1971 – 2004 – 2011

April 20, 2011

Those of you who have a certain grasp of our history will understand the relevance in the title of this post.

I truly believe tonight will be one of those special games at the Lane…. Newcastle’s performance to cost United 2 points last night should be the catalyst to fire our gunners right up for the Derby scrap tonight.

What a game in prospect… I mean seriously… what a game!

The only time this season I have really been down on the lads was after the Old Trafford cup game… we were appalling that day, against a useless side of full backs.  That game got my back right up.

In the league, the most important cup around, we have clearly been far better than most give us credit for….. otherwise how would we be bang on for the title in mid-april?  Second in the league and potentially 4 points off the lead if we beat the Tinnies tonight.

I thought we looked sharp and tidy against an ultra-defensive Liverpool on Sunday…. the Spuds won’t be defending so deep playing in front of their own crowd.. they may even (hopefully) be buying the gutter press baloney about how poor we were on the weekend and come out looking to damage us… thus leaving us the space to butcher!

I am belligerent enough to believe my own hype, and not be drawn into mush press bull…. I get behind what I see with my own eyes, I don’t need some jumped up anti-goon telling me what I should be thinking.  Far too many just don’t understand football, and don’t understand what Wenger has done and what he has built…. he is getting pelters for producing a title challenging side whilst Liverpool languish in 5th and are now getting praise…… WHAT???

Please, please – engage those brains folks.. and understand very few people actually possess the mental faculties to comprehend and truly fathom the situation Arsenal are in right now.

Quite simply… beat the Spuds tonight and collect the title for my money.

4 points in it with United to come to the Emms and Chavski to go up there fighting them with their own title aspirations…. they could nick a draw at least.  Think about it.

God am I up for this one… buckle up, this is going to be the game of the season.


5 Responses to “1971 – 2004 – 2011”

  1. Carlito11 said

    Spot on! I have more faith in us doing our best to win tonight than I have in ages. It’s going to be huge and having Djourou, Song, Sagna and Szczesny back makes us a completely different proposition- a real solid platform to go on the attack from.

  2. gooner71 said

    Nailed it again Hawkey.


  3. Andreas B7 said

    Spurs have a grand record at home, Arsenal will do well to get a draw tonight.

    Trust me on this one.

  4. Russell said

    “he is getting pelters for producing a title challenging side whilst Liverpool languish in 5th and are now getting praise…… WHAT???”

    This sums it up for me, same could be said for the praise Sp*rs get.

    That and that fact that the gutter press last night was “united stretch lead at top by one point” whereas mondays headline said we dropped 2 points, not we reduced their lead by one point.

    Fergie seemed like a smug bastard still as well, they should play his post match interview in the dressing room tonight along with Jowl-faced tax dodgers comments about how he would love to fuck our title hopes tonight.

  5. Carlito11 said

    Russell, excellent points. The commentators on Sky last night were in complete denial of Newcastle’s penalty shout but wouldn’t stop talking about the ManUre one late in the game. The media is so far up SAF’s crack they’re almost protruding from his claret-soaked conk…

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