A Spurs fan just emailed me this…..

April 25, 2011

Can’t believe I would ever stick up for Wenger but some of you lot should be ashamed of yourself. You would think you were battling relegation, had a poor team, no money to spend, poor crowds and a run down stadium.

Get a grip ffs, you probably play the best football, have a great new stadium, are on the best financial footing of the top teams, compete in the Champions League every year, challenge for all major trophies until the latter stages virtually every year and have one of your best ever managers and you still moan like f@@k

Of course he needs to spend and of course it is frustrating watching your team consistently falter when so close to winning trophies. I understand that frustration but do you think getting rid of Wenger will make you a stronger team? No chance, you could end up in the second bracket of the premiership talking about the Wenger days and how good you once were.

Wenger needs a few “big personalties” in the team to rally them and get some sort of grit and winning “ugly” mentality to go with the class you already have. Not easy to just find a “Tony Adams” or a “Viera” or better still 5-6 of them like you had in the past. United still searching for a replacement for Roy Keane, not that easy is it.

So yes, take a bluddy good look at yourself and lay off Wenger.

ps, I still think he is a blind moaning whining whingeing pratt but bad manager? You are having a laugh.


38 Responses to “A Spurs fan just emailed me this…..”

  1. Moses said

    What you dont know is that he willl never buy the big personalities

  2. Akinbola said

    The players have let themselves down by not taking responsibilities on the big stage. The manager do try his best but what happen when his best is not enough? The players have refuse not to show the manager the faith he has in them.

  3. I haven’t always agreed with you, but I do agree with you on one thing, we need to stick by Wenger. The anti-Wenger brigade are ridiculous.

  4. Southerngooner said

    Good job haters. We needed a spud to tell us that. Shame on you.

  5. SUGA3 said

    I say let’s see what he does, as no change of input = no change of output and it’s as simple as that…

    these players let him down, but there is a lot of blame to be laid at his door, for the demoralised players, one dimensional, predictable tactics, etc. – we have become so easy to play against it’s unbelievable!

    and these subs? Bendtner wide right when chasing a goal? really?

  6. First thing, the season is NOT over, the title race for us is over. I know that it was a useless performance. When the time was crucial, they failed to deliver. But Bolton did after the Wembley shock. I’m not sure whether Arsenal would’ve done the same if they’d lost 5-0 to Stoke in a semi-final.

  7. Gary said

    hahahahahaha what a bunch of pathetic losers!!!! You all need Sir Alex to turn these flops into winners!!! hahahahaha six years and COUNTING…tick tock tick tock hahahah PATHETIC

  8. Dominic said

    Our biggest problem isn’t simply the defensive players we have. It’s the way we play. When defenders go forward there is no-body covering for them. As a result teams have twigged that playing the ball forward quickly causes us problems.
    Jackie Charlton said that as a defender the one thing he hated was having to turn round and face his own goal.
    If we buy a rake of top class defenders but still push forward without cover we will face the same problems.

  9. TrueGooner said

    Well, isn’t it the irony that this spud fans agreed with most of us complainers that he needs to buy. That is the reason why we are complaining. No one said Wenger was a bad manager, he’s just stubborn and too stuck in his ways. If he was making the necessary and timely changes, then we would be more on the players and not him. I for one complain because He refuses to buy the players we need to mount a title challenge, secondly he refuses to adequately coach the ones he decided to stick with. He lets them practically do their own thing on the pitch and not change them when everybody knows it’s time for them to be sub. thirdly, tactics tactics tactics. Somebody please tell me why is SAF winning with the ragtag team he has and Wenger can’t with the team he’s spent all this time building?

  10. Daniyal said

    You know I have been a huge Arsene supporter for the longest time. I believe in his way of doing things, he is idealistic and that is what makes me passionate about Arsenal more so than any other team I support. He almost makes me believe that it is possible for Arsenal to be the shinning light against these chelsea and man citys who are being run at the whim of billionaires and the others who are knee deep in debt. Yet maybe because of this idealistic mindset, he has become lost in his own self. Barcelona also develop fantastic youngsters, yet they buy a few big players they need to. I know barcelona are a much bigger financial powerhouse than Arsenal but if they can spend 30 to 60 million on certain players then Arsenal should be able to spend 15-25 million pounds. I am not asking for 10 players but a tall centerback is what we needed, not another 5’11 center back in Kosielny.

    The other aspect of Arsene that bothers me is that,tactically, he does nothing in games. he plays the same 4-3-3 every game regardless on the opposition. In games where we can’t break teams down the center we are totally lost for ideas as is arsene. He bought chamakh to give us aerial presence. I love RVP but he can’t head the freaking ball and is too weak. He is unbelievable with the ball at his feet and running behind the defender but physically he doesn’t do much in games. Arsene should be playing chamakh and RVP in games like bolton. Look at united they play so many different formations, Arsene just doesn’t know what to do if appears.

    I hate myself for saying this, Arsene has bought us far but maybe it is time for a fresh start. maybe its time someone take the this modern Arsenal Arsene has built for us and take it forward that extra step.

  11. visionary said

    wenger is loved by recycling companies for the way he peels the sticky advertising paper from plastic bottles

  12. Gavin said

    While I agree maybe we take things for granted,its the frustration of knowing how close we are to success but having Wenger refuse to make that last step that makes me so angry. I just pray this summer he finally does whats needed.

  13. arsenal said

    I’ve always been behind arsene, call me a fan boy, I couldn’t care less, but I know I’m always behind my team and manager…. Anyway, Visionary, I saw that too, I found it funny.

  14. kc said

    TrueGooner speaks the truth. Wenger is too stubborn to buy the one or two additional players needed to win a trophy, and he has shown that for 5 years now. What happened to judge me in 5 years?! And who gives a rats ass what a loser spud has to say. They aren’t a winning club, of course they don’t understand our frustration.

  15. modarsenal said

    why not wait ’till the end of the season to complain??? how does complaining from the first bad game we have to the end of the season help the team?? i believe we have the worst fan in the league…at home games you could see how tense the fans are. they dont encourage the team or make any type of noise. no wonder our away record is way better than our home.

  16. Goons_with_Guns said

    The real point is that Le Wanker is as stubborn as a mule and the Board will continue to not stand in his way, even with a majority owner. Le Wanker will not change. Send Le Wanker upstairs to Director, bring back Dien and replace him with a winner like Moanrinho or Hiddink: I and the rest of the real Gooner supporters want trophies not whines and excuses anymore from this jackass.

  17. gunner said

    You guys are nuts to think that wenger is the only manager to bring in the trophies. He wong in the early years because of the solid defense foundations Arsenal had in Adams and company. For 6 years, he had nothing but clowns like cygan ,sendoros, sylvestre, and now squllaci. Worst of all, he kept praising almuia who kept failing the team. When was the last time did wenger censured almunia?? But now, HE HAS THE GALL TO EVEN BLAME THE FANS FOR HIS OWN FAILINGS! Or, is he giving the AKBs the cue to come to his defense again? Incredible, for a man who takes home 6-7 million pounds!! And how arrogant, just the way he treated and hit the fans after the AGMs. Even a blind fool when slapped will know from which direction he was hit and will do something to block it, but WENGER, AFTER 6 YEARS, STILL BUY USELESS CBs, CLUELESS IN FIXING THE DEFENSE. This is the top-rated world famous manager you have.

  18. Arsenal said

    The problem on defending is to get a coach to teach players how to defend and turn fast in attacking position.

    I’m convince the points lost throughout the season was due to Wenger mistakes to get 1-2 quality coach to train players how to defend and attacking at fast paces. I’m in no illusions as Arsenal dead woods must be sold, but we still need to buy 2 quality players and promote 2-5 promising youngster or loan players.

  19. shut up said

    we’ve flopped but i’m stunned by the fatalism surrounding arsenal. the collective feeling around the club and in the media was that we were out of the race after blackburn. but we weren’t. we still aren’t. but fans are already thinking about the summer and next season. what a bunch of losers us fans are. get behind your team! there are still things to be played for.

  20. Austingunner said

    @ Gary…typical Manc with an inferiority complex…you lot can win as many trophies as you like and you’re still classless losers. Go troll a Chelsea fan site you weak cunt

  21. sol said

    time for wenger to go,any other big club and he’s sacked,stubbon fool,cant even defend corners,we need dear i say it…j barton,and someone to help rvp score goals

  22. bob said

    Its a mistake to say wenger always plays the same. When 442 stopped working well he went to 451. When that stopped working he switched to 443. My only complaint is that I wish he would go back to 442 against lower team. I’d like to see song at cb where he belongs, ramsey wilshire in the middle and csec sold. I am very hopeful for next year!

  23. Ryan said

    Pardon me for being one of the Johnny-come-lately fans from the U.S. I have been a gooners fan since Arsene 1st became manager. It’s hard for me to understand The ruthlessness of the media and the fans in the UK. It’s amazing that some cannot see the forest because of the trees. The only reason Arsenal are even in the conversations about the Elite of Europe is because of Arsene. The fact that any club feels it DESERVES a trophy for just showing up is an insult to competitive sports.

    Inter might not make the CL next year along with Bayern.

    Financial fairplay will help level the playing field in the near future. Chelsea and Man. City will not be able to blow the money the have with jeapordising their right to play in these competition. Barca and Real will be jeapordising their entire league if they don’t help the lowers in their league share the profits.

    We could be Tottenham right now stuck in a crappy stadium flirting with the CL every season but unable to find a stadium to accomidate the fans and lack the abitilty to draw big name players. LISTEN to the players. Few would have come or be here without Wenger. I feel another invincibles is right around the corner. He was crazy then and is crazy now for the very same reasons. We are close. Maybe one or two or three additions and a few more subtractions we will be golden. The RIGHT player is seldom the most expensive in just look at Man. City to see that. Even with the Hundreds of millions of pounds spent they still might not win anything, and might not qualify for the CL next year. One bad apple might spoil the bunch. The wrong coach or the wrong players could ruin the club.

  24. steve said

    Gary, fuck off u loser

  25. gooner50 said

    Good comment Ryan. For once I also agree with Legendaire. I am appalled at the viciousness of the anti Wenger brigade. Strangely the anti Wenger and anti Arsenal campaign seems to be assisted by slanted reports in the press and tv. I fail to understand this as we have many future England stars being dveloped at the club.

    OK we all want the team to win and win now. The team is not far off being a championship side and with some additions will become one quickly. Without experienced additions they will still become a championship side but it will take longer.

    Lets back the team and manager. Stop the crap destructive comments and encourage the manager to pick up the few experienced players that he knows will make the difference.

  26. […] A Spurs fan just emailed me this….. Can’t believe I would ever stick up for Wenger but some of you lot should be ashamed of yourself. You would think you […] […]

  27. Tony D said

    Illustrious Mr Wenger is the reason we are not going to win anything this year. Undoubtedly, the players have played their part in this self-destruction of the second half of the season, but ultimately, it’s the manager’s tactical nous and buying strategy that counts the most.

    Not buying key players over the last two seasons have cost us dearly. Players, such as Alonso, Reina or the cost effective Schwarzer and Cahill or one of many experienced, tall centre backs would have made all the difference.

    Wenger has always been poor at buying defenders, Cygan and Sendros, to name only a couple clearly illustrates this. The latest two additions this year have also underlined this point. What is worse is the defensive coaching is abysmal at best. Wenger inherited the best-experienced back line in the country; however, he hasn’t employed any of them as a full time defensive coach. In a word: criminal! The question we all are asking is why not?

    Another question us long suffering fans are asking is why keep players at a club who clearly don’t want to be there? In my view, Wenger should have sold Fabregas and taken a chance on Nasri and Wilshire and bought an older experienced playmaker with Barcelona’s cash.

    There are many other relevant Wenger orientated questions I could bring up here, but I want to keep this as succinct as is humanly possible given the capitulation mode we find ourselves in once again.
    What is extremely worrying is that Wenger is beginning to run out the same end-of-season comments as before, such as “I’m to blame”, “I don’t need to buy”, I’m not going to change my youth philosophy and “I’ll only buy a player who is going to improve the squad” The latter begs belief because, when you have Almunia, Denilson, Rosicky, Diaby, Eboue, Bendtner, Squillaci and Clichy as the yard sticks of technical excellence and ability, surely it wouldn’t be hard to find an improvement for any of the aforementioned.

    Unlike many disgruntled goners, I am not writing here to say that Wenger should be replaced unceremoniously, but he cannot continue as he has over the past few seasons. That argument has too many permutations and consequences to say in one short blog. However, if he is not prepared to see what we can all see as the team’s deficiencies and admit his youth plan isn’t working without an infusion of experience, then a new manager has to be the answer. Personally, I would bring back David Dein as he was an essential part of the successful Wenger era. David and Wenger worked well together and I believe they could again and I would get rid of Mr Hill-Wood before Wenger.

    With that in mind, I also blame the board for allowing the lack of silverware as they have profited too much at the expense of the club winning trophies. Yes, we need to be financially sustainable, but football is also a results orientated business. Most of Mr Hill-Wood’s comments have clearly indicated what the profit orientated motive before team improvement mentality is at board level. Haven’t they made enough out of their share dealings at the fans’ expense?

    We are now moving into the American commercial & marketing world of the new American owner and I wonder, as an experienced and successful management consultant in my mid 50s where that is going to take us? Are we going to be a successful brand first and foremost or is winning trophies equally as important? I’m not convinced the latter is the priority.

    If Wenger has to go, apart from the obviously choices from Spain, I’d like to see someone like Andre Villas-Boas who is having unprecedented success at Porto given a chance.

    I’m grateful for all Wenger has done and what he has brought to the club in the early years. He brought radical changes and made an above average squad into an amazing winning team. Just as much as Wenger was an innovation, he’s not anymore and he needs to move on bring in changes of personnel and playing philosophies for next season with plan ‘B’s and ‘C’s and a substitutes bench that can raise the tempos of games and make a difference.

    Just one more thing, would anyone like to see a confident winning team mentality with leaders all over the field? What a thing that would be to see as it was in the ‘Invincible’s’ era!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. de said

    the only reason a Spud would support Wenger is beacause they are very happy with the current situation and would love Wenger to continue his senile project. The realist are not deluded or stupid enough to fall for that. So f*ck off to where ever you came from, u cunning dirty little spud. Stop the Arsenelickin, we have enough AKB’s to do that

  29. The only major problem worrying me is that Wenger looks lost and hopeless as never before.If he is a top manager, he’ll come out of it stronger.
    But if he’s not, then you wonder what would happen.
    I’ve always loved the calm & composed Arsene but the changed Arsene is the one which I’m starting to hate.
    That certainly affects the players who seem to be trying too hard at the moment.
    Check my Arsenal blog:

  30. SUGA3 said

    will you just listen to yourselves?

    Wenger this, Wenger that – ever heard of David Dein? no? how about the great late Danny F. then?

    these are the people who made the stadium happen, not Wenger…

    yes, he managed to keep up in the top four on the budget he had and kudos to him for that, but now a change in approach is needed!

    players who we all would prefer to stay will leave and vice versa, there will be a few shocking contract extensions this summer, you heard it here first…

    so, he looks broken, you know why? Because we will finish fourth and he is going to end up with the massive stinking egg on his face for this 2nd place nonsense and he has run out of excuses!

    no injuries, but now the chicken came home to roost, the players he has are not good enough, I hope he can refocus, but I am not really holdong my breath…

  31. SUGA3 said

    and before anyone comes out snarling about the David Dein comment: since DD left we have not won an argument, let alone a trophy…

    and the increasing gaps in the stadium make him right – again!

  32. james said

    some of the dead wood i.e denilson ( he is being played out of postion), diaby ( iunjury wont let him play), and the medical staff need to be kicked out.
    get an out an out stiker cos in van persie we dont have that, he drops to deep for my liking.
    the main issue that needs addressong is the coaching staff, pleease bring back keown just think back to 2006, he made senderos look like the ish, if thats what some coaching can do then imagine how solid our present crop would be.

  33. emma said

    Everyone said get another central defender in January but he refused. He’s is just stubborn. he knew he had a defensive problem but couldn’t sort it out in the january transfer

  34. Melvin Hearts said

    cock up story…

  35. Nice review! This is truly the type of information that should be shared around the internet. Sad on the Yahoo for not positioning this article higher!

  36. GUNMAN said

    A W has conceded that he has failed again,but he’s too stubborn to act in the right way.What did he learn from Cahill on sunday?he must have regretted all night in his bedroom for not signing him.it is time he swallowed his pride and go for real winners.many names have been mentioned but first we need to create space for them.sorry for the following players but every gooner has seen that they have been under performing.eboue,arshavin,bendtner,denilson,rosicky,almunia and clichy get rid of them period.bring in good replacements and learn to change system when we are struggling.

  37. Arselicked said

    AW’s problem is that he is willing to put himself through trying times for others.

    He should have stopped being stubborn and learn from what others do;
    – David Dein saw that AW’s purse will be tight and the players would be ageing, so he sold his shares and left before the present inquisitions begin(what a coward). True to that in 2006, we finished a massive 24 points behind champions (who was the defensive coach then? Was it Keown?)
    – Mourhino would jump into a team that is on grink of winning things, he would win his trophies and just when everybody else starts to look closely at his methods he would jump ship and join another. He is self serving and as a psychologist he knows that too much of the same thing gets monotonous and boring and because he likes the spot light he would jump ship at the first sign of a weekness. Look at what happened to Louis Van Gaal, he did not learn and he got fired. I bet that if he is to join AFC it would be for 1 or 2 seasons and then leave. Anyway he is already coveting Manchester United.
    – You don’t just chuck out British players. Ferguson gets countless praise because he is still playing Scholes, Giggs and Owen. Regardless of how poor a British player is as compared to other teammates, you must have him in your team. Look at how much praise Sol got during his second coming, but can we honestly say he was better than Squillaci and Koscielney? I don’t think so.
    – Finally his biggest challenge is to make AFC more British than foreign, look at Robson he failed like no other at Liverpool but nobody said a word. Jack Wilshire’s improvement is attributed to Owen Coyle when he learnt his trade at Arsenal. The big question is ‘HAVE YOU GOT ANYTHING BRITISH TO SAY’, if the answer is no then you are doomed. Maybe he needs to make Harry Rednapp the number one and he directs things from the background. We would get RVP’s legitimate goals against Newcastle and Tottenham that were for offside shown countlessly in a screens. We would even get Le-grove and ANR praising the youth program and selling us the future rather than complaining that AW is selling us the future. If its wrong to say that he is selling us the future then what are the other managers of the 18 teams doing (In the past 6 years the EPL has been won by ManYoo and Chelski).

    I think we all need a holiday. AW included. A complete break from football so that we can think straight and get our priorities right. Our players are good but they lack support. Other teams would kill to have Denilson, Eboue, Chamack, Arshavin, Rosicky, Gibbs, etc as back-up

  38. I know our backups are not great.Great. Oh wait! They’re Bad.That’s what we still lack. Quality in depth. No cover for Song, Walcott, Fabregas(there can be no one here) and van Persie. Come on! We are Arsenal FC and deserve better players. We the fans deserve better players.Arsene deserves better players. And so does football. I mean what an achievement it would be if the title is won by Arsenal with our youth policy.Really HUGE!
    On the other hand, I think the first XI deserves better fans who can sing and shout to help them win. Not to sit back and blame it on the players.I’ve written an article regarding the same issue:

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