“We can make a big transfer” – Wenger

April 23, 2011

I was not present at the weekly Wenger press conference yesterday morning in the media room at the Emirates –  but with so many websites posting up the video of it, I did not need to be.

The noise from the pond life scum, otherwise known as the British Press, this weekend will no doubt be a negative one towards our transfer policy, based purely on the fact Wenger stated he believes in his current crop of players.

Of course it would have been far more sensible of the manager to simply state he wanted to buy 5 players and was ready to move heaven and earth for them….. right?

Well, he did say the following…

“The club are in a very healthy financial position and if needed we can make a big transfer”

I find that one line of dialect fascinating, for two reasons; firstly why are none of the press reporting it?  and secondly why did Wenger emphasise “big”?

For me this summer will be the natural progression to what has been the rhetoric over the past few summer’s… namely Wenger stating he will only buy “top, top, top class”

We clearly have the money now, and this is the first time Wenger has firmly committed to stating as such.  Usually he will skirmish around the subject like a well seasoned CEO of a FTSE 100 company at the AGM.

The kind of player we are short of is not a defender or a goalkeeper… but a magician in the final third.  Searing pace, skill, electric play that cuts open a defence at will or at breakneck speed on the counter attack 3 seconds after the opposition were in on our goal.

Eden Hazard is that man for me – and I am totally convinced he will become an Arsenal player this summer if he is on the market.

He would fetch in the region of £25-30M… this IS affordable for Arsenal in the summer of 2011.

I do not agree it would have the been the case in previous summers.

Bolton away this weekend, hopefully Everton can hold out for a bore draw at Old Trafford…  and we roll on to the biggie at the Emirates on May 1st.

Who know’s what may happen.

Enjoy the sunshine and chocolate.


9 Responses to ““We can make a big transfer” – Wenger”

  1. arsenal fan said

    me to want hazard or cavani

  2. Mr Arsenal said

    Please do not be deluded. The monster is not going to spend big and keep hold of the squad players we call a first team. He will spend £10m on Chamberlain and some crazy money on some unproven French players.

    Parker/Cahill/Ashley Young/Baines will be available this summer, but Wenger wont buy one of those players

  3. jettoe said

    arsenal’s left full back manned by clitchy, centre half marshalled by djorou & koscielny,lack of depth in our midfield are the bane of arsenal’s success this season.AW should act fast in the transfer market and also respond to the urgent need of the attack by providing a very solid cover for RVP in either gameiro or hulk or both. squillaci, clitchy, denilson, diaby, vela, almunia and bendtner should be shown the exit door because they are surplous to requirement.In place of that,a centre half in the quality of cahill,mertesacker or subotic should be a good option.Djorou & KOSCIELNY SHOULD SERVE AS BACK UP FOR VERMAELEN and any of the above mentioned center halfs.UP GUNNERS!It shall be well!

  4. Prof said

    A positive push to improve our current squad, that is desperately needed, can only be instigated by Mr Kroenke. AW only respects the paymaster, and not the fans.
    He can always come up with ‘cock and bull’ stories to brain-wash the fans. Mark my word.

    The guy is a professional liar. I don’t believe in what he says. Address your concerns to Mr Kroenke, and not to AW, if you want to see the change you’ve been crying for all these years.

  5. shut up said

    i’m expecting hazard. wenger has made noises about this kid for a couple years now, like a deal has been done already.

    would like to see a defensive player in too…vertonghen ideally. cahill will do. squillaci out.

  6. Tony Monti said

    We’re all wastin our time. Wanger wont spend big this summer. He goin to buy few school boys and that’s all. We should start preparin for that.

  7. Im Deluded Too said

    Well I think we should buy Messi, Ronaldo, Aguerro, Rooney and Vidic, if that doesnt happen I say we sell everyone remove ourself from the Premiership and then 100000 of us can all sit at the emerates and moan about how shit we were

    Ooooooor, an even better sugestion, we could always stop speculating and moaning and just support our team win lose or draw……….. CRAAAZY RIGHT!!!

  8. Lex said

    Arsenal do not need that much work. I believe a signing in every position will be enough. In gk department I’m not sure if we should buy, but if we do I would like an older keeper like Buffon who would give our other keepers enough time 2 develop if not, Manuel Almunia out good but not great so can’t be @ a top 4 team (try the spuds).

    Defence – I don’t think it needs MAJOR work, with Vermaelan back next season that’s 1 signing I would again like 2 see some who is 30 or over come in 2 sit on the bench & play in the carling cup with the youngsters Richard Dunne comes to mind prem proven & what were missing “a hard bastard” if not him why not someone similar. Djourou & Koscielny with Vermaelan & a experienced senior player with bartley coming through the ranks will be enough, this means Squallaci out.

    Midfield – this will see bodies drop, attacking wise midfield is fine on the defensive side not too good. I do like the Diaby & Song partnership, but diaby is never fit long enough for them to play together to develop a strong midfield partnership & this is why I believe we should sign either Scott Parker or Felipe Melo. Parker would be great because of his age & Prem experience his age would allow him 2 play for 2 years before Jack Wilshere is really ready & so that Song becomes world class we should also have won something in this time. Melo would add real steal to the team & prem suites his game but he does risk a lot of red cards & in europe it could be very costly. I would like 2 see Scott Parker take 1 last attempt on the big stage & with the youngsters like Lansbury to come back midfield is set. This means Diaby & Denilson both out good players not great & time has run out for them.

    Attack- the missing piece of the final third is a natural goal scorer, all our attackers are play makers & not goal scorers Van Persie when fit can be unplayable & score for fun this season Walcott has shown he is ready to play football & not stay on the floor for 90 minutes Chamakh was good @ the start of the season & I think should stay because he has changed the way Arsenal can attack Bendtner I don’t know what it is about him but I believe in him & would like him to stay but I believe that we need a Falcao, Hulk or Benzema that will feed off our playmakers & score goals all season long. Any of them will do & this could force out Bendtner or Chamakh this 1 I will leave to the boss as it could also see Arshavin leave & no matter how bad his season has been he is a game changer & a gd pre-season will see the Arshavin of 2009.

    These changes & we enter the promise land, in Arsene I trust & hope he dose what is best for the team & club to get trophies.

  9. The defence will be okay if Wenger signs a new left back, Varmaelen and Koscielny should cover the central defence but likes of Squillac, Diaby, Rosicky, Alumnia, Chamakh and Eboue should leave the club instead of causing us stress in the team. If it is a must to sign another midfielder, then we should go for Luka Modric next season. We need a promising striker who can perform like Van Persie. In signings, WENGER must know that there are injuries that can accrue in the team, at the end of the season, we don’t want to hear excuses from him that “My team had a lot of injuries but next season I have hope with my teenagers” as he normally says. If you follow what we see and comment, then no doubt with you, and ARSENAL will back to team of TROPHIES. GO ARSENAL GO.

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