Arsenal will never ever sign Phil Jagielka

July 22, 2011

Seriously, if you believe this ridiculous rumour that crops up every six months.. you need a lobotomy.

Believe me, Arsenal don’t want Jagielka… why would they?  They have plenty of sub 6ft Centre Backs and have clearly highlighted set pieces as a problem.

Are you really that mentally challenged to fall for the red top hacker press bull?

Forget it, Cahil is definitely the number one target followed by Samba.

I am so confident that Jagielka will never play for Arsenal that I will repeat my Twitter offer to anybody who wants a wager with me… name your price!



9 Responses to “Arsenal will never ever sign Phil Jagielka”

  1. chibsah said

    yes i agree with u.we hv his types we ned cahil n samba

  2. Lee said

    I think Wenger’s top target is Scott Dann.
    Won’t pay £17m for Cahill and Samba may end up at the Spuds.
    Wenger wants Chamberlain because it will allow him to sell Walcott for big cash next season – or even in January.

  3. FoolishgooNer said

    I rather give Kyle B the playing time than Phil Jagielka. Wasn’t he in the everton side we scored 4 goals against?get me cahil, samba, sakho or any other fearless experienced monster who will love nothing better to launch himself onto to flying missiles on Saturday afternoon. Afc needs a nasty defender who can slap Johan into overdrive. And duke it out with Vermealen during training. A defender that arsene needs to buy for his fines and Refs bring extra protection to the emarities. A guy who Can teach young woj some Kun Fu moves.

  4. wengher said

    More bullshit from supporters who know nothing, everyone get a grip and stop spectulating, Cahil is definitely the number one target followed by Samba is just the same banter by the newspapers CHURNED OUT every week.

    Stop being a fucking dick and when we do sign someone then talk about. Rather than spurting the same shit 8 weeks after it was already speculated. btw I AM A PENIS

  5. Zesta said

    Jagielka is a defender highly priced for nothing,how many times has Everton conceded more than 3 goals in his presence Cahil and Samba are the right candidates

  6. opine afresh said

    You are correct. Nothing but an incentive to the Bolton board to accept our offer for Cahill before he departs at the end of season for nothing. Bolton are fast running out of time to replace him, hence the remarks from Coyle about deadlines etc. All this is, is pressure from Wenger to obtain his target (Cahill) for half of last seasons reported price. Example#1: Same bid for Jagielka as last season – doesn’t make sense after having been rejected already. Example#2: Samba could have been relatively easily purchased already for approx 10 mil, quite cheap, all things considered, and would be the fallback option should the Cahill bid go sour.

  7. Jack said

    Totally agree with you. Arsenal need height and aggression to partner Vermaelen – not a clone. It surely wouldn’t cause the stadium to fall down if we paid £17m for Cahill would it? PS I Have linked your site on mine.

  8. gunner said

    So, Keeping the fantastic defender Squillaci is a great option for Wenger. Easier to understand french than english maybe.

  9. Philbet said

    Jagielka would be great squad player as he is very versatile,damn he has even played in goal but I have to agree, if Wenger were serious
    1: The rumour would never have got out.
    2: There is no way he could have expected to buy him for less than he offered last year,with him only months into a new 4 year contract.
    The truth is it is spin, while we attempt to buy someone else for a price nearer our offer than his current club wants to take.:

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