenal player is over £4m. Is a total shame.

  13. craigy said

    kc! i agree with u m8, id love 2 see shava in the cesc role, i kno hes put on weight but wen fit, he’s got a great burst of speed over 20, 30 metres and wud cause all sorts of problems, although i cant wait to c ramsey there, as in him we have 1 special player, when he’s playing wiv confidence he’s a pleasure to watch

  14. Whats wrong with everyone? said

    @Onyeabor really????

    Are you truley saying no Arsenal player is worth over £4m??? That says it all!!

    With regards to Ramsey, did you see how he & Jack totally controlled the game at the Emirates last season when we beat Utd?

    I would like to see Arshavin played just off the striker, that where he played when he shone enough for us to buy him to why try to change him?

  15. Crispen said

    Arshavin is the ideal replacement for Cesc. Cesc will only play 15 games so let him go and get the cash. NASRI should NOT be allowed out at any cost.

  16. pelumi said

    arshavin will be a good centre mid like fabregas .arshavin would be the perfect replacement for fabrega,arsene wenger should give him a chance

  17. gunner17 said

    stop assuming that miyaichi will actually be at the club next year – he hasn’t even got his work permit yet.

  18. gunner17 said

    If Fabregas goes then Arshavin and Nasri should compete for his spot. Both players are wank out wide but great in that position. We need a new left winger too. Mata please.

  19. Mr wappers said

    Arshavin is wicked. Just remember he kept us in the Champions League..

  20. Olumide said

    @gabriel you need to guide your mouth. It’s dropping shit more than wenger’s ass. How much would you sell wilshere,ramsey,walcott,szczesny?

  21. Knightvision said

    1 for Mata.

    Hawke what’s the skinny on JET??

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