Samir Nasri you make me sick!

June 29, 2011

Yes after an extended break, the Hawke is back in the blogosphere.

Where to start?  Well firstly, there has never been and there never will be a footballer at Arsenal who is even 0.1% of the size of the club itself.

Anybody who has believed for even one second that Cesc was not going to leave this Summer needs shooting, the club told Cesc this time last year to give us one more season and then if Barca stump up we won’t stand in the way.  FFS how more bleeding obvious did you want it?

Cesc is gone, trust me, just trust me.. one way or another he will be joining Barcelona this Summer… and he should go with our total blessing.

As for Nasri – the little runt…  we sang our hearts out all season with the na na na na song and this is how he repays us?… well.. as they say in showbiz “break a leg” (again…Abou??)

Moving on swiftly, don’t worry about it, let the players who want to go, go… and let the likes of Gervinho and co who are desperate to come and play for us, come.  Players will always come and go, get used to it newbies and stop bleating about it.  This is football.  Players in this day and age are the biggest mercenaries.  You just have to get that right in your own head and stop stressing about it.

The real reason why you should never stress about it?  Look at who manages our team!

In Arsene I still firmly trust.

I am loving reading about glory hunting fans giving in their season tickets, and the same doom mongering, boring, moaning, bitching blogs having a pop at him… I love it.

So quickly do supporters forget what has been achieved in the past, so quickly do they forget what real genius leads our club.

I don’t… and I won’t.

Last season was a blip in the end to some extent, yet we did beat the European Champions in a epic match at the Emirates that will live long, long in the memory.  You see, newbies, that is what true football support is all about.  It’s not about crying like a baby because we have not spent 50M on Dipstickinho or some other fancy dan, it’s not even about moaning that we have not won any silverware for however many seasons…. it’s about taking the high points of a season and cherishing them.

You may have an ugly child, who is a total failure at school/college etc, but you are still going to truly love that child just as much as anybody else loves their children good, bad or indifferent.

Now for me, if you truly love a football club, and I mean truly love the club and have not just jumped on the EPL bandwagon and decided to follow a major club… then you will understand exactly what I mean.  If you don’t… well you know what you are.

Enjoyed time away from blogging, although those of you who want to hear me rant and rave on a more consistent basis can come and follow me on Twitter @onearsenewenger

Look up not down… look forward not back…. and above all else Up the Arsenal.


54 Responses to “Samir Nasri you make me sick!”

  1. walkpass said

    Agree with you about the child thing to an extent. I guess some rant at their children when they are not doing well. While some may see the board and manager as tutors so they directed their rage at these people but they still love Arsenal. There are some who sees the board or manager as part of Arsenal, though…

  2. Keith said

    I totally agree with your view of no player being bigger than the club, and as for Nasri, well if he is not happy then someone should show him the door. However I don’t agree with you wholly on the Arsene Wenger situation. Firstly let me say that I don’t think there is a better tactician in the English game today and certainly don’t want him to leave, but as manager of one of the biggest clubs in the world he must recognize when things are not going well or a bit of tweaking is necessary, and for the last six years he hasn’t. In business when things aren’t going to plan within a company you don’t just ignore it and hope it will right itself, you have to make changes in order to put it right, this is what Arsene must do, and hopefully he will this time.
    As for the glory hunters as you put it, Arsenal football club are in the business of trying to win things, that’s the nature of the business, so fans looking to win a trophy should not be ridiculed, after all isn’t that what every team wants?

  3. Obyno arsene nwankwo said

    Yeah! My opinion? Then exelent write-up! I luv arsenal,d real fans,d players n d coach. I hate d money conscious board!

  4. Gooner from Sydney said

    Great article mate, couldn’t agree more

  5. PaulK said

    Excellent post! I agree that we need to support the club. What AW has achieved over the last 15 seasons has been staggering. Hats off to all those supporters like this blogger. Let Cesc & Samri go if they don’t want to stay. We need hungry players who appreciate the opportunity. Up the Gunners!

  6. bob hope said

    your statemment stinks, i was a season ticket holder to have prices hiked to unacceptable level is a disgrace we pay more than any club in this country and who where champions? did we not come fourth,if i want to pay hiked prices lets watch a team that actually wins things, and dont have players in goal that flap, defenders who can not defend, and a forward line that needs someone who can get 20 goals a season plus to help van the man out, and let me assure you by christmas we will see where we are in the table and let me add we wont be in the top 6, we will lose cesc, nasri,clichy, who will wenger put in then, KIDS!!! IF YOU WANT TO WATCH CRAP THEN YOU PAY FOR IT, you dont go into tesco and pick up half a tin of baked beans for the price of a full tin do you, well dont expect the paying supporters who buy these season tickets to pay and watch a bunch of kids with no committment, your obviously not a arsenal fan, and let me add to i have bet 500 pound at bet fred that wenger will be sacked by christmas, and we will be fighting relegation, we dont have the quality in the squad to survive, we see whos words are right!!!

  7. gunstar said

    Yes Nasri makes you sick, but Wenger is worse. Because of Wenger, cesc is leaving, nasri wants to leave, nobody wants Wenger’s stars – denilson, almunia, bendtner?, etc..etc.. Diaby 10mil offered, clichy 5mil offered,..both internationals, WC experience… THAT’S CLASS!

    Worse still, hardly any top worldclass stars want to come to Arsenal except young players looking for opportunities to breakthrough 1st team.

  8. Andy Stevenage Gunner said

    It’s an attitude like yours and Wengers and the Arsenal board that has meant we have gone 6 years without a trophy. He lets players go down to their last year or be out of their contract with Arsenal just because he does the same and they end up leaving on a free transfer or next to nothing. A lot are French which is no coincidence I’m sure. Flamini, Wiltord on a free and now Nasri and Clichy with 1 year left. Wenger is a good man and I wouldn’t want anyone else but the board and him should tell players with 2 years left on their contract to sign or leave. That way we cash in and the club is not held to ransom or made to look stupid. Secondly why did he not reinforce our defence with depth and quality after Keown and Campbell left apart from the Verminater of course? The writing was on the wall when he did not replace the players from the invincibles. Why do Arsenal not tell Barca “Cesc is £100 million if you want him” to stop pathetic bids of £27 million. Report the the little brats to the tossers at FIFA and sue FIFA when they do nothing about it. Mourinio would never let Barca get away with it. Wenger needs to grow a pair and start coming down hard on players under achieving at the club like Arshavin, Flapianski, Almunia, Denison to name few. Not carry on playing them week in and week out. Reward the players more who make a difference and have Arsenal in their hearts with better contracts worthy of a great player. Enough of my rant you get the jist of what I’m saying.

  9. Do you know Samir personally? I don’t and I see no reason for people like you to hammer him when you are simply taking what you read in the press as gospel. I think this is the kind of vitriol that will drive players out. As far as Samir is concerned he said when coming to the club he wanted to be the next Robert Pires, a player he grew up worshiping. I have heard nothing from him that says he wants to leave, only comments that he wants parity with Cesc on wages, which is not unreasonable and that he wants to see some serious ambition from the club by buying some solid, good quality players.
    What the hell is unreasonable about that? Give the boy a break, we have no idea if any of this is actually true or just a load of bull from the press. If you are a real Gooner then support the team, vitriolic bull like this helps no one, except our rivals.

  10. Akhil said

    Thank you

  11. gunner1 said

    So if u love a child and he fails his exams, ud pat him at d back nd say ‘good job mate u tried ur best’? Total rubbish. And u tokin about nasri goin and gervinho comin, wot makes u tink gervinho woudnt want out wen he starts to shine, we should learn to win trophies in order to keep our stars, dat is all.

  12. Chaityus said

    I agree in part with your article but saying that season ticket holders are glory hunters is going a bit too far. It is not easy getting a season ticket at the emirates and at one point of time you have to say enough us enough. I am sure they still support the arsenal and most of them have been watching the arsenal for ages. Are u a season ticket holder?

  13. Richard B Richard said

    Great article indeed. Moaning fans with short memories of past achievements ( Les Invincibles anyone?) and the incessant media induced whining about another trophy-less year! Puh-leeze! We had great moments. I remember a classic Gunner move with about 25 passes in the last third and everyone at the Emirates going “olé” after each pass culminating with a great goal. As you say, those are the kind of memories to be cherished. As for Nasri, I wouldn’t be so harsh. Probably a lot of media hype on that story. But it’s also the reality of today’s game, but I bet he stays. Hope that rumour that Real Madrid offered £45 million for Cesc is true. Would force Barca’s hand.

  14. mojo said

    I think we should let the players stay or leave the club in the terms of the club. No player should be allowed to grow bigger than the club. I think Nasri has grown to big for his boots, in future signed players should have some kind of clause inserted in the contract so, that club can have the upper hand. Club need to be more strict in dealing with the players who do not appreciate the club and chance they have got.

  15. Westy247 said

    Well f$&kin said!

  16. Skeeter said

    Yep I agree. To the point spot fookin on.

    Let the fair weather birds fly south. The true gooners will always be here.

  17. stonroy said

    Jesus mate you really are a thickhead. I mean I don’t meant to be mean but you really are a follower not a leader. You have no idea what’s going on with Nasri and to think AW will fix everything. My god it’s hysterical

  18. The Noise said

    Last season was a blip??? Ha ha ha!
    Good luck with that rose tinted glasses son!

  19. boyo said

    spot on

  20. Olami Naija said

    Great post. Very sensible. He was never a fan he that dumps his club for d winning club. In Nigeria, my country, loads of Chelski fans were once Gunners. Great shame on them as their 50 mill El nino wasn’t enough to lift a trophy. Up the Arsenal.

  21. dante said

    Love this blog. All have been hearing ever since the season ended was Arsenal let us down and stuff like dat. Bt u are rite my fellow gooner. The fan fail to remember all Asene has done since he came to Arsenal.

  22. GunnerCoombs said

    Top, top post mate. I’m sensing big things for us next year. Have a sneaky feeling that there will be a few shocks in these next few weeks at the AFC! Keep positive. In arsene I still strongly trust.

  23. You are delusional. Last season was a blip….open your fucking eyes!! 7 seasons has been a blip………

  24. Qudzy said


  25. ProperGoon said

    Hate all the plastic fans. Get rid of wenger? Who the fuck we going to get in that’s better? Ferguson? Haha. Get real and think what this club has achieved/ is achieving, that’s the thing about most football fans they just get told what to think by the press. Also using bit part players as scapegoats. They are squad players you fools. But of course everyone wants to win everything we can.

  26. ghalino said

    u try 2 look at it from d past glory perspective. Show me any other big team dat do not have experienced players. D most anoying thing is dat we have d wherewithal to have dis players. How would u blame Nasri or anybody for wanting to leave…he knows he is good and deserve 2 b sucesful. If after he retires and have no medals hanging on his wall what would be his gain…probably arsenal’s past glory too. If u have a ugly child whom u do your best for and stil is a failure definitely u wont love him as much as u would love your ugly child who is a sucex. Be a realist dude! do not have experienced players. D most anoying thing is dat we have d wherewithal to have dis players. How would u blame Nasri or anybody for wanting to leave…he knows he is good and deserve 2 b sucesful. If after he retires and have no medals hanging on his wall what would be his gain…probably arsenal’s past glory too. If u have a ugly child whom u do your best for and stil is a failure definitely u wont love him as much as u would love your ugly child who is a sucex. Be a realist dude!

  27. rvp15 said

    Agree with the contents of the article but our club is clearly in crises…losing our two best players in one week is a loss of epic proportions. I also disagree, numerous players over the last few seasons have proved they are bigger than the club by turning our arm in transfer negotiations. We have a serious management issue at the club…ours are bloody useless and clearly we’ve learnt nothing from the Flamini and Hleb debarcles. Time to wake up and smell the coffee.

    And by the way 3 of our most senior players have lost confidence in Wenger…why do you maintain yours

  28. Segun (Lagos, Nigeria) said

    Well said

  29. matthew said

    Gave me chills reading your email. A true Arsenal fan in every sense of the word. In Wenger we trust. We are not city, chelsea, united etc. We are Arsenal, we have our way…we dont want to buy trophies…acquiring ridiculous amounts of debt. We’ll do it our way, the Arsenal way. VICTORY THROUGH HARMONY. ARSENAL F.C IN OUR HEARTS FOR EVER.

  30. uba said

    I missed you man. I still dont think Fabregas will go. I have a feeling he’ll stay for a while

  31. Willy young said

    Good blog and I agree I don’t want players at the Arsenal who would rather be elsewhere so good bye Cesc Nasri Clichy and Bendtner!! £65 m in to find players who care

    I agree about the season highs and don’t expect the right to a trophy. I do expect to see players play with passion and sense so watching players like Denilson and Eboue make the same mistakes over and over needs changing

    Wenger was a genius but last season he seemed stale and lost. We either need a change or Wenger needs a major rethink. Maybe just maybe Cesc and Nasri leaving will inspire MR W to do that or a new chapter will start in 2012

  32. Samchixp said

    Thumbs up 2u; u’ve said it all. Let d playas who want 2go go & dose who wants 2 stay stay & also dose who wants 2 come r very much welcomed as long as u’ve passion 4 our dear ARSENAL

  33. J said

    Great blog mate.. I couldn’t have said it better.. In wenger we trust.. Just watch how the moaners will start now!

  34. kinyocho1 said

    fabilona and nasichester have to go they are the ones blocking our way coz we rely on them every season and one is at barca and the other is thinking money no one of them thinking arsenal. leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet them go wenger but believe me next season they will say we wish we was with arsenal to celebrate the long waited cup,,,,,,,,,,,,coz the ones who want to come they really want the chance to play for arsenal;;;;the likes of cahill, samba ,gervingho. thats the new era get me right,,if we keep fabilona and nasichester we will be 50/50 to win;;;;;;let them go.

  35. kinyocho1 said

    f*******************k nasri

  36. alex said

    Finally a true gunner fan! Excellent article truthfull and positive…if only we had more fans like you.I agree with everything you said but something tells me nasri will stay,speaking of transfers doesnt the international transfer window open on july 1st?! I hope we announce the signing of gervinho and samba and alvarez.I think with those players we can win the league(i dont believe the rumours about cahill,17 mil for a defender doesnt sound like wenger).Thanks again for the positive blog in Arsene we trust!

  37. dave highbury said

    Fabs hasn’t left yet, and there is NO EVIDENCE that he is.
    Nasri hasn’t left yet, and there is NO EVIDENCE that he is…the agents make the deals, want a cut, and have no loyalty. Don’t start slaggin off your best players when you don’t know anything. THIS is what destabilizes the fan base you suckers.
    Relax you fools. Arsenal is the best team in the premiership.
    Big up the away crowd.

  38. hector...A said

    Finaly someone spoke my mind.. If you dont want to play for arsenal, pls leave.

  39. irsh gooner said

    wow that was refreshing and a much needed change of tone,,,only a few weeks left,,i cant wait for it to start again wohooo!!!!!!!!!

  40. gunner robbie said

    at last someone who understands football and can write a proper blog shaming those plastic fans that ruin our club!! I wish they would go n support mac city or the chavs lol!!

  41. thenry said

    excellent post.
    well said in support of Arsene.
    I have been a season ticket holder since 1976 and will do so untill i die probably come what may.
    i have sat thru the terry neil era, george graham and trust me what Arsene has done at Arsenal is by far the bset thing any manager has achieved at Arsenal since herbert chapman.
    i remember appreciating the title winning teams of graham but my god the football was dire
    i dont mind winning anything as long as we entertain.
    PS to all the PLASTICS rthis is not longest time without a trophy in arsenals history
    be gratefull cos u will see how hard it will for Arsenal FC when the great man finally leaves.
    to all those who want change its you who should change your club

  42. TC said

    Agree about letting the players go totally. We just need the negligent idiot who manages our team to follow them out the door and we can move forwards!
    You say that there will never be a footballer who is 0.1% of the club……you’re right, and that goes for the manager as well. We are Arsenal FC, not Arsene FC. The negligence shown by Wenger over the last few years is astounding and he is 100% responsible for the demise and pitiful displays of Arsenal because of his awful decision making, total lack of tactical awareness and the constant rewarding of failure by giving poor players like Rosicky, Diaby, Eboue, Denilson and Bendtner not only extended contracts but IMPROVED contracts. Now we can’t sell anyone because of the ridiculous money they are on. Wenger out!!

  43. VictoryThroughHarmony said

    I agree with a lot of what you have written. We can’t simply demand success. Cesc will go if we receive a respectable bid of 40 mil plus. As for Nasri, players have a right to be paid their market value & he is a world class player. I am a big fan of most of our squad as we are blessed with a lot of young talent especially in midfield.

    However much i love wenger and i do people should be free to criticise him. We need to buy a centre back and a forward and replace clichy & fab if they leave. We dont need to break the bank as wenger has gr8 judgment in signing players. If we fail to do this criticism of our ambition would be fair.

  44. Duane78 said

    Love this!! Welcome back

  45. DevilTheRed said

    Very funny article, best bits are:
    Wenger is the best tactician in the EPL, even though he has proved again and again he has no plan B when the game doesn’t go as expected.
    No proof Cesc is leaving, that’s an incredible statement, how much proof do you need exactly.

    Wenger is the reason your team has gone from a team that challenged almost every year to a team that young players use as a stepping stone. He let’s players contracts run down to a year just to save some money in salaries. He won’t pay players what they are really worth because of his supposed policy yet he himself is one of the highest paid managers in the world.

    Keep believing peeps, hopefully wenger stays for many years dragging you in the right direction.

  46. said

    I think this article is ignorant.

    We sang Samir Nasri’s name last season — so what?

    Any sane man in his position would do exactly the same thing, get as MUCH money as possible. This is the real world, not some fairy dream land where all footballers are loved up with the club.

  47. Bill said

    When you say “Gervinho and co who are desperate to come and play for us”, who exactly is/are the and co?

    Because as far as I can see Arsenal have gone being Man Utd closest Prem rival to being utterly eclipsed and left behind by Utd, Chelsea and Citeh. Right now you’re on the same level as Spurs and Liverpool and the gulf between Arsneal and the new top 3 will only widen this summer.

  48. mcon said

    Very well put, could’nt agree more. Some so called supporters (the constant doubters) make you realize just how many glory hunters there truly are and it’s a shame to have them mixed with the true arsenal faithfull, the many of us who can see the good in our club. Proud gooner for life.

  49. Jm said

    Fantastic post. Growing tired of the idiots who have nothing good to say about the arsenal and wenger. These people don’t realise that without Wenger we would probably be languishing in mid table now below the scum for season after season. In Arsene we trust.

  50. Gooner Fron Sydney said

    @Bob Hope, So we’re going to be “fighting relegation”? BetFred must have been laughing their way to the bank because of idiots like you

  51. I agree with you, Cesc is a definite goner this summer. Last season he showed us that his heart wasn’t really with the Arsenal. When he played in the champions league against Barca, it was really just a chance to audition for them.

    Nasri? I think he is going to stay because I don’t think SAF is prepared to splash out more cash on a mid fielder after he landed Ashley Young. He was more of a bargaining chip in the Young deal if you ask me. Lets give him a break for once and hope that next season he and others will more than play their lungs out to bring the glory we all crave.

    By the way I already follow you on Twitter @mutheliso. Arsenal. When he played in the champions league against Barca, it was really just a chance to audition for them.

    Nasri? I think he is going to stay because I don’t think SAF is prepared to splash out more cash on a mid fielder after he landed Ashley Young. He was more of a bargaining chip in the Young deal if you ask me. Lets give him a break for once and hope that next season he and others will more than play their lungs out to bring the glory we all crave.

    By the way I already follow you on Twitter @mutheliso.

  52. Arsenal said

    Cool off and be rational and not be influence by the media noises.

    I don’t credit this article taken from this source but you get what I meant

    A person who loves to flirt with the media, has an eye for young talent, has the capability of a true army general who has passion and love for the same football club as you do … so why are you so reluctant to show your faith in him.

    It’s just something that Arsene loves to do, hold the cards in his hand till the last moment and that’s what he will do in this year’s big transfer market. He is a tactician and it should not be a forgotten fact that he took the most difficult task in the days where the entire world’s economy was on a low, of building up a new stadium and still keeping Arsenal in the most elite group of football clubs, the Champions League. It took some bad decision making in the Champions League to beat the world’s youngest (Arsenal) where Arsenal FC took the game to the world’s best (Barcelona) and not to forget the world’s best were not even matched by the world’s most expensive (Real Madrid) when it came to playing football.

    Logically keeping your options hidden is the right thing to do as there are certain players which are required to be shed from the team and incase their replacements are made imminent earlier than their sale this could be the key factor over negotiation of selling price for such players. I personally believe that Wenger’s philosophy is to hit the opponents on the patience meter, where whoever falters first has to pay the asking price for the other teams’ player. In different geographical locations across the world the power lies with different people who are attached to a player, sometimes the effecting party is the football club to which the player is attached, sometimes it is the player’s manager / family, sometimes it is the buying club as the player happens to be a fan of the club since childhood, and so on an so forth. The point is to identify which factor can be the deciding factor to change a player’s decision.

    There is a list of players circulating on various websites and tabloids who are thought to be a surplus to the club (Arsenal in this case) but all those players cannot be sold that’s a common understanding where even some of these players can be used as substitutes or replacements to the more efficient of players in the same position i.e. utilizing the less efficient set of players in matches which are not so important, in order to shield the key set of players. As under usual circumstances Arsenal FC plays around 60 games per season and as it was seen last season that as the climax arises the time interval between matches grow shorter and shorter and player’s fitness is tested more and more not to forget that each match is played at a different geographical location. Therefore a fully fit team is a key requirement to provide the finishing touches to all the effort that is put up since the start of the season.

    In short Wenger will hold on to reveal his signings till later July and during this period will try to offload the players, who are reluctant to be part of the squad next season, are wanted at a reasonable price by other clubs or are a liability to the club. It’s all a patience game, till then read all, hear all but believe only what is confirmed officially.

  53. Theodore said

    Your head is stuck firmly in the sand.
    All that time off from blogging and you couldn’t pull it out…

  54. SUGA3 said

    still the same delusional Hawke?

    you may need another stint away from blogging and stronger meds…

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